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Tineco – A10 Tango Cordless Stick Vacuum – Space Blue


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Specification: Tineco – A10 Tango Cordless Stick Vacuum – Space Blue

Cleaning Path Width

10.4 inches

Vacuum Type

Stick vacuums

Bin Capacity

0.1 gallons

Product Weight

5.03 pounds



Compatible Floor Type

All floors



Filter Type


Multi Surface


Battery Charge Time

240 minutes

Maximum Runtime

25 minutes

Product Name

A10 Tango Cordless Stick Vacuum



Model Number

A10 Tango


Space Blue

Color Category


Product Height

12.5 inches

Product Length

43.3 inches

Product Width

8.3 inches


21.6 volts

Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts

2 years

Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor

2 years



Photos: Tineco – A10 Tango Cordless Stick Vacuum – Space Blue

8 reviews for Tineco – A10 Tango Cordless Stick Vacuum – Space Blue

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Shane

    So awesome. I haven’t used one of the expensive brands of stick vacuums but I don’t know how they could be better than this. For the price, this thing lasts a long time, and vacuums perfectly due to the two different heads that come with it. We have a lot of wood floor and the velvet type head gets everything. The attachments are great and shaped with thought of their uses. I don’t know if this brand is a new up and comer or what, but I got it on a deal of the day with points (so for free) and don’t think I could be happier.

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  2. hotice

    The Tineco A10 Tango is an excellent cordless vacuum! It’s lightweight and powerful as an upright or a handheld, and I like the accessories that it comes with. It pulls lots of dirt out of the carpet and makes it easy to do so.
    I like the grip is gun-like, with a trigger, making it very easy to hold and use. You can pull the trigger, activating the vacuum only while it’s pulled, or engage a lock to keep it running without holding the trigger. The top has a “Max” button you can push for more power at the expense of battery life. There are four filters on this thing. One you are to rinse and dry every three months and then replace once a year. Another you are to rinse and dry monthly and replace every 6 months. It comes with a second on of those filters and even an attachment to use the vacuum to clean it – very cool and easy to use! The various attachments are easy to take on and off with the large and simple rocker switches. They even include a wall-mount that holds the vacuum and three accessories.
    This comes with a bunch of accessories. I already mentioned the tool to help clean the one filter. Besides that it includes:
    – The full size brush for carpets
    – The full size foam roller for hard and flat surfaces
    – The mini power brush for upholstered furniture and mattresses
    – The 2 in 1 dusting brush, this attachment lets you use or not use the dusting brush making it like two attachments
    – The crevice tool
    They also include a small tool to remove hair that may be tangled around the rollers
    Battery Live
    They say 25 minutes of run time. I haven’t timed it but would have guessed it is more. It’s been plenty for a number of jobs I’ve used it for – running longer than I expected between charges.
    It works great! It’s very easy to maneuver, turning it tightly with ease around corners, I’ve used it many times on carpet and hard flooring. I like the way they give the second roller for hard floors as many vacuums instead give you a way to turn off the roller instead. I’ve also been very happy with how well it pulls dirt out from the carpet, pulling out dirt from a carpet I thought would have been cleaner than it was. It seems powerful for a battery powered vacuum. I’ve also used it for cleaning a number of hard to get at vents in our house. The bristles are long on the brush attachment which made it possible to get into the vents farther, cleaning them more thoroughly.
    This serves well as a handheld and upright cordless vacuum. Again, it has a lot of power for a cordless vacuum! There two minor negatives I can think of. One is when you empty dirt you may need to take out the parts in the chamber where the dirt is. The other negative is that when you use it as an upright I think the neck should be able to go down farther. It goes down far and you will get under most furniture and probably more than you would with any conventional upright, but it doesn’t go down to where the handle touches the floor. The design makes the front where the roller is lift off the floor it you try to do that. With the power and functionality it’s still easily a 5 star vacuum.

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  3. freddiedude777

    Tons of power from this small vacuum! We love the choice we made and the price was within our budget! We have a cat and the upholstery attachment works great!

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  4. RandyRan

    This is an awesome stick vacuum. The A10 Tango comes with both carpet and hard floors interchangeable heads which works out great for me. All of the attachments are very usable an easy to connect with just a click tab. Led lights on the roller head helps with vacuuming hard floors in areas with very little or no light. Suction power was great on carpets and really exceeded my expectations with debris pickup on tile. Battery power is pretty good on normal mode although using the max power button will shorten your battery run time. 2 year warranty, and available parts replacement makes this stick vac a really wise choice for consumers with carpet and hard floors and a budget in the $200.00 range.

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  5. SnowNinja

    If you are looking for a vacuum that can handle nearly any job in your home, this may be it. The Tineco A10 Tango Cordless Stick Vacuum is a handy tool with enough specialized gadgets to get the job done.
    When you open the box, it may look a little intimidating. At least that is whet I though at first. But after separating everything, you realize it is pretty easy to use and operate. There are 5 cleaning attachments for whatever job you are looking to do.
    It can function as a traditional standup vacuum. While most stand up vacuum have a switch or pedal to press to switch from carpet to hard floor, you actually have two different pieces. So when you switch surfaces, you do need to switch rollers. There is also an attachment for furniture or stairs as well os one for corners/tight spots and one for drapes or other jobs. There are some other parts included which allow you to wall mount the unit for charging and storage.
    Switching attachments is very easy to do. Each attachment has a press button that allows the attachments to lock into place. To remove the attachment, you just press the button. It is that easy.
    Regarding performance, this vacuum does really well. I was able to lift up fake snow from the Christmas tree with no problems. Even though it had fallen onto the carpet, I was able to remove it with no issues. The vacuum is lighter than expected too. If you need more power, there is a MAX button you can use to get a little more power out of this vacuum.
    I have used the vacuum on stairs, in the car, on hard floor, and on carpet. I am really impressed at how well it worked. And the fact that it is cordless is a big plus. I don’t have to stop and find a new outlet when I am vacuuming.
    While I like this vacuum a lot, there are a couple things to consider. First, the unit is lightweight. In order to save on size and weight, the receptacle is small on the unit. You will likely have to empty this at least once every charge cycle. With some carpeted floors, the unit may even fill up quicker than that. Fortunately, emptying this is very easy so it is not too much of an inconvenience.
    The other thing to consider is that the battery charge could last a bit longer. The unit says it lasts 25 minutes on a charge. This is pretty close. I found when I used the MAX feature, that time went down by about 5 minutes. So if you are looking to do a large house all at once, you may not be able to do that. You may have to do a few rooms at a time.
    So overall, I break it down like this:
    PRO: Lightweight, Attachments for any job, Cordless, Easy to use, good suction power
    CONS: Battery could last longer, Fills up quickly, Many attachments to keep track of
    In the end, I really like the Tineco A10 Tango Cordless Stick Vacuum. It is light so taking it up and down stairs is no issue. And it can handle just about any job I need it to do. I recommend this vacuum to people looking for one.

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  6. SimpleLiving

    This stick vacuum cleaner is excellent for every day and light (small piles of dirt) cleaning. The design and accessories make this vacuum extremely versatile to clean carpet, hard floors, furniture, mattresses, curtains, furniture, and more. Assembly is straightforward, and with the wall-mount dock, you will have a powerful cleaning device ready to use at any moment. It is lightweight enough that one can effortlessly clean drapes and ceiling vents. The accessories are snap-on, which attaches to the stick or the vac; no excessive force or maneuver necessary. The full-size soft-roller brush is perfect for sensitive wood floors. Both roller brushes are incredibly maneuverable, and the best part is their LED light to improve visibility to thoroughly clean floors. I smart features is that after using the Max vacuum mode setting, the vac resets back to normal speed mode. Use Max mode when necessary to provide more vacuum time. Conveniently, the device has a removable rechargeable battery, which one can use as an additional backup battery; this is great for extended cleaning usage or when using the vac as a portable device. Emptying the collection beam is effortless with just the pressing of a push button. It is excellent that the filters are washable, but one must make sure that they are dry before reusing. In normal speed mode, the vacuum is quiet, and in max, it is not that loud. Overall, I am highly satisfied with this versatile, easy-to-use, and efficient vacuum.

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  7. explore42

    The Tineco A10 Tango vacuum is a lightweight modular stick vacuum that is capable of handling the light duty vacuum jobs around the house. Because its lightweight it is very maneuverable but this also means a lighter battery which means shorter run times. The suction on normal is enough to pick up the small stuff on hardwood floors and tiles and possibly carpeting. On the Max setting the suction power is greatly increased but the battery life drops to about 10 minutes. Even on Max with the powered Multi-tasker brush attached the vacuum could not raise the carpet nap enough to remove lines left by my robot vacuum cleaner. Bottom line is this is a good lightweight vacuum for doing hardwood floors and light duty cleaning but it isn’t going to handle carpeting as well.

    Pros: Lightweight, easy to maneuver, well-constructed, lighted power brush, easy to empty dustbin, HEPA filtering, battery can be charged in or outside of the vacuum head
    Cons: Short battery life, Small dustbin, vacuum does not recharge when placed in the wall mount, no carpet height adjustment on the power brushes, cannot turn off the rotating brush in the power brush head, maintenance of the filters may be problematic for some
    Setup: This vacuum has some of the best packaging I have ever seen. On the outside box it shows everything you should find inside and then inside each internal box is stamped with what is supposed to be inside it. It really makes assembling the vacuum and learning the various parts much easier. The vacuum comes with the main vacuum assembly, a large power brush, a large soft power brush, a mini power brush, a 2 in 1 dusting brush, a crevice tool and pre- filter cleaning assembly. (See Photo) There is also a wall mount bracket that also holds the attachments and a power supply to charge the vacuum. The attachments are easy to assemble and all the parts are well constructed and solid.
    Operation: Operation is straight forward, the power button is a trigger type switch and there is a lock lever so you don’t have to constantly hold down the trigger. The vacuum has two speeds normal and Max. The Max speed is activated by pressing the Max button on top of the vacuum head. If the vacuum is run on normal the battery should last about 25 minutes but if you use the MAX setting the battery life drops to 10 minutes. There are three LEDs on the side of the battery that show the amount of charge in the battery. To recharge the battery you must connect the charger cable to the battery. This can be done with the battery in the vacuum or removed from the vacuum. (See Photo) The vacuum does not automatically charge when you place it in the wall mount which is a major drawback. Because the battery life is so short I would not recommend this as a primary vacuum for a house. We use the vacuum for quick pick ups, sweeping the hardwood floors and cleaning the steps. The vacuum has lights on the power brush heads which are handy when going under things but they can be distracting when vacuuming in the open due to their brightness. There is no on/off switch for the lights. There is no adjustment for carpet height on the power brushes and you cannot turn off the rotating power brush so the rotating brush is always brushing the floor. This vacuum provides multiple filters to capture the dust and debris. (See Photo) There is a pre-filter, a mesh filter and a HEPA filter. The pre-filter and HEPA filter will eventually need to be replaced whereas the mesh filter can be cleaned with the dustbin. There is an interesting pre-filter cleaner attachment that allows you to use the vacuum to clean the pre-filter but I am not sure its much help because you are sucking out the debris on an external pre-filter only to have it pulled into the vacuum and onto the pre-filter in the vacuum.

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  8. knamed2016

    I was very excited to try this product, with small children and dogs in our home I’m always willing to try anything to help keep our home tidy. The Tineco A10 Hero arrived in a descent box, packaging was neat in that you could visualize the vacuum and all its attachment accessories. The instruction manual provided clear assembly instructions with pictures which made assembly super easy and fast. It also included multiple diagram’s with an overview of the parts, how to operate it, how to empty the dustbin, how to charge the battery and maintenance. The charging time of the battery is 3-4 hours and for that you get approximately 25 minutes of regular cleaning mode. If you need to do a deeper clean you can use the MAX power mode and a fully charged battery gets you about 10 minutes. I really appreciate the indicator which tells you charged the battery is and when you might need to the dock the battery for charging. Because it takes 3-4 hours to charge the battery, I would recommend buying a 2nd battery from Tineco. The docking station caddy helps you keep all parts organized in one central location. It can be mounted on the wall and used as the site where you charge the battery. This product comes with a 2 year warranty which is nice. So for the actual use of the vacuum, I think it did a great job cleaning our tile floors, hardwood floors, rugs and carpet. The large power brush maneuvers very easily and smoothly around my furniture and between rooms. It had no issues transitioning from carpet to the tile floors & hardwood floors and maintained great suction. The LED lights helped me see any missed dust, dirt and dog hair. The dustbin emptied easily with a simple press of a button directly in to the trash can. Although hair did wrap around the cylinder, luckily it was easily removable. Overall I would recommend this product to friends and family. I especially liked that it was reasonably priced.

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    Tineco – A10 Tango Cordless Stick Vacuum – Space Blue
    Tineco – A10 Tango Cordless Stick Vacuum – Space Blue
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