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Hyperice – Hypervolt Bluetooth Percussion Massage Device – Silver


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Specification: Hyperice – Hypervolt Bluetooth Percussion Massage Device – Silver

App Compatible


Wireless Connectivity


Product Name

Hypervolt Bluetooth Percussion Massage Device



Model Number

53100 038-00



Color Category


Product Height

9.7 inches

Product Length

7 inches

Product Weight

2.5 pounds

Product Width

2.5 inches

Power Source


Auto Shut-Off



60 watts

Battery Chemistry


Rechargeable Battery


Manufacturers Warranty - Parts

1 Year

Manufacturers Warranty - Labor

1 Year

Massage Area

Total Body

Massage Modes


Number Of Speed Settings


Ergonomic Handle


Remote Control Included


Indicator Lights




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8 reviews for Hyperice – Hypervolt Bluetooth Percussion Massage Device – Silver

4.9 out of 5
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  1. CTmom

    The Hypervolt is extremely relaxing. It has 5 different attachments along with a carrying case. I tried them all and found one to be too hard. My favorites were the 3 tiered cushion and the “Y” shaped attachment. There are also several levels of pressure. I found I could only use it on the lowest pressure. I am not a gym person and don’t need deep muscle massage so perhaps those higher levels would be more appropriate for someone who worked out more.
    On the negative side, found the unit heavy to hold in one hand and the handle is a little large. I am able to massage my upper shoulders but a slightly longer handle would have permitted massages further down the back.
    I have been using it for about a week and it has held its first charge without a problem I use it every day to massage my shoulders and neck before bed. It truly relaxes me.

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  2. Joseph

    I purchased the Hypervolt for my wife for Christmas and she uses it daily. It features 3 intensities and a wide array of attachments that make it effective in massage nearly all muscles throughout the body. The charge lasts a very long time and the LED lets you know when it needs charging. It’s also great for knowing when the device is powered on so you don’t accidentally drain the battery when not in use. The Hypervolt is exceptionally quiet but very powerful. The only drawback is the vibration felt in the hand can feel weird after a while after using it but a short break is all that is required. It’s weight is well balanced; not enough to make your arm tired but enough to keep your hand from bouncing around as you use the tool. Looking forward to getting a lot more use out of this product!

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  3. Byran

    Great device! My wife and I enjoyed this machine and it comes with good mobile app to target specific areas of the body.

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  4. Steve62305

    Full Disclosure: I received this product through Best Buy’s Tech Insider Network in exchange for evaluation and an unbiased review.
    I am in the unique position of living with my daughter who is a Doctor of Chiropractic. She was very excited to try out the Hypervolt and encouraged me to select it. She said she would help me evaluate it.
    The Hypervolt arrived very well packaged and securely shipped. The internal packaging is formed to the shape of the Hypervolt and in lieu of a molded case, is meant to serve for long-term protection and storage when not in use. It really is very good packaging and being all white it looks like something from Apple.
    What’s in the box?
    – Hypervolt BT Percussor with an integral battery built into the cushion grip handle. Actually, the entire handle grip is the battery.
    – Charging cord and adapter.
    – Welcome packet containing flashcard-like instructions on everything you need to get started.
    – Five different applicator heads that offer many possibilities giving you a host of treatment options.
    – Zipper storage pouch for storing the applicator heads.
    The Hypervolt came partially charged allowing us to try it right away. The Welcome package has the description, a Quickstart Guide, customer support info, a very thin Operating Instructions booklet in EN, FR, ES, DE, PT, and ZH languages, and a guide on choosing between the 5 head applicators. The Quickstart instructions are easily understood and the visuals are clear and concise. The Operating Instructions booklet can be very thin because most of the information you’ll need on how to use the Hypervolt percussor will be found in the Hyperice App.
    The Hyperice App was easy to find and download from Apple Store. There is no Android or Windows compatible app. You will need an iOS device.
    While the Hypervolt percussor can easily be used alone without the Hyperice app, we found the Hyperice App to be extremely well-made software offering the user much more than just an interface to the Hypervolt Percussor. You can take my word on it as I am a retired IT consultant and software designer, developer, and engineer. I know good software when I see it.
    The Hypervolt device and Hyperice App basically completed a Bluetooth pairing without help from me. I absolutely love that. That was so amazing to me because I sometimes find myself in Bluetooth misery when trying to pair devices embedded with poorly designed and badly written software. We effortlessly paired it to both my daughter’s iPhone and to my iPad Pro. It’s what’s called very mature software.
    The Hyperice App offers many training programs that allow even a novice user to easily pair the device, pick the training program, and then the percussor starts on the right intensity and follows along with the app’s video for percussor placement on the body. Couldn’t be easier.
    The Hyperice App syncs with Apple Health to track your routines, send you reminders, and recommend programs for your chosen physical activities. Notice I didn’t say exercise activities? That’s because it even has programs recommended for sedentary activities like working at a desk. So, you don’t have to be an Ironman-level athlete to gain benefit from this percussor. Finally, something for us couch potatoes! There’s also lots of fitness and rehab articles and related information. In addition, there are dozens of online YouTube videos to help you in using your Hypervolt percussor and the Hyperice App.
    My daughter found the Hypervolt to be very, very quiet for a percussor. She was also impressed that it was true percussion action and not vibration or oscillation. Percussion sets up a wave-like action that flushes lactic acid from the muscle tissue and realigns fascial tissue stressed from exercise. In her chiropractic practice, she uses a very expensive professional percussor, yet she found this Hypervolt to be superior in all ways.
    What follows is a partial list of her thoughts and comments as she was using the Hypervolt.
    “Easy to hold to use on another person, but can be a challenge to use on yourself. But that’s true with any percussor.”
    “The many applicator heads add lots of tools to your bag of treatment options.”
    “The LED lighting scheme offers very helpful indicators of battery level, pressure intensity, and percussor speed. It’s very easy to understand.”
    “The fork applicator head is great for tensor, fascia, latta (TFL) treatment. Good for flushing long muscle groups, but somewhat painful over the paraspinal muscles area.”
    “The flat applicator head did wonders on my abdominal scar tissue, diaphragm release, and deep breathing.” Her exact quote was, “Wow!”
    “The ball applicator head is harder to keep steady, but allows for a smooth, more subtle movement. Easier to steady if head has direct skin contact rather than over clothes.”
    “The bullet applicator head offers amazing trigger point therapy. Very intense with lots of release. Everybody I used it on loves it.”
    “Did an hour of constant use without signs of strain or fatigue on the device or the operator.”
    “As a massager, it does a great job of releasing muscle knots and reducing soreness.”
    “But it’s not just a massager. The Hypervolt can be useful for recovery rehab.”
    “The Hypervolt will benefit the athlete with myofascial release that increases muscle and joint mobility, increases blood oxygen and lymphatic flow for quicker healing and recovery time.”
    Being a mature product, there is already a decent assortment of accessories available for the Hypervolt like additional batteries as well as a chrome charging dock. The dock allows you to simply set the Hypervolt percussor upright into the dock for recharging and display. Hyperice also makes a very nice molded foam case for the Hypervolt. I only mention a few of the accessories because I found the whole Hypervolt system, including the accessories, to be very reasonably priced especially considering the high-quality.
    Overall, we both found Hyperice’s Hypervolt percussor to be a superior product for both the professional therapist, the individual athlete, and the desk jockey. We highly recommend this product without any reservations whatsoever.

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  5. KaneM7

    What a device!!!
    I love this thing! I have never had a percussion massager before so I didn’t initially know what to expect. Upon delivery, it was ready to go. So I quickly got to work!
    Setup is super easy – just the motor/battery/head needs to be setup. The battery is removable if ever needed to be replaced. And the unit comes with 5 different “heads”.
    Out of the box, you just have to place the appropriate head and turn it on. Having never used this before I was a bit confused with the head types. There is a small placard in the box that helps provide some info on them though.
    I’m a fairly athletic male. 6’2″ 215lbs. I get out and coach my son’s football team so I get sore from time to time. This was great for loosening those stiff and aching muscles.
    This particular model has Bluetooth. This allows you to install an apple IOS app and sync the Hypervolt with the app. Then you just follow along with the video! The app controls the speed setting and informs you of the proper head to utilize for the session. This runs you through many options head to toe for using the device! Quite a few things I had never considered! So BIG thumbs up for this!
    BE ADVISED – APP is only on the APPLE platform. So this is a bit of a negative for me being a primary Android user!!
    The device has a bit of weight so you don’t have to rely on muscle power to run. I find the high-speed setting to be the best massage and the low setting to dig in deep for me! There is also a pressure level LED indicators on the back – basically providing 4 levels of pressure.
    I did go out and compare this to other devices. I found the build quality to be top-notch! not many others offered the self replaceable battery. Some other devices also had a charging “cradle” but I utilize the form shaped box to store my unit and I’m able to plug it in with no hindrance. So fewer options to break! and have to replace later.
    The battery lasts for hours – I never ran out of power during any of my multiple back-to-back sessions without a charge. This would last for a small trip if needed, even though the charger is small as well.
    I do need to look at some options as I would like to be able to get to my back a bit easier. Which is the only location I can’t hit myself.
    This device is a bit pricier than their competitors but you get MUCH better quality. In both head options, application, replaceable battery, non-proprietary charger, and most importantly the Motor- this thing just keeps going no matter the pressure or speed you setup!!! It doesn’t LAG at all.
    Overall the only negative I could say is the lack of Android app – but this device works on its own. But the app provides more ways to utilize the product and ideas for future use!

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  6. JC1503

    I do a moderate to intense work out 4 to 5 days a week every week for the last 10 years. My routine consists of 20-30 minutes of weight training followed by a 2-4 mile run which translates to 1 to 1.5 hour work out. Truth be told, I have neglected cool downs and pre-work out stretches and start out at 100mph and finish on a dime. That is not good. I probably would have kept on that pace until I ended up hurting myself until the Hypervolt came along!
    The Hypervolt is one of those products I saw out there and was very interested in but never took the plunge to invest in it. With just after a few days with it, it is now a product I will never not have again! It has really made me pause and appreciate a good pre and post workout routine and the huge benefits that come from doing them and I am super excited about that.
    First off, I excitedly grabbed it out of the box and started pounding away on my calves and fiddled around with the attachments provided. What I immediately noticed was how unlike other “massage wands” this is truly a full percussion massager. You feel the Hypervolt massage deeply in the muscles and tissues unlike the “massager wands” that vibrate fast and just itched my skin and can’t penetrate into the muscles or tissues. After the excitement factor lessoned just enough, I really got into what this incredible device could do. I opened up the quick start guide Hypervolt provides and got to work. The quick start guide is 5×5 cards that easily and quickly explain everything. Nice touch!
    After charging it and downloading the Hypervolt app on my iPhone I started the app. It asked me what kind of activities I do and I plugged that information into the app. Hypervolt then recommended some “routines” for me specifically based on my activities. It also had a feature you can select where you are hurting on human form diagram and it will give you massage routines to use! I really like that. Instead of just going randomly around my body looking for sore muscles (which was also fun) it gave me some intent and direction as to specific areas that would benefit from targeted massages. It also connected to my Apple Health App which I like. The quick start guide also told me what all the head attachments were used for. It came with 5. The attachments are fork, flat, bullet cushion and ball. I’m telling you… when you have that “fork” attachment on and you run that over a tense calves and forearms…it is life changing. I mean it…. Life changing.
    Anyway, I put the “flat” attachment on and opened up the app again and went to “all routines” in the Hypervolt app on my phone. There you can choose from warm up, recovery or maintenance routines. The app is super easy and very functional . I was going for a run and so I choose track star, Colleen Quigley’s, track routine. Her routine starts with the feet which suggested the “fork” attachment again. The attachments swap out very easily so no problem. What I love about the Hypervolt with bluetooth is I chose the “Coleen”routine and I watched her go through the routine using the Hypervolt and I just followed along. Thats what great about all the different routines. They demo as you do them so you always get it right. You can choose to manually control the intensity of the Hypervolt or let the app do it for you with the bluetooth throughout the routine. I like the app to do that because it times the intensity and can change the intensity which really feels amazing and I don’t have to think about it. The three intensity levels are great. I like them all. There are so many cool routines, from just relaxing to detox flushes. After my run I looked through the recovery routines in the app and focused on the “lower body flush” which focusses on the legs. The app connects to the Hypervolt messages and away you go. AMAZING! I also noticed a marked freshness in my muscles the next day and even though my run wasn’t super strenuous, I think that all the neglect of never doing a cool down or stretching prior to my work outs have been taking a toll. Just a few days with the Hypervolt has really made a huge difference!!! I feel a few years younger!
    I also found a real bonus that I had not anticipated with the Hypervolt and that is in the evenings before bed I will do the “Dailey Relax Glide Flush” to really just melt into bed! and on the flip side in the morning, any stiff spots (usually the lower back) gets a few minutes of the “ball” attachment and I’m ready for the day!
    I love this thing! I will never not have one again! I also really love how Hypervolt incorporates the interactive app with all the routines and the follow along videos and how the app can control the Hypervolt massager to maximize results and how the app can then keep track and learn all of my activities and routines. No lame pictographs of what I should be doing just really cool interactive real-time coaching as I go! Hypervolt is just incredible tech that really enhances my overall health. Highly recommend!

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  7. Majoritys

    Amazing product! The perfect amount of pressure for those sore muscles. Easy to use.

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  8. Liam

    I really wasn’t sure what to expect with this product. It looked like a great way to address sore and tight muscles, so I was excited to try it! To start, I am not an athlete or someone who does a lot of regular exercise, so I can’t really comment on how it helps with recovering from workouts. That being said, I am sitting down at the computer often which strains my neck and causes my muscles to get tight.
    This product really surprised me. I did not expect how good the vibrations would feel as well as how they would loosen tight muscles and give a lighter feeling to areas that experience a lot of tension. As soon as I started using it, I immediately used it up in my neck and shoulder area. I definitely think it helped to loosen up that area, and it really feels good using it in areas that can be sore and strained. I also used it on my legs and other areas and it felt great everywhere I tried it!
    This product is very simple and easy to use. The design is sleek and feels well-made. I had no trouble figuring out how to use it, just turn it on and then press the speed setting button to get it going. This device comes with 5 massage attachments, which will be great for using it in different applications. The app gives your more information on what specific situation each attachment works best for, which was also helpful. The routines I used in the app showed what attachment to use which made deciding on the right one super easy.
    Not only did this device surprise me, but the app did as well. I wasn’t sure how useful an app would be for a product like this, but it turned out that it has some really useful features! As I mentioned briefly before, they have several “routines” in the app and when you select one, it pairs your phone with the Hypervolt and starts up the device. The routines are really cool because you get to watch a video of someone demonstrating how to use the device in a specific place as the Hypervolt runs in sync at the same time. As time progresses, the app automatically increases the speed of the Hypervolt and then it lowers the speed back down gradually after some time. If you prefer to set the speed for the whole time, you can also manually set it during the routine on the app. You can also pause the exercise video on the app and the Hypervolt stops running until you resume it on your phone. It is so cool that the app can control this device and operate it along with the routines! It is easier to have the app controlling the speed rather than pressing the button in the app, and it is also nice that it times you and demonstrates what to do.
    I was really impressed with the Hyperice app. It looks like it was just released in the app store a week or two ago, so I was impressed at how well it functioned without issues and how well designed it was, especially since it is so new! The app really makes using this device even easier and more exciting and it takes the guesswork out of how and where to use it. It was so fun and easy using this device along with the app!
    Like I mentioned I earlier, I wasn’t sure what to expect with this product, but I am really impressed! It is simple to use, feels great, works great, and the app also works well, adds some useful features, and is beautifully designed! I would definitely recommend this to others! I think this will really help me address the soreness and tightness in my neck and shoulders as well as address issues in other areas going forward!

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    Hyperice – Hypervolt Bluetooth Percussion Massage Device – Silver
    Hyperice – Hypervolt Bluetooth Percussion Massage Device – Silver
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