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Galanz 0.9 Cu Ft Air Fry Microwave, 900 Watts


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Galanz thoughtful engineering brings you a 0.9 Cu Ft Air Fry Microwave – the 3-in-1 countertop air fryer, convection oven and microwave that also includes a Combi Speed Cooking option. Faster than either mode alone, the intelligent combination of True Convection and microwave cooking creates delicious dishes with optimum texture and taste. Your entire meal can now be ready when you are. The compact 0.9 cu. ft. saves room on your countertop but allows you to cook all of your favorite meals. Air Fry technology lets you cook with little or no oil for healthier, crunchy fried favorites like chicken wings, popcorn shrimp, chicken nuggets, French fries – even pizza bites The unique easy clean air fry kit provides more frying surface area with better air circulation compared to traditional air fryers. Designed with an internal fan plus an additional heating element, its True Convection technology circulates heated air throughout the oven as food spins 360°, cooking your food faster and more evenly without hot spots. Equipped with an Auto-Cook and Auto-Reheat feature to ensure that your food is never under- or overcooked. Thanks to Galanz thoughtful engineering, this Air Fry Microwave provides ultimate cooking versatility from a small, compact device.

Specification: Galanz 0.9 Cu Ft Air Fry Microwave, 900 Watts



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10 reviews for Galanz 0.9 Cu Ft Air Fry Microwave, 900 Watts

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  1. pebbles3159

    Galanz 0.9 Cu.Ft Air Fry Microwave

    At 0.9 Cu Ft space this thing has more room then I thought it would

    They say the cavity is 13.7 x 8.7 x 12.4

    But I go by these measurements and I find everything I choose fits nicely inside the unit 11”Wx11D” and nothing taller then 7”H will fit without touching the heating coils at the top

    Best thing of all, I have gains so much more counter space, because with this unit I know longer need a toaster oven, an Air Fryer and a microwave oven sitting on my counter.

    It came with the accessories that are in the picture. And they range from 10 1/2 to 10 3/4” across.

    It has been fun playing with the different functions of this oven/microwave oven.

    Air frying – Baking – Convection – microwave – Combo Speed Cooking

    Air frying with less oil to no oil depending on what you are cooking is great

    Baking is a dream because in the time I wait for the stoves oven to pre heat my food in the Galanz is about half way cooked already

    Yes there is heat that comes off this oven, but it doesn’t heat up the house nearly as much as the big oven does.

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  2. Joanna

    This is a great all-in-one option, with it performing well as a microwave, air fryer, and as a small oven for baking. My main concern was the air-frying option though, because I’ve been reading up a lot about it for my own healthier eating, so this is mainly about that because the other two options already perform very well and doesn’t need much explaining.

    The air frying kit that it comes with is so huge, to be honest. It’s like having a second air fryer on its own. Except this one you stick into the microwave to cook with. I could see a problem with this kit immediately – it’s going to be a pain to clean. Afterall, one of the biggest concerns for most people is whether or not an air fryer is going to be easy to clean. And let me tell you now, it’s inconvenient, but not difficult. The top and bottom of the air fryer kit can just be thrown into the dishwasher, if that’s what you like to do. It makes cleaning up easier. But the cylinder wall of the kit is pretty big and you might not have space in the dishwasher, so handwashing is another option. Another thing is the rubber on the cylinder. It’s removable, which means debris can get into it, which also means you have to remove the rubber and clean it after every use. Whether or not you place it in the dishwasher is up to you, but I hand wash that. I tell you, the whole thing is not difficult to clean; it’s just inconvenient whether it’s because of the size or because of the different removable attachments the kit comes with. Literally, this cleaning up is what made me think twice about using this daily for air frying, or even weekly.

    If cleaning up is not a concern to you, and only performance and taste is, then I’ve gotta say that this is a pretty great air fryer. It cooks so well! My whole pompano (fish) came out so tasty! The skin was crispy and the meat was juicy. It only took 20 min, and that was already overcooking it by a couple minutes. We rubbed very little oil on one side of the fish and didn’t bother with the other side, but both sides still came out just as crispy. We also flipped the fish over half the time. I mean, it’s not ever going to be as crispy as actual frying (and you should probably never expect ANY air fryer to do that for most foods), but it’s pretty darn good. Anything we cooked that’s already pre-crisped/fried (like frozen French fries, fish sticks, chicken nuggest, chicken tenders, and mozzarella sticks) came out just like it was deep fried – sooo crispy and crunchy. We attempted to air fry seasoned brussel sprouts tossed in a little bit of oil, and it came out better than baking it in the actual oven. Crispy and not as mushy. Our attempt at wings are a little spotty though. Anything we breaded ourselves just didn’t compare to foods that are actually deep fried, but it’s a healthier option. Oh man, the whole pompano though, even without any breading, came out so fantastic. We haven’t tried salmon with the skin yet, but I’m betting it’d turn out just as great.

    The surface area for cooking on this air frying kit cannot fit anything more than 2 people’s worth of food. The height of the air fryer inside the microwave also doesn’t allow much height. So air frying a small chicken is out of the question, but drumsticks and thighs are still okay. Wings, like I said, would only fit about 2 people’s worth capacity, without stacking. True to all air fryers, the cooking process was loud (only for the air frying setting) – so don’t expect anything quiet. The air frying cooking time and temperature is pretty accurate to most air frying recipes posted online.

    Overall, this is a really good all-in-one. It’s space-saving, it’s cost-efficient, and it cooks everything so well. Although the air frying required extra cleaning effort than I’d like, the performance of the air frying and the taste of the food that resulted from it outweighs that. It’s the initial thought of having to clean it afterwards is what gives me pause from using it every single time. It’s not even about laziness, and I cook every day.

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  3. whitt

    Microwave, air fryer, and convection oven, or combo, this machine does it all. It is fast in any of the options you choose, and you can cook anything and everything with it. I really like that you can cook for a family, this machine comes with everything you need, the air fryer kit especially is great for cooking bigger quantities than a regular air fryer, and it cooks everything crispy and tasty. Cutting out the oil is so much healthier for you and your fries and chicken strips come out great. Using the convection option you can have great lasagna in no time. The inside is stainless steel, it has a top burner, turntable, and it circulates hot air to cook everything properly with great results. Truly an ultimate 3 in 1 machine with many options and features, very unique. Fits in same space as my other microwave and is as easy to operate. Love it.

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  4. PinkTulips

    This countertop chef does it all and then some. I did not realize there were appliances out there like this. The most impressive thing to me is that you can bake cookies or a cake with the included baking/roasting accessory, saving room in my oven for other things. You just type in the code and it will let you know when it has preheated so you can add the food to bake. Using the same baking/roasting accessory, you can roast a pound of potatoes in 46 minutes. I like that it has pre-sets for auto-reheating (and auto-cooking) too.

    The included manual has different codes for many features, like: pre-sets for air frying (this comes with an air-fry accessory), roasting, and even a chart that converts ounces to pounds so you know what to type in when defrosting (it even alerts you when to rotate the food). It just makes everything easier by telling you exactly what to press to get what you want. I had to wash the inside and accessories and air it out for a few days when it first arrived, because of the chemical smell. The aesthetic is not for me, although my husband likes the look of it. I really appreciate that it has a child-lock feature and a 12 or 24 hour clock. The manual was also helpful to tell you what you can/can’t use in it…I thought I knew, but I learned a couple of things.

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  5. ADKErin

    I LOVE my Galanz Air Fry Microwave! OMG, no need to get a toaster oven, air fryer, and microwave when you can just go out and get this little wonder! I have freed up so much space. It does take a bit of getting used because it’s 3 in 1 it’s not as simple as using each of those other devices separate but you get the knack quickly. It comes extremely well packaged. It comes with the glass plate and several metal inserts you need to use depending on what setting you are going to cook on. It cooks wonderfully! This needs to be placed in a place that has 8 inches of free space above it and 2 inches on each side. Originally I planned to put this on my kitchen counter but the above cabinets didn’t give enough room on the top so I had to put it on my chopping block. Just something to keep in mind if you are thinking about getting this (which I think everyone should be -it’s that awesome!). It seems small (maybe because my other devices, especially my ancient microwave, were so much bulkier) but it’s not really. It fits a larger plate inside nicely. The only things that I think could be improved are the legs because it does slide easily especially on a surface like granite. I just put some rubber slip things under it. My husband finds the time lighting to be over bright, he was hoping it could be dimmed which it can’t. Other than those small issues this thing is wonderful! I highly recommend!

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  6. ughhhhh

    When I saw a 3 in 1 combination microwave, air fryer, convection oven I just had to try it. It sounded futuristic. But here it is. This Galanz 0.9 Cu.Ft Air Fry Microwave Oven does all 3 cooking actions. I love the air fryer. French fries cooked very well. And so did fried shrimp. The oven can be used with or without the convection. There is a setting button for either. There is also a setting for Roast. It takes a little while to learn the settings and timing. Some are preset. But for most cooking you have to set the temp and then the time and with some foods the weight as well. Just be sure to take the time to read the manual and you’ll be fine. I love the fact that the oven automatically preheats and lets you know when to “Insert food”. That’s a great feature. everything I have tried in the short time that I have had this Galanz Microwave Air Fryer Oven has turned out very well. So far I have made cornbread, apple turnovers and a frozen eggplant parmasean in the Oven setting and they all turned out great. I have not had time to try the Roast setting yet. But I’ll get around to that soon. The microwave is a pretty basic microwave. The exterior does get hot when in use which I expected because the manual cautions about that. The interior is stainless steel and is very easy to keep clean. This Galanz Microwave Air Fryer Oven comes with a baking/roasting tray, an air fryer rack and a riser for air frying. I would definitely recommend this Galanz 0.9 Cu.Ft Air Fry Microwave Oven

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  7. NicoleLassila

    This microwave/air fryer/all in one is amazing. I was honestly not very confident that it would work well, but then I used it and was proven very wrong. I mostly use it for the air fry feature, and that’s my favorite part. My kids are big chicken nugget lovers and this guy make those nuggets perfectly in minutes. I’ve done mozzarella sticks, French fries and jalapeño poppers in it as well and I’m alway shocked at how well the food is cooked. Brown and crispy! It comes with a book on how to use and it’s very easy to follow the directions. I also liked the micro feature, it works the same as a normal microwave. It comes with the air fry rack as well as the roasting rack. I’ve yet to use any other features on this yet, but will be soon! If you’re considering this machine please go ahead and buy it because you won’t be sorry!!!

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  8. Hallie

    The Galanz 0.9 Cu.Ft Air Fry Microwave has got to be my favorite microwave ever! It is a lot smaller than what I am used to, but it still fits everything I normally use it for. What makes it so amazing is that it not only is a microwave, but it is also a convection oven and an air fryer all in one! I can bake, crisp, and so much more. It even comes with accessories for those functions so you can get proper airflow all around. Crisping pizza and fries is easier than ever and I made biscuits without heating up my entire house. The holidays are going to be easier now that I have a second mini-oven to help with the cooking too. I attached some pictures to show the watts and space requirements as I didn’t see those on the box and I had to look them up myself. Note that it says there must be 8 inches clear on the top. We normally use the top of our microwave for storage, but since this is also an oven it can get very hot. We will be building a shelf for our storage now since the top is no longer an option. The booklet that comes with it is easy to follow and there is a quick guide on the door which is extremely helpful for using all the settings. There is also an option to turn on a child lock for safety. The only downside I see to this is the chime noise is a bit low and is hard to hear unless already in the same room with it. I would have preferred a volume option so I could turn it up. This space-saving device is great for small places and just not having any more clutter.

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  9. gimmieadeal

    I tried the microwave, air fry, bake and convection-bake functions. I was very impressed with the air fry performance. I cooked tater tots in it: they came out perfect! Golden brown and crunchy and cooked about 10 minutes faster than in a conventional oven. This oven can cook to temperatures up to 400°. I baked cookies using the bake and convection bake feature. They too baked in less time than if I had used a conventional oven but the centers did not get done as well as I would have liked. I am cooking at 3800 feet elevation, maybe that has something to do with it…? Next time I will flatten the dough out before baking. Pros: Good looking unit with quiet operation. This would be perfect for a dorm, studio or efficiency apartment that doesn’t have an oven. Cons: The door is very dark or the inside light is not bright enough; You cannot see into the oven while cooking, So you have to open the door to check on the progress of your food. The display light on the other hand is very bright, And there does not seem to be an adjustment to dim it. There are no numbers on the control panel of this microwave. Instead, you cook by function and add or subtract minutes so there is a learning curve. The top back and sides of this unit get very hot on air fry and the bake modes. We have a cabinet alcove where our microwave currently sits up off the counter, and this microwave would not work there. The manual states: “for correct operation the oven must have sufficient air flow allow minimum 8-in of free space for the top surface of the oven and 2 inches at both sides Do not cover or block any openings on the appliance. Do not place the oven where heat moisture or high humidity are generated or near combustible materials.” while this unit won’t replace our microwave it will probably replace my ugly toaster oven.

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  10. BarbfromAZ

    This item does it all! It is a microwave, an air fryer, and a convection oven!

    It is a perfect size to make a great meal or just pop a bag of popcorn. It fits on my counter perfectly and I love the digital clock that acts like a night light because it is so bright! It comes with a turn table, roasting rack, and air fry kit! The instruction booklet gives many charts on how to make many items in each setting. It is also great for re heating food too with the auto reheat setting. It is easy to clean and I love the sleek high polished black exterior. I have used it every day and I plan to make many things on each setting! If you use the easy to follow quick start guide, you will be set to go as well.

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    Galanz 0.9 Cu Ft Air Fry Microwave, 900 Watts
    Galanz 0.9 Cu Ft Air Fry Microwave, 900 Watts
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