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Apple – iPhone 11 Pro Smart Battery Case – Black


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Specification: Apple – iPhone 11 Pro Smart Battery Case – Black

Brand Compatibility


Color Category


Integrated Stand


Case Style

Carrying case

Case Type

Battery Charger Case

Product Name

iPhone 11 Pro Smart Battery Case



Model Number




Model Compatibility

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Belt Clip


Wireless Charging Standard




Charging Interfaces


OnOff Switch




Interior Material


Manufacturers Warranty - Parts

1 Year

Manufacturers Warranty - Labor

1 Year



Photos: Apple – iPhone 11 Pro Smart Battery Case – Black

8 reviews for Apple – iPhone 11 Pro Smart Battery Case – Black

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  1. H3xDrgn

    I love the case its nicely shaped and it does give me a full 2-3 days of usage. The camera button is well located. The 2 stars are because best buy gave me the case in a cut opened box, see the pic for reference.

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  2. Nuch03

    Just received the case & first off let me say before you end up purchasing this case that it is a little bit heavy. Simply because of the battery that is built in to the case… that’s what you are paying for correct? Very nice design, has a soft material where the phone goes into, overall the case has comfortable grip as well. Has a built in camera button on the bottom right of the case for the phone to take a picture which is very cool. The button does not get in the way on vertical or horizontal use either. The case does have a little lip on the front to protect the screen in case of a drop. Very nice case & I do recommend buying if you use your phone on a daily basis or if you need a nice charge at a friend’s house or simply on the go, etc. I’ve read many reviews of people saying it’s a heavy case… it’s a battery case, the battery is built into the case. It is not that heavy.

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  3. Dave

    I was hesitant about getting this overpriced battery case, but I can see why folks would want it. It feels nice, charges your phone even when it’s full and knows when to stop so that it won’t hurt your battery.

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  4. TechnologyDadDenver

    I have been working from home since April and my cellphone has become my new office line. My battery was constantly dying or I had to have a cord always plugged in. No longer! The case really isn’t that heavy and you get used to it quickly. I dropped my phone in the parking lot today. Phone hit down and rolled once. Was almost certain the screen would be cracked. The case got a small ding on the bottom corner and I’m glad there was some protection there. So far I’m very happy!

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  5. ohleeveah

    The case is good, chargeable. Only difference is you can’t turn on or off the case for when it’s needed to charge. It stays charging until the battery is out from the case, and then the phones battery is used.

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  6. CAP001

    This is not the nicest looking phone case, definitely not the slimmest, and it does add some weight; but, if your goal is to boost the battery life on your phone than this case works really well and includes some additional benefits. I do not use this case everyday, only when I think I need the battery boost or the camera button (one of the cool features on this case). The camera button makes it super easy to snap pictures, as it is way better than having to touch the screen, especially in the winter with gloves on (most touch screen friendly gloves are not all that friendly), and having to click the volume button is not always the easiest thing. Trying to snap a picture with the volume button can require one to hold the phone in a weird way that can result with it falling out of your hands, might be a challenge if you use a ticker case, and it usually always results in part of my hand or a finger showing up when trying to take an ultra wide (0.5) picture – that is all solved with this case.
    A couple of other nice features are the shape/material, device compatibly, and charging. Yes, the case is pretty ugly; but, yet, the shape somehow works well in the hand and feels right. The silicone that the case is made of also provides a little grip (not as grippy as I would like; but, ok), and if the phone were to fall it will likely be ok, including the screen since the case lip around the screen is pretty adequate. The case also allows one to plug in other devices, and works issue free with Apple CarPlay; where some third party cases may have compatibility problems. The wireless charging also works really well. I suppose that another benefit is that the case battery gets used first, so in the long-run it might help preserve the battery in the phone, and also means that when the battery in the case drains, you can remove the case to charge it, while you use the phone (not that it is necessary; but, maybe a good idea if you happen to be traveling or something and want to ensure that the phone is alive 24/7).
    My only complaints about this case are the lack of color options – wish they had a midnight green color to match the iPhone 11 Pro. I know thatI said that the shape works well in the hand, and that the silicone is somewhat grippy; yet, the case is a bit heavy – so I wish it were easy to apply a phone loop or a phone strap to the case; but it isn’t. Because of the case having minimal openings (which I guess is good to keep dust out) and because of the hump, a phone loop does not work well. I was able to put in a phone strap through the tiny speaker holes on the bottom of the case; but it wasn’t easy to fit in the strap, plus I’m sure that if I remove it the holes might seem as if they were expanded. So suggestion to Apple – please add the ability to add a phone strap to the next design of this case.
    I’ve included some pictures comparing this case to other cases – it’s much thicker than a slim carbon fiber case, for example; but, not much thicker than a leather case, or a case with a pop socket.

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  7. CalvinBunker

    Great design! Much thinner, lighter, and high quality than other battery cases. It charges about half of the phone battery, which is more than enough. The added camera button is a good bonus, and the integration into iOS works flawlessly. Only reason I didn’t get it five stars is the super high retail price, but if you get it on sale like I did, totally worth it!

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  8. Stephen

    Want to give 5 stars but this is the third case in a year and the soft cover keeps chipping off. Love the fact it uses the lighting charge cord. Easy off and on. Protection against iPhone damage is great. I’ve dropped on concrete several times with no phone damage. Side camera button is nice. Keeps phone at full charge almost all day.

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    Apple – iPhone 11 Pro Smart Battery Case – Black
    Apple – iPhone 11 Pro Smart Battery Case – Black
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