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BIC Velocity Original Mechanical Pencil (0.9 mm), Black, For Smooth Dark Writing, Durable Eraser, 4-Count


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  • Durable eraser cleanly removes marks from the page
  • Colorful assorted barrels make writing fun and add color to your work space
  • Each pencil features a soft grip to help enhance comfort and control during prolonged writing sessions
  • Convenient mechanical pencils ideal for standardized tests, note-taking, and more
  • Includes extra refill leads and erasers
  • Available in 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm and 0.9 mm

Specification: BIC Velocity Original Mechanical Pencil (0.9 mm), Black, For Smooth Dark Writing, Durable Eraser, 4-Count


‎BIC Corporation



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‎2.08 ounces

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‎0.6 x 7.5 x 4.1 inches

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Photos: BIC Velocity Original Mechanical Pencil (0.9 mm), Black, For Smooth Dark Writing, Durable Eraser, 4-Count

10 reviews for BIC Velocity Original Mechanical Pencil (0.9 mm), Black, For Smooth Dark Writing, Durable Eraser, 4-Count

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  1. Parker Jones

    These pencils are bad. If you’re looking at these, just remember that you’re not rich enough for cheap garbage.

    Colorful, I guess?
    Cheap, sort of.

    Cheap Plastic construction.
    Not very comfortable.
    Stock lead is rough and breaks easily.
    Erasers are small and replacements expensive.
    These look like pencils for children!
    They will break if exposed to anything harsher than a breezy fall day.
    Why would I buy 4 pencils that will break in three months when I could buy a single pencil that will last at least 10 years?

    Overall Opinion:
    These pencils are bad. Save more in the long run and buy a real pencil.

    Good alternatives I own or have tried out:
    Graph Gear 1000
    PD 345, 347, or 349
    Dr. Grip.
    Rotring 500.
    Any Kuru Toga.

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  2. SK

    I love how these pencils have a cap over the end of the eraser. This way, there is no way the eraser or lead can “accidentally” fall out, since the secured cap prevents this from happening.

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  3. Margo

    Perfect for my math studies. Hard led that doesn’t crack off easily. I tend to press hard while writing and they stand up to that. I would reccomend.

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  4. CG

    Finally a mechanical pencil where the lead doesn’t snap every time you use it. The thicker lead make this a much more useable tool.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    I use this pencil for baseball scorekeeping and it is really good, except if you click the pencil accidentally you end up with this long piece of lead and no way to retract it, that I know of. I wish it would click like a pen so that you could click the lead back into the pencil when not using it.
    A small thing, but the rest of pencil is great!

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  6. Rodrigo R Cordova

    Siendo un ferviente comprador de lapiceros del.9 me sorprendió gratamente con este ser de lapiceros. Porque a un precio muy accesible me encontré que son cómodos y muy efectivos para dibujar. Yo los uso con minas de color Pentel y la verdad es que su desempeño está por encima de cualquier otro lapiceros que tengo del doble o hasta el triple de precio. No cabe duda que no siempre lo más caro es lo mejor. Estos lapiceros son simplemente de lo mejor. Muy recomendables

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  7. Danny

    These pencils are honestly the best writing utensil I have used throughout my school years. After finding one of these guys on the ground after a lecture, I haven’t looked back. The pencil itself is extremely comfortable to use, and the grip itself doesn’t dig into your fingers or become uncomfortable after a lecture of notes. The erasers are extremely high quality and have hardly worn down after a full semester of classes. They can get a little “stained” with graphite, if you know what I mean, and will leave a smudgy trail if you don’t buff it out, though. Additionally, the pack comes with extra graphite and erasers, which I guarantee you will not need for months after using the pencils.

    Lastly, I want to talk about how this pencil writes. The 0.9 lead is absolutely perfect for me, as I always found myself breaking 0.5 or 0.7 lead mechanical pencils. The lines come out super smooth, and I honestly believe that my handwriting has gotten better since using these pencils. I recommend them for any student, or really anyone looking for a quality pencil for classes, test-taking, office work, or just general use. The recent drop in price is also a huge incentive for me to buy more!

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  8. iiiireader

    I have used .9 lead mechanical pencils for years. I simply can’t use a .7 without constantly snapping the lead points off. I was really pleased to find the Bic Velocity for use with my Day Timer.

    I had been using Pentel Twist-Erase (which is also a nice .9 mechanical pencil); however it didn’t work well with the Day Timer. It was too thick to fit into the built-in pencil/pen holder. Also, because it was the type of pencil that pulled in two to add lead, I was constantly pulling the pencil apart just trying to get the pencil out of the holder.

    When I found the Bic Velocity, it was exactly what I needed. It is slightly slimmer than the Pentel, so it fits very well in my Day Timer (I even have to use the pencil clip to hold it in place.) As the lead is fed through the top of the pencil (under the eraser), the pencil does not pull apart when I remove it from the holder. All this while having a really nice soft rubber style grip to make holding the pencil easier and writing for a longer time more comfortable on my hand.

    The way the pencil works is that you feed a new lead into the spot below the eraser (which easily pulls out). You advanced the lead by pushing on the eraser. That can be a little problematic if you are trying to erase.

    I’ve found that when using the eraser slightly on the side (rather than from directly on top), the lead does not advance. The pencil comes with clear plastic cover for the eraser so you don’t inadvertently push the lead out. As far as I can tell, there is no way to “push” the lead back in once it has advanced (apart from pushing it all out and feeding it back into the top.) Using my sideways erase method, I have not had a problem with too much lead.

    The set comes with four mechanical pencils. My colors did not quite match those of the product description but I am not sure if that is always the case. Each pencil comes with lead and eraser in place as well as an eraser cap.

    In addition, there is a set of replacement erasers and leads (five erasers and twelve leads.) This comes in a handy clear plastic case. I tried to open it by pulling off the top and discovered that isn’t how the case actually works. You pivot the top or the bottom to get to either the erasers or leads as the case may be. The case cover tops pivot out and back to open and close.

    I still use my Pentels for certain uses but I am a real fan of the Bic Velocity and will be making it my go-to mechanical pencil in the future.

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  9. D. M. Alspaugh

    These pencils are comfortable to use, and the lead writes nice and dark. I’m scratching my head at the bad review by the guy who bought plastic pencils and then gave them a bad review because they were plastic pencils. These are not “toy” pencils or pencils just for kids. I taught mathematics for 30 years, so I used a lot of mechanical pencils. These are the best ones I have ever used in terms of comfort, value, and darkness of the lead. To get four pencils for less than a dollar each and also get extra leads and erasers is an unbelievable deal.

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  10. TM Conway

    I have always used 0.7pt lead before in mechanical pencils because I thought 0.9pt would be too thick for some things. It’s not. As a matter of fact, I like it better. I compare it to my pens as such: 0.7pt = fine tip pen; 0.9pt = med tip pen. They each have their uses.

    My photo shows that they have about the same darkness but I can tell by feel that the 0.9pt is smoother and gives me more control with my penmanship. I like writing with the 0.9 best.

    This one writes very smoothly and evenly.

    I like that the pack came with extra erasers and leads. The erasers on the pencils are even capped to keep them from getting hard or picking up lint.

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    BIC Velocity Original Mechanical Pencil (0.9 mm), Black, For Smooth Dark Writing, Durable Eraser, 4-Count
    BIC Velocity Original Mechanical Pencil (0.9 mm), Black, For Smooth Dark Writing, Durable Eraser, 4-Count
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