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Tineco – PureOne S11 Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum – Dark Gray


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The Tineco PURE ONE S11 is a smart, powerful, cordless stick vacuum, loaded with features, ready to tackle any home cleaning job big or small. It features Tineco’s iLoop Smart Sensor Technology that senses hidden dust and dirt, optimizes suction, and maximizes runtime with an oboard LED display that changes color as it senses dirt, as well as monitors suction power and system functions.

Specification: Tineco – PureOne S11 Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum – Dark Gray

Cleaning Path Width

10.4 inches

Vacuum Type

Stick vacuums

Bin Capacity

0.16 gallons

Product Weight

5.7 pounds



Compatible Floor Type

All floors



Filter Type


Multi Surface


Battery Charge Time

240 minutes

Maximum Runtime

40 minutes

Product Name

PureOne S11 Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum



Model Number

PureOne S11


Dark Gray

Color Category


Product Height

11.4 inches

Product Length

43.5 inches

Product Width

8.3 inches


21.6 volts

Manufacturers Warranty - Parts

2 years

Manufacturers Warranty - Labor

2 years



Photos: Tineco – PureOne S11 Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum – Dark Gray

8 reviews for Tineco – PureOne S11 Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum – Dark Gray

4.6 out of 5
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  1. skinney

    I chose this cordless stick vacuum based on Consumer Reports recommendations and price (Black Friday sale). It’s light weight and ease of use makes this vacuum a winner. The wall hanger makes access and recharging very easy. If you are looking for a vacuum that is easy for kids and elderly to use, this is a contender.
    My upright Kenmore Elite cleans my carpets better and more easily but is big, heavy, and corded and it takes three times as long to vaccum waiting for the dirt sensor to indicate completion. My Shark Rocket Duo-clean cleans bare floors and carpets well but is difficult to empty and corded. This Tineco is light, easy to manipulate, easy to clean and vacuums well except for the drag when cleaning carpets. It’s like using a push mower instead of a self-powered mower.
    The short battery time has proven to be no problem because I have limited carpeting and I have time for the battery to recharge built into my cleaning plan. I considered buying a backup battery but the only place you can buy one is directly from Tineco for $90 which is too high. And, apparently, the batteries vary by model so this battery can only be used on the S11 models.
    We had to buy more effective wall mount sheet rock anchors than those that came with the vacuum. We also had problems with the power cord connection at the bottom of the wall hanger not locking in tightly such that the vacuum loses connection.
    The videos are very made and highly useful for becoming familiar with the use, cleaning, and maintenance of your cleaner. I recommend you take a 1/2 hour to watch them.

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  2. OmieOne

    Very easy, take out, mount charger on the wall to hang the vacuum. Does include some drywall studs and screws which is nice. Let the vacuum charge and done. The charger will hold all the attachments except the filter cleaner. Yes this comes with a filter cleaner. Basically it sucks the dust off the filter. They are supposed to last 6 months and it comes with 2, so at least a year of use is there.
    Setting up the “Smart” features and details is one of the easier things I’ve tried. Download the app and follow the directions. Make it very simple, just need to know your WiFi password for the network your attaching it to. Process worked well. Didn’t have to do anything crazy. I will definitely give Tineco Props for that and other companies could learn from how easy they make. That was great. Overall, not sure the value of the smart features behind helping you set reminders to clean and change filters etc. Its not a bad app, I just don’t get the total extra add, that said.
    If you need a vacuum to clean that you can hang on the wall and just grab, this is definitely the one. I use this now in my upstairs to do all the bedrooms. Its light and easy enough to power through without worrying about cords. It does pickup quite a bit from the carpet and does what I want from a vacuum in a compact package with easy to maintain parts/filters to keep it going for years. I’ve been very pleased with the cleaning its given and its light enough to use, though I find on longer cleaning sessions, when I did everything the first time, it did pinch a bit between my thumb and finger and turn it a bit red, since it is kind of top heavy. However it you take a break or switch hands I find it tolerable. Again it could be me and my hands so your experience could vary.
    This is a great vacuum. Not sure having WiFi on it add a lot to me and honestly you don’t need it, it cleans fine without the app or the wifi.If you need a portable vacuum that stores easily and doesn’t have cords that you can trip over, I would highly recommend this one.

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  3. Mukman

    The Tineco PureOne is a vacuum I never heard of before giving this one a go.
    Auto Sensing
    Light Weight
    Powerful suction
    Does not get completely flat for under low furniture.
    Average battery life – only 1 battery included
    Cannot clean light weight throw rugs
    It is easy to assemble. I also downloaded the Tineco app to my android device to test that out as well.
    You can use the app to see the filter life, battery percentage and even history of use. However, I do not see myself using it long term. I would rather see the battery percentage on the unit itself personally.
    Good futuristic looking vacuum with clear plastic used throughout.
    On the top is LED display that has a few warning lights, Wi-Fi status and dirt detection ring light.
    This outer ring of light starts off blue and changes to red when detecting dirt. For example, if the vac detects a small amount of dirt it will illuminate as light blue from the three o’clock position to the 12:00 o’clock position and red from the 12:00 o’clock position to three o’clock position. The more dirt it detects, the further around the clock it will be red. As it cleans it retracts back to blue.
    On normal mode, I had to go over an area 4-6 times to get my carpet completely clean according to the vacuum. I do have dogs so I can kind of understand it. Nice to get an instant visual of how clean your floor is getting.
    This unit has a lock on the trigger which is a nice touch for larger areas.
    This vacuum has a default Auto sensing mode which means it will increase motor speed /suction as needed.
    In this mode the unit is very quiet and cleans well. But if you really want the high cleaning power you can press the switch in top to go into Max mode. This is nice for carpet and lots of dirt. Of course, the downfall here is a much-decreased battery time. Normal combined use of carpet and hard floor you probably get 30 to 40 minutes. If you go into Max mode you might get 10 minutes. This unit only comes with 1 battery as well.
    The S11 comes with the floor brush with LED lights, crevice tool, mini power brush and 2 in 1 dusting brush.
    All Attachments go on and off very easily.
    Using the normal floor mode, my initial thought was it felt a couple inches too short. Both my wife and I felt the same way. But I have gotten used to it.
    One drawback to the floor attachment I can find is when you try to lower the unit all the way to the ground to get under a very low area, like under dresser, the head unit will pop up off the floor a bit.
    The vacuum is Light and easy to maneuver on most rugs. I had slight push problem on a very short nap Oriental style throw rug in our living area.
    I also had trouble cleaning throw rugs in our bathroom. It simply would not work on those. Either too powerful of suction or the design of the roller. It would suck the carpet up then stop the roller.
    There is also no switch to turn the roller off.
    Using it with all other attachments works very nice. I like the lightweight of this unit. It was nice to take on to the boat to clean the carpet and get the dirt out of all the crevices.
    You must mount the storage dock to charge the unit. I would have liked the option to plug the cord directly to the battery. I ended up mounting the unit on the side of a storage cabinet in my garage. Mounting went mostly well. The only problem I had is I could not attach the accessory mount to the side of the mount as it was mounted too close to the wall. I wish they would have provided the option to mount the accessories to either side of the storage bracket.
    This vacuum is equipped with multiple filters. So very environmentally friendly. Nothing but fresh air coming through this unit.
    A nice touch is they include a self-cleaning tool that allows you to insert the main filter into an attachment, then attach to the vacuum and run on Max mode to clean.
    Bottom line, I would say this is great as a supplement for quick cleaning of most homes or main vacuum for a small house or apartment with standard carpet / hard floor combination.
    ~Reviewers in this invitation-only program are provided products for the purpose of writing honest, unbiased reviews

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    Tineco PureOne S11 Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum –
    We’re getting too old to manage bulky, arm-heavy vacuums that require dragging around their motors while maneuvering so the cord doesn’t get caught on the furniture, or knock over a lamp. Stick vacuums try to solve all those problems I just noted while not creating a new set. We’ve been using our new Tineco Pure One S11 for a few days and I think our experience definitely favors this full featured, convenient vacuum.
    SETUP: First time setup actually requires reading the instructions, but it’s not difficult. Motor, collection chamber and various tools all fit together snugly and all feel very high quality. The charging configuration only looks odd until you realize how the entire assembly hangs on a wall and the electrical contacts naturally fall into place.
    If you need to charge your battery but you can’t hang the assembly as designed, you can still have a reliable connection.
    The dust collection chamber, as well as the entire motor assembly, is crystal clear, substantial plastic, allowing you to see your collected dirt as well as any potential problems. It’s all very high tech and functional. The Dust Bin is a good size, unlikely to fill completely before you’re finished.
    The APP: Yes, there is an App which I (thought I) set up, ‘cause everything was OK’d, until I got the “no device connected” warning in the App. I’ll work on that. The App will set up a schedule for you and advise about emptying and replacing, etc. Neither of us will use it, so I’m not going to fuss with it too much, but it also has the complete manual, even if I somehow managed to load in a German version. The vac has too many other great features.

    IN USE: Comfort and Perception of Weight. Stick vacuums all rely on a careful balancing act of motor and storage hanging off the back side of your wrist and providing balance for the assembly of tubes and tools off of the front side of your wrist. Although the total weight must also be considered, if the balance is right and compact, you may not notice you’re carrying around a few pounds. The Tineco does all of this masterfully, and you feel you’re mostly moving a lightweight tube. But, you want to use the floor for support as much as possible, ‘cause this can get tiring. Or, simply chalk this up to your exercise routine. We’re perfectly OK with this weight, because some of our canister vacs have had heavier heads PLUS all that other weight and a cable to pull around behind us. Another nice feature while we’re talking comfort: the power trigger has a convenient trigger ON/OFF lock so your finger can relax.
    FEATURES: There’s a full set of tools (LED multitasker Power Brush, Mini Power Brush, 2in1 Dusting brush, Crevice, Pre-filter cleaning, xtra pre-filter, hair cleaning) along with a very thoughtfully designed Wall Mount dock with sufficient cable to reach an outlet. The dock is designed to hold most included accessories. This is a HEPA E11 filtered system. Tineco includes a pre-filter cleaning tool. I’ve never seen anything like this. There are other tools and accessories available for purchase, but this is a pretty complete kit in the box.
    The top LED display is probably the most interesting feature and it keeps you advised of the most unique hidden features … the auto-adjusting dust sensor and smart suction control. You can read the advertising for yourself, but in our first few days using the Tineco it all works.
    CLEANING: It gets addictive having your vacuum constantly monitoring, adjusting power, and alerting you to the amount of dust you’re picking up, advising whether there is jam of your brush roller or signaling battery status.
    And best of all, it’s mostly quiet. Only in higher mode does this vac approach the noise level of other vacs we’ve owned, and it’s still quieter. The noise frequency is tuned for gentle, not annoying. This vac is very easy to live with.
    The bright LEDs out in front of the Multitasker Power Brush illuminates fine dust on hardwood floors, and fully illuminates under furniture and beds. The low profile head gets under everything we own.
    Powering across carpets is easy, even as the power suction ramps up. The Max Power button on the handle lets you over-rule the auto-sensing system for more powerful cleaning or quieter operation.
    We found that the Tineco Pure One S11 never ran out during our cleaning sessions, which lasted around 20-30 minutes, so the suggested 10-40 minutes seems within reach. Batteries (21.6V; 2500mAh) cost $90 and their unique features and design will make 3rd party replacements unlikely and undesirable.
    SUMMARY: This is an exceptionally well designed vacuum cleaner. It not simply attractively designed, it’s loaded with useful features that are fully accessible to the casual user with no special effort. It has still more features for the cleaning fanatic that are accessible from an APP. The APP will fulfill the needs of the scheduler and data analyst in the family. The entire package promises high quality manufacture and exceptional performance. Very easy to recommend. We love it.

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  5. SouthernGirl

    I am in love ! Its pretty quiet, effective at picking up all kinds of stuff, and runs for a long time. The best part is not having to hold the trigger down for longer runs because it is equipped with a lock on device! I also own a cordless Dyson which lasts 30 seconds on max power with a full charge which is prob a sign of its demise after owning for 2.5 years. Hands down this beats the Dyson.

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  6. NAMO

    Auto Cleaning Mode
    Wi-Fi Enabled
    Tineco App Enabled
    Support for Amazon Alexa
    Constantly Monitored Cleaning Performance and Indicator
    Initial set-up was comparable to all other stick vacuums. Some minimal assembly is required. But, easy enough that instructions really aren’t required. Everything just clicks together easily and without fuss. The vacuum comes with a good assortment of tools and attachments. The only thing that makes this vacuum more difficult than all the other stick vacuums that I own (I own 3 stick vacuums from 3 different manufacturers) is that this Tineco is app enabled. To get the most out of the vacuum, you need to install the Tineco app on your tablet or smartphone. Luckily, Tineco has done an excellent job on the app and the installation on my Galaxy Note 20 went without issue. Setting up the vacuum to work with the app and your home wi-fi took quite a few steps, but the app walks you through the entire process and everything went smoothly and trouble-free. Something that isn’t often said, but Tineco should be given a shout out for doing their homework.
    The vacuum is quite interesting to use. It has more features than many of its competitors’ products. The most appealing part of this vacuum, in my opinion, is the unique Auto mode. The vacuum starts each cleaning session in Auto mode. Using some sensors and techno wizardry, it auto adjusts its power settings based on cleaning needs. The vacuum analyzes the debris being taken in and displays the floors’ dirtiness on a ring at the top of the motorized head. It starts at blue, indicating a clean environment and will gradually change to red as it encounters dirtier floors and air. The dirtier the floor, the more power the vacuum will devote to cleaning and the redder the ring becomes. The auto setting can be manually overridden by a conveniently located MAX button on the top of the vacuum, if so desired.
    One item that I had already chalked up to being a useless gimmick was the brush roll mounted LED lights. Tineco states they are there to help see dirt, especially useful on hardwoods, tile, and laminate. I thought, yeah right. Just a battery drainer. While they must affect overall battery life some, they are in fact, quite useful. I was wrong. They do provide a well-lit path of where you sweep, and I was able to see spots I had missed while sweeping in environments that are less than ideally lit. Those lights turned out to be a nice touch after all.
    The Tineco app is well designed and monitors nearly every aspect of the vacuum and its performance. The app reports battery level, cleaning time, dust min capacity, pre-filter dirtiness, and cleaning performance. Like I stated earlier, the app is very well designed and has worked flawlessly. One feature that I especially like was that once you have the vacuum fully configured and registered, the app even provides you links to the Tineco website for things like user manuals. It’s thoughtful items like these that go a long way in the user experience.
    The wheels on the motorized floor tool squeak during use. It doesn’t impact performance in any way, but it is annoying.
    Tineco’s competitors all have filters that are cleanable and reusable with no recommended replacement time or schedule. While Tineco’s pre-filter is washable, Tineco recommends replacement approximately every 6 months. This will increase the overall cost of ownership.
    I’m on the taller side, approximately 6’ 1” if I actually take the time to stand up straight. I feel like I need to bend over more to the get the motorized floor brush at just the correct angle to work properly than I do with competitors’ products. To be fair, I’m not sure if the Tineco is better designed and provides a better seal to the floors’ surface this way or if Tineco’s competitors products are just more forgiving.
    The battery life is very short on the MAX setting. After about 10 minutes of use, the battery reports back it is down to approximately 33% remaining. I state this, because I prefer to use the vacuum on MAX when vacuuming carpets with the motorized head. The vacuum seems easier to push and use on the MAX setting than it does on the lower powered AUTO setting. If you feel as though I do, purchasing a second battery may be worth it. Luckily, the Tineco wall mount provides for a spot to charge a second battery simultaneously while charging the main unit. Kudos for that feature.
    There is a lot to like about this vacuum. It does an excellent job at its intended purpose. My floors look great after use. The brush head does a very good job at picking up the carpet’s nap. This is something my other stick vacuums often struggle with. The motorized brush head seems to do equally as good on my hardwoods as it does on carpets. It was sucking up light debris well ahead of the rollers on my hardwood floors. Something I have NEVER seen with its competitors.
    The AUTO mode is one of its best features. Like I stated earlier, I own sticks from 3 different manufacturers. While my others have at a minimum of 2 different power modes, this is the only one I’ve seen that constantly monitors cleaning requirements for you and dynamically adjusts itself. Auto mode helps preserve battery life, ensuring the longest run times as possible. Very cool.
    Do you really need all this tech on a vacuum? While unique, all these features are active the entire time while in use and will for sure be using precious battery life. Is the trade off for all the bells and whistles worth it at the cost of decreased battery life? After all, do you really need to look at your phone to see that the dust bin is 60% full or the pre-filter needs cleaned? These parts of the vacuum are transparent, I can see their status just by looking at them as I snap it in to charge. Do I really need Alexa to tell me if the battery is charged or if the dust bin needs emptied?
    In the end, I have been impressed with its performance on all my floors (hardwoods, carpet, and tile). It has a lot of unique and interesting features that set it apart from Tineco’s competition. I happen to like all the tech. I fully admit that I’m a sucker for all the buttons and fancy lights, but all of it really is just fluff and unnecessary for a vacuum.

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  7. ninjabreadgirl

    This is a great vacuum! Cleans floors and furniture very good. It also has an app that will let you know how much dust was cleaned and warns you when you need to clean the dust filter. Highly recommend!

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  8. Jesse

    It does a nice job of picking up all the items on our hardwood floor. It does well on carpet flooring but I would prefer an additional upright vacuum for any type of deep cleaning.

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    Tineco – PureOne S11 Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum – Dark Gray
    Tineco – PureOne S11 Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum – Dark Gray
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