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Dell Adapter USB-C to Dual USB-A with Power Pass-Through


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  • Turn your port-scarce USB-C notebook to a mobile workstation with this Dell USB-C to HDMI/ DisplayPort adapter that comes with power pass-through.
  • Incorporate an extra screen into your workflow by connecting either to the HDMI or DisplayPort on the combo adapter.
  • Plug in your 4K HDR source to your adapter and get the same lifelike, impressive visuals with high color contrasts on your 4K 60Hz HDR display.
  • USB-C to Dual USB-A

Specification: Dell Adapter USB-C to Dual USB-A with Power Pass-Through



Item model number


Item Weight

‎5.6 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎6.61 x 24.02 x 1.54 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎6.61 x 24.02 x 1.54 inches


‎Dell Computers

Country of Origin


Date First Available

‎June 22, 2020

Photos: Dell Adapter USB-C to Dual USB-A with Power Pass-Through

9 reviews for Dell Adapter USB-C to Dual USB-A with Power Pass-Through

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  1. Dennis S

    The lack of PD (power delivery) passthrough is a real flaw and disadvantage. I have been able to achieve full 4k on the HDMI port but not on the DisplayPort. (Using new Dell XPS 13 9370). For its price it should have PD.

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  2. David, London

    Good build quality and nice design. High price. USB c connector lead to laptop a tad short. Only has one USB port which is a little annoying but does have hdmi and USB c ports which is a positive. Before considering to buy, best check that it meets your port requirements first. Overall, it’s very expensive when compared to similar products from other manufacturers.

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  3. Amazon Customer

    Pros: Light and small, works out of the box for my new 2016 MacBook Pro with touch bar 15″. Has everything I needed, USB3.0, ethernet connector (for some weird database which absolutely need local connection at work place), VGA connector for work place presentation, and HDMI (though not used much as I have been enjoying the retina screen).

    Cons: If I closed the lid with the DA200 connected with ethernet, sometimes it froze my nMBP and forced a system failure with reboot when I opened the lid again. The problem seemed to happen with or without the power cable connection on either side. Since the MacOS 10.12.3 update the problem seemed to have gone. Will wait and see if it comes back. Also the USB3 seemed to heat up a little when in use.

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  4. E. Goering

    The adapter does technically work as written in the manual in fine print, but it is very misleading online. I bought this to use with my 4k monitor and Dell XPS 9570 laptop. As it turns out, you must read the fine print on this one. It only supports 4K 60HZ with computers that have USB C output WITH DP 1.3/1.4! As of this writing dell does not even make a laptop that has USB C with DP Alt mode 1.3/1.4.

    This discovery for me was very frustrating to me as I paid a premium to get this adapter because it advertised 4K 60Hz. I wouldn’t have guess that my $3800 Dell laptop wouldn’t be able to put out 4k 60HZ through the Dell branded USB C adapter! I would not recommend this product.

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  5. Alex Guizar

    Después de tratar con varios adaptadores similares de otras marcas, terminé probando el de DELL que siempre había querido, pero por su precio lo había evitado. En general el adaptador funciona bien, la conexión a la red es estable y rápida, el puerto HDMI permite hasta 4k 30Hz y los puertos USB funcionan como uno esperaría, y cargan dos dispositivos conectados al mismo tiempo, sin embargo, el diseño aunque muy estético es incomodo.
    El cable es muy corto, los puertos más usados (en mi caso) Ethernet y HDMI son opuestos uno de otro, por lo que los cables quedan en 180° y hacer el manejo es complicado, el acceso a los demás puertos se dificulta. Además, es importante mencionar que el puerto USB-C no pasa carga hacía la lap, por lo que si tu lap sólo se carga por USB-C necesitarás dos puertos USB-C, uno para cargarla y otro usar el adaptador al mismo tiempo. A pesar de todo esto este adaptador funciona excelente teniendo todos los puertos usados a la vez (OJO solo acepta una salida de video, ya sea HDMI o DP o VGA, pero no más de una simultáneamente), no se calienta mucho y mantiene buena velocidad de transmisión de datos.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    I have this for a year now, I am using it with a Dell XPS 13. It is nice that it is a complete piece of hardware, gives you all the connectivity the normal Dell XPS 13 is missing (VGA, HDMI and ethernet + an extra usb 3.0), therefore one star extra. However, today the ethernet port failed right in a time when I needed it the most as I have a number of ongoing projects using ethernet TCP/IP communication. It looks that some connections inside it are broken. If I move the cable while connected and if I hold it in a certain position it kinda works. Still not reliable, I can’t do anything with it right now as I have to set it in the right position every time I connect.
    I would like to open it and repair it somehow, but of course it has that kind of encapsulation that you need to ruin it in order to get to the electrical connection inside it. Really sucks. This kind of thing should be made in such way that will never brake down and forget that you actually have it, especially for the insane amount of money I payed for it. I’ll just order a new one from AliExpress, at least if I buy a cheap piece of c**p I’ll be expecting to break down at some point in time, but at least I know what I’m buying.

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  7. Amazon Customer

    I bought this adapter for my 2017 MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2 Thunderbolt 3 Ports). I knew right from the get-go it didn’t have an SD Card Reader like the 

    Lenovo USB-C Hub, Aluminum Type C Adapter with HDMI Port, Gigabit Ethernet Port, USBC Power Delivery, 2 USB 3.0 Ports, SD Card Reader, for 2016/2017 MacBook Pro and More USB C Devices

     or sleekness of the 

    HyperDrive USB C Hub, Best Type-C DUO Adapter 50Gbps for MacBook Pro 2017/2016 13″ 15″, 7in2: USB-C 100W Power Delivery, USBC 5Gbps Data, 4K HDMI, microSD/SD Card Reader, 2xUSB 3.1 Ports by SANHO

    , but I chose it for 2 reasons.

    1. It supports 4k. The Hyperdrive doesn’t support this. Well, it DOES support 4K, but only at 30 Hz through it’s 1 HDMI port. The Dell USB-C Mobile Adapter has an HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort, and it supports 4K and 60 Hz through DisplayPort and HDMI, and still has that VGA port available. HOWEVER, it does NOT support duel-monitor setups. If you’re buying this for a desktop without a monitor and are expecting to plug in two monitors to it, don’t bother. It only supports 1 monitor at a time.
    2. It supports VGA. The monitor I currently have is a VGA monitor, but I wanted to be able to upgrade to a 4K Monitor when I want. For now, the VGA works fine.
    3. It has basic features, like Gigabit Ethernet, USB, and all the display connections mentioned above. Personally I would’ve liked them to dump the USB-C Connection on it for a USB-A Connection, and I’ll explain why below. I already had a USB-C to USB-A Adapter from Apple to interface with my 2TB Time Machine drive, so I could plug that into the USB-C Port on the Hub for an Extra USB-A port, but it’s not ideal. I don’t really like daisy chaining adapters if I don’t have to.

    There are some downsides to buying this adapter:
    1. The price is high compared to the Lenovo, which seems to have more features than this adapter, however it’s worth buying this over some other 1st Party adapters, like the Apple adapters, which only have charging, display, and a single USB.
    2. It does NOT support Power Passthrough. The USB-C Port onboard this adapter is only for USB-C Data Transfer, not charging. I haven’t tested if it can charge stuff like iPhones or the Pixel/Galaxy Phones, but as far as I know it’s for data only.
    3. It doesn’t have an SD Card Reader. If you want SD Card reader support, you must use a USB-C/A SD Card Reader, or what I do is AirDrop the files from my SD Card from my iMac to my MacBook. You could also use a Network Share Point to transfer them, but it’s whatever you decide.
    4. This is not really a downside, but it does get slightly warm. I’m not sure if that’s just due to it being a USB-C Hub (This is the first one I’ve owned), but it is warm to the touch. I’m also not sure if it’ll get warmer if you plug in a higher resolution display to it (Again, I only own a VGA display, and this is the first hub I’ve owned as well, so I can’t compare it very well).

    All in all, I put 4 stars instead of 5 because I think Power Passthrough and not having SD Card support or at least an Extra USB-A port is a pretty big deal breaker to some. If I had the 13-inch MacBook with 4 Thunderbolt 3 Ports, then it wouldn’t be a problem because I would have an extra two ports, but since one is being taken for my charger and the other for the hub, it’s kind of annoying to not have that Power Passthrough, but I traded that off for support of all major display connections.

    If I had to choose between one of the three products I’ve mentioned (The Dell Hub, the HyperDrive, or the Lenovo Hub), I would pick the Lenovo Hub ONLY if I had an HDMI Monitor. I can’t spend a ton of money on an HDMI monitor right now, so this hub is the best I could do until I upgrade my display. If you have a VGA or DisplayPort monitor, go with this adapter. If you have an HDMI, go with the Lenovo. I wouldn’t suggest the HyperDrive because of its lack of 4K 60Hz video (It’s a personal preference of mine, but I’ve been spoiled with the Retina Displays/5K Displays of the MacBook/iMac).

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  8. Luís Alves

    Works perfectly with Macbook Pro 15 Late 2016, although unsupported by Dell. For the VGA and HDMI connections, just make sure that you connect the adapter to the Mac first, wait for a few seconds so that it is recognised (no notification of connection, in normal Mac fashion) and then plug the VGA or HDMI cable.
    Some monitors actually work without this (i.e., you may have the HDMI cable attached before plugging this to the Mac), such as my Dell 2713HM, but normally that is not the case.

    Update 23/05/2017 (bought on January 2017): After almost 5 months of working fine, initially the USB and Ethernet stopped working and a few days later HDMI and VGA also died. End of story. I’m replacing this with one Apple and 2 Belkin dongles… I was very happy with this because it was very portable but it is not reliable enough it seems. Downgrading from 5 stars to 1.

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  9. Ty

    Verified with new Macbook Pro Late-2016 w/o touchbar.
    I was hesitant to get this because of so many bad reviews, but I was encouraged by the good reviews from all Mac users.
    I can verify that all four ports work on my fresh out of the box Macbook Pro without installing any drivers.
    The design of the device is perfect. It is very compact and the cable tucks away completely into the device so you have a smooth bar that’s easy to stow and does not snag on anything. The cable is very flexible silicone and feels very nice. I really just needed the ethernet and maybe the USB-A, but this device stores smaller that even a single adapter. So if you have a Mac, get this versus even a single dongle and you will be covered for anything.

    VGA Port:
    I thought I would need the DisplayLink driver at first because I could not get the VGA port to work, so I installed the driver. I still could not get the VGA port to work. I tried some re-plugging and it seems like it works when the VGA is inserted into this device before connecting to USB-C. Not sure if that is the only way to get it to work, but that definitely fixes it every time for me when I have a problem. Once I do get it working, I haven’t had it quit. Just to be complete, I uninstalled the DisplayLink driver and confirmed that it was wiped out and everything still works fine.

    HDMI Port:
    I never had a problem getting HDMI to come up whether I plug the HDMI first or the USB-C first.
    I have a TV that will take either 720P, native 1360×768, or 1080P. I was able to switch between all three resolutions without a problem.

    Ethernet Port:
    I first had some issues with the ethernet port like the VGA. Didn’t find a pattern, but re-plugging and some jigling got it working. I am able to connect at gigabit full duplex.

    USB-A Port:
    No problems here. I didn’t have a USB 3 device handy so I only did a transfer with a USB 2 thumb drive.
    MacOS reports as a USB 3 port.

    So I got everything working without any drivers. In hindsight, the connection problems I had may be due to the seating on the USB-C side. I did notice that the connecter on the device is the cheaper type where the outside ground is a stamped sheet that is bent around and joined instead of a single extruded piece. It is possible that a few insertions were needed shake off any oxidation to start making a good connection. I will update after some use if I continue to have problems or not.
    I take a star off for those issues, but they are minor. If this is reliable over some use, I will definitely upgrade to 5 stars.

    March 2017 Update:
    Have used this for a while now. VGA is still best if connecting VGA first and then plug in USB-C.
    VGA use is almost drying up. Mostly using ethernet and HDMI. USB-A is also very occasional now.
    Have not had any problems. Upgrading to 5 stars.

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    Dell Adapter USB-C to Dual USB-A with Power Pass-Through
    Dell Adapter USB-C to Dual USB-A with Power Pass-Through
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