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Petmate Indigo Dog House


(13 customer reviews)
Last updated on January 6, 2024 2:01 am Details
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  • IGLOO DOG HOUSE: This heavy duty dog house for large dogs provides insulation in hot & cold weather, & an offset doorway that shields pets from rain. The roof has vents on the top of the house to circulate fresh air.
  • DIMENSIONS: 43.8″ x 34″ x 25.8″ | Weight: 50 lb
  • LARGE DOG HOUSE: The raised floors & side moats of the outdoor pet house drains water & keeps pets dry. Features Microban Antimicrobial Protection to help prevent the growth of stain & odor-causing bacteria
  • KENNELS & HOUSES: Crate & kennel training is vital for dog safety & comfort. We provide traditional travel carriers, wire training & exercise kennels, play pens, barn-style dog houses & more.
  • Petmate: For over 50 years, we at Petmate are passionate about our dogs, cats & furry friends in general. Starting with the very first dog kennel, we’ve produced plenty of eco-friendly products that pets will love.
  • JUST FOR PETS: Petmate makes a variety of pet products for dogs, cats, chickens & other small furry friends! Check out our brands such as Aspen Pet, Arm & Hammer, Booda, Chuckit!, Jackson Galaxy & more!

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13 reviews for Petmate Indigo Dog House

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  1. pc

    I bought this as a gift for a friend who just got his first pup, a labrador. He keeps the dog outside so I thought this would be nice for the wee fella. My friend told me he cannot find his pup, (now a dog) because the dog lives in this igloo. You need not look any further than this. Dogs don’t lie! PS: The pup ate the padded flooring that was purchased separately, but that’s because he was left unattended. Not the pups fault.

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  2. Jan Peiffer

    my mostly feral cat learned to come inside to be close to another cat in my home. they were best friends, mutual grooming etc. When this cat died, the feral returned to the outdoors, refusing to come inside. This has kept her warm and dry. Very glad to have found it

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  3. Citlali

    Mi cachorra la ama, compre el modelo más grande y cabe perfecto un perro adulto golden, tiene una ventila en la parte posterior que hace que circule el aire y se mantenga fresca y si tienen un perro inquieto que guste destrozar casas, está es ideal, la mía ya había destrozado dos casas y con esta no ha podido jaja, limpiarla es fácil y moverla de sitio también, es resistente al agua y no se inunda como otras aún sin ponerle tiras en la entrada, está excelente se las recomiendo

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  4. Axel Steel

    Parece increiblemente resistente y es fácil limpiarla (tiene pequeños canales en la parte de abajo por donde puedes sacar el pelo/tierra/agua que quede en el interior) El piso de esta casa está un tanto más elevada para protegerlo de humedad y supongo que de la lluvia. El espacio interior es mucho mayor de lo que esperaba: fácilmente caben dos perros medianos extendidos a sus anchas dentro de la casa extra grande (aunque mi perros son envidiosos y nunca admiten que haya más de uno al mismo tiempo en cada dogloo). También la protección frente al frio, calor, viento y lluvia ligera es bastante buena.

    Lo recomiendo a cualquier persona que desee una casa confortable para su mascota. La única incógnita hasta ahora es qué tan buena protección ofrecerá contra lluvias fuertes, no se si cuando haya mucha agua la elevación interior del piso será suficiente para mantener seca a la mascota.

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  5. A Customer

    Very happy with it..And what’s of more importance is Nick Likes it..He is only outside alittle in the mornings are alittle in the evenings, but everytime I open the back door to let him back in he comes out of his igloo..he is 80 lbs and the large is perfect for him..My boys happy I’m happy..TLC

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  6. Amazon Customer

    Absolutely love this and brilliant customer service.

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    Excellent product

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  8. novella99

    Dog house arrived on time but covered in stickers and completely filthy. You can see in the photos how dirty it is. No way this thing is new.

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  9. jack

    This dog house seems to be durable and of good quality. It is made of very hard plastic. It comes in two pieces so you can remove the top half and wash the bottom if necessary. The two halves snap into place with sturdy plastic tabs.
    The inside is spacious. I have two 20 pound dogs that fit in the dog house comfortably.
    There is a vent on the top which is nice for those really hot days. The front can be left without a door or you can purchase it separately. We chose to purchase the door so the dogs feel enclosed and protected and to help keep the cold air out once winter approaches.
    The dog house is bulky and because of it’s awkward shape, difficult to move around. I would have liked it more if there were handles somewhere on the outside.

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  10. Steve Short

    Purchased the medium house for our two outdoor dogs-a Yorkie and a dachshund. It’s a good fit for them. We also purchased a heating unit for the house so that they could stay warm through the harsh Montana winters. Now at the beginning of January, they are staying toasty warm even in -8 degree weather.

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  11. shoppergal

    This is a great pet house, I use this size for my outdoor cats, they love it and this product holds up. I have purchased 5 of these units, and all are just like new. Even with 100 degree heat in the summer down to winter time temps in the minus – this product holds up and does not discolor, warp or deteriorate. I buy this house over the cat house as it does not have the deep entryway, and in both hot and cold weather that added depth keeps the wind, rain and snow out.

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  12. Baby gear mom

    We purchased this igloo for a puppy who LOVES to spend time chilling outdoors, and might enjoy a little den to get away from the elements.

    The igloo arrived with NO packaging (just a sticker on top) and already assembled- I’m sure this is why one of the latches that attaches the bottom of the igloo to the top, was broken off and nowhere to be found. We used duct tape to patch, but now that we want to attach the plastic flap door (which was unavailable when I purchased the igloo) and we need to remove the top to access the screw holes on the underside, it’s inconvenient.

    Other than the broken latch, the igloo seems sturdy and gets cozy with the puppy inside; it was cold and snowy and when I stuck my freezing hands in to pet her, very shortly after putting her inside, it was warm enough in there to defrost me! Vent on top is easy to operate.

    Pup is currently around 25lbs, projected to be around 40 full-grown, and there is PLENTY of room right now.

    We ordered a pad for the bottom (the sort of faux leather one) and she put a small hole in it straight out of the package with her tooth, but she hasn’t chewed on it since we put it in the igloo (not that she’s been in there too much yet…)

    After maybe a week, puppy still will NOT enter door-less igloo by herself. Initially tried going slowly over several days with high-value treats and trying to tempt with meals: she won’t go in.

    Finally read an article that advised just stuffing pup in, she didn’t fuss and pretty quickly laid down as long as I stood at entrance. But she always came out pretty soon after I walked away. It’s been 2 days of this. It’s been very cold and icy/snowy (which she is LOVING), and she still won’t enter igloo of her own accord.

    Who knows if it will get better or worse when we attach door flap. I’m hopeful that, as with all things puppy, it’s just early days and this will get better over time.

    Overall a great purchase!

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  13. Rachel Collins

    Our dog immediately chewed up the swinging door and plastic around the entrance the first time we left him outside for more than an hour with it, but he would have done that with any dog house since he’s still growing out of his puppy stage. He seems to like it okay. We fill it with straw for extra insulation in the winter (because he would chew up a blanket). It’s easy to clean and is a good size for a 75 pound Labrador. I think it’s a little pricey for this type of product, but buying it from this seller was much cheaper than getting it from PetSmart of Petco.

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    Petmate Indigo Dog House
    Petmate Indigo Dog House

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