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NERF Rival Knockout XX-100 Blaster — Round Storage, 90 FPS Velocity, Breech Load — Includes 2 Official Rival Rounds — Team Red


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  • Nerf Rival power in a compact size — knockout xx-100 blaster packs high-intensity Nerf rival power in a compact size that’s great for fast-moving games and stealthy surprises
  • Spring-action and trigger lock — has a spring-action mechanism for hand-powered blasting (no batteries required) and a trigger lock to prevent accidental firing
  • Round storage — integrated storage area lets you keep rounds within easy reach to reload fast as you play as team red with this red version of the knockout xx-100 blaster
  • 90 FPS — fire rounds as a velocity of 90 feet per second with Nerf rival accuracy from this breech load blaster

Specification: NERF Rival Knockout XX-100 Blaster — Round Storage, 90 FPS Velocity, Breech Load — Includes 2 Official Rival Rounds — Team Red

Product Dimensions

2.13 x 9.5 x 11 inches

Item Weight

9.6 ounces

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Release date

September 26, 2019



Photos: NERF Rival Knockout XX-100 Blaster — Round Storage, 90 FPS Velocity, Breech Load — Includes 2 Official Rival Rounds — Team Red

11 reviews for NERF Rival Knockout XX-100 Blaster — Round Storage, 90 FPS Velocity, Breech Load — Includes 2 Official Rival Rounds — Team Red

4.1 out of 5
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  1. MelanieDianne

    Had my smallest finger too close to where you cock the gun the first time I fired it. (My husband would say I should have known better.) I shudder to think what would have happened to one of the kids hands/fingers if I hadn’t been testing this out first. Very likely the two year old would have grabbed that area as it was being fired or something. Even if this toy hadn’t immediately injured me, I would say a child would have to be a minimum of 12 or 13 before they could cock this or pull the trigger on it.

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  2. Ingrid Lehner

    A powerful ,compact ,acurred Blaster for a really good /(cheap) prize .I can really recommend this blaster ,in my opinion it is the best nerf rival blaster in this prize category and A really good ,compact pistol .Easily,it is the best littlest and cheapest nerf rival blaster ever and A really funny breach load pistol blaster.You really should bis this blaster ,because its really ,compact ,powerful and has all what A good and funny blaster should have and you can get /bis it for A good prize .

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  3. GoodNeighbor

    Got this for my hubby when we had to stay at home for the COVID-19 quarantined – it was a different play to have fun. Got the first gun – it was the one that had the target with holes & nets to keep the balls into them. But the air rifle was too hard to keep pump into the air to shoot into the foam balls. Find this XX-100 Blaster – oh, boy! I should have understood it was SO LOUDLY & FAST…..poof & the balls go! The only problem is this: 1. there are only TWO little balls for the gun! We STILL can’t find one of them that missed the target. 2. 90 FPS Velocity is W O W!!! THAT was FAST! No wonder the ages are 14+ – must be a lot of black eyes if anyone actually blasts toward someone – ouch! 3. This is a possible game for OUTSIDE play! It is rough & tumble!! But lots of fun & getting 100 balls that are the little smaller but which for this gun & only goes 80 FPS – LOL!! Not so hard as the original balls – they are really scary for me!!

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  4. Amazon Customer

    Great little blaster with a fun and engaging reload style. The grip is actually a decent size, too big for a kids hands. You can actually blast about 30 rounds/min if you practice the reloading procedure and get good at it. Also a very moddable platform, I’m going to modify mine to fire half length darts, cool!

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  5. Toy collector

    I like to protect very much because it’s powerful and it’s very very very good very very good price really should buy this it is very good product because there is 5 rival bullet ammo storage

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  6. SF

    overall good blaster. nice looking. fairly accurate. handles well for adult-size hands. shoots a little bit softer comparing with the Kronos.
    Mine has a problem of the breech/barrel popping/sliding open while firing, including dry firing.
    The problem was that the shock sent from the impact of the piston causes the breech/barrel to jump out of the locking mechanism. Although the original design was that the trigger piece will go upwards to hold the locking mechanism in place during this process, the reality is that the tension created by the plastic spring holding the breech/barrel lock in place alone is not strong enough to prevent the lock from disengaging while taking the shock, and the impact happens BEFORE the trigger piece can go all the way up to hold the locking mechanism firmly.
    I had to open up the blaster and add a tiny piece of padding between the trigger piece and the breech/barrel lock piece so that the trigger will engage and hold the breech lock up earlier during the firing sequence so the breech/barrel is securely locked BEFORE the impact.
    Not sure if mine is the only one with this issue. I searched online and did not find anyone else with the same problem.

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  7. jah

    Use Eye protection! Seriously — even a ricochet could easily ruin your day. Believe me, if the ammo (ball) hits anything of hard substance, it will bounce far and continue on. Could easily break glass, a light-bulb, etc.

    Other than that they little blaster guns are really fun. The main part of the gun holds 4 ammo rounds. There is a lever near what you might call the slide rail that is operated to slide the barrel forward to insert your ammo. You then close the barrel and pump it once. The pumping action (extends out of the hand grip, then down) is a little ‘tough’ to operate if you have weak hands or are maybe too little to be messing with these. However, we did allow our 5yo and 7yo to shoot under extreme supervision and they did well to shoot but struggles with the pump action.

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  8. Sauparno Chatterjee

    My first Nerf blaster:
    1. Good Build
    2. Feels good to handle – Good Grip
    3. Found the trigger a bit hard to press though
    4. Has a trigger lock/safety
    5. Bullet range is good, hits the target within a 12feet range (max tested), can go beyond as well – Speed is Good.
    6. Noisy – The launch creates a loud noise – which is quite normal given the speed and range
    7. Definitely not for kids below 14 at all
    8. Money worth? – Only time will tell

    Overall a Good Nerf – above points are after using it for a day. Not sure about the durability but looks like it will be good enough.
    A Good buy, go ahead and buy this!

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  9. John Collins

    This is a really nice small sized Nerf gun with a ton of punch. The plunger tube inside this thing is massive, and the spring is also very strong. This fires much harder than most of my other Nerf guns. You can double load this with 2 rival balls to turn this into a mini shotgun if you wanted to.

    The loading process can be a bit cumbersome and confusing at first, but once you figure it out, you can chamber rounds rather quickly for fast followup shots. It is a single shot blaster, so you will have to reload it after every shot.

    However, there two things to keep in mind about this blaster that are not necessary downsides, but rather things to keep in mind. The plunger tube for the gun is located inside the grip, and it is very large. Because of this, the grip is also huge. If you want an idea as to how huge the grip is, going front to back, its about as wide as a coke can, and from side to side, as wide as an energy drink can. So even as an adult, the grip is almost too big for my hands. If you have small hands or are rather young, you will find this to be rather uncomfortable to hold. I do not recommend this blaster if you have small hands.

    The other thing to keep in mind is that this gun does not have an air restrictor in it. What that means is if you fire it without a round in the chamber (dryfiring), the head of the piston is going to slam into the end of the piston at full force without anything to slow it down. Most Nerf guns have air restrictors to prevent any damage to the piston from occurring if you dryfire them. Because this gun does not have that air restrictor, combined with the powerful spring and large piston, if you repeatedly dryfire it, you will break it. So try to avoid firing this gun without any rounds in the chamber. It wont break immediately, but it will if you keep doing it.

    With those two things in mind, as long as you don’t have small hands, this is a really nice and cheap Nerf blaster.

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  10. Nerf_Boys25

    The product is very powerful, you can tell just by listening to it firing (very loud). It has a bigger then normal grip but its perfect for bigger hands, without a complaint. It’s flaw is when you go to loading it, you have to pull the primer (and push it back in), release the top loading mechanism, fill with ammo, then push the loading bay back in. It is a difficult process which is not ideal for use as a primary. It does make a great secondary, and I leave loaded in my jeans back pocket.

    Is also very durable, I’ve dropped numerous times and it does not disfunction

    Mildly happy with product

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  11. Stephanie Ann

    This is a really neat gun, it is accurate and the bullet balls shoot much farther than the foam darts, the CON is that if fired in the house, items will get broken easier. Also another CON is it is VERY hard to pull back to prime for shooting, even for adults, my 9yr old has a VERY hard time. Debating on returning it even because she will easily get shot up in a Nerf war before she gets any shots off as each ball needs to be loaded and the gun “racked” prior to EACH firing! I was also disappointed it only holds 4 balls, 2 on each side so my daughter will have to carry the balls around, a con is the balls are MUCH more durable than the foam darts.

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    NERF Rival Knockout XX-100 Blaster — Round Storage, 90 FPS Velocity, Breech Load — Includes 2 Official Rival Rounds — Team Red
    NERF Rival Knockout XX-100 Blaster — Round Storage, 90 FPS Velocity, Breech Load — Includes 2 Official Rival Rounds — Team Red
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