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Vanity Planet – Face & Body Cleansing System – White


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Specification: Vanity Planet – Face & Body Cleansing System – White

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Face & Body Cleansing System


Vanity Planet

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6.9 inches

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2.99 inches

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0.44 pounds

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1.85 inches



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8 reviews for Vanity Planet – Face & Body Cleansing System – White

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  1. SimpleLiving

    This system is a must-have product for anyone who wants better-looking skin. My skin is normal to moderately oily with some acne, and this device has significantly improved my skin. I use the soft fine bristle brush (the daily cleaning facial brush head) once a day in the morning, and my skin has a cleaner complexion. It can be used every day since the bristles are incredibly soft and won’t damage your skin. Because of my acne, I started to use the exfoliating facial brush lightly and once a week. Once acne diminished significantly, I started using the exfoliating twice a week. The exfoliating brush does a great job, and I can feel a deeper clean skin. The bristles aren’t rough. It is recommended not to use harsh exfoliants scrubs/cleansers with the brush heads. The body brush bristles are the same as the face exfoliating brush bristles. I use the body brush on my upper body twice a week.
    For all brushes, I first wet my skin with warm water. I apply a mild cleanser directly onto the brush head. With the brush head press against my skin, I turn on the device. Then I gently more the device on my skin in a circular motion. Finally, I rinse my face with water, and I pat dry with a soft towel.
    After each use, I clean the brush head with hot running water and mild soft. For hygienic reasons, I don’t share my device/brushes with others. Each person should have their system. Attaching and removing heads from the dice is very simple; insert until you hear a click. The smaller head accessories are 1.5 inches, and the body brush is 3 inches.
    I don’t use Pumice stone head as much, but it is great to have when I do pedicures. Overall, I am delighted with this product, and I feel it is an excellent investment for better skin.

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  2. JC1503

    I have mixed feelings on this little guy.
    The things I liked: The face brush is invigorating and it has a good tingly clean feeling after I used it in the shower. I really liked the pumice stone on the feet, knees and elbows. I also liked that is battery operated so I didn’t have to wait for a charge or if I grab it out of the cabinet and its dead…no problem (as long as you have 4 AAA batteries). It’s very quiet and the handle feels good in the hand.
    The things I didn’t like so much: The face brush splattered really bad outside of the shower at my bathroom vanity sink. In the shower who cares…but out of the shower it’s kind of a big deal. The face brush didn’t seem to lather up as much compared to my hand facial crush. I like a good lather when cleaning my face. Maybe it’s the motion of my hand when I’m using the hand brush versus the fast smaller circles of the Vanity planet brush.
    Overall it’s a nice addition to my bathing routine. It will not be daily but maybe every week for a deep clean or just something different. When it comes down to it, my little hand held brush is just simpler to use even if it is not as deep a clean. It’s just more functional.

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  3. PapawJeff

    I had doubts about this as I really did not see how it could make a difference over my manual brush I used on my face but I was very wrong.
    The skin on my face has never looked or felt better in a year or so.
    I have been using it for just under a week and the difference is really noticeable.
    The large body brush attachment also is wonderful and gets a bunch of mileage out of a liquid body wash.
    The small pumice stone worked well on calloused areas of my feet, and its shower safe (do not submerge ) so there is no dead skin mess on the floor. After you soften the area in the shower, the skin just washes down the drain as the stone abrades it off.
    4 AA batteries, not included are needed for this device.

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  4. jkj1

    The Vanity Planet Face and Body Cleansing System works very well. I have no complaints about the performance. My face is much smoother after using the cleansing brush and the pumice stone easily removed the calluses on my heels. The attachments go off and on the handle easily and the brushes clean up well in soap and water. The instructions are complete and easy to follow.
    I did have some difficulty getting the battery compartment open and was disappointed that batteries were not included – although including batteries does limit shipping options. My biggest concern is how long the batteries will last. Replacing four batteries and replacing the brushes every 2-3 months as recommended could get expensive in the long run. I’m also a little skeptical that the battery compartment will stay dry when used in the shower. An improvement might be a sealed unit with a rechargeable battery.
    It would be nice if all the pieces came in a sturdy storage box instead of the flimsy plastic container. It would make it much easier to store everything.
    The Vanity Planet Face and Body Cleansing System would be a good purchase for anyone who can spend a few extra minutes a day on skin care.

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  5. Selva

    Vanity Planet – Face & Body Cleansing System is a cost-effective cleansing system. It came with a handle, 4 interchangeable brush heads (daily cleaning brush, exfoliating brush, pumice stone, body brush), and a user guide. It requires 4 AA batteries. It was difficult to remove the battery cap and eventually able to open the cap. I have used the rechargeable batteries as per the instructions given in the user guide.
    The daily cleaning brush is made of ultra-soft bristles, and it works perfectly to cleanse the skin. My daughter is using this every day with a mild cleanser. The Exfoliating brush has slightly firmer bristles that are specially designed to exfoliate and deep clean. The pumice stone is designed to effectively remove calluses and dead skin from feet, knees, and elbows. The body brush is an excellent brush for deep cleaning for the entire body and the perfect size for exfoliating the arms, back, and legs. It is very easy to clean the brushes after each use. It is recommended to use soapy water after makeup. I have seen a huge difference in my daughter’s face after using this cleansing system after a week and was impressed with the outcome of the vanity planet face and body cleansing system.

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  6. mamallg

    Vanity Planet- Face & Body Cleansing System
    Included- Device, Interchangeable brush heads and pumice stone, User guide
    The Vanity Planet device requires 4 AA batteries, which are not included. The batteries go in the bottom. The opening is pretty difficult to open. It also didn’t clearly state which ways the batteries go so I had to keep switching them around. There are 4 different attachments to use. The Daily Cleansing brush is very soft. This one is meant to be used every day with your favorite cleanser. There is an exfoliating brush with slightly firmer bristles are designed to exfoliate and deep clean. Use it 1-3 times a week with a mild cleanser. The body brush is also to be used for exfoliating but it larger in size to use on your entire body. It’s great for arms, legs torso, etc. on a daily basis. Lastly, there’s a pumice stone. It’s designed to remove calluses and dead skin and smooth it out.
    My favorite attachment is the daily cleansing one because I use it every evening to wash my face. I also really like the exfoliating one, because it makes my skin smooth. I alternate between the exfoliator and the daily cleansing attachement. I really like the body brush because it’s super big and makes the soap super soft. Lastly, the pumice is nice because it smooths out the hard dry skin so much. It doesn’t feel awkward or hurt at all.
    Overall, I really liked this product. It will be great for part of your daily maintenace routine. It would be nice if it didn’t run on AA batteries but instead would be rechargeable. That would be more efficient for the device that is meant to be used daily. But I like that there are interchangeable attachment heads all for the one device. It will really help keep your skin soft and smooth.

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  7. BillFromKC

    I received this product in exchange for my fair and unbiased review.
    The Vanity Planet face and body cleansing system is a pretty terrific way to give yourself a gentle scrub down in the shower or at your bathroom sink. The included brushes work well for covering both small areas on your face and large areas on your body. The pumice stone attachment is terrific at getting rid of calluses – it’s even tackled what I call my “talons”, the patches of extremely rough and dry dead skin at the back of my feet that can and do destroy dress socks. The only downside of this device is the battery cover is a pain to open and close. While it won’t be blowing through a set of 4 AAs very quickly, it does prove difficult to open, especially the first time (hint – you pull the battery cover down from the rest of the unit, and you may need to wiggle it to get it going). Otherwise, this works well to give you a scrub down.

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  8. AsiaLovely1

    I’ve had this unit for about a week now and have used at least one brush, everyday. It is battery operated which aren’t included. This was my first cleansing brush I’m used to just using my hand. There were some positives, but definitely negatives.
    I really enjoyed the pumice stone the most, although it needs to be bigger. Why that happens to be the smallest head in the pack, despite having the hardest job- I have no idea. It does a great job on the parts of my feet that are a little rough. I follow it up with coconut oil on my feet and they’re really soft.
    The body brush is the largest in the pack and really soft, gets the job done.
    The face brushes are honestly hard to tell apart and should be labeled or something. All the brushes are soft for the most part, and I had a hard time telling the difference and there’s no need to use the exfoliating brush everyday like I do the daily cleansing brush.
    This unit desperately needs to have adjustable speeds. The first use my face was red initially on toy cheek because I think my skin just want used to it so, since it spins so fast I do have to use it a little further away. This isn’t something you’re going to want to get the wrong pressure for your face and it be uncomfortable because you’ve pressed too hard. As the days went on and the learning curve I have found the right pressure that still cleans, but doesn’t make me turn red from the speed.
    I find myself having to use a lot of product when cleaning my face because the bristles absorb my cleanser. I already dont use a foaming cleanser, and unless I put a great deal of Cerave on the brush you can’t even see it on your face and you can tell it has been absorbed way too much into the brush and not into your skin.
    The directions are clear and helpful.
    This is a very decent cleansing system but changes are needed for it to be great.

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    Vanity Planet – Face & Body Cleansing System – White
    Vanity Planet – Face & Body Cleansing System – White
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