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Blue Wave 33-Feet Round Liner Pad for Above Ground Pools


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  • Above ground pool liner pad only – Blue vinyl liner sold separately
  • Protects your liner from sharp objects
  • Provides a layer of cushioning
  • Tough and durable
  • Cut to size and seamed for your pool
  • Helps to prevent vinyl liner bottom leaks

Specification: Blue Wave 33-Feet Round Liner Pad for Above Ground Pools

Product Dimensions

32 x 23 x 13 inches

Item Weight

39.6 pounds


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12 reviews for Blue Wave 33-Feet Round Liner Pad for Above Ground Pools

3.3 out of 5
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  1. Miranda Wickliffe

    I thought this would be a thick “mat” that rolled and would be extra amazing. When I opened the box it had a large white felt folded up in it. At first glance I was disappointed. We got it out, put it down, then put the flimsy tarp that came with the pool over the felt. It is actually very affective! We had pick rocks and roots out of the area and got it very level prior to putting it down. I can’t feel rocks of roots at all. It helps a lot! We ordered 2 sizes bigger than we needed because that was the options that were available. It think would be hard to get the pool on there perfectly with no wiggle room. Oh, it is seamed in 2 places, which I didn’t expect that. Be safe!

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  2. QJD

    My 14 foot pool fit very nicely on this pad, on top of the included ground tarp that came with the pool. It allowed me to finish off the outside circumference of the pool with some nice brown rubber mulch. Looks fantastic!!! Its easy on the feet too! I plan on recovering the rubber mulch at seasons end along with the pad. I am hoping for a clean recovery.

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  3. University Doc

    June 2017 UPDATE: Purchased in July 2015. Been using since under a Coleman 26″ round pool with 15,000 gallons of water in it year round. The thin pad is still up and usable. No weeds or tears. Does have some mildew on it but still going strong. Expensive but worth it to me. Does what it is intended for. Keeps things under the pool down, dead and cushions the pool. Feels better under the feet than without. This is our third different kind of pool and first we used a liner pad for. No regrets here and highly recommend. Weeds grow across it but not through it.

    The thin pad seems very strong, very well constructed and true to size. You just open the box and lay out the pad on the ground where you going to set up the pool. Set the pool on top and you are ready to go. The pad resembles a large sheet of felt about 1/8” thick. It isn’t easy to rip. I think it will do a great job of keeping weeds down and keeping the pool liner safe.
    For extra insurance, we set heavy duty tarps down with the liner pad on top. Better safe than sorry. The pad certainly doesn’t tear easily. I tried to rip it and couldn’t.

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  4. Susan Fisher

    The pool pad is a thin peice of felt and it has turned green from mold already (1 month). For the price (I think it was around 68.00) it can not be reused. The pictures and description do not match what is actually delivered. I thought it was a two layer barrier between the ground and pool.

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  5. Jordan

    It’s not blue it’s grey but no big deal. I have a 12’ intel pool and a little bit of over hang all around is perfect. I don’t know where people think it’s a cushion for the bottom it’s a protective blanket to keep sharp rocks etc from poking through. This is my set up and works perfectly. Pea gravel base, two old tarps then covered the tarps with fresh 4” of pea gravel, then laid this blanket on top of the gravel and set pool on this blanket. Pea gravel is soft and will settle nice with the pool. This blanket is very durable. Does look like an old army blanket but those are rectangular and 4×8 this is an oval of 12 1/2 feet. Good purchase. You can’t find material like this for under 40$ at any local stores

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  6. Stone Polisher

    We received this 15 foot round liner pad this week and have used it in the install of the Intex 15 ft x 48 inch deep round pool. Here is my experience and opinion in review.

    The Blue Wave 15 feet round liner is a white colored, soft felt like material that is maybe 1/32 of an inch thick. We installed our pool by building up a raised, level area of soft, clean, compressible dirt, then added retainer wall bricks. After applying sand around the circumference of the pool floor edge, we then used the included “ground cover” pad that came with the Intex pool, and over that we placed this pad. We then installed our pool liner directly over this felt surface, filled it, and we were done.

    My first impression is that it really matters what you place this over on your pool floor surface (bottom). The fine soil we used feels very soft under foot with this thin felt pad in place. The pool floor is very enjoyable to walk on as it is now. I think it’s important that you remove any stones, because this pad is not thick enough to prevent larger stones or objects from poking up, and being easily noticed. This is not a very thick pad, but it is puncture resistant. This pad should not be meant to cushion your pool floor, but to prevent roots or stickers you may have missed from eventually puncturing through your pool liner bottom. Having said all that, I am satisfied that for the small extra amount I paid to add this into the pool build, it does improve the feel of the pool bottom, and gives an extra layer of protection from any small stones I missed. I literally cannot feel any stones, even though I know there were a few I just ignored, because they were too small or too many to pick out off my pool floor base prior to covering it.

    – Fits the 15 foot pool diameter with about 2 inches to spare. A bit stretchy and easy to place without any velcro or tape needed.
    – Provides a decent cushion like feel to the pool floor, if you’ve done your job getting it reasonably smooth with soft dirt and/or sand ahead of time.
    – Puncture resistant to blunt sticks or rocks. An extra layer of protection beyond a simple, cheap ground cover.
    – Relatively low price to pay for a large area of puncture resistant, decent quality felt.

    – It’s white, so right away, it’s going to get soiled and that will be visible around the pool edge. Should have made it light brown or blue.
    – Not quite as cushion like as you might think. Better use extra soft dirt and/or sand if you really want a comfortable cushion feel to your pool bottom.

    Overall, I’m quite satisfied with this product. Besides the fact that I hate the white color, it has met all my expectations. I can recommend this product without any reservations. The white felt may be trimmed away after install, and it does wash with a strong hose spray, so that is a work around to the easily stained or soiled white felt color issue.

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  7. Helga

    This product did not come with the blue vinyl which shows in the picture, I received only the white material, and I sent it back as the material is just going to mildew…actually useless!!!

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  8. Amazon Customer

    Very thin! I would not classify this as a pad at all.. I would say a thin piece of felt. If I wasn’t just putting it on concrete I would have just returned it. Very disappointed.

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  9. B. Schuck

    If you are like me and drive yourself crazy trying to find the perfect products for projects then do yourself a favor and STOP looking now! Add this to your cart and be done with it. I purchased an Intex pool and planned on setting it up in my concrete patio. During my research some people didn’t bother using a pad, some used indoor outdoor carpet, foam kids squares and others used foam insulation boards taped together. I priced out all those options and still found this to be a better deal overall given time and effort. This is PERECT! The material is thin yes but it’s extremely durable and I suspect it will last for many years to come. It’s not your everyday heavy felt…’s much stronger. I only wish I had purchased it when I first saw it and not wasted time looking for “cheaper options”. I’m someone that relies heavily on reviews so when I find a product that exceeds my expectations I leave a review!

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  10. Paparoo

    Perfect fit for my pool. Picture is misleading. You get only the grey material. The blue material represents your pool linen

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  11. Amazon Customer

    The pad we ordered was very thin in places. I can see my fingers through the material. We bought this pad on referral from a friend who has the same pool as we do and she said she can’t feel a thing under her feet as she walks around her pool. We can feel some bumps under the pad. Also, we feel the advertisement is misleading. It show two pieces of material in the picture. When we opened the box and found only the grey material, we thought that the blue material was missing and we were in the process of contacting Blue Wave when I decided to call my friend first. She told me that she only got the grey material as well. Suggestion: Show only the product that the customer will receive to avoid confusion. If you choose to continue with the picture of the liner on top of the pool pad please explain to the public what the picture is showing. Thank you.

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  12. repatch

    The picture makes it look like this is two layers, a ‘felt’ type layer, and a blue vinyl. What you ACTUALLY get is a pretty thin, poorly cut piece of felt. I couldn’t return it since I ordered it months ago, and pool season is only starting now.

    So I put it down, HOPING that it wouldn’t do what I know it would do. It did. The underside that I have access to is completely saturated with mold, it’s disgusting. If I didn’t have a pool sitting on it I’d already have thrown it out.

    IMHO this is complete garbage, with deceptive advertising.

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    Blue Wave 33-Feet Round Liner Pad for Above Ground Pools
    Blue Wave 33-Feet Round Liner Pad for Above Ground Pools
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