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Tom and Jerry (DVD + Digital)


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One of the most beloved rivalries in history is re‐ignited when Jerry moves into New York City’s finest hotel on the eve of “the wedding of the century,” forcing the event’s desperate planner to hire Tom to get rid of him. The ensuing cat and mouse battle threatens to destroy her career, the wedding and possibly the hotel itself. But soon, an even bigger problem arises: a diabolically ambitious staffer conspiring against all three of them. An eye‐popping blend of classic animation and live action, Tom and Jerry’s new big‐screen adventure stakes new ground for the iconic characters and forces them to do the unthinkable…work together to save the day.

Bonus Content:

– Gag Reel


Specification: Tom and Jerry (DVD + Digital)

MPAA rating

PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)

Package Dimensions

7.56 x 5.35 x 0.51 inches, 2.72 Ounces


Tim Story

Media Format


Run time

1 hour and 41 minutes

Release date

May 18, 2021


Chloë Grace Moretz, Michael Peña, Colin Jost, Rob Delaney, Ken Jeong


Chris DeFaria, Adam Goodman, Steve Harding, Sam Register, Jesse Ehrman


Warner Bros.


Kevin Costello

Country of Origin


Number of discs


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11 reviews for Tom and Jerry (DVD + Digital)

2.5 out of 5
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  1. Joy Klan

    I was hoping to return to my youth by watching Tom & Jerry. This did not happen! After fifteen minutes I had enough and stopped watching the moving. What waste of money!

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  2. Cecile Bertrand

    Great movie. Worth watching. Great buy,

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  3. ReviewToaKill

    I grew up on Tom and Jerry, and my kids have caught a few of the older episodes and liked them enough. We were recently on lockdown due to COVID exposure, so I rented this as a way to spend some time away from electronics (well, at least YouTube and video games).
    The original cartoons were made in a time where material wasn’t as sanitized when it comes to cartoon slapstick violence. The writers and animators could just go for it without having to justify anything with a backstory and plot. Some things are just better that way – more pure. You can’t take a cartoon cat and mouse fighting one another with TNT and frying pans and try to create some “kumbaya” atmosphere. That’s what they tried to do here. It ends up creating this convoluted and unnecessary plot-line involving the humans (and who cares about them??) with the uplifting message of believing in yourself and listening to those around you. All great messages, but not what I want when I want to hear Tom yowling when Jerry hits his foot with a mallet or see Jerry roasting on a tiny spit. This made me sad.

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  4. esad bektasevic

    $20 for the dumbest, most boring movie I have ever seen. Whoever is selling this 💩 needs to be ashamed. You met as well throw away $20 and save yourself from ruining your day.

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  5. Visual Artists.

    Fun movie with excellent integration between ton and practical. The story is kind of predictable but smooth.

    The main critical point for me, the sound design is way off, or was it a bug? I can’t tell. The music is so much louder that we had to constantly dial it up and down. Besides, the choice of music was not really a great fit anyway, so twice the annoyance.

    I think the sound was a bug; I have requested to pick it up (return). I certainly will not watch it again. It was just too painful.

    Too sad to limit the fun based on that and have all the other artists be in the shadow of an obviously hearing-impaired audio engineer. Yes, I’m upset about it. I have over 1600 movies in my archive, and this one would stand out with this unbalanced sound.

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  6. Jasmine DeLude

    Total waste of money. This is nothing like the Tom & Jerry of my childhood. I’m 15 minutes in and doubt I’ll finish. 😴

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  7. Amanda Burrier

    Not impressed! I was excited for a Tom and Jerry movie after growing up with the cartoon. This really fell flat. It was boring and the storyline I felt had nothing to do with Tom and Jerry. It was almost like they were the secondary characters. I did like how the animal characters weren’t 3D and still co-mingled with the actors.

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  8. Holger

    Der Film behandelt in einer weiteren Variante das vor allem in Amerika bekannte Märchen “Jack und die Bohnenranke”. So ziemlich jedes Studio in Amerika hat dazu bereits eine mehr oder weniger gelungene filmische Version abgeliefert. Nun als “Spielfilm” mit Tom & Jerry. Die Story ist einfach und strukturiert gehalten:
    Ein Ehepaar hat ein gut laufenden Märchenvergnügungspark. Zu diesem Glück gesellt sich die Geburt des Sohnes. Jedoch stirbt dessen Vater und der Vergnügungspark geht wirtschaftlich den Bach runter. Kurz vor der Übernahme durch einen fiesen Multimillionär haben Jack und seine Mutter nur noch eine Kuh, sowie Tom & Jerry als Attraktion im Park. Diese Kuh wird dann noch versucht zu Geld zu machen, um die nächste Rate bezahlen zu können. Statt Geld erhält Jack dafür aber Zauberbohnen.

    Der eigentliche Hauptprotagonist ist also eher Jack und Tom & Jerry begleiten ihn. Verständlich, da Tom & Jerry erwartungsgemäß keinen Text haben. Die Handlung selber ist linear, bietet keinerlei Überraschungen (da mittlerweile auch die anderen Figuren wie bspw. Droopy fester Bestandteil der längeren Filme sind) und ist ganz auf ein junges Publikum zugeschnitten, sowohl von der Story wie auch den Gags. Irgendeine Metaebene, verdeckten Witz oder anarchische Gags werden erwachsene Zuschauer hier nicht finden. Die 2D Animation ist sauber und flüssig, bietet jedoch mitunter zu knallige Farben. Das Bild selber ist bei der Blu-ray gestochen scharf, der Sound im erwartungsgemäßen Standard und auf Extras verzichtet die BR diesmal komplett, was bei einem “Spielfilm” mit einer Laufzeit von grad mal 57 min. natürlich richtig schmerzt.

    Alles in allem ein Film, den Kinder sich mal anschauen können (leihen oder Free-TV), Fans der alten Kurzfilme tunlichst meiden sollten und der Rest mal einen Blick riskieren kann.

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  9. Just Jean

    The best part of this movie is the trailer. I should have realized this movie would be a rating of below 1 star when the only option was to purchase and not rent. Breaks my heart that the respect Tom & Jerry should have received was disappointing. Poor overacting, animation not up to today’s technology, bad story line, just bad bad bad. Even the grunts from T&J sounded wrong. Wait until the movie is on Netflix, so you can watch the first 20 minutes for free and then hit DISLIKE and move on. Hard pass.

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  10. Gregory Montanaro

    Very Good

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  11. frank pettorossi

    wow I thought I was going to get the movie tom and jerry tommorow .I got it today in good condition.

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