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Vitamix – Ascent 2300 Series Blender – Slate


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8 reviews for Vitamix – Ascent 2300 Series Blender – Slate

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Coastalcook

    Bought as a gift. I returned it only because I found same the blender with several attachments in a bundle deal for teh same price.

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  2. Homecook

    I purchased this because I was tired of buying new Nutribullet every couple of years and replacement parts in between. I also bought the blending cup starter set and blending bowls.
    First it isn’t clear on Vitamix website if you need a separate base for the bowls and cups (I.e 3 bases) You don’t – the bowls and cups use the same base.
    My smoothies have never been so smooth. Not even any fine chunks from seeds.
    I made broccoli soup with it yesterday and it was awesome! Not what I purchased it for but will definitely try some additional soup recipes from Vitamix website
    Some challenges- Capacity of the blending cup is smaller than the nutribullet and ingredients need to go in in a specific order so it took a few tries to fine tune my ingredients.
    You have to align the arrow on the base with the arrow on the cup or it won’t turn on. It took many tries and some swear words at first to get the arrows aligned.
    1. The arrow on the cup is practically invisible once it’s full. I solved this by marking the outside with a sharpie.
    2. I now start by aligning the triangle symbol on top of the base (see attached photo) with the mark in the cup and that seems to get them close enough to work

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  3. Flor

    Ascent containers are sold as dishwasher safe! I bought my blender a month ago, I haven’t used it often. However from the first time I washed it, I noticed there was water trapped at the container bottom between the blade and the rubber. I contacted Vitamix because I concerned about the possibility of mold or rust but Vitamix claims this is normal IF the container is placed into a sink of water after blending . In my case it did not happen like that, I just put it into the dishwasher however I decided to follow the instructions they recommended.
    They recommended me run it for about 1-2 minutes on high speed (it work). And more extra steps just to clean it. Every time I use and wash it, the same thing happens. If you want to remove the water completely you have to disassemble it. Take and consideration removing the retaining nut voids warranty according the manual.
    So I assume this is a container design defect and it is definitely NOT dishwasher safe. It seems that it is something common according to I read in several reviews. I contacted Best Buy for request a return for a defective item. They didn’t want to take responsibility either, the return date ended two days ago so I can’t return it.
    For me it’s not worth paying $ 400 for a blender that I have to take apart every time I clean it.

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  4. Blendedboy

    Anything that goes in doesn’t come back unless it’s smoothie.

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  5. Nanc

    I have used my Vitamix almost every day since I recently purchased it. It is capable of doing everything a regular blender can do plus so much more and so much better! Price is more expensive but so understandable. I’ve made dips, soups, crushed iced for the smoothies which I made directly afterward, green juices with my fresh, washed vegetables(skin and all) etc. and never worried about whatever it was having lumps(unless I wanted it too) or not being processed correctly. Total control, and worry free perfection. Just what I need, especially now! It is the ultimate workhorse and I expect I’ll have it for many years and pass it down!

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  6. CAG081976

    I’ll say one thing. I’ve never used a blender so much in my life until I bought this. I’ve always wanted a Vitamix, but didn’t want to spend the money until one day I just went for it.
    I bought a Ninja Chef after years of using standard blenders. It was nice, but I felt it was too bulky and very loud. Hardly used it.
    After about a year I bought a KitchenAid K400 series blender which does much that the Vitamix does. It makes soups, but I believe it was not designed for that.
    Finally I bought this Vitamix Ascent A2300. Once I made my first tomato soup in this thing, I was amazed and how creamy smooth it turned out! The smoothest tomato soup I’ve ever eaten. Smoothies are silky smooth with no chunks. I’ve placed whole apples, stem and all. I’ve placed pineapple with the core. Everything was liquified!
    If you can get over the price take, you will not be sorry you purchased this thing!

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  7. Gatorsmom78

    I love this for making bagels. I don’t have to knead the dough by hand and it takes all the work the hard work out. However unless you’re using it everyday, it’s really not worth the price tag. I’ve owned the Ninja and couldn’t really tell a huge difference../except the price tag

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  8. Goldenstateraptors

    If you’re gonna get a blender mind as well get the best that’ll last. Prior to this I had a Breville that constantly leaked. Finally cracked and got the vitamix. No more frustration!

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    Vitamix – Ascent 2300 Series Blender – Slate
    Vitamix – Ascent 2300 Series Blender – Slate
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