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KitchenAid – 5 Cup Cordless Rechargeable Chopper – White


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Photos: KitchenAid – 5 Cup Cordless Rechargeable Chopper – White

8 reviews for KitchenAid – 5 Cup Cordless Rechargeable Chopper – White

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  1. Smurfette

    I eyed this wonderful device for months before I brought it. I’m a cooking streamer so I love being able to take this anywhere in the kitchen! Watch a video before you try to open it if you’re not familiar with the product!!!

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  2. Selva

    We were using a large chopper until now and looking for small chopper especially for trips. KitchenAid – 38-Oz. Chopper is an excellent choice. Setup is quick and easy. It came with KitchenAid KFCB519BM, Stainless steel blade, whisk disc, Power adapter, and Storage case. This is a battery powered chopper and it is very convenient to use outdoor. We have used it during a recent camp trip. It is very compact and lightweight. I did full charge before first use and it took close to 2 hours.
    I have used to chop onions, tomatoes, coconut to make chutney. The paste output is outstanding. It is very quiet compared to other choppers. The Stainless steel blade provides flexible processing options and blade is very sharp to chop everything. The 5 cup capacity is the perfect size to prepare large recipes.
    It is dishwasher safe and easy to clean as well. We are using this chopper every day for cooking and loved it. We are impressed with the quality and durability of KitchenAid chopper and looking to buy more products from KitchenAid.

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  3. taureantiger

    This cordless chopper is surprisingly powerful, and does an awesome job overall chopping pretty much all ingredients you add to the bowl with two selectable speeds. The base material of this chopper is plastic, where the base feels strong and sturdy. The bowl and lid feel a bit plasticky (thin plastic). It was not apparent right away how to remove the lid from the cup (with a left twist), and it feels like one twist the wrong way, the Pulse/On button might snap off. I am hopeful, though, it’s durable enough for many years to come.
    The bowl itself is removed with a right twist. After selecting the speed pressing down the Pulse/On button on the lid starts the action. For a coarse chop, you simply use a pulsing motion by pressing and releasing the Pulse/On button as often as needed. The pictures show how easy it was to chop raw carrots. Amazing and stunning results! The Lithium-Ion battery provides consistent performance and truly recharges quickly in less than 2 hours when fully empty.
    Despite the overall plasticky feel, I want to recommend this chopper/mini-blender because of its practicality. It gets the job done and does everything you want to chop and/or whisk, and is big enough for a small-sized family. If the bowl and lid were made of thicker plastic I would have given it 5 stars. 

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  4. Trobadour

    — SETUP —
    Setting up the KitchenAid Chopper was quick. The lid was a bit of a conundrum to open, but the manual explains that you are to twist and lift. After that, remove all the components from the inside, charge the chopper for 2 hours, and get ready to use.
    — FEATURES —
    The best feature of this chopper is that it can work wirelessly. This makes it great for chopping away from outlets. Additionally, there’s a drizzle basin to mix liquids in while you are processing the food.
    The chopper is quite the powerhouse for its intended purpose. I had been trying to replicate the mild salsa from Chipotle, so I went to buy two tomatoes, a purple onion, a jalapeno, a lime, and cilantro. I diced large chunks of tomatoes and set them aside while I added the smaller veggies. I then added the tomatoes and closed the lid. I tried to add the lemon juice through the drizzle basin, but the lemon pulp prevented it from flowing. Everything else was chopped with little effort after 5-8 presses of the button.
    This is the first time I was making salsa, as I am new to the kitchen. My wife and I were pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to make two jars of salsa in under 5 minutes (plus prep time). The chopper is dishwasher safe but also easy to wash over the sink, which is what I did. The blade can be easily removed to really clean the container and the blades themselves aren’t too difficult to handle when washing. Salsa is what I plan to make more often.
    — VALUE —
    Depending on how often you plan on chopping things, this is a worthy investment that sits nicely next to other kitchen conveniences.
    — APPROVAL —
    As an amateur cook, I recommend this chopper to anyone who has always wanted to venture into the kitchen with a little help from tech.

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  5. ERN52

    I received this Kitchen-Aid Chopper and I gave it to my wife and told her to try it out. She has had similar devices and I don’t think they are in the kitchen anymore. She over the last week or so she has been trying it out. She loves it. The capabilities aren’t exactly what she though it would be for what it does, she approves.
    These are the things she likes about it:
    1. It has a rechargeable battery – does not need a plug to operate.
    The charge lasts longer that she expected.
    2. It chops items into fine pieces:
    Chopped nuts, peppers, celery and chicken onions and grapes to make chicken spread. Bananas for banana bread, and whipped cream cream cheese for icing.
    Things she didn’t like
    1. Its not hands free. You have to hold the button down to chop.
    About 10-15 seconds
    2. She though she would be able to chop items for salad. She found out the chopper chops everything real fine.
    But overall she is really glad to have it. She told me to rate it at 5 stars and highly recommends it.
    (Pictures included in this review)

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  6. Cupra

    I’ve used KitchenAid products for almost 20 years now, love them. They are strong, durable and built to last. When the chance to check out the new cordless 38 oz. chopper from KitchenAid, I was very interested, especially as my (non KitchenAid) household chopper was on it’s last legs!
    When the product arrived, it’s comes in sturdy packaging, befitting of a high end gadget. The power base, and charging cord are really well built, sturdy, the rubber feet on the bottom mean it’s not going to slip around the countertop. It has a nice style to it, that compliments other KitchenAid products (all of mine a black in the kitchen).
    Now, the first reason for losing a star: the 38 oz. capacity bowl on top, in contrast to the base, is flimsy and the lid is somewhat cumbersome to use. The handle is uncomfortable, and feels like one twist the wrong way, and it will snap off. If the void in the handle were filled with black rubber coated plastic, not only would it be more comfortable, but also improve the strength of that part, which lets face it, you’re going to use every single time you operate this product.
    As for the lid, the on/off/pulse button feels very flimsy and the mechanism to make the machine turn on doesn’t look like it will last a long time at all, It’s one little black latch at the top, that feeds down the handle of the bowl to an even smaller little clear plastic latch that presses on a button in the base. Both small clips look like they won’t last particularly long. Time will tell.
    My third reason for the loss of the first star, is that it is geared solely for right handed people. And of course, I am left handed, so picking the machine up with my left hand, all of the control buttons are on the back side of the machine. Replicating the locking mechanism molding on the other side of the base as well could alleviate that issue.
    So – onto how the KitchenAid 5 Cup Cordless Food Chopper works: I was excited to try it out, first thing I made was some Salsa. Simple enough, one tomato, one onion, jalapeños, cilantro, lime juice and some salt. Being as this is a ‘chopper’ by definition, I didn’t want to cut everything up too small to start with, otherwise what is the point of owning a chopper. As you can see from the photo, I chopped up the tomato into manageable pieces, the onion into quarters, the jalapeños were already sliced, added the cilantro, lime juice and salt.
    The loss of the second star: I set about chopping, per the instructions, one pulse on, one second, off one second, on one second, off one second, etc. As you can see in the third picture, it did a great job of chopping the ingredients up for the Salsa. Or so I thought. The next picture shows one (of the 3) massive chunks of tomato left in the bowl. If I chopped any more, with all the ingredients in there, I’d have a slushy. So I poured out the contents, and then rechopped the large pieces of tomato. Overall, it was a very tasty Salsa, but I don’t feel like the chopper did it’s job as efficiently as it could.
    Next up, I chose grapefruit as my next victim, cutting it up into chunks to put into the chopper, wanted to have some finer chopped grapefruit on my cereal. Again, when pulsing the chopper, it did a great job of chopping again, until you look inside and once again, large chunks of grapefruit weren’t chopped.
    The chopping function that this is designed to do, is about 2/3 the way there. It does a nice job, but it doesn’t appear to be fully baked. The switch on the base of the unit has a nice feel to it, weighted nicely and with a definite feel to it’s position (0/1/2). The power charger cord attaches to the front face, by the power switch. It arrived with a charge, but a 2 hour charge took it to a full battery. That is suitable to chop the equivalent of 40 onions. There is a quick charge option as well, in 10 minutes, the cordless food chopper will provide enough chopping power for about 11 onions, or a little over 1/4 charge. It is recommended to charge the chopper when the indicator turns yellow. It is also recommended to use the chopper at room temperature. There is a drizzle basin in the lid, should you wish to add liquids to the bowl, such as oil or salad dressing etc. The whole upper portion is dishwasher safe, and the power base is able to be wiped clean with a damp cloth.
    Overall, the design of the base is very nice, and very ‘KitchenAid’. The bowl and lid could do with some improvements.

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  7. TickledPink

    When I had the opportunity to try this out, I thought this would be great for the motorhome. It’s smaller, don’t have to worry about the cord in storage (especially if you know it’s only going to get limited use on your trip, then you would just make sure it’s fully charged before leaving), and it would be super easy to use in an outdoor kitchen setting.
    This is a beefy little guy. That seems to follow right along with the brand. The torque generated is impressive. Use is pretty straight forward, but you will, especially at first, want to follow the manual. Interestingly, the only basic food prep examples listed in the manual have you setting the speed at ‘high’ (there are two speeds). Nothing suggesting ‘low.’ I guess you would just have to experiment based upon your own results. Once you have the ingredients in the main bowl, you use your thumb to create the desired number of pulses. Ver easy to use; very easy to clean.
    The main downfall that we experienced was the inconsistency of the grind. You can see from the picture, when chopping an onion, we had everything from limp micro-shreds to a huge, almost untouched, chunk. To be fair, we probably didn’t prep the onion chunks small enough. The manual recommends 1” which almost seems like you may as well just finish the job with a knife. We had only quartered the onion. However, similar results were had when we tried a couple handfuls of almonds — we ended up with everything from almond halves to almond powder.
    So, I say again, you just need to be willing to experiment with your technique. Maybe removing the bowl for some quick up-and-down jostles (especially with something like the almonds) before adding a few more pulses, I don’t know. The next time I do an onion, I’ll definitely try to cut the onion at least into eighths to see if that helps. I’m looking forward to trying some homemade salsa, but I know I may need to fish out some large pieces. We’ll see. The inconsistency in chopping that we’ve already experienced is why I’m removing a star.
    Overall, this seems to be a well made product. Does the cordless aspect make it enough to replace your food processor? Probably not. But I do think there’s definitely a place for it if you’ve ever wished you had something like this in your RV.

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  8. LindaCT

    This 2-speed, 5-cup chopper is large enough for so many things and is so much more than just a chopper, especially with the whisk attachment that comes with it. I call this my mini-blender which works great for nearly anything you can think of.
    What an advantage this particular chopper is…IT IS CORDLESS!!!! I was a bit skeptical about it being cordless, but it works great and doesn’t lose any power. This chopper is easy to clean and doesn’t take up a lot of counter space. You can put this anywhere on your countertop, and you don’t have to worry about an outlet being nearby. Insert ingredients and push a button. So portable you can take it anywhere. Bring it to your picnic table and make things right there.
    I buy natural homemade peanut butter and will be trying that and see if it is any cheaper to make than buying it. I know the homemade almond butter is about $9.99 per pound. However, plain homemade peanut butter is $3.99 per pound. Not sure it is any cheaper making it yourself, but at least you know exactly what ingredients are in it.
    With the whisk accessory, you will be amazed at the endless things you can do. My daughter wanted to try whipped cream with it. I only had skim milk and told her it wouldn’t do it…I was wrong…It literally whipped it up in less than a minute, although of course it was a bit loose in comparison to the thicker real whipped cream.
    For some vegetables you will find you need to cut them up a bit before putting them into the plastic container, so they will fit and to help along with the chopping process.
    I also have a smaller corded 3-cup KitchenAid chopper. I found this compliments the cordless one, as the whisk, blades and plastic container are interchangeable which is great. With the two of them, I can chop 2 separate things without having to stop what I am doing and wash and dry the container and blades to do the next project.
    What a time-saver if you cook a LOT like I do! I have had my older KitchenAid chopper for quite a few years and stand by the brand name without any doubt it is one of the best names on the market and very dependable.
    I absolutely recommend this chopper/mini-blender because of its size and EXTREMELY quick processing which saves a lot of time. This is the perfect size for most any ingredients you need to chop or whisk. This product is so worth the money.

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    KitchenAid – 5 Cup Cordless Rechargeable Chopper – White
    KitchenAid – 5 Cup Cordless Rechargeable Chopper – White
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