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NordicTrack – Commercial 2950 Treadmill – Black

Original price was: $2,299.99.Current price is: $1,999.99.

(8 customer reviews)
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Photos: NordicTrack – Commercial 2950 Treadmill – Black

8 reviews for NordicTrack – Commercial 2950 Treadmill – Black

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Freddie

    I had my treadmill delivered. Make sure they put the box down flat (not on the side) and the letters on the box should not be upside down, otherwise, you’ll have to muscle this thing around to get it upright and it’s heavy.
    I assembled this myself and it was a bit of a challenge for a very fit and chiseled male with impressive upper and lower body strength. The most challenging part is having to hoist the conveyer section of the unit up so you can install a crossbar. You can get creative and figure out how to safely make this move.
    All put together the unit is impressive. I’ve been on plenty of treadmills at the gym but this unit is a notch above once you see the console. It’s wide and that monitor is nice. And if you’re like me trying to weigh the pros and cons as to why you should shell out the big bucks, well, here’s what I didn’t expect: I have a treadmill in my living room. I work from home. It’s convenient to just hop on this thing and go and then get off for a meeting. At lunch or dinner I’m back on it for at least 30m and I don’t have to get off and get in my car to drive home. I used to have to prepare for the gym or to run on the street and that’s all in the past. I can run in my jammies…but I don’t.
    If you haven’t run on a treadmill with a huge monitor while following a trainer or pack of people in a marathon, then you’re going to love it, yes, you will fall in love with this thing. Having that visual helps with the cadence or your run. You’ll double love that the treadmill is changing speed to maintain pace with the runners and the incline matches the steepness of the terrain, so going up a hill – you’re going to feel it – and coming back down the hill – you’re going to feel it. This thing has a negative incline so you work out a different set of muscles. You can detach from the trainer and adjust your own incline and/or speed at any time.
    I give the machine 5-stars.
    iFit gets 3-stars.
    iFit clutters the startup screen with junk for other workouts. Hit the “Filter” button to narrow your what they show you. iFit doesn’t allow you to continue where you left off so you’ll be looking at the same scenery and listening to the same conversation every time. Yes, there’s a descent amount of content but you’ll likely gravitate to specific types of workouts and you’ll be saying “been here – heard that” after some time. They swap out content so you won’t be trapped. Sometimes I will run and listen to the trainer but most of the time I have headphones on so I’m lost in the visual of the trainer with the scenery. They do this part well. I give them a B on their video quality. I have fiber. The trainers will take you running in the mountains, desert, beach, and cites across the globe – very cool. It comes with 1-year iFit membership (Best Buy spec sheet said 30-days) and it says I can have 3 more family members open an account on the same machine for tracking which is nice to have. The free content isn’t so bad so if you don’t want to sign up after 1-year you still get to run but with limit content. There’s also a way to run your monitor in admin mode and surf for content on the web (youtube).
    I had to call iFit because signing up on the machine failed. Thankfully they have good service. I nice lady in Idaho made it all better.
    I had read plenty of reviews before making this purchase. Especially where people were complaining about defects or breakdowns. You have to go into this accepting the fact that machines breakdown. Electronics fail and moving parts fail. I purchased this from Best Buy because I wanted the Geek Squad warranty on top of the manufactures support. I’m not alone with any problems that arise within 5 years. I know it takes time for parts and a technician to manifest, I know this because I’ve seen gym equipment sit broken for one to three weeks. I’ll find something to do in the meantime.

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  2. Lily

    It’s really excellent. Super heavy and huge, so make sure to pay for delivery and installation, especially if you are on your own. The machine is really high quality, and supports harder workouts. The programming is great. Ifit is awesome because of the auto-programmed trainer led difficulty shifts feel much more like a real world workout, and way more engaging than just staring at a bunch of progress data. If you are serious about a life change – this is WELL worth it.
    Just a couple cons – but in know way would prevent me from buying the machine:
    a) The screen isn’t always crystal clear during ifit
    b) There isn’t a place to put up a different device for viewing, or use the giant screen with other video apps, which frankly feels like a waste

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  3. ChelseyB

    I love my Nordic Track treadmill that works with the IFIT program. It is a very well built prodct. It is very heavy and takes 2 to 3 people to put together, but the directions are very easy. IFIT is a wonderful, motivating program with so many workout options. I use it just about every day. They add new content regularly, which helps keep exercising fun. Overall, I’m very satisfied with the product and highly recommend this treadmill. I received this product for a reduced rate, in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  4. Jessy

    We got this for our employee gym room and so far it’s a big hit.

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  5. CJfromLA

    Great machine. iFit is great!! Having the trainers control your incline and speed is pretty cool. You can override the speed and incline if too advance or if you want to kick it up a notch higher than the program you’re doing. The machine is quiet and smooth. Fans work great and the speakers are pretty loud.
    Contrary to what other are saying, yes you can watch TV on your treadmill. There are YouTube videos on how to access privilege mode which is where you can access the browser. To save you time:
    1) turn on treadmill
    2) let it load up to iFit screen
    3) in blank space, tap 10x on screen
    4) wait 7 seconds
    5) tap 10x for the 2nd time
    6) privileged mode will appear at bottom of screen
    7) at bottom of screen swipe up
    8) 3 icons will appear (click on the circle)
    9) next screen you will see couple icons
    10) swipe up and more icons will appear
    11) click on browser icon
    12) from there you can go to any website (YouTube, YouTube TV, Netflix, Prime, Hulu etc)
    13) on whatever site you choose log in if you already have a subscription and enjoy watching)
    14) to get back to iFit, at bottom of screen, swipe up
    15) tap the circle icon
    16) swipe up again
    17) tap the iFit icon
    18) if you want to lower the trainer’s voice, start a workout and tap screen and you will see mixer icon
    19) lower/mute the trainer voice
    20) repeat process to go back to browser and watch whatever you chose (Netflix, YouTube etc)
    And you can use the volume button on the console to control volume of whatever you’re watching.
    This will work for other Nordictrack and Proform treadmills as well
    Enjoy treadmill, it’s pretty awesome!! The 22 inch screen is worth it!!

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  6. KSmith

    I’ve been using the NordicTrack Commercial 2950 for three weeks, and I would highly recommend it. I don’t usually write reviews, but this treadmill is a large purchase, and I wanted to share my experience with others who might think of buying it.
    Best Buy delivered the machine on the promised day/time-period. It’s a really large, heavy box and the delivery team were thankfully able and willing to place it in a basement room.
    I was able to assemble the treadmill largely by myself. I needed help installing the display monitor and installing the storage release on the bottom. The instruction manual contains a QR code to download an app with a 3D manual. I would recommend using the app with the paper manual. It took a few hours to assemble.
    When I bought the treadmill online, it said it came with a 30 day iFit trial, but it actually contained a gift card (inside the box) for a 1 year subscription.
    Also it wasn’t advertised online, but it came with a chest strap heart monitor. The heart monitor is great to use during iFit workouts, as the machine will automatically adjust speed based on your heart rate. I have had problems when I’m walking that the heart rate monitor doesn’t connect (assume low heart rate) or it doesn’t connect quickly (again think low heart rate). A few times it has just stopped working during a run. There is no instruction manual included with the heart rate monitor, so I had to research how to use one. It looks like it has a battery, so I assume I’ll need to replace at some point.
    The display monitor is awesome. It’s touch screen. It oddly doesn’t have a turn off functionality, so I turn off the whole machine using the on/off switch at the base of the treadmill. There’s no native ability to download or use other apps like Netflix, etc on the monitor. All the iFit videos stream via a WiFi network. The music can be turned off or I can stream music via my phone to the treadmill. The display monitor looks like it has a camera and microphone. They’re not needed for the iFit videos, so I’ve covered them up.
    There are two fans under the monitor. They’re not very strong, but I usually have them going during a run.
    The treadmill’s track can be pulled up for storage.
    I’ve used treadmills for decades, and it’s always been monotonous and boring running. The iFit videos (included 1 year trial; 5 users) are awesome. The treadmill automatically adjusts incline similar to incline on video (something I believe Peloton cannot do), and the heart rate monitor adjusts speed. The incline goes negative, which is something I’ve never had in a treadmill and is awesome for working those different muscles. The instructors and scenery are incredible, and it’s easy to forget you’re running on a treadmill. It’s also fun to tell people that I “ran” in Costa Rica, Croatia, etc. this morning.
    I did loose a tiny screw during assembly, and NordicTrack helped me quickly, sending a new one via mail.
    I would recommend the treadmill. I like it so much that I’m debating purchasing a NordicTrack bicycle too.

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  7. jay2u

    The treadmill is sturdy and is well built my wife loves it and the i fit program. We bought the proform 900 but was not sturdy. Also i put the treadmill together myself due to the initial installation was of the proform was installed Incorrectly. If you know how install yourself because you want get the installation fees back if they install Incorrectly i lost 200 in installation fees and best buy wanted me to pay for the new installation again thats why i installed the nordictrack myself

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  8. Lameaa

    Super Super perfect and works good I love everything from Bestbuy, thank you so much

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    NordicTrack – Commercial 2950 Treadmill – Black
    NordicTrack – Commercial 2950 Treadmill – Black

    Original price was: $2,299.99.Current price is: $1,999.99.
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