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Bowflex – VeloCore Bike (22″ Console) Exercise Bike – Black


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Explore addictive workouts from home with VeloCore, the ultimate indoor cycling experience that delivers daily custom workouts, guided coaching, streaming entertainment, and more from the 22″ console. But what truly sets this bike a step above the rest is Lean Mode enabling you to lean left and right for an elevated ride.

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8 reviews for Bowflex – VeloCore Bike (22″ Console) Exercise Bike – Black

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  1. powerslyde

    The bike itself is pretty solid and well-made, however there are serious issues with the alignment of the screen (which is just a giant Android tablet). You have to fiddle with the alignment of the screws to get it centered properly. You would think that for $2K they could come up with a better way to ensure that the monitor was centered.
    There is no forward adjust on the handlebars, so in order to reach them properly I had to extend them beyond the “Stop” Zone.
    The seat that comes with it is excruciating to use, i had to get an aftermarket seat to be comfortable.
    As far as I can tell you can only use the Streaming video services if you have a subscription to their JRNY service, which is quite expensive every month. I would recommend forgoing a bike with the monitor and using an ipad instead.
    It’s a fine bike, but frankly I am wavering on whether or not to return it since I don’t feel it was value for the money.

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  2. eric

    Decent content. JRNY is still no match to the competition in terms of classes and scenic rides.
    Found myself not using the steaming services on screen. It was just easier to watch shows on a tablet while biking.
    Tilt feature did not give the oblique workout that I had thought it would. It’s fun once in a while.

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  3. Klondike204

    We’ve been NordicTrack customers for years. While we liked the quality of their products, encountered nothing but problems with the iFit software. The NordicTrack/iFit support couldn’t figure out what was going wrong. Nautilus/Bowflex is really the only other option out there for multiple exercise machines using a different app, JRNY. As such, we’ve been converting over the Bowflex line of machines and just added this VeloCore bike. Love it ..but much more importantly, love the JRNY app which works great!

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  4. CarolinaCajun

    I’m a fan of Bowflex great support and quality products. I’m glad I bought this exercise bike with the monitor. It really keeps you focused on your workout.
    If you are handy with simple tools, you can save $200 setup fee, as I assembled it in about 60 minutes. I recommend watching the online assembly video and you will not have any issues. Comes with 6 month subscription to JRNY, the recommended workouts will challenge you. The side to side will work your core as was the intent and gives similarities of riding.

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  5. Docman

    This bike is is incredible, fun to ride and the side-to-side lean option makes it more engaging and helps make it not so boring. The bike is great, the only downside to this bike is the Bowflex JRNY application that you have to subscribe to. The software is junk, and worthless and the fact that they charge for it is a joke. They actually should pay owners to use this crappy application. it has nothing new, and the recorded videos are a silly and so bad. They never have new content and it never changes or offers anything to help you advance. So great bike, lousy software.

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  6. Jordan

    Assembly was very straightforward, took my wife and I about an hour and a half. Screen is bright and clear. I have concerns about the Android OS and long-term updates (if Netflix, Disney, etc. stop supporting the version of Android being used, will Bowflex update the OS or sell an updated screen/tablet?)
    I’ve only had the bike for a few days, so I can’t speak to long-term usage, but first impressions are that the bike is solid, the riding experience is comfortable, and I’m looking forward to my journey with JRNY!
    We’ve added a padded seat cover for additional comfort.

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  7. BBReviewer

    We had the Velocore 22″ for 2 weeks, and returned it.
    I thought the “lean” feature was mildly interesting, possibly annoying (though you can always lock it, of course), and at the cost of a more complicated bike that also comes with a shorter warranty. I didn’t think the “upper body workout” was significant enough to justify the downsides.
    JRNY has great elements to it, and the thing I liked best about the bike. I really like the “adaptive” workout features, and the “dial” telling you at all ties exactly how hard to work. I like how I could layer a workout over other media, or choose a “real life ride” or music. I also really like the “journal”, where I get to see the frequency and calorie-burn of my workouts. It’s simple, and motivating!
    The JRNY workouts are minimally sufficient in number, but I suspect this will grow with time, so this is not a big complaint.
    The screen quality is mediocre. Not nearly as good as Peleton.
    The trainers seemed like nice folk, but, perhaps bc all the workouts are filmed without music (you layer your own on top, from categories provided, or from your own library), they are just very straight forward, pretty suburban, and the experience is less exciting/motivating than Peleton or other music-driven classes/rides. Still, there is excellent feedback on how hard you should be working, plus your ride profile past and future is tracked for you in real time, and this might make up for it for the music for some people. It’s great.
    All in, I REALLY like the JRNY app and strongly recommend considering the stationary Bowflex C7 to retain access. Judging from the Velocore (minus lean), the quality is similar to Peleton, but you’ll be able to use both JRNY and Peleton apps if you choose. You can’t get on the Peleton leaderboard of course, but everything else is functional, and the subscription is only $13/month! See casting note below.
    The only reason we didn’t go this way is because my daughter wanted access to Sufferfest, and Bowflex cannot currently interact with it, or be adapted to do so, unless you buy a $400 “Power meter.”
    Also note that while Peleton and Zwift are “compatible,” only the JRNY app will appear on the included screen. The bike will send basic data to these apps, but you will need to connect via your phone/iPad, and if you want a larger screen, cast from there to that larger screen.
    We went with a Keiser bike, probably the best bike available at home, bc it also connects easily with all the open apps. I love my new bike. But I miss the JRNY app a little.

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  8. Jcornish

    Great bike but the support is not as good as I hoped. Took about an hour for two of us to setup the bike. I called tech support for an issue and I was on hold for a little over an hour before someone answered. If support is important to you, I would probably look at other bikes. I do like the fact that the bike will lean as you ride. It is a little more difficult with the lean and that engages a few more mussels. The display is good and there are a lot of choices of where and how to ride. The musical choices are a bit limited and I wish they offered classical music as a choice.
    The bike should get 5 stars and the support should get 3. Average is 4 and that’s why I’ve given it what I did.

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    Bowflex – VeloCore Bike (22″ Console) Exercise Bike – Black
    Bowflex – VeloCore Bike (22″ Console) Exercise Bike – Black

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