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Mamonde Lip Sleeping Mask Balm Moisturizer Overnight Care Treatment


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Photos: Mamonde Lip Sleeping Mask Balm Moisturizer Overnight Care Treatment

8 reviews for Mamonde Lip Sleeping Mask Balm Moisturizer Overnight Care Treatment

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  1. Leonard Fitzgerald

    I thought about buying before the price went down on it ($16 or thereabout), and when I saw that it was $5 cheaper than that for a limited time, I sprang for it. I’m glad I waited, though having saved 5 bucks is a small comfort. I applied this stuff every night for about a week, right as I went to bed, and I would wake up with drier, more cracked lips than I went to sleep with — every time. I guess it isn’t completely awful as a daytime balm, but it’s incredibly thick and even when applying a small amount, I can’t get it all to transfer from my finger to my lips and I have to wipe it off my finger because it is so dang sticky. I’m going back to using C.O. Bigelow night balm because it’s less expensive (even when this stuff is on sale) and it actually works.

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  2. William Skehan

    I found out about this product from one of my coworkers, and decided to give it a try. I do love that it’s very thick, really meant to be used as part of your evening beauty routine. I slather a bunch of it on and go to sleep; in the morning I found my lips are much softer. I think it’s great to balance it with lip exfoliation, in order to make sure you’re getting the most out of it (just using it without exfoliation, I’ve personally found that I still have spots that are dry). I do also suggest you only use it in the evening, using it throughout the day it is very heavy, because it makes your lips look very shiny like you slathered them with bacon grease.

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  3. Swarovski lover

    Love this stuff. If you get dry lips. This feels so good. Makes lip lines disappear. Lips feel soft ?
    & supple.

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  4. Muningning

    I had been using various lip conditioners, such as the Sativa one from NYX and the lip balm from smiledirectclub. The smiledirectclub balm was useless! So I bought the Nyx one. It actually made my lips a lot softer, but I still had large flakes of dry skin on my lips that didn’t seem to want to come off or heal.

    Enter the Mamonde lip mask. This stuff is more like a light lip balm. I find it hard to get what feels like a thick layer on. However, all my big flakes have since come off! And so long as I remember to apply it twice a day, the flakes don’t tend to come back. Now I apply it once in the morning and once in the evening, and apply the Nyx in between during the day. I’m pretty happy with this lip routine.

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  5. Amazon Customer

    The moisturizer on this lip mask is very smooth, but it doesn’t stay on long. I put a mask on my lips before going to bed, woke a few hours to dry lips ” no I didn’t accidentally wipe it off” I tried using it during the day as lip balm, again it’s smooth and make your lips soft but it just doesn’t last long. I find myself reapplying often. When I purchased this I thought it was a “mask” it actually reminds me of a soft, light petroleum jelly. So I guess I paid $16 for small vaseline.

    Revised review:
    After using for some time now I have to say I really like the balm…but I will stand the point of it not staying on long. But I will admit it’s the best lip balm if used.

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  6. Cbe

    Loveeeee this stuff. Adds the most beautiful, long lasting, healthy sheen on your lips similar to a gloss but with the consistency and lightweight application of a luxury balm with ZERO sticky/tackiness. A huge bonus is I’m very sensitive to strong smells and this is a totally manageable light floral scent. You can add a little extra at night to ensure you wake up with hydrated and smooth lips. Can not get enough I’m so happy I received a sample many months back & 100% pleased with my choice to purchase full size.

    In the pictures you can see it’s a very generous size that should last you a looong time. I have big hands too haha 🙂

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  7. Sandra

    I have always, always had chronically chapped lips. I got a sample size of this for Christmas and the tiny little sample lasted like 2 weeks and…. my lips weren’t chapped. I’d been using Vaseline, then a Burt’s Bees lip mask overnight and it was OK but with this product I noticed a difference after the first few uses. I’m pretty sure this tub is gonna last me at least 6 months of daily use because you really don’t need a lot. The smell is awesome, and I was surprised how well this worked. I’ve gone from “chapstick every hour” to “chapstick twice a day” thanks to this.

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  8. Whitney

    I didn’t expect much from this product, I bought it on a whim at a store and fell in love with it. It was so amazing that I went to pick up a few more, but NOBODY carries it. I was relieved that I was able to find it on Amazon and stock up. This is better than any overpriced product I’ve used thus far and I have a pretty extensive collection due to my obsession with hydrated lips. Buy now if you share the obsession, you will love it.

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    Mamonde Lip Sleeping Mask Balm Moisturizer Overnight Care Treatment
    Mamonde Lip Sleeping Mask Balm Moisturizer Overnight Care Treatment
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