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REAL LEATHER Slim Minimalist Mens Wallet – Thin Front Pocket RFID Credit Card Holder Wallets For Men Holiday Gifts For Him


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  • Leather lining
  • Zipper closure
  • π—šπ—˜π—‘π—¨π—œπ—‘π—˜ π—Ÿπ—˜π—”π—§π—›π—˜π—₯ – Our ultra thin carbonfiber black wallet is handmade with the finest quality leather that is extremely soft, smooth, and comfortable to touch. Its durability gives you the confidence for a long lasting wallet.
  • π—›π—’π—Ÿπ—œπ——π—”π—¬ π—šπ—œπ—™π—§ 𝗕𝗒𝗫 – Our wallets come wrapped in a gorgeous gift box making it the best choice for Christmas, Hanukkah, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Corporate Gifts, Groomsmen, Brides and all other special occasions.
  • π—¦π—¨π—£π—˜π—₯ π—¦π—Ÿπ—œπ—  π——π—˜π—¦π—œπ—šπ—‘ – Our minimalist wallet offers a slim and compact design. It contains 4 Card Slots, 1 ID Window, and a cash compartment. Its thin design allows you to use it as a front pocket wallet or back pocket wallet.
  • 𝗣π—₯π—œπ—©π—”π—–π—¬. π—¦π—”π—™π—˜π—§π—¬. π—¦π—˜π—–π—¨π—₯π—œπ—§π—¬ – This Leather card holder is equipped with state of the art RFID BLOCKING technology, a unique safety feature to protect your valuable information on your credit cards, ID Cards, and other sensitive information.
  • 🌟 π— π—’π—‘π—˜π—¬ π—•π—”π—–π—ž π—šπ—¨π—”π—₯π—”π—‘π—§π—˜π—˜ – Lifetime Warranty is provided with this carbonfiber black leather wallet! We are able to implement this warranty because we believe in the quality of our product. 🌟 𝗙π—₯π—˜π—˜ π—₯π—˜π—§π—¨π—₯𝗑𝗦: Don’t like it? Send it back for a full refund so you can buy risk free!

Specification: REAL LEATHER Slim Minimalist Mens Wallet – Thin Front Pocket RFID Credit Card Holder Wallets For Men Holiday Gifts For Him



Date First Available

March 31, 2019

Photos: REAL LEATHER Slim Minimalist Mens Wallet – Thin Front Pocket RFID Credit Card Holder Wallets For Men Holiday Gifts For Him

13 reviews for REAL LEATHER Slim Minimalist Mens Wallet – Thin Front Pocket RFID Credit Card Holder Wallets For Men Holiday Gifts For Him

4.2 out of 5
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  1. D

    It just wasn’t small enough for me, and there is too much material where cards go that some were just not snug.

    That being said, it’s a hit or miss. The quality is okay, not real leather, and it is small and compact. But having a smaller, real leather Roots wallet, I can tell the difference. Leather will keep it tight even over time, while these materials will get looser.

    May work for some, not for me.

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  2. mfvisuals

    Not sure why people are complaining that Canadian bills don’t fit. They do perfectly fine.
    Unless the wallet was upgraded to be a bit wider since the last reviews?
    Just fold it in half like normal, not like others who say it sticks out or need to fold twice.
    My bills stick out exactly 1-2mm at most, which is perfect. Not about the 1cm like others are showing.

    I got the crazyhorse black. I thought it would be more gray, like in the photo, than actual black.
    Also looking at other people’s wallets, it seems as though the product colours are a bit brighter than the actual products. Not much, but if you’re picky, be aware it’ll be a touch darker than shown.

    The leather quality is decent. Doesn’t seem like the high-end stuff, but for $20, not bad. Seems like it’ll hold well.

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  3. Quentin0352

    I got this because my old wallet was dead. My wife looked at plenty with the things I liked and ordered one for x-mas but it was delayed and then they cancelled the orders. I spotted this and it is inexpensive so was worth the gamble.

    Yup, the leather is thin, not really an issue though since thin is the name of this game. Yes that may be a durability issue, we will have to see. But it holds what I need in a small package in the front pocket since back issues the doctors told me to stop putting my wallet in the back pocket. It doesn’t poke me or anything that is uncomfortable so worth every penny to me so far.

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  4. Dan Harrison

    Well once cards are put in it kind of bubbles up but I am sure it will flatten out . My one complaint would be I have to roll money up to fit I have 1 20$ 1 10$ and u can see in pic how it fits.. but over all like this wallet and hope they make changes and let me know when they do..

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  5. Art of Books

    This product is extremely well made, and it fits the need to protect your credit and debit cards from scammers trying to capture the information contained on the RFIP chip that all cards now use. It fits comfortably in your front pocket, which keeps it away from prying hands, as well as relieves the strain on the back from keeping a wallet in a back pocket. I’m sure if you carry a purse it would fit well and not take up much room.
    If there is a downside, is that it only holds a small number of cards, but frankly, if you need to carry a ton of cards then that is a totally different problem that this great product can’t address.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    Good little wallet with plenty of card slots. Only gripe is the cash slot does not fit Canadian bills unless you fold them twice, which wastes a lot of available space.

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  7. Nolan

    Great little wallet, bought one for myself in the Crazyhorse Black and love it. Feels really nice to hold and fits very well with a low profile in front or back pockets. Great for carrying essentials and a few bills – which fit fine when oriented properly as shown in my last photo. My father and brother both liked mine so much they got their own in Stonehenge Brown and Green Carbon Fiber. As other reviews say, the colour is slightly different than pictured, but I think they look better in person anyways. I will definitely buy again when this one wears out. Even if it only lasts a year or two, I think it’s definitely worth the low price.

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  8. TFelicia

    I loved the size and easy of use that this wallet gave initially. After a week, I bought one for my son. 6 months later, I’m now back on Amazon looking for a replacement. The material is tearing and the wallet stretched more than I feel it should have for what I put in it and the liner comes out. (License, Id, 5 Cards). I keep money in my other pocket. I started by having each card in a different slot, which quickly got too loose, so I now keep them in the same. If you use your CCs a lot, the wallet will not last 2 months.

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  9. Ebbets

    I have purchased a lot of β€œSlim” wallets over the past few years, searching for the β€œperfect” one. I began carrying my wallet in my front pocket, therefore wanting to eliminate too much bulk. I carry several cards in my wallet, including credit, insurance, retirement I.D. from my previous career, driver’s license, membership I.D. for a couple of places, etc. Oh yeah, and money (unfortunately, not a lot!!) but all of those items fit very well and are easily accessible. I think I’ve finally completed my search!
    Another selling point is the low price. I’ve easily spent thirty (or more a couple of times) bucks for very similar wallets and discontinued using them since purchasing this one. Bottom line, I highly recommend this item! And no, I don’t work for the company!!

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  10. chester

    After losing my last wallet, I wanted to get something slimmer to fit into my back pocket. I’m very happy with this one. Here are a few things to note.

    – When I first got it, it was longer than I was expecting. After I started using it though, it was not an issue at all.
    – It had exactly the number of card slots I needed (2 on the side with the plastic see-through holder, 3 on the other). I do occasionally toss in some more things and it fits multiple things in a single slot easily while still holding everything snug.
    – The middle holder for cash or whatnot works well, though it is a bit tight. You can easily fit a few bills in (and they need to be folded in half), but definitely not a wad of cash.
    – The holes to push up the outermost cards on each side is great and easy to use.
    – One thing I didn’t consider beforehand is that my work ID has an RFID chip to open doors. Since the wallet blocks them, I have this card in the see-through slot instead of my driver’s license. Works fine like this, just wasn’t what I originally planned.

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  11. DE

    I love this wallet. It is very lightweight. Can carry 5 credit cards an Drivers license. Also, cash in the inner pocket. The best part about it is I carry it in my front pocket. very painless. I bought 2 more for my hubby and grandson. This way you won’t have that uncomfortable bulge in your back pocket or have the opportunity for someone to pickpocket you either or snatch your purse. Great gift and very lightweight.

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  12. Naomi RB

    Packaging was beautiful!! Feels like great quality. Was just looking for something durable and smaller than my Kate Spade wallet, especially when I just need my ID and credit card for a short quick trip. Not sure how it stands up yet to day to day activities. I did notice the seam on the edges of the pockets starting to separate but I’m not too worried about it as the stitching is stopping it from going any further. Overall, I’d recommend. Paper card stayed in well in the middle pocket too.

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  13. Kerrie

    I bought a bifold wallet from this company about a year ago which I still use everyday and right away I understood this company actually cares to make great products.

    I wanted something slim for when I go to a wedding or go out at night and I only need my ID, a couple of cards and maybe a bit of cash. I’m happy to say my experience was nothing short of fantastic.

    The packaging is very gift appropriate, the leather is super soft, clearly good quality, and the little hole to push up your card is way more convenient than I thought. RFID blocking is a plus (I personally don’t care either way).

    I also love that they send you an email after you receive your product to make sure that you are 100% satisfied and offer to resolve any issues you may have right away, that’s customer service at its best. Thanks Access Denied I’ll be back for more!

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    REAL LEATHER Slim Minimalist Mens Wallet – Thin Front Pocket RFID Credit Card Holder Wallets For Men Holiday Gifts For Him
    REAL LEATHER Slim Minimalist Mens Wallet – Thin Front Pocket RFID Credit Card Holder Wallets For Men Holiday Gifts For Him

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