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Bentgo Classic – All-in-One Stackable Bento Lunch Box Container – Modern Bento-Style Design Includes 2 Stackable Containers, Built-in Plastic…


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  • 2 STACKABLE CONTAINERS: Top container features 2 compartments that each hold 3/4 cups of food while the bottom container holds 2 cups — together they’re perfect for packing a variety of foods in healthy portions
  • BPA-FREE: Made with food-grade, eco-friendly materials that are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe (Note: Do not put center divider in dishwasher or microwave)
  • COMPACT & EASY STORAGE: Top container nests inside the bottom one for compact & easy storage
  • PURCHASE WITH A PURPOSE: Bentgo continues to be a proud supporter of Feed the Children, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that gives hope and resources for hungry children and families. Since 2017, Bentgo has donated more than $200,000 to help put an end to hunger.
  • WHAT YOU GET: Bentgo Classic lunch container, sealing strap, 3-piece utensil set, user manual, industry-leading 2 Year Warranty, and caring customer support.

Specification: Bentgo Classic – All-in-One Stackable Bento Lunch Box Container – Modern Bento-Style Design Includes 2 Stackable Containers, Built-in Plastic…

Product Dimensions

7.12 x 4.68 x 2.7 inches

Item Weight

12 ounces



Item model number


Date First Available

November 19, 2019

Photos: Bentgo Classic – All-in-One Stackable Bento Lunch Box Container – Modern Bento-Style Design Includes 2 Stackable Containers, Built-in Plastic…

11 reviews for Bentgo Classic – All-in-One Stackable Bento Lunch Box Container – Modern Bento-Style Design Includes 2 Stackable Containers, Built-in Plastic…

3.2 out of 5
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  1. Laura

    I dislike the fact that it says ‘its dishwasher friendly’ on the back of the bowl, but it is not! I was only able to use my bowl once and then it got destroyed in the dishwasher.

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  2. Callie

    UPDATED: I would like to amend my initial review. While the review of the product remains the same, the customer service is impeccable. After writing my review I received a full refund of my 3 purchased Bentgo boxes. I also was not asked to return the products, which I would not have minded doing, but it is a hassle. I didn’t even ask for a refund and I received a letter and full refund. I am definitely satisfied with that. So my review is amended to say that while this product did not work for me or my husband, it may work better for others and with their customer service I would encourage those who are tempted to buy it and return for a refund if you don’t like it.

    INITIAL REVIEW: I bought this product for my husband. It fit perfectly in his lunch box and the material seemed to be of good quality for the price, it was also pleasing to the eye. Unfortunately, everything in this doesn’t really fit as it is supposed to. I bought 3 of these in hopes that I would have found a great solution for meal prepping his meals. The silverware in the middle have to be places very specifically to fit between the two and even then they are not a firm fit. They merely can be placed into the slots, but they still slide all around. The top that holds the silverware and goes on top of the light grey bottom container does not fit into the bottom container, again it merely sits on top. The same non-fitted top goes on the top dark grey container. Then they give you the flexible strap that goes around the two boxes to hold them all together. Unfortunately, if the strap moves towards one side (which it does since the container is a sleek design) then it almost pops the two containers apart. My husband and I both struggled with all 3 of the Bentgo boxes we got and keeping them all together. Getting the strap on to hold them all together, which is mandatory since without it nothing holds the tops on, often just caused the tops on either top or bottom to come out of place. This unstructured and unfitted design was actually the cause of my husband spilling all of his food all over the ground at work trying to get the strap off so he could heat up his food. It was at this point that he said he wanted me to either throw them away, donate them or return them because he refused to use them. We will instead go back to the normal Tupperware containers.

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  3. S. Foss

    This product is ok, but it does have design flaws. My biggest issues is that the two compartments in the top container are not sealed off from each other when the lid is on, see photo, so when I walk to work items in those compartments can mix. Personally would have liked it if the lids where interchangeable and the containers could be stacked in either order. I never intended to keep liquids in this, but the seals are mediocre at best. Things I do like is the plastic used is solid and sturdy, but it is also pretty light. The larger compartment is wide enough to hold a sandwich, so long as it is not to high of a sandwich. Having the strap is also nice it’s not super strong but it is strong enough to keep the container together with the lids on when I walk to work. Providing the utensils is a nice touch, but they can interfere with the stacking ability. I also threw them away by accident since they look similar to the disposable utensils my office keeps on hand.

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  4. T. Chapman

    I’m not a fan of this lunch box. First of all, it’s really hard to keep together and definitely not leak-proof. The top has two compartments and the food WILL spill between the two. I hate the strap and would prefer a latch. Once you slide the strap off everything just falls apart. My kids now use it as a bath toy and I have bought something else. Waste of money. I DO love the Bentgo kids lunch boxes, so not all of their products are this bad!

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  5. Amazon Customer

    This is a beautiful and minimalistic lunch box, perfect for a regular portioned meal and it even comes with utensils (fork, knife, and spoon). It is however NOT ideal for kids or people who like to eat elaborate meals that include soups. This is perfect for someone in college/university that’s looking for a simple and convenient lunch box to bring that doesn’t take up much space. The instructions say this is dishwasher/microwave safe, however this lunch box also came with a little card that suggests to not put both lids and utensils in microwaves as they can take less heat than the actual containers. That doesn’t mean it’s poor quality though. Overall it’s a great product that can last a long time if you know how to take care of it.

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  6. Miryana

    This is a lovely lunch box and I have been able to pack all of my food for work in it. The provided cutlery is especially handy if you decide you want to have your lunch in the park. It doesn’t take much space in my bag and it is pretty stylish. I have been using it for few weeks and I haven’t have any leaks from the box. It is also high quality, the plastic does feels sturdier than other boxes.

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  7. Mie

    I spent days trying to find the right kind of bento box and meal prep set for my boyfriend to take to work and I’m so happy with BentGo. I ended up buying this + the salad one + the bag and they’re perfect. I was afraid a compact container would be too small but it’s perfect for a 30yo male that eats a lot! You can pack a lot of food if it’s rice/meat/pasta/curry and a few extras in the small compartments which is what I wanted. A small 2oz container for sauce fits perfectly. The light gray “top” did get stained after the first use of pasta sauce/carrots but that’s pretty normal and easy to remove with baking soda. The actual compartments don’t shut by themselves so you need the band to keep it together but haven’t had any spillage issues and you can just use one of the levels if you don’t need to use the second compartment. You can tell the bottom one is much deeper than the top one so bulky veggies don’t fit too well. Overall really great & I absolutely would purchase more.

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  8. Karen

    This product is adorable, but it is not functional at all. The utensils in the middle keep popping out and won’t stay put. The white lid of the top compartment keeps popping off (I have never put it in the dishwasher). The two compartments don’t stay together without the little band, and the band is not attached to anything, so if it gets separated or lost, even temporarily, like in the car or a backpack, the whole thing doesn’t work as a set. Also, the band is starting to lose it’s elasticity, so it’s slipping off more and more easily as time goes on. I really wanted this to work, but unfortunately, it is turning out to be a very disappointing purchase.

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  9. Brandie

    I bought 3 of them. There is no room for even small yogurts or ice packs I guess I thought it was bigger. The utensils don’t fit properly in any of the 3 I bought for my kids and the lids don’t fit tightly. Meaning, if you lose the band it’s useless. Pretty sure my kids will lose in about a week’s time! Definitely over-priced. Just get 2 plastic containers that seal properly – it would be better. Would have returned if kids didn’t open it.

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  10. Michelle behselich

    Let me just say: I have no idea what people are talking about in the reviews.
    I work long hours in retail and I bought one for my boyfriend and I for our lunches. I throw these things in my purse and it doesn’t matter what happens to it, it’s sturdy. The boxes themselves nestle into each other and the band is so tight that I have no issues keeping it shut. The compartments can be a little small but they are perfect for a quick meal. They do not leak, at all. As you can see, none of the items mixed together and if you spill things on the container it’s completely protected.
    Honestly, these were exactly what I was looking for. The food stays separate and neatly tucked away and it doesn’t even take up much room in the fridge.
    I hand wash them, though , I’m not sure how well they’d hold up in a dishwasher.

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  11. Ryley Balon

    This bento box is amazing! The potion sizes are correct for my needs, though correct portion sizes are not shown on the cardboard band wrapped around the item itself. The information on the inside says that it’s not leak proof (though there are seals) and they recommend not putting soup or sauces in the compartment(s) and not laying sauced foods in the container on the sides.

    The size of the bento box was actually bigger than I thought it was. On the top container (the one divided in half) one side fits 9 large cherries, the other half comfortably fits a small container of dressing, and the bottom container fits over 1 1/2 cups of veggies.

    The nesting of the top and bottom compartments is very convenient for saving space after eating or for storage.

    Only issue I have is that it’s not recommended to use a heat dry setting in a dishwasher (though the compartments (sans lids) go on the top rack of the dishwasher.

    I will be buying more (in different colours) in the future.

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    Bentgo Classic – All-in-One Stackable Bento Lunch Box Container – Modern Bento-Style Design Includes 2 Stackable Containers, Built-in Plastic…
    Bentgo Classic – All-in-One Stackable Bento Lunch Box Container – Modern Bento-Style Design Includes 2 Stackable Containers, Built-in Plastic…
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