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Samsung – 29 cu. ft. Smart 4-Door Flex™ refrigerator with Family Hub™ and Beverage Center – Black stainless steel


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Extra-large capacity Smart 4-Door Flex™ refrigerator with Family Hub™ helps you connect to what’s most important: your family and home. Samsung’s Family Hub™ lets you see inside your refrigerator, manage your family’s calendars, stream music, see who’s at the front door and much more, all right from your fridge.

Photos: Samsung – 29 cu. ft. Smart 4-Door Flex™ refrigerator with Family Hub™ and Beverage Center – Black stainless steel

8 reviews for Samsung – 29 cu. ft. Smart 4-Door Flex™ refrigerator with Family Hub™ and Beverage Center – Black stainless steel

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  1. Impressed

    Samsung has really stepped it up with this refrigerator! They have corrected the cooling system and issues that they had with the previous model (which they refunded our complete purchace price for from the previous model that we bought in 2019 that repeatedly failed). This model it spacious and one of our favorite features is that it produces 2 types of ice, large and small at the same time in two different spaces side by side. Having the flexibility to set one of the lower doors as a refrigerator instead of a freezer gives us the space we need to refrigerate food for our family of 7 instead of small almost useless freezer space that most refrigerators have. The door in door on the upper left compartment allows us easy access to the most common items that we open the fridge for instead of having to open the entire thing. This saves money by keeping the temp inside cooler. It also has an automatic water filling pitcher in this side. The command center has way too many options and advantages to list here but having access to the internet, music apps, grocery store, etc., etc., and endless apps serves the kitchen and the cook in incredibly helpful ways. Enough good cannot be said about the new Samsung 4Plex 29cu.ft. refrigerator. Thanks Samsung. Oh, one more thing, having the Best Buy Total Tech protection plan in place gives us the piece of mind we need to know that should any problem arise, we’re covered!

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  2. Great

    Great Product efficient and technologically advance – beverage area outstanding – best refrigerator I had had over the years

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  3. GAGandKitty

    Super refrigerator! It perfectly fits a 36 inch wide by 72 inch tall space. A quarter of an inch smaller space in either direction? Won’t fit. After sliding it in, level with the two front feet.
    The four doors are great, gives maximum access to everything. Very few items are hidden back behind something. The problem with many other interior layouts, is that items get stacked in front of and forgotten.
    Freezer is great, and having ice inside with a scoop is better than a leaky exterior dispenser that drops cubes on the floor. Also having the water dispenser inside a door, keeps it better insulated. But, the water pitcher is really nice, best reason is that water in the pitcher becomes colder than immediately dispensed water. That’s very nice.
    Digital temperature controls (easiest using the phone app) are very convenient and precise. Makes sure you have it cold enough to keep ice cream and Popsicles hard. Right now the bottom right is a freezer to hold the Omaha Steaks order. Once they’re gone, it may be changed to a refrigerator around the holidays.
    Family Hub is very nice. Think, just like your Samsung Galaxy phone, but just doesn’t make calls. Play music, browse the web, do virtually anything that a smart device that connects to WiFi can do.
    Sometimes the feature of viewing the inside of the refrigerator on your phone, takes a while to finally provide an image on your phone. But, it doesn’t appear to be a fault of the refrigerator, because it can be playing music continuously (meaning that it has a persistent WiFi connection) and you can instantly view the image on the refrigerator screen. One time it just would display to phone after an hour of trying. I rebooted the refrigerator and it then worked fine. So yeah, just like your PC and phone, you may have to reboot periodically.
    The alert tones are very nice and soothing. Letting you know that the doors are still open. Which is good, because sometimes you don’t close them fully, being used to a fridge with simple door and magnetic gasket. On this fridge, you have to push them closed.
    Can’t say enough good things about it. Price was a bit much, but I decided if I was going to get a nice new refrigerator, go ahead and splurge. Why get a two-year old design? You’d still be paying thousands for it. Notice the dent in the 4th door, lower right? That saved almost a thousands dollars off the regular price. I’d rather save the money and just put a magnetic picture on that door if it bothers anyone.
    One of the big quality items is that the sliding drawers and shelves are on guides that lock into place on the side walls of the refrigerator. And, the drawers all have separate fixed guides, that are not a part of the shelf above. Cheaper models have a shelf that just sits on pegs and when you try to slide the drawer that’s attached to the bottom of the shelf, the whole thing jumps up off the pins. Terrible!
    Family hub is really great. Leave messages. Synch everyone’s calendars. Even put a note inside the fridge, that others can view from their phone. Well, now I need to go downstairs and get something to eat from the refrigerator. Maybe a Popsicle.

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  4. halld59

    I love this refrigerator! It will solve the I’ve maker freezing up in my old model. I’ve maker was in the refrigerator. The dual I’ve makers are in the freezer in this bad boy! And I love the flex zone area!!! So happy we selected this model!!!

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  5. B888

    Well our old fridge finally after 15 years died and we wanted something somewhat future proof. We are a family of 4 with younger children and wanted to have a dedicated location for the kids! The fridge is EXTREMELY spacious, we host a lot of family and friend get togethers so the space is needed. Enough room inside for regular weekly leftovers and a full on birthday meal! we even had room to add 2 lazy Susan. the ability to change the bottom right to a flex zone for the kids was the real winner here. we have a deep freezer in the garage so didn’t need to extra indoor freezer space, thus it became the kids! The ability to have different types of ice is awesome and the saved space from the ice maker frees up a lot of internal space. Additionally the water jug in the door (beverage center) is a super nice added touch. The smart screen is decently not needed, but is super helpful in a smart home or just keeping people on schedule! Love the Fridge!!!

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  6. Anna

    Always Best Buy, always best service, friendly and Integrity

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  7. Samsung

    Love the fact that the water dispenser is compacted en left door and hidden.
    The ice in the freezer so that motor doesn’t take space in the Fridge.
    2 types of ice, big cube and smaller cubes. Makes lots of ice.
    The Hub is amazing!!! Radio, transfer your phone to the hub, see tv etc.
    What an amazing idea.
    No handles creates space in the kitchen when passing by…
    One door in the freezer is flex so you can set temp to freezer, fridge, wine cooler or meat hold.
    Best fridge ever.

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  8. Mikeyr305

    One of my favorite new fridge. This fridge is the best thing that we bought. It has 4 door in which one flexs to a fridge, freezer, meat\fish, or beverage center. There’s a crisper cabinet that flexs to meat/fish so that those products stay at a good 37°F. To dispense the water it’s inside of fridge on left side and it also has a pitcher for infusing water. The ice maker makes 2 different size ice. It has its own little scooper to scoop up ice.

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    Samsung – 29 cu. ft. Smart 4-Door Flex™ refrigerator with Family Hub™ and Beverage Center – Black stainless steel
    Samsung – 29 cu. ft. Smart 4-Door Flex™ refrigerator with Family Hub™ and Beverage Center – Black stainless steel

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