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Lions Mane Brain and Focus Supplements – Mushroom Powder Extract Capsules – Non GMO and Gluten Free Supplement for Better Cognitive Health


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  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom Supplement for Better Cognitive Health: Made from pure lions mane mushroom extract for superior brain support. We use hot water extraction to obtain beneficial beta-glucans, hericenones, and thousands of other nutrients to provide an unparalleled brain boost with every capsule. Unlike other memory and focus supplements, we do not add mycelium, starch, grains, or fillers into our products — you only get 100% real mushrooms in every bottle
  • Ultimate Memory Supplement for Brain: The mushrooms used to make this dietary supplement are hand-picked by experts who have over 40 years of mushroom growing experience to ensure we provide you the best extract possible. Unlike other brain supplements for memory and focus, The Real Mushrooms Lion’s Mane supplements have measured levels of beta-glucans (most important compound found in mushrooms) verified by 3rd party laboratories
  • Pure & Potent Lions Mane Extract Supplement Good for 60 Days: By choosing Real Mushrooms, you get great value for your money as 1 bottle is already good for 2 months. Our lion’s mane extract contains >25% Beta-glucans and
  • Cognition & Focus Pills Plus More Benefits: This lion’s mane supplement is a natural immune support that provides overall health, wellness & superior focus factor. Besides being memory pills, mood booster & mental focus supplements, it also helps improve the brain’s regenerative function while supporting mental clarity, better sleep, improved energy level, mood, and heart health- perfect for busy & active individuals with demanding lifestyles
  • Reminder: A very small percentage of people may experience adverse effects when consuming mushrooms, including upset stomach, skin, and head discomfort. This may be mushroom-specific or dose-dependent. It is advised to stop consuming the product if you do not feel well. If you wish to try the product again, start with a smaller dose and consult with your health practitioner.

Specification: Lions Mane Brain and Focus Supplements – Mushroom Powder Extract Capsules – Non GMO and Gluten Free Supplement for Better Cognitive Health

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January 4, 2018


Real Mushrooms

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10 reviews for Lions Mane Brain and Focus Supplements – Mushroom Powder Extract Capsules – Non GMO and Gluten Free Supplement for Better Cognitive Health

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  1. Rolo

    Check CBC marketplace on the joke on NPN, Health Canada is a joke allowing scammers to make a business out of it.
    if you have been taking for a while, get your blood tested. lead poisoning creeps up slowly and only gets noticed when really severe. its funny they dont post a picture where it shows possible exposure to lead. my memory has been worse and oddly got stomach pain everytime i took one. looked it up and these are symptons of lead poisoning. i asked a question above about a report for lab testing which they mentioned are strictly confidential – seems suspicious. sending to a lab to have them checked out, curious to see what it really has. if i had nothing to hide and knew my product was clean and high quality, id have no issue with lab report transparency.
    NPN lists a few FILLERS: wood, sand and thickeners (Hypromellose, Microcrystalline cellulose, Silicon dioxide, Stearic acid)
    NPN is FALSE SENSE OF SAFETY (check CBC marketplace investigation on this). pls pls do your research and look into it. I decided to look into it more after going to a nutritionist seminar to find out that the SUPPLEMENT INDUSTRY IS NOT REGULATED IN CANADA. Meaning they can make false claims and get away with it. Health Canada is only REACTIVE, not proactive in protecting you. Only if a significant number of people experience severe issues will health Canada act. They don’t screen or care about what’s in the millions of products out there.

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  2. Ross

    This uses a water extracted process. The compounds in Lion’s Mane that stimulate nerve growth cannot be extracted using a water extraction method, alcohol is needed, aka a dual-extraction method advertised in other products. You will get the beta-d glucans and that’s it, which is not the part which gives the advertised cognitive effects, and that is also why it is the only compound along with starch included in the nutritional label. This is worthless as a Lion’s Mane supplement, do not buy.

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  3. Bob Rhoades

    As of the writing of this review I have taken Lions Mane for one week. The changes I have noticed in myself were subtle at first, but became more profound as each day went by. I am taking the capsules, and I take 1 or 2 per day. I am a 58 year old night shift nurse battling depression, fatigue, and brain fog. So here are just a few of the changes in me: I am more keenly aware of my surroundings. The pain of clinical depression seems to have dissipated. I positively have more energy which helps tremendously at the end of my shift. And I am much more patient with doctors, ARNP’s and pharmacists even when by their action or inaction have placed my patients in jeopardy. Maintaining civility and professionalism is important when advocating for the needs of my patients. Depressing thoughts have strangely disappeared. My patients have noticed that I am more upbeat and cheerful. I have also noticed that I am more engaged with my wife in conversation and physical affection. I am more in tune with her wants and needs. And I am genuinely interested in hearing about her day. Am I a brand new man? No, but I am functioning much better, and I am very grateful for Lions Mane mushrooms. In a simple sentence: I feel like I am waking up.

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  4. Diana K.

    I was very skeptical of the mushrooms to begin with. It was a health practitioner who suggested this brand specifically because they were organic and a local BC company. I know mushrooms have a bad name for being toxic and filled with pesticides because of their growing conditions, particularly when grown in China but I feel these are what they say they are. I even sent an email to the company asking a few questions about them and they were very responsive. They answered everything and had great follow up. So far I’m feeling much better and have actually ordered a second bottle for a family member. Highly recommend.

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  5. Boris

    It has been 50 days today since I first started taking Real Mushrooms Lions Mane.

    I’ll start off by saying my package arrived in 3 days.

    I received a email from Matt who works for the Company making sure I had received everything in my package, and If I had any questions.

    I was turned onto the Lions mane by a passenger sitting next to me, on a flight home from Manitoba

    He had told me he had been taking them for a few months and was reaping the benefits

    I was hesitant at first but decided on the Real mushroom brand for their quality control testing, and Price.

    I began with the recommended 2 capsules a day with my breakfast and all I can say is WOW!

    50 days in and I’m a different person. my cognitive function (clearer thinking, more focused, and memory) has drastically increased.

    I’m in a much better overall mood

    I fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

    I just purchased my second bottle and will continue the lions mane for as long as I live.


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  6. Celia Clause

    I’m switching from this product to Host Defense Lion’s Mane. This product from Real Mushrooms is good and will achieve the results you might be looking for, but don’t let anyone fool you that there’s anything wrong with consuming the mycelium as opposed to the fruiting bodies (which Real Mushroom does). Mycelium has been shown to be more potent than the fruiting bodies and there’s even some benefits to growing them on rice and/or wood. Host Defense is more expensive but you’ll get more for your money at the end of the day. Then there’s the added benefit of supporting an American growing operation. As well as giving money to a company that uses the sales for additional mushroom research and repopulating the bee population.

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  7. Rolo

    I have MS and use Lion’s Mane for it’s nerve growth factor. I stopped taking it for awhile as I didn’t think it was doing anything but noticed that it had helped my cognitive function (clearer thinking, more focused, and memory) so l started taking it again.

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  8. chaz

    I recently woke up from 7month comma 3 and half months ago, had a hard time recalling names, and people I knew in general. I played everything off just to remove the awkwardness. I basically had to accept my world around me that I sort of forgotten off…

    ANYWAYS my point is, when I started taking this stuff. Everybody I knew just started to click right back. Not trying to sound over dramatic, but after day 90 of daily use I started to remember birthdays of some friends and relatives. Old memories started to return and prior knowledge of my life up to the point of my coma.

    Anyways, this stuff works!

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  9. samia

    I read about lions mane a long time ago and finally decided to give these a try a few months ago. It has been a complete game changer for me! I noticed the effects from day 1. Complete mental clarity, without any sort of speedyness or negative side effects. I have since repurchased and plan on taking these for the rest of my life! I even bought some for my parents. I have been taking them for around 3 months now and haven’t noticed any tolerance or decrease in effect. A++++

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  10. Frank

    LIONS MANE IS GREAT. Read all to make your Alzheimer’s experience better.
    My mother is 85, she is wheelchair bound. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2009, and I have been taking care of her since, and is been an astronomical endeavor practically by myself.

    Most alzheimer’s patient will retrograde to their past.

    If you are dealing with an alzheimer’s patient, than you know what I mean.

    Every Alzheimer’s person behavior might be different than somebody else, and once you find out about the disease, things will get a bit easier to deal with.

    I make every effort for her to be comfortable and safe.

    But I will provide you with some useful tips, and what I have learn so far. Before I tell you about this 100% natural compound that is short of a miracle for the treatment of Alzheimer’s

    Alzheimer’s patients will go through many memories changes and moods.
    Behavior on Alzheimer’s patients is more sporadic, than constant.
    Also the patient could go through a sun downing episode, is a usual Alzheimer’s event that most of the time it manifest itself late afternoon, and early evening.
    Most of the time, when a constant type of behavior is happening, it could mean that the patient, mostly women, might have an Urinary Track infection.
    Whenever an UTII is present, you are guaranteed angry behavioral changes.
    Also be advised, that a lot of times, at least in women, a fever might not be present during an UTI. I have learn that an UTI might be present went her behavior will change for the worst.
    Most important informed yourself about all aspects of the disease, and explain to all that are going to be assisting you on the caring of your love one.
    Be loving, understanding, learn about the disease, and most of all, be patient.
    Try always to establish a routine, get everybody involved.
    Always use a friendly soft tone of voice, musical if necessary.
    Never, never scream at them, or have them see you angry.
    Do not argue, do not insist that the patient is wrong when mentioning something, most of the time is better to go along, is less stressful, let the patient realize the mistake, and to avoid conflict, take the blame yourself, look pass been insulted, do not take it personal, smile, that you have forgotten, find an excuse to defuse the argument, or the stressful moment.

    Patients will claim some times that, where they are, is not their home, patient will get angry some times, insisting of wanting to go home.
    Patient will claim that a dead love one is alive, that they were just talking to them.
    Showing them pictures, or calling other family members to confirm something might work, but it could also backfire. Patient will claim that everyone is lying to them.
    Might complain that somebody has stolen their things, and when their things are shown, patient might claim that there are not their things.
    Patient will confuse you with other family members, or people from the past.
    Patient will ask, who you are?, and when told, might not believe you.
    Some patients will like to go out by themselves all of a sudden. Be vigilant, either place one of those, battery operated magnetite alarm that you can put on the exit door, a cameras monitoring system, or a metal rod high on the frame of the door.
    Never leave a patient locked up in a room, for long periods of time, unless they are sleeping, or busy doing something they like, that you know the patient will do for a long period of time. Unless is for their safety, or for your state of your mind.
    If you must leave the patient alone, to go do something, write a big note saying where you are, and when you are coming back, or whatever is necessary so patient would not get to anxious or stressful to soon.
    For a moment the sign will give them a sense of safety, and not abandonment.

    If your love one is mobile, and likes to go out on her own, sometimes without you been aware a GPS implant is a must.

    Also a bracelet with the patient condition, allergies and information on who to contact. And I will include what I call, “the cooperating phrase” Like, calling the patient by name and saying that so and so is waiting for the patient, that you been send to help the patient, or something of that sort.

    Get a close circuit monitoring system, and a wired intercom system.
    Most system that have a sound monitor option, can only be activated for a certain amount of time, you want to be able to hear everything all of the time. That is why a wired intercom is best, because you can hear all the time, and you just press the talk button at your end to communicate.

    Pets are helpful, unless there are allergies involved, is best to get a pet that is not to noisy.
    They are useful to change the behavior or distract the patient from going into a sun downing episode or something of the sort.

    Try to keep everything on the same place, and decorate the sleeping quarters in a cheerful manner, and do not leave patient alone for long periods of time.

    If possible do not let the patient sleep alone, is best if someone sleeps in the same room that the patient sleeps, remember that most Alzheimer’s patient they go to sleep in fear, unless medicated.

    Myself, I grew my hair for about 3 years, and later used it to make a life size dummy, and glued the hair to a wig head, and attached it to the dummy, with clothes that she will recognized. I would place the dummy on her wheelchair, facing away from her, with tilted head by the door, so it would appeared as I am the one sleeping on the wheelchair guarding the door.
    Since I did that, she no longer calls on me every two hours or so, to see if I am there, with her.
    She will wake up on her slumber, as if lost, will look to the dummy, and will go back to sleep. I know because I would watch her from my room next to her’s, and if she would ask, I would respond through the intercom. That i am here, that she is not alone and she is safe.

    Because Alzheimer’s patient go to bed in fear, unless medicated, fear will make the body manufacture adrenaline, which in turn will affect any tranquilizer, sedative or sleeping aid, by reducing the effect of such medication.
    I found that when the patient is somehow tired and sleepy it will reduce the manufacturing of adrenaline in the body.

    If you have access to Youtube, play old programs patient used to watch, and enjoyed, and any comedy will be extremely positive. Laughter is great medicine.
    Do small easy projects with patient. Puzzles, painting, etc.

    Separating coins always works for me. I would ask her to help me in separating a container with pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters, and to place them on separate cups. I would wash the coins and keep them around for that purpose.

    Anything that you could find in memory that makes the patient smile or feel better, mention it to the patient, it is useful to change to a better mood.
    Like saying. I am remembering when so and so did so and so, and this and that happen. A funny event is best, where the patient participated in the event.
    Because Alzheimer’s eliminates short memory, the event can be used over and over again to get the patient on a better mood.
    Depending on the stage of the disease, take the patient out on strolls, or on a wheelchair, been constantly coupe up is not healthy, but never leave patient alone.

    I have come to the realization that no artificially made compound medication is made to cure, unless is to cure a very infectious disease. But most medication is design to treat the symptoms of a disease, and not cure the disease, or else the Pharmaceutical Industries will not make money.
    Doctors have been indoctrinated into the pharmaceutical industries way of thinking.
    Is very rare for a Doctor to mention alternative natural ways of treating the disease. Most of them will prescribed something that they have been instructed to push, through some kind of incentives.
    Pharmaceutical Industries goal is to keep everyone taking one sort of drug or another perpetually for whatever illness or discomfort.
    The often use of antibiotic for UTI will change the PH balance in the body, in women causing yeast infections.
    For UTI is best if you do your own urinalysis so often, by purchasing reagent strips for urinalysis with complete 10 parameter test strips. They are very easy to use, and comes with a color code chart that will give you the results, indicating the presence of bacteria.
    E. Coli is the most common UTI causing bacteria.
    I went as far as purchasing a college microscope, so I can look for myself. Because at one point, after having send her doctor a picture of the slide showing the high quantity of bacteria, her doctor told me that it was normal for her to have the E. Coli bacteria present, that it just means she is been colonized. I did not buy it, for I look at my own urine, and there was not bacteria present throughout the slide.
    When I ask the doctor, at what point there is so much bacteria that antibiotics need to be prescribe?. And taking under consideration that behavioral changes always go hand in hand with UTI. The doctor finally prescribed antibiotics.
    After the antibiotic treatment, I check her urine on the microscope and the E. Coli bacteria was greatly reduced, but still present.
    I did more research about it, and I found a compound that seems to be the best choice for the elimination of the bacteria.

    That compound is Colloidal Silver, that has been used for the treatment of infections for hundreds of years, among other things. The FDA will discourage the use of Colloidal Silver, and they will go as far as vilifying the compound, under the instructions of the Pharmaceutical Industry.

    After 2 month of giving the Colloidal Silver to my mother, I have not seen the E. Coli present on her urine thru the microscope.
    But do your own research.

    If your love one uses pampers, make sure patient is kept dry when possible, trim all pubic hair to further reduce infection, and if pamper rash develops is best to use Zinc oxide Ointment 20%, and mix it with a little Vaseline, and applied to affected area.
    Be vigilant of pressure sores, to the point of moving her bed around so patient will be force to sleep on a different position.
    Avoid feeding patient processed food, is best if patient is fed organic food.
    Adjust salt and sugar intake in accordance with Nutritional instructions.
    Make sure patient drinks enough water, if not, mix the water with electrolytes.

    Believe me when I tell you that there is a cure for most deadly diseases, through natural compounds, including cancer.
    And the compound that I am about to tell you, has work miracles on her, short of reversing the disease, which I know might be impossible, because the dead brain cells will need to grow again, and that is only within 2 month of taking the Lions Mane.

    Read all aspects of any medication that is prescribed, specially the side effects, that can sometime be more dangerous that the disease itself. Ask questions to the doctor, and research whatever you are told.

    Personally I don’t have much faith in doctors anymore. And whatever information you are to research, don’t just relied on Main Stream Media for answers, all have a hidden agenda, and their loyalty is rarely to the public.

    My mother was prescribed Haldol, Seroquel, Depakote Lorazepan, and other pan derivatives, and some others I don’t recall at this time, all to find what is best for her, Of the several Alzheimer’s medicine she has tried, we stayed with Namenda 10mg twice a day.
    We were told by her doctor that the medicine does not cure, but that it slows the progress of the disease, which is hard to really measure or know.
    At the present time she is taking Depakote 250 mg, at first she was to take 3 capsule a day for a total of 750 mg. She has great tolerance, but it made her into a zombie, so slowly I reduce it to 125mg once, at sleeping time.
    All prescribed medication, whenever there is a change it should be done slowly. And if it is going to be eliminated all together must be done very slowly.
    She was prescribed Lorazepan when she was on her 40’s for anxiety. I remember on her late 50’s she will ask me to get her a glass of water to take her medicine for her nerves, up to 5mg. On her 70’s was reduced to 3mg.
    After making extensive research on Lorazepan, I made up my mind, that the drug was making more harm than good, so through the years I reduce it to 1/2 a mg at bed time when needed.
    Is better to give the patient a natural tea that will induced sleep at night.
    To avoid infections and strengthen the immune system is best to keep the blood oxygenated, no virus or bacteria can survive on an oxygen rich environment.

    Unless your love one is on a vegetal state, you do not want your love one in a convalescent home, for that is a death sentence to an Alzheimer’s patient, unless circumstances no longer permits you to take care of the patient.

    Lion’s Mane is a mushroom that is used for the treatment of cognitive problems, dementia, and Alzheimer’s among other things.
    After 3 weeks of taking the Lion’s Mane supplement, the changes have been very positive, incredibly positive.
    To the point that unheard things will be happening, that before were rare. she would ask me.
    if this is where she lives now?
    where is my room?
    are you my son?
    is my mom dead?
    There have not been any type of argument, when before it was almost a daily occurrence.
    At some point it would appeared as the disease is reversing itself.
    When I wake her in the morning she will sing along the bolero songs I play every morning for her benefit.
    She is more cooperating

    But do your own research on Lion’s Mane, and I strongly suggest you get the Organic kind.
    All Alzheimer’s patient will eventually not know where they are?, when it is? who they are? making Alzheimer’s the most cruelest disease in the world, because it robs you of the only thing we take with us when we die. Our memories, all of them.
    I hope this will be helpful to you.

    Thank you
    Good luck
    and God bless you.

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    Lions Mane Brain and Focus Supplements – Mushroom Powder Extract Capsules – Non GMO and Gluten Free Supplement for Better Cognitive Health
    Lions Mane Brain and Focus Supplements – Mushroom Powder Extract Capsules – Non GMO and Gluten Free Supplement for Better Cognitive Health
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