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New Balance Men’s Freezelx 2.0 Box Lacrosse Shoe


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Photos: New Balance Men’s Freezelx 2.0 Box Lacrosse Shoe

8 reviews for New Balance Men’s Freezelx 2.0 Box Lacrosse Shoe

4.8 out of 5
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  1. Bigh

    Got these for racquetball and pickleball… getting harder and harder to find good, fast, light court shoes at a reasonable price.

    But these seem to be just that. They hug the feet well… they do seem a bit narrow… I prefer a wide (EEE) shoe and ordered wide, but they’re barely wide enough. And for court use I prefer a NFS (natural foot shape) shoe, but these are next to impossible to find.

    There is no tongue on these shoes – the upper is like a sock of sorts. And there are two pads on either side of the Achilles area… it’s all meant to keep your foot snug in the shoe.

    It works well… the shoe is snug, and there’s very little slippage of your foot. You can customize the fit (e.g., keep the toebox loose but the arch tight) by double-crossing the laces at each hole. All in all, im able to get a great, secure fit.

    The shoe feels good on the court, but somehow feels a bit slow when I’m darting around (that’s the part of racquetball I like best)… I feel like they’re maybe a bit heavy or unresponsive… nothing terrible, just hindering my efforts a bit.

    In the end, this is the best court shoe for the money that I’ve found these days, now that NFS shoes are so scarce.

    I can completely recommend this shoe… it’s a solid 7

    EDIT: Taking a star off (to 4) because the toe box seems to be too narrow, especially for a wide (EEE) shoe. My big toe hurts for days after wearing these for a 3-4 hour PB or 2-3 hour RB session. Still a great shoe, but buy the wide version. might want to buy a shoehorn as well… very hard to get on, but the fit is snug which is good.

    EDIT: I’ve found a better shoe: Mizuno Men’s Wave Momentum Mid Indoor Court Shoe. Not perfect, but MUCH more light and alive under my feet. Great cushioning, great rebound… they seem to let you dance on the court – they follow your movements and even enhance them. Simply fantastic.

    They don’t come in wide, and they seem too pointed, but I haven’t seen much of a drawback in either of those things. They’re more expensive, but worth it IMO. If you enjoy moving quickly on the court… whether it’s squash, handball, paddleball, racquetball, volleyball (they even have the cushioning for tennis I think, although the sole is an indoor sole) I think you’ll love this Mizuno shoe

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  2. My kids are ready

    I study BioMechanics and can easily watch someones gait and tell if the shoe works for them. This is a very good shoe for my daughter to use on grass or tall turf, she has better shoes for short turf, they fit well on her normal size foot a little snug in the toe box but that’s to be expected on first use. The widespread cleats around the toe box add great stopping and pivoting grip. The wide heel base gives her solid footing while running. If your daughter is agile and makes alot of cuts and spins this is the shoe for her! Highly recommend them!

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  3. injust

    These are amazing cleats, best I’ve ever worn for speedball/airball paintballing. Since the movements in the sports require cuts and sprints most similar to lacrosse I tried theses out and were AMAZED. The lightness and cleat placement are perfect. Effortless to move around in. My only gripe is that the material at the toe box is thin and wore out quicker than I hoped. However at this price range I know cleats are built for performance and not ruggedness. If you’re looking for the highest performance cleat but don’t mind replacing them more often than cheaper durable ones this is your best bet.

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  4. WMoore

    Tournament season for Lacrosse will be starting soon and they have been practicing. When we couldn’t find a pair of cleats he liked (or that were affordable) , my son asked some friends.
    My 16 year old son went on amazon and chose these. They arrived in good condition and he really likes them.
    I’m hoping they last for a while (i.e. the school year would be nice 🙂 )

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  5. David

    My son plays in college. After ensuring us that he had everything and rxpressing it the way only “all-knowing” college kids can, we get to campus and “I forgot my spikes.” So we order these (again) to replace his year old ones (didn’t wear them too much for 2019/2020 seasons). They fit exactly like “old” pair, feel the same and grip the same. With an attack, that consistancy is what is wanted and these shoes do it for him. We ordered them and with Prime, they arrived prior to Spring team drills.

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  6. Colleen

    This is his 2nd pair of this lax cleat simply due to out growing the last pair. This shoe is a great, true to size fit. It’s comfortable, water resistant and gives him the stability to make quick advancements as an attack & mid field player throughout the game. We also recommend the boot of this cleat, at mid-ankle it gives great support & fits well for those with high arches.

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  7. Swissymiss

    Just purchased both the 6.5 D and 2E width in this shoe for my son. My son absolutely loved this shoe in the wide width, but we realized he needs a size 7 to be more comfortable for him. The shoe seemed a tad too short or my son’s foot has grown again, which is absolutely possible too. My son does not normally buy wide width shoes, but very glad we purchased both widths for him to try on, as the wide width was more comfortable, while wearing thicker socks.

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  8. Caleb A.

    Finding Football cleats in a wide are not easy. It was coming to the point where I needed new cleats and the regular season just started and I couldn’t find any wide Cleats I typed wide Cleats in and these cleats were one that caught my eye. I was nervous at first when I ordered them due to them not having a tongue and them being more like a sock I thought my foot was going to fit in them due to me having such a wide foot they were snug at first but taking them on and off every day loosens them up. But There Perfect in My opinion they have ankle support and their extremely light to be a 14w if you have ever held a typical lineman football cleat there typically heavy. Normally all the other cleats I have had make my feet hurt and burn due to our team practice on a turf field. They have great traction on Turf and Grass. But in general great cleats. Really Recommend

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    New Balance Men’s Freezelx 2.0 Box Lacrosse Shoe
    New Balance Men’s Freezelx 2.0 Box Lacrosse Shoe
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