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Farberware Edgekeeper 7-inch Santoku Knife with Self-Sharpening Sleeve


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This Farberware 7-Inch Paring Knife with EdgeKeeper Sheath is an ideal way to have a sharp cutting tool at hand at all times. The unique design of the EdgeKeeper sheath has a built-in knife sharpener that creates a sharp blade every time the knife is inserted or removed. The sheath also keeps the knife protected while in storage. Hand-wash with warm water and a mild detergent; rinse and dry immediately.

Photos: Farberware Edgekeeper 7-inch Santoku Knife with Self-Sharpening Sleeve

10 reviews for Farberware Edgekeeper 7-inch Santoku Knife with Self-Sharpening Sleeve

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  1. Sus53

    I am writing my honest review of the Farberware Edgekeeper 7 inch Santoku Knife with the self sharpening sleeve. I received the knife free from Walmart’s Spark Reviewer. I chop a lot of vegetables and have not been able to keep my other knife sharp enough; thus this is the knife for me!! The sleeve has a built in knife sharpener that sharpens when inserted; and again when the knife is pulled out. This is a fine piece of cutlery made of stainless steel that is very durable. It is also easy to clean after each use. I simply rub some liquid detergent over the part that touched the vegetables and rinse it with warm water, then dry it with a paper towel. It is then inserted back into the sleeve and is ready for the next use. The blade is sharp and cuts through the hardest vegetables easily. I am happy for that because I have arthritis in my hands and was having trouble with pain when cutting with my previous knife. Also the ergonomically designed handle facilitates the comfort in the use of knife. I cut through a head of cabbage, through the core, very easily. I chop up cabbage for my dogs so this is very helpful to be able to cut through the core because they eat that too. Up until getting this knife, I had to put my largest dog outside with the core. So now that it is cooler and has been raining here in Texas, I am glad for this knife! The Farberware Edgekeeper 7 inch Santoku Knife allows me to slice as thin as I want quickly. I have never been able to do that before. I always wondered how the professional cooks could do that, and now I realize that it is because they have a sharp knife that is made of high quality metal like this one that I am now using and reviewing. I also can chop the hardest cheeses very easily. This knife also cuts up uncooked meat very easily. It is so easy to cut up a whole chicken and that saves money because it cost more to buy a chicken that is already cut up. I like that it comes with a Life time limited warranty that states that if it is not free from defects in material and workmanship it will be repaired or replaced. I am thinking that this would be an excellent gift to buy anyone for Christmas. Well, maybe not for your significant other.

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    The original Japanese Santoku is considered a well-balanced knife; with blade and handle designed to work in harmony by matching the blade’s width/weight to the weight of blade tang and handle. I tried the 7-Inch Farberware Santoku Chef Knife with Edgekeeper Sleeve against other such knives I keep in my kitchen and found it well balanced of a size (this is a big knife) and style that make it perfect for everyday chopping, cutting, mincing and slicing of meats, fruits, and all types of vegetable, from cabbages, beets and turnips to celery stalks, carrots, bok choy, or potatoes and tomatoes.
    It does take a bit of practice to get the edge sharpening feature built into the sleeve down pat; but once you get the hang of just the right pressure on the sharpener (going in or pulling out), you find that the edge does stay sharp. I do recommend, however, that, as with all knives in regular use, you run the blade back and forth a few times over a rod to take out and small bends or distortions in the edge.
    The knife comes razor sharp and, if you follow the recommended procedure, you’ll keep it that sharp for those really skinny slices of fresh tomato to melt into your next grilled bacon, cheese and tomato sandwich (I like to fry onion in with the bacon).
    I like the having a sleeve for the knife because I’m less likely to reach into utility drawer and cut myself on a larger exposed blade (this blade is sharp). All things considered, the Farberware Edgekeeper 7″ Santoku knife with Self-Sharpening Sheath is as sharp, and in some ways even more convenient and versatile a chopper/cutter, than my other, seemingly more exotic blades (also, if an exotic blade goes dull there’s no bringing it back without expensive specialty sharping tools). For the money, go with the Farberware Edgekeeper 7″ Santoku with Self-Sharpening Sheath.

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  3. Sk6760

    This is amazing. Not only is it a great brand. But it is an amazing knife. Super sharp. Great for all sorts of cutting needs. Whether you’re cutting a roast or you’re just cutting oranges this knife is an all-around great life. It is a 7 inch chef knife. One of the greatest features is it has its own sleeve and every time you slide the knife into the sleeve it sharpens. This feature is fantastic to help keep away any rust that may come to the knife. I highly recommend this product to anybody weather you are a beginner cook or professional.

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  4. l81night

    This Farberware Edgekeeper 7″ Santoky with Self-Sharpening Sheath is the ideal knife for making your dinner parties easy and effortless. I love the fact that it is always sharp for you…you don’t have to think about it.
    I wanted to test out how well it does so I when I went to the store I purchased a few tomatoes which seems to be the one vegetable that most people use to really put their product to the true test. Most of the time when I slice a tomato, it collapses or shreds. Not with this knife. The tomato passed the test with flying colors. I cut thick slices and thin slices and both with equal success.
    The sharpening device is awesome. It is smooth, easy to use and also keep the knife in a safe place when not in use…I love it. So with that said, that turkey won’t have a chance when it comes to me carving it over the holidays! I also can’t wait to use it on a standing rib roast…I’m getting hungry as I write this!
    If you are looking for a knife that is sturdy, well made and does the job, I highly recommend this product. It will not let you down and holiday carving will become effortless.

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  5. 19buyitnow46

    This 7 inch Santoku knife by Farberware is just what’s needed in the kitchen of a beginner cook or a professional chef. It is well balanced and comfortable to use. It is very sharp and the fact that it comes with its’ own self-sharpening sheath guarantees that it will be sharp every time you use it. The sheath will also protect it in the drawer and also protect you from accidental cuts. I used it on a variety of foods and was very pleased with how easy it cut through potatoes, carrots, etc. I cut in chunks and thin slices and it worked great with both. I didn’t know what a Santoku knife was, so I googled it of course. The translation is 3 uses or 3 virtues. I think this knife will actually have more than 3 uses. I would like for Farberware to make this type of knife with the sheath in other sizes. This is my first item to review for the Spark Reviewer program and I’m very pleased with the product. I think you will be too.

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  6. cat245

    This knife is one of the best kitchen knives to have in your home. It works great on meats, veggies, fruits, and anything else you need to cut. When I first used the Farberware Santoku Knife with the self sharpening knife I was truly impressed. I had made a fresh ham and it cut with such precision without the meat being cut too big. The 7 inch knife is perfect to use on any type of meat. The quality and ease of use of this Farberware Knife is impeccable. You have a very sharp blade with each and every use because of the self-sharpening sleeve. Every time you pull the blade out it gets sharpened, and every time you put it back in the sleeve the blade gets sharpened. With this kind of durability, you do not need to have any other knife because you will always have a very sharp blade with each use. I am very pleased that I got this knife. It is definitely a keeper. Now I would like to get the 8 inch Farberware Santoku Knife since the 7 inch works so well. You will not be disappointed that you purchased this blade. You are going to realize what an excellent knife this is.

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  7. WeLolli

    I got this knife because of the built in sharpener and the brand name, Farberware. I am not pleased with the sharpener. I think it is not doing the job. Could be too much play. I like the smooth plastic grip. It was easy on my arthritic hands. The picture I am posting is this exact knife. in the lower photo you can see the red built in sharpener. I got three knives and like them all the same.

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  8. midwesternboy

    I have heard about these knives that sharpen themselves; and I have bought many knives, that you need to sharpen with an Iron or self sharpening. Farberware is a maker of pans, so then maybe a knife by them would be a good investment. When you get this knife and open the sheath you see that it has a unique design, a sharpening stone on either side of the sheath. It doesn’t come out or go into the sheath easily, thus the friction is sharpening the knife each time. This knife is fabulous. I have used it on meat, vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, and frozen fish. It cuts clean each time; it washes clean, and I let it air dry then put back into the sheath. If you only have one chef’s knife, this is the one to have; perfect length and always sharp.

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  9. Sher0462

    This is my first time using a knife like this. I really like it and find it very easy to use. The handle gives you a good grip and the knife is very sharp. I was cooking a lot of things this morning that required chopping a lot of different vegetables. I chopped onions, carrots, celery, garlic and spinach and it worked beautifully on all of them. I also used it to cut a winter squash, which is usually no easy task. This knife sliced through it almost like butter! I have also used it to slice and chop meat, both raw and cooked. Did a perfect job on both of them. I really like that it has its’ own case that sharpens it each time you put it in the case or take it out. The case also protects the blade in the drawer and your fingers when you are looking for it in the drawer. I’ve only been using this knife for a few days but, so far, I have not found anything negative about it.

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  10. Brenda

    Exactly as described!

    • Slices
    • Value for money
    • Quality
    • Size
    • Sharpener
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    Farberware Edgekeeper 7-inch Santoku Knife with Self-Sharpening Sleeve
    Farberware Edgekeeper 7-inch Santoku Knife with Self-Sharpening Sleeve
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