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Ghostwire Tokyo Standard Edition – PlayStation 5


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8 reviews for Ghostwire Tokyo Standard Edition – PlayStation 5

4.6 out of 5
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  1. Office

    I’m a huge fan of this developer and if you liked The Evil Within and the sequel, this is a must-play. Don’t believe the reviews, this is my game of the year so far, and I liked it so much I bought the PC version as well, because, why not? It’s like a supernatural-type game and reminds me a lot of MURDERED SOUL SUSPECT, but even better

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  2. Tacman

    This is a pretty good effort from the Evil Within team for a venture outside of that franchise. Tokyo feels alive and moody, creating a creepy atmosphere. Solid visuals and interesting combat mechanics makes this a title well worth playing.

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  3. Xemplefied

    It’s a pretty good game. If you like yokai (a class of supernatural entities and spirits in Japanese folklore) and paranormal stuff plus first person shooter then this one is for you. You can play this game in english dub or in Japanese voice with english subtitles. There are multiple modes you can play in terms of resolution and framerate but I only recommend two modes: quality mode or high framerate quality vsync. I tried quality mode first and then played the whole game with high framerate quality vsync. The story is good and I like the side missions. They’re not that bad like most open-world games but the collectibles are a grind. A lot of stuff to collect but no trouble in finding them except for the floating innocent ghosts around Tokyo. Other than that, the spells are cool and the yokai enemies are interesting!

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  4. Mike

    Ghostwire is a game you either click with, or don’t. But if you do, it’s absolutely fantastic. Yes, it is open world, but it’s one of the few open world style games where the world you inhabit has character, and feels like a real place (since it basically is). Just walking around this representation of Shibuya is breathtaking, and borders on virtual tourism. And unlike most open world games, Ghostwire’s plethora of map markers have a purpose and feel worth seeking out because they all yield useful rewards and have interesting lore behind them. Everything is themed around traditional Japanese lore, and it’s dedication to that theme is what makes it stand out. Combat takes some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it and adjust the controls, it’s a ton of fun.
    The only cons I really have with this game are inconsistent graphics and some performance and control issues, but there are a ton of options so you can adjust everything to your liking.

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  5. Rose

    Got the game and steelbox on the same day of release. The game was really fun and I enjoyed it. At first, I wasn’t sure if this game was going to be good, but it met my expectations.

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  6. edmtz

    This game is definitely fun! It plays as a first person action game, I think the marketing potrayed it as horror and that was a mistake. There are creepy enemies and instances where you will definitely be on your toes, but nothing compared to survival horror games. It’s like the farcry of mages, all attacks are magic based no weapons whatsoever (no guns, no blunt weapons) there is melee but nothing crazy. I like the Shibuya setting as not many games take place in these types of settings. The visuals do have trade off, you get 1080p for 60fps or 4k at 30fps which is unfortunate as I mentioned it’s an action game so it’s fast paced and the setting is pretty. Its really fun, might recommend it on a sale but for 60 it’s not bad, bought it to get it with the steelbook no regrets

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  7. PoisonousSnake

    If you love cinematic single player no filler no multiplayer no micro transaction crap…then this game is for you. I’ve just started playing it and the ray tracing in this game is great. These are the same devs who made the horror masterpiece “ The evil within 2” and deserve support for making a single player narrative driven game. Go out and buy now!

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  8. Annie

    This game Is fun and entertaining. I have enjoyed playing it. I had to return one copy because I got 2 sent to me but regardless. I am doing all quests and fully exploring everything it has to offer if you have doubts please do not. Get it. If you’re a persona fan this game is brilliant maybe not all the dialogues you may get with persona but it’s pretty similar with a little horror

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    Ghostwire Tokyo Standard Edition – PlayStation 5
    Ghostwire Tokyo Standard Edition – PlayStation 5
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