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Echo Dot (4th Gen) Kids + Echo Glow | Panda


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  • Best friends forever – Echo Dot Kids pairs perfectly with the Echo Glow Multicolor Smart Lamp.
  • Echo Glow adds to the fun – Kids can bring color into their Alexa experience, and parents can use it to create fun daily routines.
  • Includes 1 year of Amazon Kids+: the only service with thousands of ad-free books, games, videos, apps and Alexa skills. **On Echo Dot, kids can enjoy kid-friendly Audible books, interactive games, and educational skills.** After 1 year, your subscription will automatically renew every month starting at just $4.99/month plus applicable tax. You may cancel any time by visiting the Amazon Parent Dashboard or contacting Customer Service.
  • Help kids learn and grow – Kids can use their very own Echo Dot to ask Alexa questions, set alarms, and get help with their homework.
  • Easy-to-use parental controls – With Echo Dot Kids, parents can set daily time limits, filter explicit songs, and review activity in the Amazon Parent Dashboard.
  • Echo Dot Kids is made for wild imaginations – Kids can ask Alexa to play music, read stories, and call approved friends and family.
  • Designed to protect your family’s privacy – Echo Dot Kids is built with multiple layers of privacy protection and controls, including a microphone off button that electronically disconnects the microphones.

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5 reviews for Echo Dot (4th Gen) Kids + Echo Glow | Panda

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  1. Saul cue

    To be honest, I just upgraded all my Alexa devices and they really don’t do anything better than the previous versions, perhaps the speaker is a bit better, but I can tell you the voice recognition is significantly worse than the previous generation. Definitely not worth the money to upgrade! Sorry Amazon!

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  2. Ashley

    UPDATE: please read earlier review down below… so this thing continues to be a total liability. I only allow my kids to use their echo dots for 1 hour a day with supervision. That being said, my 6 year old daughter was trying to play songs by Barbie and a parody came on that sounded like Barbie having sex with Ken and was talking about having a love child. What the?!?! The filters are seriously the worst. Parents beware and only allow use under supervision or just don’t get one at all.

    First of all, we’ve had this echo dot for kids for several months now so I have a pretty good feeling for the interface. While it does have fun games and things for kids to do it has Amazon Music as a hard app (not removable) which is the reason for the 1 star. There is a child filter that is sorely lacking. You can set the age range for your child (I have a 3 and 6 year old) but some of the songs that come through have the occasional bad word… I wasn’t thrilled about that but whatever, I just tell them not to play it again. HOWEVER today my 6 year old daughter was listening to music on her dot and then became very quiet. A few minutes later she came out of her room sobbing. I asked her what was wrong and she said when she asked Alexa to play a song called “daddy” (she loves playing cutie songs about moms and dads) A SONG ABOUT A DAD RAPING HIS LITTLE DAUGHTER AND HOW SHE SCREAMS BUT NO ONE HEARS CAME ON THE KID’S ECHO! Look up the lyrics. “Daddy” by Badflower. It’s horrifying. She couldn’t stop crying and although I don’t think she knew the more nuanced and sinister parts of the song, OH MY GOODNESS it caused her a lot of unnecessary emotional turmoil! Parents please beware and know that while this can be a neat tool the child filter algorithm is flawed and your kids could potentially find horrible things through it. It didn’t take much for my 6 year old to find something very damaging.

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  3. C

    The Echo Dot 4th Generation Kids Edition is a regular Echo Dot 4th Gen with a Tiger or Panda Face pattern on the fabric shell, and one free included year of Amazon Kids+ ( formerly known as FreeTime Unlimited) Currently the Kids+ subscription regularly costs $70 annually for the family plan, which allows the use of up to four Kid accounts. Here are my thoughts so far:


    -Kids+ value. Amazon Kids+ is pretty nice to have, but only if you have Amazon tablets. Kids+ includes many cool games, apps and books designed for children. There are also many parental control features that allow you to restrict access to certain content or set viewing limits. These features have been great when using tablets, but there is very limited use if you don’t have an Amazon Fire tablet device. With just this Dot, Kids+ can still read various stories out loud; but there isn’t much point to have Kids+ unless you also have a screen (tablet) to play games and watch shows. If you DO have a Fire tablet, then this Dot is probably worth it because Kids+ currently costs $70 a year, which is more than the price of this Dot; and you can use Kids+ on all of your Fire tablets too.

    -Sound. The speaker position on this 4th Gen Kids Edition Dot is better than on previous Kids Dots, and to me music sounds a bit better than previous generations.


    -Cost. At $60, this is considerably more expensive than some other options. The previous generation (Gen 3) regular Dot ( not Kids edition), is only $19 at the moment; and if you don’t need Kids+, it can really do just about everything that this can. The speaker might sound slightly inferior, but not enough to warrant this big of a difference in price.

    In conclusion, this new 4th Gen Kids Edition Dot is ONLY really worth it if you ALSO have Fire tablets, and you want to make use of the free year of Amazon Kids+. If you don’t have tablets, or don’t want to use Kids+, then you are better off going with a cheaper Echo Dot or Echo Flex option.

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  4. BrianM_NJ

    I just got this for my kid, off the top the first snag I hit is FreeTime parental controls span across all the devices. So if I enabled it to be unavailable until end of school day so my kid can’t use her tablet till then, that translated to not being able to use the echo until then either, which is a bummer as I want the use of alarms and drop ins all day long. So still trying to figure a solution for that. The sound is good, not great compared to other higher end echos, it has volume though!
    The one year FreeTime included makes it a good economical option even though it’s pricier than the old echo for kids, it’s cuter. However, factor in the possibility of needing to shell out for a music (or family music) subscription.
    Voice recognition is pretty good, I had to actually separate a nearby Alexa device as they were getting triggered by each other’s commands.
    I should say my main concern prior to buying was my kids privacy so I am glad for the manual microphone off button.

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  5. Saul cue


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    Echo Dot (4th Gen) Kids + Echo Glow | Panda
    Echo Dot (4th Gen) Kids + Echo Glow | Panda
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