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BLACK+DECKER Electric Lawn Mower, 13-Amp, Corded (BEMW213)


(8 customer reviews)
Last updated on November 24, 2023 1:00 am Details
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  • Push mower comes with 13 Amp motor to power through tall grass
  • Electric mower can adjust height with 6 settings for precise cutting specifications
  • Push lawn mower comes with easy Fold handle for convenient storage when not in use
  • Lift handle for easy transportation
  • Comes with 20-inch mower deck

Specification: BLACK+DECKER Electric Lawn Mower, 13-Amp, Corded (BEMW213)

Product Dimensions

33.8 x 21.95 x 15.06 inches

Item Weight

47.1 pounds



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8 reviews for BLACK+DECKER Electric Lawn Mower, 13-Amp, Corded (BEMW213)

4.4 out of 5
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  1. Biblio-Nut

    Literally burned out after 2 years: electric socket on mower started smoking, welding 12 gauge extension cord to mower outlet. That’s also gone. CONSTRUCTION: Except for the handles and blade, this mower is all plastic, including the wheels. Plastic wheels have considerably less traction than with rubber tires or coverings. The bolts on the handle’s tightening knobs keep getting loose and lost in the grass. Performance: Grass accumulates around the blade, stalling the mower.

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  2. Larry Fox

    PROS: The large rear wheel makes the mower easier to push and maneuver than the smaller B&D electric mulcher I owned previously. The mower’s weight is balanced so it doesn’t require much force on the handle to raise the front and turn the mower. The winged cutting blade lifts grass well to cut it, produces an even cut on my yard with multiple grass types; something my mulching mower wouldn’t do, which is why I bought the BEMW213. The plastic body makes the mower light enough to handle easily; my previous B&D mower has a plastic body which is still strong and looks good after 8 years. CONS: The bail (on/off) handle requires constant, firm grip to keep the motor running; it sometimes shuts off unexpectedly. The power cord retainer on the on/off switch box is too small to hold a 12-ga cord recommended for 100 ft length; had to improvise. The side discharge chute falls off if bumped; a nuisance. The owner’s manual needs to be updated. Despite these quirks, I’m pleased with the mower’s performance.

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  3. J.Renee

    This is a good corded electric lawn mower. Definitely buy a 100 ft 3 prong extension cord to go with it if you have a medium sized yard. There is a learning curve with using it so it doesn’t unplug during use, but a longer cord should rid the issue. If your yard is on an incline I recommend cutting downhill because it’s a full size mower with a cord. You don’t want the cord to be in your way. It cuts well and I would raise the cutting height for easier pushing in tough grass.

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  4. Philip Wong

    This is the third generation of Black & Decker corded mowers that I have used. Love them all.

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  5. J. Sarb

    Accolades to the designers of this mower. It is quiet, cuts like a dream, is light enough to easily maneuver around the lawn, and has the power to take on the deep grass.

    My only downside is that irritatingly little steel rod for the switch. It is hard on the hands when pushing the mower around the lawn unless you wear moderately heavy gloves. The engineers c/should have designed it with a larger diameter for user comfort, not for cost savings.

    The jury is still out about how long the sponge grip will last.

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  6. Lawful/Evil

    I’ve been a home owner for a few years now and I’ve gone through a few electrical weed whackers and mowers. I’ve had corded and I’ve also had battery operated ones. Out of them all, I’ve had the best luck with corded mowers and weed whackers. Out of those, I’ve had the best luck with Black+Decker. The corded devices delivered more consistent power when compared to battery operated ones. The cords were annoying until you got used to them and I’ve found that starting on the yard that’s closest to the the power outlet worked the best. As you move further away from the outlet and the cord “spools” out, it doesn’t tend to be in the way as much. I occasionally have to move the cord out of the way, but it’s not that bad. Also, when I’m mowing or weed whacking, I find that using a steady and “easy” motion the best. ie. Not faster than a slow walk. For the mowers, going down a line and then backing the mower up along it’s path worked the best. Kind of like when you use a vacuum cleaner. You’ll get the cleanest cutting path and will be less likely to have rough patches.
    My yard is a hodge podge of different types of grass from years of me experimenting to see which types of grass I liked better, weeds that grew in between and into the different patches, and finally from me giving up on trying to find the “perfect” type of grass to have. So it’s quite “cosmopolitan” if you get my meaning. So all the mowers and whackers I’ve used over the years have gotten quite a workout.

    Having said all that, here is my review on this mower.

    Pros – Love the power and compactness of it. The design of the blade is a joy and I like how it whips up the grass/weeds into itself for a more even cut. The power of the motor is very much in evidence. My last mower was the smaller version. It had a less powerful motor and smaller AoE. Folded up, this new mower folded up smaller than my older mower!

    Cons – The mower is light. I’d have to say too light even. Some types of grass are very compact and can hold up quite a bit of weight. My last mower I ended up having to put about 30lbs of weights onto it to help make sure it sank down far enough so that it could get a good cut on some of the more dense patches of grass I have like emerald zoysia. Sadly, that led to “bad” spots on those patches that took time to grow over. Once it greened over and I got it used to being that short, everything was fine as long as I maintained my regularly scheduled mowing.
    The blade isn’t replaceable? This one I’m not 100% sure on as I thought I remembered seeing a posting saying that it wasn’t? I don’t recall seeing a replacement blade for sale anywhere though when I looked. I like to have a few replacement parts on hand for stuff that I think might need it down the line. Like the blade itself.
    The mower is not really “to the edge”. The wheel base is wide. It almost looks like a go-cart. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it’s actually a better idea to use an edger to get tight spots and the edges of the yard. Some folks might be disappointed though that the mower can’t cut all the way to the edge of their yards.

    Suggestions – Either make the mower heavier and/or make the wheels have a smaller “profile”. Almost the entire body of the mower is a hard plastic. Makes it light as heck, but is actually bad for denser grasses. The mower “rides” on top of the grass instead of sinking down far enough to get a good cut. If the body was heavier that’d help. The wheels are a little wide and also made of plastic (again, super light). If the wheels had a smaller profile, they’d sink into denser grass more. Maybe a combination of the two would work best?
    Also, I recall a comment made that this mower doesn’t roll well across mud because it’s so light? I’d like to kindly remind that soul that, after all is said and done, it’s a corded electrical device!!! What the heck are you doing trying to use a corded electrical device in mud!!! Let me guess, you’re also the type of person that thinks it’s ok to use a hair dryer while in the bath/shower?!?

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  7. Barbara Washburn

    Honestly I am blown away by this thing. I expected it to die a few times but it trucked on. Thing took on an entire yard of CRAZY overgrown weeds and grass. Took it like a champ. Had to empty the bag a bunch but that was to be expected. For an electric mower, it is really well made. Adjusting the handlebar can get frustrating unless you almost remove the side locks, so be prepared to be a tad frustrated by the teeth that hold it in place (You will know once you try hahaha). All in all, for the price, it is well worth it. I got my lawn mowed and now it is easy breezy since it has been cut down to a good height. So far, so good.

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  8. Irongunz

    Not a power house but a light ,easy to push grass mower.grass bag easy to get off and on. Had my 14 yr old son mow the lawn .no problem except you have to watch cord . If the could get a retractable cord on it might be perfect

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    BLACK+DECKER Electric Lawn Mower, 13-Amp, Corded (BEMW213)
    BLACK+DECKER Electric Lawn Mower, 13-Amp, Corded (BEMW213)

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