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Secura French Press Coffee Maker, 304 Grade Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee Press with 2 Extra Screens, 34oz (1 Litre), Silver


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  • Secura stainless steel French Press coffee maker is made from top quality 18/10 stainless steel, both the interior and exterior. It is made to outlast other coffee maker.
  • 3-LAYERED STAINLESS STEEL FILTER STRUCTURE traps the smallest coffee grounds to produce an exceptional full-bodied flavor.
  • BONUS Stainless Steel Screen included with this French coffee press. Filter screen is easy to dissemble and clean. Stack one or more screens together gives your coffee espresso more refined taste.
  • This French press maker comes with Cool touch handle and knob for comfortable and safe pouring.
  • The capacity of Secura Stainless-steel French coffee press is 34 OUNCE/ 1000ML. All the parts of this French coffee maker are DISHWASHER SAFE.

Specification: Secura French Press Coffee Maker, 304 Grade Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee Press with 2 Extra Screens, 34oz (1 Litre), Silver


1 Liters

Item Dimensions LxWxH

6.7 x 6.1 x 9.8 inches



Special Feature


Coffee Maker Type

French Press


Stainless Steel

Model Name


Number of Items




Package Type

Standard Packaging

Item Weight

2.4 pounds

Unit Count

1.00 Count

Product Dimensions

6.7 x 6.1 x 9.8 inches



Country of Origin


Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

March 30, 2014

Photos: Secura French Press Coffee Maker, 304 Grade Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee Press with 2 Extra Screens, 34oz (1 Litre), Silver

11 reviews for Secura French Press Coffee Maker, 304 Grade Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee Press with 2 Extra Screens, 34oz (1 Litre), Silver

4.5 out of 5
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  1. GarryG

    The construction of this French press is excellent as evidenced by its weight. It came with 2 extra filters that can be added for an even better straining of the grounds than the standard setup that comes with the press. All in all quite satisfied.
    However, we previously had a glass press and we have noticed a difference in the taste of the coffee in the stainless one over the glass. The coffee has a slight metallic taste to it which was not present in the glass one we had (the glass broke hence the replacement with this one.
    We like our coffee dark roasted and flavorful and generally buy better brands, so the taste is really important.
    This difference in taste may settle down after more use as we have only used it twice since it arrived.
    Would give it 5 stars if not for this taste difference. Should things improve in that area will update this review.

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  2. Richard

    This is a really good quality product. There are similar looking pots on Amazon and I went for this one because of price (bagged at £14.99 but it’s worth the £21 currently listed) and the positive reviews of others. I agree! The person who got one with a rust spot was unfortunate, I concur with other reviewers that this is a quality product. The seller photos are true to life and reflect the product that I received.
    UPDATE, April 2019: After five months of daily use I’m still delighted with this pot, it still functions and cleans up faultlessly. I bought a second as a present and the recipient is equally impressed.

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  3. twoherberts

    Fed up with breaking and replacing glass cafetieres, and only prepared to consider goods which are dishwasher safe, we ordered this. Really happy with the quality of the jug; thick and sturdy but not too heavy. I was concerned that our favourite ground coffee would be too fine, as the instructions suggest you should use course ground coffee. This was not a problem at all. There are 2 spare filters which you can use in addition to the fitted one, but we didn’t find it was necessary. We make sure to give the coffee a full 5 mins brewing time to allow it to settle at the bottom, then push the plunger down very slowly. The pour is relatively slow, which also helps. No metallic taste that we can detect either. Finally, bung the whole thing in the dishwasher. Delighted.

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  4. Brenda L Ibarra

    I’ve had every invention known to man on my quest for the perfect cup of coffee and well, I’ve found it. GOLD! I struck gold with this bad boy. My last toy was the Keurig, my least favorite of them all, its failed me miserably. When I say I’ve had every coffee making contraption out there, I mean it, and you diehard coffee connoisseurs know what I’m talking about. I decided to go back to far, far away and get another percolator because after searching my life through in memoryville I believed that the best cup of coffee I had produced came from a percolator. But this time, I wasn’t willing to toss money to the wind and go with my gut. I decided to do something I hadn’t ever done before. Research. After reading, my least favorite thing to do in life, a million different reviews and watching I don’t even know how many videos on the art of coffee making and consumption, I started really feeling the French press. Again unwilling to just buy without going to the next level still again and researching the best presses money could buy you, and there are a LOT of choices and a LOT of opinions, after many hours of sweating and reading and considering and fear of making a wrong decision, I decided to give this stainless steel French press a try. For several reasons I chose the stainless steel over glass. This puppy is insulated, first. It’s solid, tough and heavy; very well made. Second. It won’t break, Third. It won’t break, fourth and it won’t break, fifth! After all of my video tutelage I was nearly an expert before this little 8th wonder of the world arrived yesterday. I got right on it. I took apart the press and thoroughly washed all of the parts and put on a pan of water and began grinding my beans. As soon as the water came to a boil I let it cool down until it stopped bubbling. I scooped three rounded tablespoons of my medium course grounds into the press, pored in about two inches of water over the grounds and stirred. Then, I let it sit for two minutes to brew. Then I poured the rest of my hot water I in the press and put the lid on slightly pushing the press down just in order to create a seal, and then, I waited. I put my timer on for 5 minutes. Then I began the decent…. Pressing gently so as not to force the hot water come splashing out and scalding me. It took maybe 30 seconds. Then, the final step of my journey was upon me. I poured and tasted the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had in my life. It’s unbelievable. I can’t say enough good about the experience and this stainless steel French press. I’m telling you tho, at this price which is pennies really, and with the construction of this press, it’s the best thing since chocolate was found. I think of all of the money I’ve wasted on coffer making contraptions over the years and it makes me dizzy. A person spends more on coffee at a drive through in a day than this press costs. And, this coffees flavor and aroma is unmatched by any of them on their best day. You have nothing to lose and the best cup of coffee you’ve had in your life to gain!

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  5. DIYer Dad

    Bought this for the same reason as many others – the glass carafe on our previous one broke during routine washing.

    Used it daily for a couple months and it works beautifully. Tried different grades of course grind coffee, and it worked just as well for each. I particularly like the double screen (which we do use). It does make plunging a bit more difficult, but the result is a very smooth coffee with no grinds in the cup.

    The double walled carafe helps keep the coffee warm for much longer than an uninsulated carafe (though not as long as a thermal/thermos carafe).

    Suggest the following general guidelines for brewing:
    – Use between 5-6 grams of coffee per cup (we use between 30-35 grams for a full pot)
    – Boil water and wait 1-2 minutes before pouring into the carafe (otherwise it will burn the coffee)
    – Stir the contents shortly after adding the water
    – Wait 2.5 to 4 minutes and then plunge slowly (any more and the coffee will be bitter)
    – Enjoy

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  6. Eugenie Legendre

    I wanted a French press because I drink different kinds of coffees in phases and this is my kick right now. The one at my job that we use on the daily is a $100 Frieling and, tbh, I really don’t see much of a difference between the two. The Frieling has a little more force when I push the handle down but as far as filtering, keeping my coffee hot, and taste- no difference. Actually, this has a slight indent in the lid that keeps heat in and turning makes pouring easier so it wins there for me.

    We’ve had it for over a month, use it about five times a week, and it has held up to me and a 16 year old boy- and we all know teenagers are careful with nothing. If you want a French press get it. Don’t bother with a glass one, your coffee won’t stay hot and it will break easily.

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  7. SSP

    A month ago the glass in my small and large glass coffee makers broke and I decided to look for something of much higher quality. After looking through the options in the Amazon search results, this one came up and there were so many excellent reviews that I went ahead and purchased.

    I must say that the quality of this coffee maker massively exceeded my expectations. With so many terrible products made in China (be it electronics or homewares), over the years my expectation for the quality of most products is simply zero. This coffee maker has defiantly given me renewed optimism for product quality.

    You can easily make 3.5 large coffee mugs’ worth of coffee in this 1000ML sized version. You are also supplied with multiple filters in the box too. The item is very well packaged.

    If you are thinking of buying a cheap glass coffee maker: DON’T. Buy this instead and it will give you a lifetime’s worth of service. I highly recommend this product from Secura.

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  8. Chris

    Products like this are frustrating b/c of all the 5 star reviews. Cheaply made, the screen was coming apart right out of the box, the lid doesn’t seal (as mentioned in other negative reviews), stainless steel is magnetic, no way it keeps coffee hot for any appreciable amount of time. Mine was cold by the time i got out of the shower (~20 mins after making it)… all-in-all really cheaply made and disappointing. Save your money on a name-brand.

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  9. PreciselyThere

    I bought this for my husband after his percolator went out. He mentioned he wanted to start “French pressing” again, and so I came across this on Amazon. I have to tell you, my husband is IN LOVE with this little French Press! It is very sturdy and when we tested a strong magnet to it, it would not stick so it is definitely a high quality stainless steel. It will keep coffee hot up to 20 minutes or so. I love it because even though I am not a coffee drinker, I AM the coffee pot washer… it is very easy to clean, and if needed the wheel and mesh come apart to get stuck coffee grinds out. We have not had this for two weeks yet, and have already had friends and guests want one! I can truly say that if you buy this awesome French Press, you will not be sorry, as it is an unusually great and perfectly designed press!

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  10. Ralph

    I don’t know what those minor one-star reviewers were expecting when they ordered theirs. I mean, come on. It’s a French press coffee maker. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s not meant to be a Thermos. Ground beans spill? My best guess is that they did not completely tighten the screw to bind the steel filter securely. Yes ground beans will escape if the filter is not secured, but that’s your problem, not the product’s. It’s insane that some people blame the product by using it incorrectly. Do your part. Use the product the right way, and it is dead simple. I have been using mine for 3 years and it still does the perfect job every single time. Coffee tastes great! All the components still look like new. Nothing has broken yet.


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  11. Matt253545

    I bought this because I’ve broken several glass coffee presses. I’ve had this for several months and use it once, maybe twice, a day. The screen is easy to clean and the finish looks just like it did when I first got it.
    For the price, this is a great deal
    I bought this near the beginning of 2017. Used 2-3x a day. The joint between the rod and the filter failed 12/06/17. Usually these fail because the rod becomes unscrewed from the rod assembly- this was not the case.The entire filter assembly fell off the rod and the rod assembly. Needs to be re-welded. Bought a second one.

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    Secura French Press Coffee Maker, 304 Grade Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee Press with 2 Extra Screens, 34oz (1 Litre), Silver
    Secura French Press Coffee Maker, 304 Grade Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee Press with 2 Extra Screens, 34oz (1 Litre), Silver
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