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Crocs Women’s Kadee II Flip Flops | Sandals for Women


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  • 100% Synthetic
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • CUTE MEETS COMFORTABLE: Everybody needs a casual, basic flip flop and Crocs has the perfect option. The new Kadee II flip flops for women have sleeker, slimmer straps that will fit in great with any outfit.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: These women’s flip flops are incredibly lightweight, water-friendly and buoyant. The Croslite foam offers an Iconic Crocs Comfort that is perfect for relaxing at the beach or flippin’ around town.
  • WHAT SIZE SHOULD I BUY?: These sandals for women offer a relaxed fit and we recommend ordering a size up to the next largest whole size. Grips in the footbeds prevent slipping while walking.
  • COMFORTABLE STRAPS: These women’s sandals have slim straps and a soft TPU toe post designed for 360-degree comfort. The flip flops are light, versatile and ready for fun whenever you are.
  • CROCS WOMEN’S FLIP FLOPS: The simple yet sleek flip flops for women are fun to dress up or dress down. The options are endless when you expand your wardrobe with these comfortable women’s sandals.

Photos: Crocs Women’s Kadee II Flip Flops | Sandals for Women

12 reviews for Crocs Women’s Kadee II Flip Flops | Sandals for Women

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  1. Jessica Southers

    I purchased these flip flops specifically for beach/pool wear. I was storing them in my car to have handy. On a day trip to the beach I reached for them to find that they had shrunk up to the size of something that would fit a toddler. Very disappointed. Beware.

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  2. CatherineH

    Superbly comfy, perfect fitting and good support. I bought these to replace a pair of croc flip flops that have lasted 4 years. They have arch support and don’t slip- can’t recommend it highly enough x

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  3. S. Early

    Warning- DO NOT leave these in the sun for any length of time. When these arrived, I loved them! They fit perfect, were lightweight, and were comfortable on my feet. I took them on a beach trip the first week I had them and they did great walking in the sand and were easy to clean. The issue came when I rinsed them off and left them on the deck to dry…they shrunk. When I say say shrunk, I mean they went from a perfect size 9 to a size 6!! They were in the sun for less than 2 hours when I tried to put them on and realized that my heel was hanging off the back. I compared them with another pair I bought in a different color and could not believe how small they had become! I would give them 5 stars if it were not for the incredible shrinkage.

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  4. F. Bamboo

    I decided to go one size up and they fit perfect! I normally order size 8 in sandals that have no half sizes but after reading reviews, I decided to go with a 9. I wear 8.5 in closed toe shoes and 8 in sandals. So go with a 9 if you normally wear an 8 or an 8.5. These shoes are a whole size off. I owned and loved my Kadee originals but my puppy chewed them up last week and I thought I could get another pair and they were no longer available. The Kadee 2’s are just as comfortable on day one. The Kadee originals, I had to wear for a couple weeks and got a blister and then they fit well. These are good right out of the box. They are not as arch supportive as the originals but they will do. These feel a bit thinner. Although, I am still looking for another pair to wear around the house on tile floors. These do have a bit of arch support but for flat floors, I feel I need a bit more. The price on these is a winner. I would buy them again, good shopping shoe but not all day support. If you have lower back problems like I do from gluten allergies and looking for all day wear on cement floors get another style. Good garden shoe, easy rinse and go.

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  5. M. J. C.

    Took advice of others and ordered next size up ( usually get uk7 women/us 9 men in the unisex version with the stripe). I’m a size 7 with a slightly wide foot – ordered the U.K. 8/us10 and they fit quite snug but well. If you have had the “stripe” version in the past then you will notice the footbed is narrower – I expect this is because they are women’s and not unisex. Also they are less firm than others – I would describe them as feeling foamier which is probably why others have described them as feeling flimsy. If you order next size up ( maybe 2 sizes if you are a half size) you should be ok – personally I would avoid if you have an extra wide foot. I’m very happy with mine as I have had plantar fasciitis and have a high arch and have lived in them around the house and at weekends with no problems. Plus they were a bargain at less than half the price I have paid previously

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  6. Sam

    Note about pictures: these are how they look after several months of wear. I’ve included the Kadee next to the citilane so you can see the difference between unisex and standard sizing.

    I bought a pair of these in size 7 in black at the same as the size 7w citilane unisex crocs in red. Very disparate ideas of what a size 7 is between both sandals.

    The citilane were very wide and chucky, and the straps ended up giving me a flew blisters. These are vary narrow and a little undersized but are otherwise more comfortable to me and zero blisters. These also feel a little less supportive and cushioned than the citilane, but I still find them more comfortable.

    I’ve worn them for months, and on several multi mile walks, and they’ve been nothing but comfortable.

    I figured I’d reorder in size 8 for my next pair (the lemon ones) because my heel sat a bit too close to the back on the 7. Well, heel sits just as close on the 8 so the only difference is more length where the toes are and more width.

    I’m generally a size 7 to 7 and a half. My foot is 10 inches in length from my big toe to my heel, and the widest part of my foot measures 9 inches around.

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  7. Kuromi

    I’ve now had my Kadee’s for 3 years & they are still holding up well & look like new.

    I find them comfy to wear all day, walk several miles and drive in as they are so light and comfy. They don’t make my feet ache or create sore spots & they don’t rub.
    They go well with jeans, tracksuit bottoms, shorts, bikinis and even casual trousers. I’ve worn them for round the house, shopping, holidays and even travelling on planes.

    They are easy to clean – I can give them a quick scrub in the bath/sink, hose them off, give them a wipe over with a cloth or even chuck them in the washer & they come out like new.

    They fit well & are true to size. They don’t slip around on my feet or stretch and become loose like some others have had previously.
    Even when wet, they stay on my feet well & with a quick shake I can get the majority of any water off them and they dry quick.

    Being as they are so light they don’t take up much space or weight in my case, so have now become my staple go to for travelling, as I like to travel light & can reduce my footwear down to 3 pairs as these are my footwear of choice for daily wear & even some evening wear.

    I never thought I’d like crocs, but these are actually a pleasant change from their clogs. I’m glad I picked mine up for a reasonable price.

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  8. EKR0225

    These flip flops are super comfy! I wish they were slightly more feminine style but they will work for most outfits and styles. The foot bed is super soft, way better than the crap $5 flip flops out there with hard soles and no support. Can’t beat the price either for this good quality. My complaint is that the sizing is off. I ordered black and white in size 7. I’m normally 6.5/7 and my heels are like 1/4″ from the back but the white pair is slightly larger than the black pair, which I consider to be nearly a perfect fit. The white pair seems wider and a bit longer in the toes. I’ll probably use them more for banging around the house or beaching and fishing. That said, I feel super secure in these with a grippy tread and I used them to give the puppies a bath and didn’t feel like I was going to slip on the tile our out of the shoes. Normally when I’ve got wet feet in flip flops I feel like I’m going to slip right out of them, but not these! Overall, very happy with the purchase, highly recommend, just wish there was a bit more feminine touch to them.

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  9. Dee S.

    Soooo disappointed. Bought these 3 yrs ago, been wearing them since then…right out of the box. Great flip flop. The thong part popped on the right one. So I ordered the same pair, same size. Hit “order again”. What I received was shorter, tighter, and feels hard. I put the old one next to the new one. The new one is not the same. The design inside of the flip flop is different. There is no crocodile in the heel bed. No wiggle room. I have wide feet and these are not comfortable. I’ll try gorilla glue on the old ones. Btw, I ordered the size 11 for “end of work day comfort”, and literally hit “order again”. So disappointing…smh.

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  10. Cristina

    These flip flops provide really comfy underfoot cushioning and support which is surprising considering how lightweight they are. Love how they cradle the heel and foot, making for a lovely snug fit that doesn’t leave you slipping about when sweaty or wet from plodding about in the waves 🙂 They are also one of the few pairs of flops I’ve worn that aren’t a stair hazard.. again, it’s likely thanks to the foot cradling design.
    I’d have given 5 stars but the straps do dig into the top of the foot a little, even with the correct size. I’m hoping they loosen up a tad as I wear them in.

    I initially ordered a size too small but the returns and refund process was pleasantly quick and easy… with the correct size arriving the following day. Exceptional service!

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  11. LegoGirl

    My daughter needed shower shoes for college dorm use, and these are perfect for that: all rubber so they dry quickly, grippy bottom and inside, wide enough. But as for wearing them as regular flip-flops: probably not. They are very thin and flexible—if you walk too fast, the front edge can catch on the ground and bend completely under your foot, tripping you—and the raised-dot pattern on the soles is uncomfortable to walk or stand in for long periods of time.

    She normally wears a size 10, but ordered 11 in these so they’d be loose enough for easy showering. Good thing, because even with the full size up, her heel is right at the back!

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  12. Caitlin Orr

    So these flip flops are by far the comfiest I’ve ever had, however, they are not appropriate for hot countries. I was working in the Caribbean for two months and if they are left in the sun they get incredibly hot and start to shrink! I ended up having to buy a new pair of flip flops as these ones no longer fit my feet and were a wonky shape on my feet. So they didn’t end up actually being any use. If you are buying these for UK use or not a hot country then they are amazing! But flip flops are generally used in climates that are hotter….

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    Crocs Women’s Kadee II Flip Flops | Sandals for Women
    Crocs Women’s Kadee II Flip Flops | Sandals for Women
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