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HP – X24ih 23.8″ IPS LED FHD FreeSync Premium Monitor (DisplayPort, HDMI) – Black


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Specification: HP – X24ih 23.8″ IPS LED FHD FreeSync Premium Monitor (DisplayPort, HDMI) – Black

Refresh Rate


Touch Screen


Response Time

1 milliseconds

Panel Type


Synchronization Technology

FreeSync Premium (AMD Adaptive Sync)

Screen Size

23.8 inches

Number of HDMI Inputs


Number of DisplayPort Ver 1.2 Inputs


Product Name

X24ih 23.8" IPS LED FHD FreeSync Premium Monitor (DisplayPort, HDMI)



Model Number




Operating System Compatibility

Windows, Mac

Color Category


Contrast Ratio


Display Type


Aspect Ratio


Curved Screen



35 candela per square meter

High Dynamic Range (HDR)


Horizontal Viewing Angle

178 degrees

Vertical Viewing Angle

178 degrees

Native Resolution

1920 x 1080

Maximum Resolution

1960 x 1080

Product Depth (With Stand)

8.58 inches

Product Weight

13.33 pounds

Wall Mountable


VESA Wall Mount Standard

100mm x 100mm



Adjustable Stand Height




Built-In Webcam


Integrated Speaker(s)


Product Height With Stand

19.29 inches

Product Width

21.29 inches

Headphone Jack


On-Screen Display Languages

English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Netherlands, Portuguese, Japanese

Stand Included


Stand Width

9.06 inches

Power Consumption

46 watts

Power Saving/Off Mode

0.5 watts



EPEAT Qualified


Additional Accessories Included

A/C power cord (1.83m), HDMI cable (1.8m), Quick set up poster, Product notice, Warranty card

Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts

1 year

Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor

1 year

Number of DisplayPort Inputs (Total)




Photos: HP – X24ih 23.8″ IPS LED FHD FreeSync Premium Monitor (DisplayPort, HDMI) – Black

8 reviews for HP – X24ih 23.8″ IPS LED FHD FreeSync Premium Monitor (DisplayPort, HDMI) – Black

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  1. hahanson

    The HP X24ih gaming monitor features a 23.8 inch no bezel IPS screen, fast 1 ms response, 1080p resolution, Freesync Premium and a fantastic 144 Hz refresh rate. It has a solid build and very good ergonomics, allowing you to easily position the screen to your optimal liking using it’s adjustible height/tilt/ratation stand. The IPS panel provides exceptional viewing angles and excellent out-of-the-box color accuracy.
    Motion handling is excellent with minimal motion blur in fast-moving scenes thanks to its fast 1ms response time, and its 144Hz refresh rate keeps everything looking buttery smooth. The X24ih has native FreeSync support, which matches your AMD Radeon (and nVidia; later Geforce drivers support Freesync via the nvidia control panel) card’s output to the refresh rate of your monitor, eliminating screen tearing. The importance of a 144 Hz refresh rate cannot be understated. While it’s not talked about often, it’s at least as important as frame rate. Regardless of the frames per second at which your graphics card renders a graphics frame, a 60 Hz monitor refreshes the picture 60 times per second — a 144 Hz monitor refreshes the image 144 up to times per second, making the motion much smoother using a 144 Hz screen. Other factors such as v-sync plays into it, but the bottom line is if you’re a gamer, 60 Hz is outdated; 144 Hz is now the standard.
    HP is targeting the X24ih as an affordable performance gaming monitor. I think they’ve succeeded with a combination of important, must-have gaming features at a moderate price. 24 inches keeps the image sharp at 1080p, and doesn’t require you to break your budget for a graphics card with the power to run high frame rates. You’ll find only necessary ports to keep the price modest – single Display Port and HDMI — but it has everything you’ll really need.

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  2. RedScorpion

    The HP X24ih FHD Gaming Monitor is a good monitor. This is my first gaming monitor from HP and I’m impressed. It’s a solid IPS display with good viewing angles and great color reproduction. Contrast is good. The stand is solid. Button placement is simple and easy to use. In my testing I noticed no ghosting and barely any light bleed.
    Upon starting your Windows 10 PC, your computer should download Omen Command Center automatically. from there, you can make adjustments for brightness, contrast, colors, AMD FreeSync, and response time. I found placing the response time tab on the second marker gave me the best results while gaming. Much higher, and you can run into jittery / reverse ghosting picture.
    The monitor comes with brightness cranked out of the box. Your mileage may vary, but I find the best picture with brightness hovering around 40 and contrast at 90. But, I’m still tinkering with those settings a bit.
    In terms of extras, the monitor comes with an HDMI cable in box, although I chose to hook the unit up via display port. The power button light is never too bright and can be turned off if you so choose.
    The unit comes with AMD FreeSync Premium, but NVIDIA users should note that there is no G-Sync. Also, there are no speakers or USB hubs built in to the monitor. Cable management on the stand works, but it probably won’t wow anyone.
    But all of that is besides the point. The X24ih is a good gaming monitor. And is very easy to recommend.

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  3. N2GAAMZ

    i love this monitor….was going for another brand at the time i purchased this one but saw all the features it had to offer and it was a no brainer to buy this

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  4. cjisley31

    This right here is the best 144hz monitor in the market. Great for being on a budget. I love this monitor so much that I bought 2 more of them.

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  5. AllAboutTech

    Verdict. Vibrant colors and high definition picture, vivid gaming performance, it’s great!
    First impression. Assembly was intuitive and easy. I immediately noticed that the upper and side bezels are very thin… definitely thinner than on my previous monitors. The monitor is overall thicker than I expected, but it’s not an issue. Lastly, I was surprised about the footprint of the monitor. With the stand mechanism built to allow the sliding of the monitor up and down, the overall monitor system takes a good bit of space. This increase footprint is worthwhile to have the ability to slide the monitor up and down, and perfectly lineup with my laptop height. Also, with this stand, you can setup your monitor vertical!
    Definition. I have never cared much for screen quality and typically just purchased the cheapest monitor of the size I wanted for my secondary monitor. Until now, I didn’t realize what I was missing. As soon as I connected this monitor to my Omen gaming laptop and replaced my cheap monitor, I was amazed by difference in resolution. Of course, the dedicated graphics card doesn’t hurt either!! With full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, the quality of images and videos is amazing!
    Performance. This monitor delivers excellent gaming performance: 1 ms response rates means no lag; 144 hz refresh rate means no blur when gaming; excellent contrast ratio; and consistent viewing from almost any angle thanks to IPS. I am extremely satisfied with the performance of this monitor for video editing and playing the latest COD. Also, if you have an Omen laptop, this monitor is compatible with the Omen Command Center, so you can adjust all your monitor settings right from the laptop (see picture)!
    What I love.
    – Great definition
    – Great performance
    – Thin bezels
    – Ability to raise or lower the height of the monitor
    – Ability to tilt the monitor forward and back
    – My HP Omen laptop recognized the monitor and provided customizable options directly from the laptop!
    – The monitor settings have great presets
    What I don’t love.
    – The monitor has a bigger footprint than other simple monitors. This could be a problem if your space is limited. Personally, I think the ability to raise and lower the monitor is worth the extra footprint
    – I couldn’t test the AMD FreeSync because my gaming laptop has an Intel Chip. If you have an AMD chip, this would probably be pretty cool
    Fantastic monitor. Amazing definition and performance. And great price. I do recommend this monitor.

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  6. Christian

    Works amazing. It’s fast and quality is really good

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  7. ReviewedByPhil

    The HP X24ih is my second IPS display, and I’ve been using it in a dual-monitor setup with my HP Omen gaming tower. The first thing I noticed with this display is that it is much brighter at 350 nits versus the 250 nit display I’ve been using. This makes the contrast sharper with deeper, truer blacks and brighter whites. The default brightness at 90% is pretty intense, so I set this monitor to a more comfortable 75% brightness. I was happy to find that the monitor had no visible dead pixels or sub-pixels upon arrival. It has relatively little IPS glow, though it is still noticeable mostly at the corners and edges of the screen in a pitch dark room. The viewing angles are decent and color accuracy tends to hold up at to near parallel viewing, provided there’s color on the screen, since I found that true blacks tends to take on a yellowish brown hue at 45°angles or greater.
    The stand that the monitor comes with is adjustable in height about 4.25 inches so the max height from the desktop to the top of the screen is 19 inches while the minimum height is 14.75 inches. The screen is also tilt-able about 30° and rotates 90° clockwise to portrait mode. It cannot rotate to portrait orientation in the counter-clockwise direction nor swivel side-to-side on the stand. The stand is easily removed with a quick release button and the monitor is compatible with VESA mounts (100 x 100 mm). The monitor and stand when assembled weighs 13.5 lbs.
    The monitor’s on-screen display menu is easy and straightforward to navigate, and I thought the ability to re-assign three of them for shortcut access was useful. The OSD also keeps track of the “backlight hours” of the display so you can track its lifespan, which is rated to 30K hours. That information might also be important if you’re thinking of picking one up secondhand or selling the monitor later on. You can also toggle standard game overlays like a crosshair and FPS counter which you can customize by choosing the color and position on the screen. There are nine color profiles to choose from, including one that has fully customizable RGB. I did appreciate the inclusion of a Low Blue Light mode, for folks who are in front of the screen a significant portion of the day and need to protect their eyes from blue light fatigue, but note that it will apply a yellowish cast to the entire screen that takes a few minutes to adjust to. However, I think ‘Native’ mode gives you the most realistic color reproduction. Since the monitor’s 8-bit implementation is 6-bit+FRC, you get nearly 99% of the sRGB color space for really accurate colors that is essential for creative work like photo or video editing and digital art.
    The bezels at the top and sides are super thin at 1/16 inch but there is a gap from the outer edge to the viewable portion of the display that is about 1/4 inch wide, so multi-monitor setups won’t be completely seamless. I’m using this monitor with an NVDIA video card, so I had to connect via a display port cable since the G-Sync option did not appear when connected with the included HDMI cable. After enabling G-sync (with a compatibility warning) in the NVIDIA control panel, I was able to take advantage of the monitor’s adaptive-sync capability, turned on by default in the OSD, for tear-free performance during gaming sessions. With AMD GPUs you would be able to use FreeSync over either cable type. Since the monitor has a fast response time, I found there was relatively little motion blur, although increasing the overdrive (response time levels) introduced noticeable corona artifacts. I also clocked the input lag at an average of 28ms slower than my other IPS display; however, I don’t play competitively nor tend to play games where it made a huge difference.
    I especially liked that this screen has a headphone output port next to the two video inputs, so I can connect my headphones directly to the monitor, rather than my gaming tower, which sits farther away on my desk. One thing to note is that if you use the “Sleep Timer” the power LED will flash orange while in sleep mode until the “On Time” is triggered. If the monitor is in a bedroom, you may want to set the power LED to ‘off’ to avoid this blinking light at night. Also, if the “On Time” and the “Sleep Time” are set to the same value, the monitor will only ever go to sleep and will not turn back on unless one of the four menu keys is pressed; if you press the power key during sleep mode, the monitor shuts off, requiring a second press to turn it back on.
    Overall, I’ve really been enjoying the display and although the colors and brightness are slightly different than my existing monitor, with a bit of calibration, I was able to get them fairly close, so I could use them in a dual-monitor setup without there being a huge disparity between them. I found this monitor to be more than adequate for both the gaming and the creative work that I do.

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  8. SirCharles

    I’ve owned this monitor for 2 months as of writing this review and I’m really satisfied with it so far. Bought it during the holidays on sale for $150, at that price it’s definitely worth it and I’d highly recommend it. This is my first real gaming monitor tho, apart from the 300hz screen of my HP Omen laptop, so that’s pretty much all I have for comparison.
    Here’s my thoughts about the monitor:
    – The colors, viewing angles, response time (1ms GtG), and refresh rate are all great, so this monitor is perfect for gaming and graphic sensitive work. It gets super bright IMO (up to 350nits) and I have to use it at lvl 50 most of the time. There’s not much backlight bleed or harsh IPS glow either, at least on the one I got.
    – No built-in speakers so you’ll need to add them separately, honestly it’s better to add your own either way cuz the stuff that comes built-in is almost always garbage (I’m using a Bomaker Tapio I mini soundbar and it’s perfect for my usage).
    – The monitor has one HDMI 2.0, one DisplayPort 1.2, and a 3.5mm AUX port, I think there’s a kensington lock thing too (I wish it had a second HDMI port but ehh I can just use a splitter, also wish it came with a DP cable too).
    – The HDMI 2.0 port supports 144hz but you’ll still need to change the display settings first. I’m using this as a secondary monitor for my HP Omen with RTX2060 and it is capable of G-sync over DisplayPort, you just need to enable it in the NVIDIA Control Panel.
    – It’s not mentioned anywhere but the monitor can rotate (90° clockwise only) and it has menu options accommodating the portrait position, it’s a nice feature to have especially for a secondary monitor.
    – To access the on screen menu there’s 4 bottom facing tactile buttons and they can be customized to open different settings; I’d honestly prefer the joystick style interface but the buttons aren’t that bad, I did get mixed up with hitting enter and back for a while tho.
    – The build quality of the monitor seems good yet basic, the bezels are pretty thin but the body/enclosure of the screen is kinda chunky in depth. Actually I’ve seen a few other HP monitors that use nearly the exact same design (24X and VH240a)
    – The stand section has some nice features like the portrait rotation, up/down pivot, and 110mm height adjustment, but there’s just a hole for cable routing and the base is pretty much a square, also no headphone hook or anything fancy, I do like how it has a quick button lock for attaching to the monitor tho (toolless assembly).
    TLDR; it’s a really good monitor overall, not just for gaming, and especially so if you can get it at a decent price on sale.

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    HP – X24ih 23.8″ IPS LED FHD FreeSync Premium Monitor (DisplayPort, HDMI) – Black
    HP – X24ih 23.8″ IPS LED FHD FreeSync Premium Monitor (DisplayPort, HDMI) – Black
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