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Ninja – Ninja® 5.5-QT Air Fryer Max XL – Gray


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Specification: Ninja – Ninja® 5.5-QT Air Fryer Max XL – Gray

Maximum Food Capacity

3 pounds

Deep Fryer Type


Product Name

Ninja® 5.5-QT Air Fryer Max XL



Additional Accessories Included

Broil rack, recipe booklet

Model Number




Color Category


Dishwasher-Safe Parts

Select parts

Non-Stick Interior


Product Width

11 inches

Product Weight

11.7 pounds

Product Length

14 inches

Product Height

14.8 inches


120 volts


1750 watts

Maximum Temperature

449.6 degrees fahrenheit

Minimum Temperature

105.1 degrees fahrenheit

Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts

1 year

Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor

1 year



Photos: Ninja – Ninja® 5.5-QT Air Fryer Max XL – Gray

8 reviews for Ninja – Ninja® 5.5-QT Air Fryer Max XL – Gray

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Tmrspd

    I’ve cooked so many different foods with this ranging from taters to fish to hot wings. Everything has tasted great. My favorite dish to date has to be Cajun jumbo shrimp with mixed veggies. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is I’d like it to be bigger. I do recommend this fryer.

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  2. Samsung

    Our lstest toy! There isn’t anything we don’t use this for. Super convenient and quick! Love it! Wish I had bought a long time ago.

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  3. DM916

    Kitchen has never been the same! All other appliances are jealous because of how much this gets used! Total cooking game changer! I reheating pizza once, not gonna lie… a single tear fell! It was lovely! And don’t get me started about Cheesy Broccoli Tots!!!! Just buy it! You won’t regret it! You’ll wonder why you haven’t gotten it sooner!

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  4. Jackie

    I love love air fryer. I just had a couple days with the Fryer but is awesome how this thing works. Is for you if you want to be healthy or just for a lazy like my kids.
    You will loved the Air Fryer
    And easy to clean.

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  5. Snuk

    I love it and wonder how ive gone this long without 1. This is perfect for us a family thats love fry food like chicken fry, nuggets, fish fillet and need it fast cook for busy parent like me . Especially no greasy mess, thst hard to clean .

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  6. Jckaye

    Bought this for my husband for Christmas. It was at the top of his list! I really didn’t want it. But WOW, after using it, I’ve done a 180! It’s fantastic for making lots of delicious dishes. It’s not just for frying but cooks and roasts veggies and meat. Chicken wings are great and not greasy! I thought it would be too big on the countertop but doesn’t take up as much room as I thought. The Ninja is a great addition to your kitchen! Enjoy!

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  7. Sibbyjaydee

    I had a cheap air Fryer that I received for Christmas. I wanted to see how much we used it before I invested in an upgrade. I’m glad I did. This thing will Bake, Air Fry, Dehydrate and Crisp! Not many Air Fryers come with a Crisper (which is awesome). Reheating fried chicken is great with this Ninja. I’ve had it for a month now and still haven’t gotten my temperature settings right for certain foods. I think I just need to read the manual more. There’s so much to do with this thing and I know I won’t utilize them all. At first I thought that the cooking room needed to be larger, but I’ve come to realize that there’s plenty of room for my needs. I’ve added a picture of the tray holding 4 cans of tuna, just to let you know what size the tray actually is.

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  8. mobilelawyer

    What is air frying? It’s certainly not deep frying, and that’s a good thing health wise.
    We owned a deep fryer but got rid of it many years ago. The smell, oil disposal, and health risks of deep frying outweighed the great taste of the deep-fried food. Not many people have deep fryers these days for those very reasons. After you have tried this appliance, you may also be saying goodbye to pan frying as well.
    An air fryer does not fry food in the traditional sense. It circulates very hot air to cook your food and can successfully make it crisp on the outside like deep frying, but without the high calories you would consume if you fried the food the old way. And it cooks the food in less time as well without the greasy spatter and inconvenience of deep or pan frying.
    The taste? Just wonderful! I am posting a picture of the chicken we prepared, as well as the sweet potato fries we made as a side dish. Both were cooked and on the table in just over 35 minutes.
    The Ninja has an ample basket which holds 5 1/2 quarts. It was certainly large enough to easily hold the 3 1/2-pound chicken we cooked. There are many recipes available, but I found one which used a seasoned rub to coat the chicken. The product was well-cooked and extremely moist on the inside. We chose to roast the chicken, using that function on the Ninja. The skin was well-flavored, but not crispy. Air frying could produce a crispier skin, but we have not yet tried that with chicken.
    You do not generally batter the food like you would if you were deep frying, but it is possible to use a more traditional battering approach. If you do, Ninja advises that you must use the proper breading technique. “It is important to coat foods first with flour, then with egg, and then with breadcrumbs. Be sure to press the breadcrumbs onto the food with your hands. Because the air fryer has a powerful fan as part of its mechanism, breading can sometimes be blown off. Pressing the breadcrumbs firmly on will help them adhere”.
    The sweet potato fries were also superb: sweet and tasty on the inside, crisp on the outside. At least the second batch was. I was guilty of an initial boo-boo. When I prepared the fries, I had forgotten about the juice from the chicken underneath the crisper plate at the bottom of the basket, and I was anxious to get the fries finished to go with the chicken. As I tossed the fries out of the basket, out came the chicken juice on top of them! I quickly cleaned out the basket. It is ceramic coated and dishwasher safe, so cleaning is always a breeze. I quickly prepared another batch of fries and we sat down to enjoy the feast!
    There are several important tips to remember. It is recommended that before cooking the food, you pre-heat the basket for three minutes. I always do this. Second, you are generally going to have to move the food around in the middle of the cooking session. It is easy to do. When you pull the basket out, it automatically stops the timer. For fries, you just give them a good shake. The chicken had to be flipped over. Push the basket back into place, and the timer picks up where you left off.
    We also tried frozen fries, and the results were as good as any french fries I have ever tasted. So crisp, and not a drop of oil or grease!
    Note that this model comes with a broil rack. I have not yet used that function, nor have I tried dehydrating food for snacking. I look forward to trying out both.
    One note: the crisper plate, which is used for preparing some foods, including the chicken we cooked, has what look like rubber feet. I am sure they are not rubber, because rubber would certainly melt or deform at some of the hot temperatures these cookers use. I was tempted to remove the feet before placing the crisper plate at the bottom of the basket, but the instructions did not mention doing this, and shows illustrations with the feet in place. I left them alone, and they have weathered the temperatures just fine.
    This wonderful appliance is going to change the way we prepare food. We have enjoyed every minute of both using it and tasting its wonderful results.


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    Ninja – Ninja® 5.5-QT Air Fryer Max XL – Gray
    Ninja – Ninja® 5.5-QT Air Fryer Max XL – Gray
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