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Ninja Foodi 8qt 9-in-1 Deluxe XL Digital Multi Cooker with Air Fryer – Stainless Steel/Black


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Specification: Ninja Foodi 8qt 9-in-1 Deluxe XL Digital Multi Cooker with Air Fryer – Stainless Steel/Black

Digital Display


Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts

1 year


8 quarts

Safety Features

Not Available

Product Name

Ninja Foodi 8qt 9-in-1 Deluxe XL Digital Multi Cooker with Air Fryer



Additional Accessories Included

Crisping lid, pressure lid, 8-qt. ceramic-coated pot, 5-qt. ceramic-coated Cook & Crisp basket, stainless steel deluxe reversible rack

Model Number



Stainless Steel/Black

Color Category


Control Type

Button, Digital

Pressure Cooker Type


Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor

1 year

Product Width

14 3/5 inches

Product Depth

16 1/10 inches

Product Length

14 3/10 inches

Product Weight

26.01 pounds





Care And Cleaning Instructions


Dishwasher-Safe Parts

Select parts



Photos: Ninja Foodi 8qt 9-in-1 Deluxe XL Digital Multi Cooker with Air Fryer – Stainless Steel/Black

8 reviews for Ninja Foodi 8qt 9-in-1 Deluxe XL Digital Multi Cooker with Air Fryer – Stainless Steel/Black

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  1. Mirvana

    We have had a few Ninja products for several years now and decided to give this pressure cooker/air fryer combo a try. I’m very glad we did.
    We’ve been using another brand for “instant” pot cooking for a year or so now and have really enjoyed it; particularly the speed with which we can prepare meals since we have two young kids and don’t have a ton of time to cook. Despite that, we wanted to give this a try because of the air frying option. I can say it delivers in every way.
    Given that we didn’t have an air fryer before this product, we decided to give that a try and used our kids for guinea pigs. We tried some frozen chicken nuggets and hash browns that they typically like and asked them to tell us what they thought. They both instantly recognized the difference and both said they liked them more than how we traditionally prepare them in the oven. Winner.
    In almost every other way, this combo cooker is top-notch. The quality of the pot and the accessories are great, though I’m sure some will find the fryer basket plastic “feet” a bit cheap. Every other cooking accessory is metal and certainly sturdy enough. Instructions are easy to follow and you can get to cooking really quickly. I love the digital display and the controls are very simple to use.
    For some, the size of this particular cooker may be a drawback depending on your preferences. It is quite large, which, for us hasn’t been an issue but if you’re hurting for space in your kitchen, this certainly won’t just hide in a corner somewhere. Of course, the upside is that you can cook quite a lot at once.
    Also, some might find the fact that the air fryer lid doesn’t detach a bit goofy but we like the fact that we don’t have to remove it and have it taking up counter space. Instead, it just swings up and out of the way to allow you to put on the pressure cooker lid.
    If I had to knock it for anything, I would prefer that the power cord detached from the unit so that it can be stored inside the cooker when not in use. No big deal.
    So far, we are really enjoying the air frying option on the cooker. “Instant” pot cooking is old hat for us and this certainly has chops to match anything else out there. I would definitely recommend this if you’re looking for a combo cooker of this type. It is well worth it

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  2. kids2

    Love my new addition to the kitchen!! Bought an Instant pot last year and returned it unopened a few months later because I had no idea what to do with it and was intimidated. Welcome home Ninja Foodi Deluxe – glad to have you!
    This is one heavy cooker but so worth it to have so many options within one pot. It was also packaged really well, and many accessories included. It comes with an owner’s guide, a small cookbook, little heat resistance gloves, 2 racks, 2 lids, and 2 pots. Now where to start with this… Read the owner’s guide (yep I did) and found that I don’t have a “red” float valve on my lid – went crazy looking for this “red” valve that is mentioned in a few steps – whatever…. Tried the water test to practice using the pressure cooker part – have never used one so I thought I better practice! Ok, moved on to what to cook in my new friend… looked thru the small cook book for some easy (beginner) ideas. Decided on chicken breasts and steamed broccoli. Used about 1.5lbs of frozen chicken breasts that I cut so they would fit nicely in the crisper basket, seasoned them, added water for pressure cooker part and cooked for about 10 mins. Turned them over and seasoned other side, emptied most of the water and moved on to air crisp. Cooked at 390 for 10 mins, checked after 5 and flipped and continued cooking. Smelled amazing but a little dry (note: lessen the cook time here). Tasted great though – see pictures! Cleaned out the pot and steamed broccoli about 3 cups for 10 mins – that too turned out great! Meal 1 down and approved by hubby. Next meal – should have thought about it longer…. Burgers and potato wedges (page 25 of cookbook) Did the burgers first thinking they would reheat easily while I cooked the wedges…. Well it messed up the cooking of the potatoes and I received an error message when pressure cooking them for 3 minutes, it needed more water. (NOTE: do potatoes first) I’m thinking that the machine was still too hot from cooking the burgers (that came out awesome) first. So added more water, pressured for 3 minutes and they were really soft – probably good for mashing! I dumped them out into a bowl and seasoned them per recipe and put back into crisping bowl and cooked for 16 minutes – checking after 9 and shaking. Dumped into bowl with more seasoning and they actually turned out good. Lessons to be learned as I go LOL
    So, my opinion of this big bertha pressure cooker pot – absolutely a thumbs up!! I have more to learn and experiment with but am up to the task and looking forward to using the racks for layered meal cooking. Also am looking at more cookbooks and YouTube ideas and tips.

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  3. Q5152020

    Should of bought this Nija a long time ago. My pork Tenderloin turned out perfect.

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  4. Circe330

    This thing is HUGE. That’s a good and bad thing though. It takes a lot of counter space. And if you store it out on the counter, you will need to find a separate place to store the pressure cooker lid. It’s super heavy but very well built. I use mine at least twice a week and with some practice, it works perfectly.

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  5. vrs99

    When the Ninja Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer arrived was surprised at the size and weight. Have been looking at similar cookers the last year or so with my wife but none were as big or offered all the options. First thoughts were there is plentiful cooking area, and like the heftiness of the unit as it feels quite solid sitting on the counter when cooking at high temps.
    When I first set the cooker up, I thought it was going to be a bit of a learning curve getting the cooker going but was pleased to find a quick start guide that had me feeling right at home with the appliance in literally minutes.
    With the long hot summer where I live, we found right away that the Ninja does not heat up the kitchen like the oven and stove while cooking and obviously uses far less electricity. A win win.
    This is a cooker that you can prepare a complete meal for the family, from rice, potatoes and vegies to the main course at the same time. The Ninja has quickly found a place in our kitchen and it is used most days of the week when cooking quick meals like fish and chips to dinners.
    We have cooked whole chicken which came out completely cooked while maintaining moisture and was blown away with how lovely and crisp the skin was from air crisping. Lovely and delicious. Have steamed fresh fish as well as air crisping fish fillets for fish and chips, it is almost too easy.
    Prepared meals on three layers from meat on top rack with vegies on center rack and rice in the bottom of the ceramic pot. One great benefit of cooking this method was sauces and meat flavors dripped to vegies and rice below, good stuff. The rice cooked on bottom of pot that was flavored from foods cooking above which added a bit of a crisp edge to the texture.
    There are so many uses for the cooker from simply crisping up fries or other finger food snacks to simply popping in side-dishes for dinner. It has become our go to appliance for so many items that it has in many ways replaced the micro-wave (never a big fan of microwave). Cooking is so simple, foods taste delightful and easy to operate and manage.
    Two family favorites have become fries and tater tots, crisp up lovely with excellent texture and great taste without the oil. Love it.
    – Super easy cleanup, seriously easy.
    – Ceramic Cooking Pot.
    – Cookbook.
    – Two layer reversible cooking rack
    – Pressure Cooking is amazingly fast.
    Pressure cooking has taken me a bit of time to familiarize myself with the techniques as I have never used a pressure cooker previously. It has been well worth the time and effort and rewarding with happy family at the dinner table.
    A cooking system with many talents/functions that delivers big on the YUM factor.

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  6. FOODaddi

    The foodi is our new kitchen go to gadget. I litterally use it for every meal of the day. There are plenty of great YouTube recipe tutorials. You’ll never get bored.
    I’m not sure if I need my stove anymore at this point its just a night light we always forget to turn off.

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  7. Soflajo

    Already had the 6qt and thought this would be a great addition plus Black Friday deals made it a no-brainer. I use one or the other weekly.

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  8. Single

    I have used the Ninja Air Fryer pressure cookers a few times. I have made wings a couple of times and they were the best wings ever. Steak and mash potatoes came out the best

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    Ninja Foodi 8qt 9-in-1 Deluxe XL Digital Multi Cooker with Air Fryer – Stainless Steel/Black
    Ninja Foodi 8qt 9-in-1 Deluxe XL Digital Multi Cooker with Air Fryer – Stainless Steel/Black
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