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Ninja – Foodi® Smoothie Bowl Maker and Nutrient Extractor* 1200WP smartTORQUE™ 4 Auto-iQ® Presets – Silver


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Smoothie Bowl Maker and Nutrient Extractor* with smartTORQUE™ blends and powers through the thickest ingredients and never stalls. One base with multi-functions. Nutrient Extraction* Cup for smooth drinkables (vs. BL480). Smoothie Bowl Maker with built-in tamper powers through with less liquid for thick smoothie bowls.

Specification: Ninja – Foodi® Smoothie Bowl Maker and Nutrient Extractor* 1200WP smartTORQUE™ 4 Auto-iQ® Presets – Silver

Detachable Blade(s)


Dishwasher-Safe Parts

Select parts

Blade Material

Stainless steel


120 volts


1100 watts

Cord Storage



24 ounces

Product Name

Foodi® Smoothie Bowl Maker and Nutrient Extractor* 1200WP smartTORQUE™ 4 Auto-iQ® Presets



Additional Accessories Included

(2) 24 oz. Nutrient Extraction* Cup and Spout Lid with Spout Lids, 14 oz. Smoothie Bowl Maker with built-in tamper and Storage Lid, Hybrid Edge™ Blades Assembly, Recipe Inspiration Guide

Model Number


Vendor Collection

Ninja Foodi



Color Category




Blender Type

Countertop blenders

Pulse Function


Safety Lock System


Single or Multi Serve

Single serve

Pour Spout


App Compatible


Number Of Preset Programs




Product Width

6.69 inches

Product Weight

6.48 pounds

Product Length

6.69 inches

Product Height

10.79 inches


Ice Crush, Extract, Smoothie, Puree

Maximum Speed

19677 revolutions per minute

Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts


Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor




Photos: Ninja – Foodi® Smoothie Bowl Maker and Nutrient Extractor* 1200WP smartTORQUE™ 4 Auto-iQ® Presets – Silver

8 reviews for Ninja – Foodi® Smoothie Bowl Maker and Nutrient Extractor* 1200WP smartTORQUE™ 4 Auto-iQ® Presets – Silver

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Ponskippa

    The Ninja Foodi Power Nutri Duo is a pretty powerful and easy to use blender. Making smoothies with one of those old fashioned big pitcher blenders was always a lil cumbersome for me. You end up with large chunks of fruits/veggies and or you always got to shove a spoon in there to move the chunks around so they get blended. The Ninja Power Nutri has been great for smoothies. You still end up with tiny seeds obviously, but fruits and vegetables all get liquified nicely. I’m one of those weirdos who has a hard time eating some fruits and vegetables so being able to blend them into delicious smoothies with this helps me get all the nutrients I need. The blender has for speed / power presets. Two of them are for the blender cups, and the other two are food the “food bowl” that comes included. The blending presets all have a timer with variable speeds to allow the food to slush around and move towards the blades. Making a smoothie with the preset worked perfectly and I’m excited to try different recipes. You get two blended cups and the bowl. The bowl has a built in “power paddle” which pushes food down towards the blades for those thick harder to blend recipes. Its a very cool and convenient feature, so you don’t have to remove the top off your bowl to push the food around manually. Should be great for blending up your own nut butters, salsas, and hummus. The base of the machine has strong suction cups that will stick nicely to your countertop to prevent it from shaking around / making you hold it in place. Cleaning the cups and bowls is very simple also. The book suggests cleaning the bowl by rinsing the blades and cup with warm water then filling it with some water and a drop or two of dish soap then using the bowl setting to clean it up. I found it to work great with the big smoothie cups also. The blades and cups ended up nice and clean with no residue left over.
    I love this, I never liked having to clean up a blender after making smoothies or sauces. Would I recommend this to a friend? Yep! Especially to anyone looking to improve their diet with delicious and nutritious home made smoothies , butters, and sauces.

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  2. Beba

    Excellent product I love it
    I recommend it 100% This is my favorite one

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  3. excellentchoice

    very fast and is beautiful very comfortable and practical. it can be anywhere. I am surprised I love it

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  4. Itzy

    Just used it for the first time and the texture came out nice and creamy. It really is LOUD like the other comments noted but if you can get past the noise then this is a good blender for the price. Im excited to use this for my morning drinks

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  5. KSauer

    I was concerned of switching from my magic bullet to the ninja due to the cup sizes, however, because ninja has cups that have measurement on it I was able to make my protein shakes even better than I could with the other device. On top of that, making a frozen treat has been easy and fun. I now have healthy snacks in my freezer/fresh on the go anytime I want them. I highly recommend this product.

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  6. MrShinyCadillackness

    Oh heavenly smoothies! I have to start by saying that the built in “Power Paddle” is really what makes this blender stand above the rest. Especially for making thicker concoctions. Normally when you use blenders, from the traditional upright style, to upside down (like this Ninja), you have to take the pitcher or cup off to shake the contents so it will all blend properly. Not with the Ninja. With the power paddle cup in place, you simply twist it as the food is blending and it will very effectively knock the top food loose, making thicker smoothies and bowls a breeze. I love this. It is genius!
    The footprint of this is also very small, so it doesn’t take up near the counter space that a traditional blender would. Big bonus in our small kitchen.
    Ninja provides you with a recipe booklet in the box that will give you great ideas on where to start with ingredients and how to properly load the cups to make the best healthy drinks your heart desires. You can actually whip up everything from nut butters, to dips for game day, to both thick and thin drinks in a flash. I haven’t tried any frozen drinks yet, but I am assuming by the way it handles thicker foods, ice and juice should blend like a hot knife through butter… so to speak.
    Also included in the box, are two additional Nutri Cups (which are a little bigger than the paddle cup), a drink lid (for to go smoothies), and a storage lid in case you want to make a drink for the first thing in the morning, which we do often. This is also a good idea, because running a blender first thing in the morning tends to wake up the kids. While this blender is semi-loud, it isn’t anything out of the ordinary.
    In my review photos, I filled to the marked “liquid fill” line with Coconut Milk first, then topped that with shredded Kale, Hemp Hearts, Ground Flaxseed, Goji Berries, Almond Butter, Frozen Blueberries, a couple of frozen Strawberries, and a dash of Maple Syrup. A definite meal in a glass. Really the possibilities are endless. It is truly up to your imagination and what kind of things you can easily make with this little powerhouse.
    The kiddo loves it and always wants to help me with the whole process and for that, I can’t thank Ninja enough. They have produced a blender that is not only extremely effective, but also safe, fun, and most importantly healthy when loaded with the right ingredients.
    Cleaning is also a huge bonus. You simply add some water and a couple of drops of dish soap, then blend for a few seconds to knock everything loose, rinse, and place on the drying rack. It just doesn’t get much easier than that.
    Lastly, we are a health conscious family and we can appreciate appliances that make our lifestyle easier. The Ninja Foodie fits the bill and our family highly recommends it!

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  7. Linksys

    If you need a small blender because of limited space, this is the perfect blender/smoothie maker. I have a large Ninja blender that I’ve been using for at least three years and it’s served me well. I like having it because 10% of the time I need the capacity of the large container, but the other 90% I only use the single serve cups. My girlfriend loves to make smoothies and would always want to take the big one with us on vacation so we didn’t have to buy then somewhere. Though we did once or twice, to me it was just to big to bring. With this model we can as it will be much easier to travel with. Its 1200 watt motor has double the power of one of its competitors in a package that is a littler wider but not as tall. Making a smoothie with frozen fruit, I noticed no difference from it’s bigger brother in terms of crushing power nor the time it took to make it. A tiny home, an RV, a small apartment, limited counter space or anywhere you want a compact blender/smoothie maker with full-size power, the Ninja Power Nutri Duo has you covered.

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  8. JorgeST

    This brand has always been a name that I trust and this unit is a great example of just that with no exception. With a young family with two children, this appliance works fantastic for our hectic schedules. We have been able create a quick, easy and healthy snack for our kids. The blender is easy to use, cleans up nice and is great looking sitting on the counter. It comes with several base cup of various sizes, so no matter what the occasion I am set to blend. Another benefit to this blender is that the tops lock in place, assuring small kids won’t easily spill. The larger cups are great for adults and the base cup works well for our small children. The machine is able to handle ice with ease and the sound isn’t nearly as loud as other blenders I have used in the past. I haven’t tried the recipes that came in the box as we typically just use up fruit from around the house, but I am looking forward to trying. All in all we are pleasantly surprised with the versatility of this personal blender and I highly recommend picking one up for those who are on the go!

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    Ninja – Foodi® Smoothie Bowl Maker and Nutrient Extractor* 1200WP smartTORQUE™ 4 Auto-iQ® Presets – Silver
    Ninja – Foodi® Smoothie Bowl Maker and Nutrient Extractor* 1200WP smartTORQUE™ 4 Auto-iQ® Presets – Silver

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