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Nutribullet Juicer PRO™ – Silver


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Fuel your body with nutritious, fresh-made juice every day. The NutriBullet Juicer Pro™ is designed for ultimate efficiency, and engineered to produce smooth, flavorful and delicious juice. With the high-torque motor and the power of turbo speed, this juicer can handle the toughest fruits and veggies with ease – no hesitation or wobbling here!

Specification: Nutribullet Juicer PRO™ – Silver

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Countertop blenders

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Nutribullet Juicer PRO™



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Multi serve



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1 year limited

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8 reviews for Nutribullet Juicer PRO™ – Silver

4.3 out of 5
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  1. VangTfz

    The Nutribullet Juicer PRO… It comes with the base and pitcher, a cleaning brush, two 12oz glass bottles with lids so you can take your juice to go, and two freezer trays for any left overs. Setup was pretty straightforward and if you are not sure what to do/make, you can use the recipe book to get some ideas.
    The quality of the juicing is quite nice and fluid. You can really tell the 1000w motor is putting in work because it gets loud but renders very fine pulp and a decent amount of juice! Cleaning the juicer isn’t too bad but quite tedious. Takes around 15 minutes or so to clean thoroughly. The only con i have so far is that taking the pulp out is not as easy/effortless as others. Not a big negative though and doesn’t warrant a star being taken off for, but enough for me to mention it.
    Overall, i would highly recommend the Nutribullet Juicer PRO! It does the job and is quite reasonable for the price!

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  2. Teflonjohn

    I have tried many they never last. This one works great and no mess

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  3. Ivette0930

    This is a very nice and easy to use Juicer. I would like to start off with the feeder. It is a great size to add big veggies/fruits without spending a lot of time cutting them into small pieces. It really creates a nice smooth juice every time. The juicer comes with 2 glass storage containers with is a plus in case you don’t use up all the juice at once. It comes with its pitcher which is nice and can be thrown in the fridge when done. The brush does a really good job cleaning the blades. The recipe book that come in the package is very helpful and even has recipes on what to do with the PULP!! wow I honestly just throw that away. Great Juicer and definitely a must have!

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  4. Bullet

    After 2 or 3 it broke the plastic chipped while blending juice

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  5. Janine

    Upon unboxing, I was surprised at the size of the juicer as I’ve never owned one before and have only seen the ‘professional grade’ types at demos. What first came to mind was that this machine is for the serious juicing fan. LOL. But in all seriousness, the NutriBullet Juicer Pro is well-made and pretty straightforward to figure out.
    Included with the machine is a short, but handy, Recipe Guide, particularly useful for someone like myself whose never owned or used a juicer like this before. It helped with ‘getting started’ and gave me a few ideas for what I could do with the NutriBullet that I’d not thought of.
    *Reading over the enclosed User Guide is also a must, for basic safety precautions and instructions on how to properly take care of your new juicer.*
    The accessories that come with the NutriBullet Juicer Pro are really great quality! I was very impressed. Seriously. The juice pitcher, which can be used to store the juice you make, is made of thick sturdy plastic, and the lid has a handy pouring spout. The two 12oz. storage bottles are made of glass, and can also double as travel drink containers. There are two silicone freezer trays (2oz. and 4 oz.) with plastic lids, which can be used to freeze measured portions of juice to use as needed, as it is nice to be able to have already prepared juice on hand rather than having to make more. Plus, you could also use the frozen juice instead of ice cubes so as not to dilute your drink.
    Using the NutriBullet was way more fun than I imagined. As far as the noise this juicer puts out … Well, it was as loud as I’d expect it to be. I mean, the machine is extracting juice from chunks of fruits and vegetables. So it will make ‘noise.’ There will also be some vibration of the appliance itself, especially when putting the food in to the ‘feed chute.’
    Clean-up, as I expected, was a bit of a chore. Mainly the sieve, which you have to be very careful cleaning! Fortunately, among the other accessories the juicer comes with, is a cleaning brush which handily does the job. That said, because I consider cleaning-up the juicer to be a chore, (which is not a downside by any means), just a bothersome but necessary aspect of using the NutriBullet, it’s probably an optimal idea to make as much juice as possible per use. Remember you can always freeze portions in the trays.
    The consistency of the juice I created with the NutriBullet was quite smooth, not gritty at all, as I’d sorta feared it might be. I wanted to keep it simple on my first try, so made up my own recipe, although I had looked over the Recipe Guide for inspiration. I must have chosen the ‘right’ amount of each ingredient because my Apple Celery Juice was actually quite tasty. I was pleasantly surprised, and proud of myself. 🙂
    For the price, and what you get included with the NutriBullet Juicer Pro, I can most certainly recommend. Especially if you’ll be using this on a regular basis. It’s a well-made, quality machine.

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  6. krush

    I was so excited to get this kitchen appliance. I have been wanting to start juicing for a while but never really made the jump until now. I’m so glad I did. Nutribullet did a wonderful job on the design and quality of this product. I’m really impressed. Not only is it simple to use but its easy to clean as well. It is a little bulky and may cause some issues when it comes to storing (depending on how much room you have) but I found a perfect spot in my cupboard next to my stove.
    I’ve never owned a juicer before so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but this thing produces a decent amount of juice. My first juice recipe consisted of 2 blood oranges, 1 naval orange, 1 grapefruit, 1 apple, and a handful of pineapple and it filled the entire included pitcher. It was excellent tasting as well. Next time, I will probably leave the grapefruit and add tangerine in its place. The process was simple and easy. Cut fruit and/or vegetables, put the pitcher in place, turn the machine on the recommended speed, and start loading fruit in to the tube.

    The product came with excellent instructions and a recipe guide as well. This helped me since I’ve never juiced anything before so I was really happy to have something included to reference. It also came with 2 ice trays with different cube sizes and also a couple of glass storage bottles. The product looks and feels like it was made with quality in mind. The fact they sent glass bottles instead of plastic also shines light on the level of quality Nutribullet was trying to achieve.
    If you are looking to get started in the juicing scene this is a perfect easy to use, easy to clean appliance to make that happen. I’m very happy with this product and highly recommend it.

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  7. MrGadget

    NutriBullet Juicer Pro, about $150, is a good way to get into the world of juicing. Why? The answer will require explanation!
    NOT a blender –
    The difference is this: Blenders mix and may include the whole fruit and vegetable with all the ingredients placed in the blender jar. Blenders can create smoothies, soups, dips, nut butters, purees, and more from a variety of ingredient types.
    A juicer does ONE thing – A juicer extracts juice ONLY, from only certain fruits and vegetables, leaving the pulp and any fibrous material aside through a separator mechanism. The pulp, that is, the non-juice, may be separately consumed and used in recipes, composted or simply discarded.
    A juicer delivers the whole juice and nothing but the juice!
    Then why juice? –
    You are reading this because you are curious, right? There is a wide and diverse community of individuals who believe that juicing is the healthiest, best way to drink your vegetables. Think DIY V8® Vegetable and Fruit Juice.
    I will leave to you your own online research to decide the efficacy of juicing. Regardless, if you want to juice, you need a juicer!
    Types of Juicers –
    There are four types, four technologies in the juicing world. Turn to Wikipedia for basic answers.
    Actually, there are six methods of extracting juice, the simplest of which you probably already know about and may have used – a reamer or simple press. If you’ve ever juiced an orange or lemon with a simple hand-held gadget or a small electric model to end up with a large quantity of OJ, congratulations. Enough said on this type.
    Centrifugal Juicers –
    Next up, from simple and lowest cost, are centrifugal juicers. This is the technology in NutriBullet Juicer Pro. Extraction results from spinning and squeezing by grinding and pressing fruit and vegetables through a filter, usually a mesh-type sieve. Juice is delivered through a spout, while solids remain inside.
    This technology is simple, as noisy as a blender, delivers almost instant gratification and does not occupy as much counter space as fancier and, as expected, more expensive juicing technologies.
    Masticating Juicers –
    Higher up the fancy scale are the range of masticating juicers. That’s masticating, as in chewing. Often referred to as a cold press or slow juicer, these are slow and relatively quiet, using a wide-gapped screw mechanism called an auger that draws the material into and through the crusher, directing liquid out to a waiting vessel and the solids, now even dryer than typical output of centrifugal juicers, are expressed out a different route. Masticating juicers take a while to produce their juice, occupy more counter space and can cost a bunch more than centrifugal models.
    Think about how it is you chew fruit and vegetables, in fact, all food. In your mouth, teeth grind the food and extract juices. Saliva is introduced from glands in the mouth to aid in mastication and the breakup of the solids, all of which begins the digestive process even before swallowing a drop.
    Triturating Juicers –
    These high-tech, advanced (read EXPENSIVE) juicers press the veggies and fruit and are said to prevent oxidation from occurring. Some so-called experts say this is the ultimate juicing technology, which I will leave to you to further investigate, if the mood strikes.
    Juice Your Way to Health –
    Some dedicated juicing afficionados believe the higher-end products that produce juice with little to no heat are the best products because they maintain the juice in a raw, unheated state. “They” believe that heat, the heat produced using the lesser, cheaper juicers, including all centrifugal juicers, negatively effects nutrients present in raw, i.e. uncooked, unheated juice extraction.
    If convenient, visit a juice bar to try freshly made juices and to get ideas as to what satisfies your palate before committing to buy.
    Juice everything from broccoli and kale (yuck!), in addition to peppers, tomatoes, celery, ginger, turmeric, and so many other veggies and fruits. Refer to the ingredients listed on that famous brand of vegetable juice cocktail.
    I enjoy juicing beets, for example, along with peppers, tomatoes (or not) celery, broccoli and carrots, with a little bit of ginger and a hint of turmeric. Leave out the ginger and turmeric, if you wish, and add some apple for sweetness. And fresh pineapple. And fresh watermelon.
    Use that pulp! –
    In dip recipes, pureed in soup for added texture and as a thickener, added to enhance rice and noodles in a casserole. There is no wrong here. There is a trove of useful info in the provided “Recipe guide.”
    The point here is to be creative. No extra charge.
    More Fun with Juice –
    In addition to the obvious opportunity to drink the juice from all those ingredients, consider juicing as a part of cocktail creation, with or without the addition of alcoholic ingredients. Juice instead of soda in your cocktail! Search “mixology with juicers” for some adventurous and interesting ideas.
    What Is in The Box? –
    • A 1000-Watt high-torque, three-speed motorized base
    • A spout with open/close control prevents drips from the generous lift-off 2-liter pulp basin that has an efficient 3-inch wide chute
    • A 27-ounce sealing juice pitcher for fresh juice storage for up to 48 hours
    • A dual-size food pusher allows both small and larger veggies to take the juicing journey
    • A pair of freezer trays with snap on/off lids, each with either 2-ounce or 4-ounce compartment sizes lets you freeze juice for any purpose
    • A pair of glass to-go bottles
    • Cleaning brush
    • User Guide and Recipe book
    • The sieve, pulp basin, sieve, juice pitcher, to-go bottles and freezer trays are safe for cleaning in the dishwasher
    My Two Cents –
    My experience with slow juicers and centrifugal juicers over many years is inconclusive. That is, I am not convinced that one is better than the other for your health. It is NOT within my lifestyle consideration that juicing is of greater importance than are other factors mentioned here.
    Juicing provides liquid only that is typically higher in sugar and without fiber, whereas blending delivers juice as well as fiber, which many nutritionists suggest is more healthful. Fiber is a component that helps us to feel full, to feel sated. Juice alone does little towards providing a feeling of being full, a feeling of having had a hunger-satisfying meal.
    I believe in managing health needs and technology interest in combination with cost and counter space, plus storage space, and not taking as gospel the recommendation of one product technology over another. Everyone’s needs and living arrangements are different.
    Cleanup Time –
    Blender cleanup is easy as compared with juicer cleanup. I clean my blender with a single drop of Dawn dish soap in less than half a container of warm water, blended at high speed for about 40 seconds. A quick rinse afterwards is all I do.
    Cleanup of this juicer is, in my experience, a labor-intensive chore. During the juicing process, it is difficult to impossible to prevent splash and splatter around the NutriBullet Juicer Pro. Disassembly is a must, even though a quick rinse is all that is usually needed because the fruits and vegetables do not contain oils that would be deposited and require more than rinsing in the sink. Still, it takes time, perhaps 15 to 30 minutes for disassembly, removal of the pulp with a strong stream of water OR to carefully remove and retain the somewhat dry pulp inside the pulp basin and cover.
    As indicted above, parts of NutriBullet Juicer Pro are dishwasher safe. However, there are a lot of large pieces, not unlike the bulkiness of a large food processor’s dishwasher-safe components. Still, it all takes more time, effort and resources to clean, even to simply rinse, dry, reassemble and store than will any blender, including the NutriBullet brand’s finest blenders.
    Conclusions –
    Bearing cleanup in mind, circle back to my earlier suggestion that THIS is a good product, suitable for the juicing curious as well as for experienced juicers not interested in spending more. The cost is just right to allow users to see if the product usage connects within personal lifestyle and interests, making this a worthwhile investment, perhaps the gateway to higher end juicer technology at some point.
    It cannot be overemphasized to carefully investigate and understand the differences between a blender and a dedicated juicer. I dare say that some readers will opt out here and resort to a blender, while fewer will jump to the opportunity of having a dedicated juicing product.
    With this product and the smaller, less expensive NutriBullet Juicer variant, the reliability of the NutriBullet brand is well represented here, providing yet another choice for consumers interested in trying juicing as a singular product category.
    Either way, you can’t go wrong. The fact is, dumping the same ingredients into a powerful blender may yield the desired results. The absence of pulp might not be as important as is the benefits of multi-purpose, multi-usage capabilities of a blender, and here the NutriBullet brand has considerable experience and a positive reputation.
    Readers are urged to research online and ask within your circle in order to arrive as what is best for YOU. Consider cost, counter space, cleanup and storage, and the greatest unknown – which product type will see the most use and provide the greatest perceived benefit.
    Oh, how I wish it was easier than this. Or, maybe it is as easy as this!
    Trust your instinct. Trust your gut. And if you decide that juicing is worth a try, this is a good one to see how and if you like juicing.
    And Finally –
    NutriBullet Juicer Pro includes the manufacturer’s 1-year limited warranty from date of purchase. An additional 3 months of warranty coverage is available through online product registration.

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  8. GiaWms

    Really enjoy juicing with this machine. Although it fills up quickly with pulp, the juice doesn’t need to be strained. I t juices large fruits and vegetables with ease.

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    Nutribullet Juicer PRO™ – Silver
    Nutribullet Juicer PRO™ – Silver

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