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GE – 2-Slice Toaster – Stainless Steel


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Specification: GE – 2-Slice Toaster – Stainless Steel


Bagel, Frozen

Number Of Toasting Slots


Product Name

2-Slice Toaster



Model Number



Stainless Steel

Color Category


Dishwasher-Safe Parts


Product Width

6.88 inches

Product Weight

2.87 pounds

Product Length

11.18 inches

Product Height

7.64 inches

Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts

Limited 1-year entire appliance

Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor

Limited 1-year entire appliance



Number of Shade Levels



120 volts


850 watts

Control Type

Button, Dial



Integrated Timer


Slide-Out Crumb Tray


Toaster Slot Type


Cancel Option




Photos: GE – 2-Slice Toaster – Stainless Steel

8 reviews for GE – 2-Slice Toaster – Stainless Steel

4.6 out of 5
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    GE 2 Slice Stainless Toaster
    This is a classic pop-up, 2-slice toaster that is completely predictable, and totally enjoyable to use. Everything is fully chromed to match your stainless kitchen. It doesn’t look out of place in the fanciest kitchens.
    The GE is really pretty in its chrome body, small footprint, with fully chromed buttons surrounded by glowing light rings.
    The slots are wide enough for bagels of any size I could imagine buying.
    The sliding grids grip bread or bagels or whatever you want to toast in each slot and keeps the food properly centered.
    There are FROZEN, BAGEL, and CANCEL buttons which have a nice feel and light touch and a SHADE CONTROL dial.
    The GE toaster is light.
    Toasting speed was average and well within our expectation.
    The crumb tray slides out easily for cleaning.
    The outer home shell gets warm, but we never felt it was too hot if brushed by accident.
    The resulting toast? Toasted quite nicely. We use a broad variety of specialty breads and they are all handled nicely. English muffins are handled without issue. The settings required for our various breads are a bit unpredictable, but we could always get the toast outcome we wanted.

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  2. TheDuke

    This GE toaster is exactly what I expected. No Frills. No Gimmicks. No exaggerated marketing. The toaster is so simple that the box lists only 1 feature….that it can toast two slices of bread. Literally no other features are listed.
    …And, because it does indeed have two slots, it lives up to every promise that it makes.
    The process of toasting is rather slow and the toasting is fairly uneven, but the resulting toast is nicely crisped (as opposed to only being browned on the outside with the inside left overly soft). The toaster feels as though it has a nice build quality and my whole family was impressed by how solid the lever feels when pressed down.
    My main complaint is that the crumb tray is located on the back of the toaster. I guarantee that my family will completely forget about the tray (out of sight, out of mind). And so, the toaster is absolutely destined to become caked with toast crumbs.
    Overall, a good toaster that works as expected. The full price is probably a bit high (compared to the competition), but I have no doubt that once on sale it will end up an appropriate cost. Plus, Best Buy guarantees their low prices – so ya really can’t go wrong.
    Fun Fact: This simple GE Toaster has replaced the ultra expensive Touchscreen Revolution R180 Toaster in our house. (See the included picture which shows them side by side.)
    + 13 available shade/cook levels
    + The knob clicks at each of the 13 levels
    + Lever has a solid / quality feel
    + Cord track underneath allows the cord to be fed out of the side, or the back of the toaster
    + The shell of the toaster is slightly convex which prevents the outside from getting too hot (to the touch)
    + LED lights turn on to show which toasting mode is selected
    – Outside Quickly Collects Fingerprints and Smudges
    – Does not toast evenly (see attached pictures)
    – Crumb Tray is located in the back (which is inconvenient
    – The toasting process is quite slow (even for lower levels of crispness)
    – The Bagel option still cooks both sides of the Bagel (instead of only turning on the inner heating coils as would be expected).

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  3. Crashphoenix

    5 stars and here’s why.
    Let’s start with, Why review a toaster? Because this one is what toasters have promised to be.
    It’s definitely larger and deeper than a standard toaster. Pic is comparing my old one to this lovely new one. The slot is 5 1/2 inches long, and 1 3/8 inches wide, allowing almost any bread like substance to fit.
    So far everything I’ve put in has toasted evenly, from various bagels -Plain to everything bagels, English muffins, different breads, and pop tarts.
    No one expects the doneness setting to work, this is the first time on a taster that setting actually work 2 is darker than 1, 3 darker than 2, ect. No more 3 types of doneness light, medium, burnt. Picky eaters will love this. There have been no undue hot spots or overdone bottoms with underdone tops.
    Be careful with pop tarts , especially off brand. On higher settings 6-7, the frosting got a little runny.
    I can definitely recommend this toaster. It works and it looks good.

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  4. MGoose

    So far, I have used it to make white toast, bagels and frozen waffles.
    – Looks great and compliments my other stainless appliances.
    – Case is real metal – not plastic that looks like stainless.
    – Buttons are big, edge lit and have a nice click when pressed.
    – Easy to use straight forward controls. The bagel and frozen food preset buttons worked, allowing me to leave my preferred setting for toast while cooking those items a little longer.
    – Cord management on the bottom allows you to direct the cord to the side or back depending on where it is placed on the counter.
    Things to Consider
    – It doesn’t quite toast evenly, leaving some spots just a little lighter than I prefer, but never burning anything (see pictures).
    – The upper 1/3 of the case does get pretty warm.
    – The crumb tray is easy to remove and clean, but I wish it was a little deeper (you have to be careful to not spill them on the way to the trash can).
    While there were a few things I didn’t like, I am happy with the toaster overall and finding an affordable appliance with a metal case is becoming more of a challenge.

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  5. Kotor

    This toaster is a perfect choice for someone that wants a stainless steel toaster that looks and works great. It matches my other stainless steel appliances perfectly. It uses the classic tried and true toaster design that never goes out of style. I have a nice toaster oven but prefer this design for toasting bread.
    At 1500 watts, it has more than enough power to toast bread, with room to spare. I like my bread lightly toasted and shade level 2 gave me the light brown toast that I like. This toaster is high power, and can toast any kind of bread to the toast level you desire. The self centering function ensures that whatever you put in it will be centered, and thus toasted evenly.
    The buttons and lever work very smoothly. When done, my toast was ejected to that familiar and distinctive pop. There are separate buttons for Frozen and Bagel toasting modes. When activated, the button in use illuminates. It could not be easier to use.
    The stainless steel design is very attractive. The body is made of real stainless steel, and not just plastic that looks like metal. I confirmed this by using a magnet, which stuck to it. If a magnet sticks to it, then you know it is metal and not plastic.

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  6. MacUser

    As with any GE appliance, the fit and finish is top shelf. If all you want is a toaster, this is a pretty good option. It’s nice classic stainless styling goes with everything, and looks like it will last quite a while. It feels good in the hand and the pop up spring is strong. The product looks like a high quality toaster and has good weight to it but isn’t heavy. Toasts evenly and perfectly and doesn’t burn even at the highest setting. I received this toaster couple of days ago and have already used it so many times. It arrived well packaged and protected, in absolutely pristine condition. Our family loves breads and bagels. That’s our go-to breakfast items. It does everything it claims to with a simplicity; that means even a kid could make toast without setting fire to the house. Three is a nice well toasted piece of bread, two is good for thinner breads or if you like your toast just golden. The buttons are well marked and the lever moves smoothly without forcing or fighting. The knobs seem to move almost too easily. I’m happy with this toaster. I wasn’t looking for anything complicated and this fits my needs.
    It warms up quickly and evenly. No issues with hotspots burning your bread in one area or another. The release button to pop-up the bread is simple to use, located on the center of the heat/time dial. I toasted a bagel & I have to say that it was really one of the best toasted bagels I have had. It was very lightly toasted on outside & done to perfection inside. To use the bagel feature, (which I love & many toasters do not have this choice and are not wide enough), you first push the lever down with bagel in toaster & then push the bagel button on the front of toaster-VIOLA!! The crumb tray is secure & if used properly should stay that way. It is not too flimsy, it is as sturdy as a toaster should be. One of my favorite things is the nice wide openings! I am a bagel eater, most toasters, even though they say extra wide, are not always wide enough
    Thus far, this toaster has been working up to par and as expected. I like the classy look. The toaster is extremely light, which is great for me, as I don’t have a lot of space in my kitchen and I often need to store it away. The crumb tray makes removing crumbs from the toaster super easy. Thanks to its design, this toaster looks much more expensive than it actually is. I know it’s just a toaster, but I’ve had toasters that kicked the bucket after a week or two! This one works excellent, doesn’t take forever, and most importantly is easy to clean. So I would definitely recommend it.

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  7. AllAboutTech

    Verdict: It’s a beautiful machine that works well. We love it in our kitchen.
    Functionality. The toaster works well and has just the right options. Our previous toaster had too many buttons, most of which we never actually used. This toaster has just three buttons and a shade knob.
    Things I like:
    – Just the right number of buttons
    – It toasts our bread great
    – It has the usual convenient trap door to remove crumbs
    – It looks absolutely amazing!
    Things I don’t like:
    – It is a little wide… wider than our previous toaster. We have lots of space in our kitchen, so it’s not a big deal for us, but if your counter space is really limited, you may want to consider something more compact.
    Overall, we love it. It’s beautiful and it works great.

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  8. Quincy0980

    I picked up the GE-2-slice Toaster to match my stainless steel appliances. This is a simple and strait forward toaster for two slices. There is a simple slide control to drop the bread into the toaster. Three buttons that are for Bagel, frozen and cancel and a knob to control how dark the toaster toasts the bread. The toaster is attractive and simple, but a bit flimsy.
    As for use, it works well and toasts both bread and bagels well. If space is an issue and you are looking for a good looking toaster than this one is for you.

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    GE – 2-Slice Toaster – Stainless Steel
    GE – 2-Slice Toaster – Stainless Steel

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