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PowerXL – Smokeless Grill Pro Countertop Indoor Electric Grill – Silver


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Specification: PowerXL – Smokeless Grill Pro Countertop Indoor Electric Grill – Silver

Form Factor


Product Weight

14 pounds


1200 watts

Total Cooking Surface Area

108 square inches

Product Name

Smokeless Grill Pro Countertop Indoor Electric Grill



Model Number




Color Category


Product Height

15 inches

Product Width

13 inches

Product Length

13 inches

Grill Type


Non-Stick Surface


Indoor Or Outdoor Use

Indoor and outdoor



Rotisserie Kit Included


Rotisserie Compatible


Variable Temperature Control


Side Burner


Cord Length

39 inches

Grate Material


Lid Material

Tempered glass

Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts

60 Days

Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor

60 Days



Photos: PowerXL – Smokeless Grill Pro Countertop Indoor Electric Grill – Silver

8 reviews for PowerXL – Smokeless Grill Pro Countertop Indoor Electric Grill – Silver

4.4 out of 5
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  1. SteveC

    We’ve been looking for an electric grill for indoors since we don’t grill as much outside as we used to and would be nice to have something for indoor use. I found this new PowerXl unit and decided to give it a try.
    The grill is nicely packed and well protected, and inside there was the grill, grill plate, glass lid, power cord manual and cookbook. What was surprising is the griddle plate that is advertised to be with the grill is not in the box!!!, There’s a card stating that you can get the griddle plate free just pay $15.99 shipping, that’s not right because the listing shows the griddle plate is included so I’m knocking one star because of this.
    Setting up:
    The first thing we did was take the grill plate, drip shield and lid and gave them a good washing, then wiped down all the internal parts with a damp cloth. I took the unit outside to do the pre heating as I’ve found almost all appliances give off odor “stink” on the first heating and yep this one did it too. During that initial break in I took some thermal images and it shows the griddle plate was pretty uniform temperature wise and it got plenty hot.
    The instructions show to put 2 cups of water in the bottom drip tray “which we did”, turn on the power then the fan and set your temp. I set it at 450F for the initial heat up and searing, and surprisingly it only took a few minutes, “under 6” to get up to full temp. We tried a couple items “strip steak and polish sausage”, and they cooked very evenly and fast. I was actually surprised at how fast they cooked up as I’ve had a couple indoor grills in the past and those took a lot longer to cook on compared to using an outdoor grill.
    The claim to eliminating smoke was spot on, there was virtually no smoke and you could see any smoke that was coming off being pulled back to the vents at the rear of the grill plate, and nothing else came out other than the smell of cooking meat.
    We were both impressed with how well this new PowerXL grill works, it heats up fast, cooks very evenly and comparable in speed to our outdoor grill. The outside of the unit stayed relatively cool during cooking and we never worried about getting burned if we bumped it.
    Cleanup was pretty simple too and all I had to do was put the grill plate and lid in the dish washer “came out perfectly clean” and then hand washed the drip tray. Also had to clean up the water drawer as it had some drippings in it, but it was easy enough to clean. The rest of the surface we just wiped down with a damp rag.
    Our only complaint was that the unit is advertised with having the griddle plate included “it’s not” and they want you to pay $15.99 to get it. I don’t get why they just didn’t include that in the box. We did end up ordering it but the website shows it will be 4-6 weeks for delivery, that’s a long time to wait. This would have been a 5 star review if not for that issue.

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  2. taureantiger

    I want to begin this review by saying my wife and I love using the Power XL Smokeless Grill with a built-in fan, and as such, we highly recommend this one to friends and family. This indoor grill indeed is almost entirely smoke-free and does not set off smoke detector alarms as my previous one did. Finally, a grill we can use indoors and enjoy steaks all year-round. It even handles nicely 2-inch thick steaks, you know the ones you buy from Costco. Grill each side for 10 minutes at 450F (which is the maximum temperature) and you’ll get a medium-cooked steak. For 1-inch thick steaks, do 5 minutes each side at 450F. Add or deduct minutes according to your preference, of course.
    The grill is very easy to assemble, disassemble, and operate. It heats up quite quickly and keeps constant temperature as visually shown on the grill’s control panel. Make sure you always run the fan when you use the grill. Not only does it suck away smoke (especially useful when you open the glass lid) but it also prevents grease built-up. After use, the various parts are pretty easy to clean. Some of them like the grill plate are even dishwasher-safe. But, of course, before you start disassembling the grill for cleaning, make sure the grill has cooled down.
    We can’t wait to receive the “free” griddle via mail through the manufacturer but their website mentioned it may take up to 6 weeks to arrive. Unfortunately, they charge a hefty $15.99 shipping and handling fee, which could have been so easily avoided had they simply included it with the grill. Nevertheless, the grill deserves 5 stars, and as mentioned at the beginning of our review, we would highly recommend this grill to friends and family.

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    One of the big selling points for me was this smokeless grill was advertised to also have a griddle plate included. That’s a great feature for breakfast foods around my house. Sadly, this does not come with the griddle plate in the box. It has a slip inside directing you to a website to send off for the griddle plate and you pay shipping. Going to the website, the griddle plate shipping is $15.99 and it shows a 4-6 week delay in shipping time. This is a big disappointment and listing the griddle plate as “what’s included” is misleading.
    As for the indoor grille itself, it’s a bit bulky to leave on your counter, so we had to find a place to store it when not using it. It does work pretty well and seems to cook evenly. This works really nice for kabobs and grilled veggies. So it’s a very solid grill, but the lack of the griddle plate in the box results in lost stars.

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  4. sgriesch

    The Power XL Smokeless Grill is an indoor grill that fits on your countertop. It allows you to grill indoors without making your entire house smell like your food. It sets up quickly and is easy to clean.
    The grill was well packaged but was easy to unpack and reassemble. It was also quick to get started after unpacking and washing the grill. I chose to hand wash the grill the first time so I could grill lunch and not wait on the dishwasher cycle to complete, so I was unpacked and grilling hamburgers within 10 minutes.
    The Power XL Smokeless Grill is easy to operate. Fill the water tray, plug the grill in, set the temperature and turn on the fan. The instructions recommend leaving the fan on while cooking. I wanted to make hamburgers on the grill and the instructions indicated to preheat the grill for 4-5 minutes. The burgers grilled up evenly in 8-10 minutes and had the look of a burger made on an outdoor grill. The burgers tasted just like they were made on an outdoor grill. The drip tray gathered the excess oil/grease, and it was easy to clean. There were no smoke or food odors from the grill whatsoever.
    Cleanup was just as easy as assembly. There are 4 parts to wash – grill tray, glass lid, drip tray and water tray. All 4 pieces can be placed in the dishwasher or washed by hand. I chose to wash the 4 pieces by hand in case I wanted to re-use the grill for dinner and to see how easily the hamburger would come off the grill tray. The grill tray surprisingly was easy to clean by hand and the food did not stick. The other parts were just as easy to clean and air dry. I like that all 4 pieces can be placed in the dishwasher if you don’t have time or room to hand wash them in the sink.
    The smokeless grill we received did not come with the griddle tray but there was an offer to get one for free with the paid cost of shipping and handling. I think the griddle tray would be a nice addition so you could make pancakes or eggs and not have to own a separate griddle appliance.
    The Power XL Smokeless Grill looks very nice in black and stainless steel. The glass lid is sleek and makes it easy to see the food you’re cooking. The cooking surface has plenty of room to fix enough food for the whole family. I was able to get 4 oversized burgers on the grill tray easily and there was room for more. Online it shows a cooking dimension of 13.5″ X 8″.
    The cooking temperature ranges from 200 to 450 degrees and goes up in increments of 50 degrees. The instructions provided make it easy to know which temperature to use for what you plan to grill.
    I would recommend the Power XL Smokeless Grill to add to the small appliances in your kitchen as opposed to other indoor grills. I have another popular indoor grill, and while it grills well, it does emit more odors from the cooked food and is harder to clean. I like the fact during cold or rainy weather I can grill indoors. Setup and cleanup of the Power XL Smokeless Grill is much easier than using and cleaning my outdoor grill. All the parts fit nicely in the grill so it will be easy to store in the kitchen. I’m excited to try other foods on the Power XL Smokeless Grill and plan to request the griddle tray.

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  5. Androidaholic

    The first thing I liked about the Power XL smokeless grill was the size of it. I cooked 4 good sized Rib Eye steaks on it at the same time. After washing the grill and turning it on it heated up to the set temperature of 450 degrees very quickly. The two steaks in the middle got seared nicely while the outside two were slower to cook. I ended up having to rotate the outside two to the inside. While this is a minor issue I would like to have seen the heating element evenly dispersed the full length of the grill. The smokeless feature definitely works well and it did cook the steaks very quick. I love the design of this product other than the heating element being a little small. Once I had cooked our steaks and we had enjoyed our meal I found that the Power XL Smokeless grill was very easy to disassemble and wash. Another thing I noticed is that the grill seems to have the best non-stick coating I have seen which made it very easy to clean off with just a long-handled scrub brush. I like that it has plenty of room to cook for the whole family and next I am going to cook some shishkabobs. I think it will do great with those and I also plan on trying some of the recipes that come in the cookbook. I am also thinking about bringing this thing to work at a construction site so I do not have to eat sandwiches every day. I would definitely recommend it especially now that I see it is on sale. It is a worthy addition to your kitchen arsenal that sets itself apart with its diverse capabilities large capacity and ease of use it sets itself apart from all of our other kitchen equipment!

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  6. Donna

    Love my grill!! Grilled veggies and chicken and no smoke! Fan works wonders…

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  7. Selva

    We have been looking for an indoor grill and got Power XL Smokeless Indoor Grill. It came with Smokeless Grill, Non-Stick Cross Hatch Grill Plate, Non-Stick Griddle Plate, Stainless Tempered Glass Lid, and PowerXL Smokeless Grill Recipe Book. It is very easy to assemble. As recommended in the manual, we did wash the grill plate with soap before the first use.
    The instructions were very clear in the guide. We tried grilled chicken on this grill. I have filled 2 cups of water in the tray and powered on the grill. I set the grill at 300°F and turned the chicken every 10 mins to make sure that it cooked all the sides evenly. Due to the large cooking surface, we were able to put close to 10 chickens at once. The grilled chicken came out well and the taste was really good. The Cerami Tech nonstick surface is really nice as nothing sticks to the surface. This grill can heat up to 450°F and with the glass lid, it is easy to see the inside food while cooking.
    With Airflow technology and smoke-capture fan, this smokeless grill removes hot, smoky air and return clean filtered air. It is very easy to clean all the accessories. We did handwash for the first two use and after that, we started using the dishwasher as all parts are dishwasher safe. The design of the grill is great and it did not occupy much space in the kitchen. We have used this grill more than 3 times within a week and impressed with the outcome of the grilled chickens and steaks. We have ordered the free griddle after paying 15.99$ for shipping which should have been included in the grill itself. We really impressed with the quality and outcome of this indoor grill.

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  8. Jason

    Had no idea grilling would this be easy with totally smokeless and odorless!

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    PowerXL – Smokeless Grill Pro Countertop Indoor Electric Grill – Silver
    PowerXL – Smokeless Grill Pro Countertop Indoor Electric Grill – Silver

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