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GE – 4-Slice Toaster – Stainless Steel


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Specification: GE – 4-Slice Toaster – Stainless Steel


Bagel, Frozen

Number Of Toasting Slots


Product Name

4-Slice Toaster



Model Number



Stainless Steel

Color Category


Dishwasher-Safe Parts


Product Width

12.17 inches

Product Weight

5.07 pounds

Product Length

11.18 inches

Product Height

7.64 inches

Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts

Limited 1-year entire appliance

Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor

Limited 1-year entire appliance



Number of Shade Levels



120 volts


1500 watts

Control Type

Button, Dial



Integrated Timer


Slide-Out Crumb Tray


Toaster Slot Type


Cancel Option




Photos: GE – 4-Slice Toaster – Stainless Steel

8 reviews for GE – 4-Slice Toaster – Stainless Steel

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  1. Veganrichy

    The GE 4-Slice toaster is an elegant yet practical toaster; it is everything a toaster should be and more.
    Easy clean/no crumb leaks!
    Even toast
    Thaw setting
    Four toast compartments!
    Toast settings
    First, the GE 4-Slice toaster is easy to clean, not to mention the compartments to empty are simple when you have crumbs piling up. What I enjoyed the most was the idea of moving the toaster on the counter without any crumb leaks from the bottom. My old toaster did this too often no matter how many times I cleaned it and emptied the tray; it continuously leaked. I am happy to report that this unit, after putting it through toast warfare, passed the “no-leak” test.
    The toaster shade settings were a little wonky to me (from 1 to 8; 8 pretty much burning the toast), but whatever shade setting I put it on, or type of toast selection (bagel, or frozen), the toast was always even. Though what I truly enjoyed the most about this machine was the “frozen” setting. Somehow, GE was able to thaw whatever was placed in the toaster compartments without burning or allowing the food to become soggy. For lunatics like me, that freeze their bread, having the option to thaw and eat toast was a blessing. Additionally, the use of 4 toaster compartments was necessary for me. I was able to toast both a bagel and toast for my son simultaneously with no issues. Thus, the time to prepare food was reduced, and everyone ate what they wanted.
    The only con I can give the GE 4-Slice toaster was the shade settings. From 1 to 8, you were able to select how dark/toasted the food you wanted to eat was. For giggles, I set the toaster to 8; after some time, my toast popped up black. I am all for equal toasting, but man, who eats burnt toast?
    Ultimately, the GE 4-Slice toaster should be a staple on your countertop. With its elegant design, cleanliness, and ease of use, toasting your food in the mornings (or whenever) will come with ease.

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  2. Barb

    I bought this for my partner because she has toast every morning and was procrastinating on purchasing a new toaster. I researched several types, brands and scoured reviews. She told me she loves this toaster. It actually toast at the level at which you set it. The crumbs fall back inside because of the ingenious raised lip on the top. I only wish the crumb tray was accessable from the front. It would be perfect if so. If you use this toaster, a heads up for you, don’t use it on a circuit that overloads. It’s 1500 watts and I’ve read that it can trip if you use both sides at the same time as well as other appliances on that circuit. We haven’t had any problems, but I’ve rewired our entire place and have all led lights and few appliances on the same circuit. Overall she loves it and that’s all that matters. It does what it says it does!

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  3. Zunderwood

    While I don’t normally assess the looks of kitchen appliances, I think it is an attractive toaster with its use of a stainless-steel housing, buttons, and levers. There are two sets of controls on front of the toaster, each controlling two toasting slots on either side.
    The bread slots are normal sized – meaning that you can place a slice of bread or a bagel in each one, but nothing too thick or too long.
    There are three buttons for each toaster pair, as well as one turn knob for controlling how well done the slices will be when finished.
    The three buttons are: Bagel, Frozen, and Cancel. When you put a slice or two in the toaster and push down the lever, the Cancel button illuminates by default. Pressing Cancel stops the cooking process and raises the lever allowing you to easily eject whatever you’re toasting.
    If you are toasting a bagel, push down the lever, and then press the Bagel button. In doing so, both the Cancel button and the Bagel button will be illuminated. If the item you are toasting is frozen, push down the lever and press Frozen. As with the Bagel option, the Frozen button and Cancel button will illuminate.
    Okay, so how does it toast? Well, I’ve toasted a number of slices of bread to find out. A thick slice of Rye bread required setting the doneness knob to the number 5. By comparison, that same thick sliced Rye bread would be done on a 2 ½ setting on my old toaster. On this toaster, I initially had it on 4 but it wasn’t toasted to my liking. So, I had to increase the doneness to 5 to get it how I liked it. A regular slice of bread was perfectly done at 4.
    I am merely pointing out that you’ll have to play with the toaster to find which doneness levels work best for you.
    I haven’t run into any problems with overcooking or undercooking on one side versus the other. And both sides of this 4-slice unit worked equally as well.
    We toasted the thick sliced Rye bread I mentioned, a normal slice of white bread at room temperature, and a slice of frozen white bread. All came out to our liking. The frozen slice, of course, required us to press the Frozen button at the outset. We don’t normally keep bagels at home, so we haven’t tried those as yet. But we’ve always had to smash the bagels thinner to get them to fit our toasters. I’m curious to see if the same is required with this toaster.
    All in all, this toaster does exactly what we expected it to do: toast our bread quickly and uniformly. Plus, it is attractive whether it is being used for toasting or simply sitting there looking pretty.

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  4. Dakingindanorf

    If GE can manufacture reliable jet engines, I definitely trust them to do a toaster right. The aesthetics of this toaster are very nice with a gray base and stainless steel finish. Controls are intuitive and the shade settings end up being close to what you would expect. The toast I made the other day (pictured) was made on setting 3 of 7. This thing looks good, works well, and I expect it to last me for years to come. That’s all you can really ask for in a kitchen appliance.

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  5. PapawJeff

    When my wife joined me in retirement our aging 2 slice toaster was no longer adequate as we were now eating breakfast together at home most mornings.
    This toaster is nicely designed and very attractive and has multiple settings to toast that perfect slice for nearly everyone.
    There are 7 numbered settings with half settings between them.
    We both like a medium brown toast and #4 makes it to the desired shade for us. # 4.5 was just a bit much for our tastes.
    You can do toast on one side and frozen or bagels using the appropriate button for the item on the other side of the toaster if desired. Or of course 4 of the same thing, two on each side.
    Each side has its own crumb tray and the entire unit is easy to clean.
    Operation is simple and the knobs, buttons and levers move easily so on issue with it being too stiff for older hands.
    The only feature I wish were on this toaster that was on my other toaster is a reheat button, but #1 setting works with very little change in toast color and doneness.

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  6. TJB426

    I’ve always been a fan of GE appliances since they’ve always seem to hold up over the years. I hope that this toast will last as long as the one it just replaced, but only time will tell. I am a little limited with counter space for appliances. This toaster, though a 4-slicer, is a bit on the small size and is very lightweight which allows me to easily move it around the kitchen when I need counter space. There are seven different shade settings that toast the bread pretty evenly on both sides. There are options to toast bagels or bread from a frozen state. The only con that I have with this is that the crumb trays are in the back of the toaster instead of the front, otherwise, I am completely satisfied with how the toast performs.

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  7. jimmyvegas

    Great 4 slice toaster. Very well built and toast evenly. Bright shiny stainless looks great in the kitchen.

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  8. TechMatcher

    I was in need of a new toaster – and this GE 4 slice toaster fit the bill perfectly! For starters, this toaster feels like it weighs about 3 lbs less than my older 4 slice toaster! It also has a nice cord wrap/routing feature underneath – something my old toaster didn’t have at all.
    I’ve toasted both bread and bagels in the toaster – and am happy with the browning. So far – works as expected and looks better than expected!

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    GE – 4-Slice Toaster – Stainless Steel
    GE – 4-Slice Toaster – Stainless Steel

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