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Dell – 24″ VA LED FHD Curved Gaming Monitor (HDMI 2.0, Display Port 1.2) – Black


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1920 x 1080 resolution (FHD)- 4ms GtG (gray to gray) in Super Fast mode – 1500R Curvature – 2 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x DisplayPort 1.2, 1 x Audio Headphone port – Refresh rate of 165Hz – 3,000 : 1 contrast ratio – 350 cd/m2 brightness – Height Adjustable w/ tilt, Built-in cable management slot – AMD FreeSync™ Premium Technology

Specification: Dell – 24″ VA LED FHD Curved Gaming Monitor (HDMI 2.0, Display Port 1.2) – Black

Voice Assistant Built-in

Not Applicable



Maximum Resolution

1920 x 1080

Native Resolution

1960 x 1080

Response Time

4 milliseconds

Panel Type


Synchronization Technology

FreeSync (AMD Adaptive Sync)

Screen Size

23.6 inches

Number of HDMI Inputs


Number of DisplayPort Ver 1.2 Inputs


Product Name

24" VA LED FHD Curved Gaming Monitor (HDMI 2.0, Display Port 1.2)



Operating System Compatibility

Windows, Android, Chrome, Linux, Mac

Vertical Viewing Angle

178 degrees

Refresh Rate


Color Category


Wall Mountable


VESA Wall Mount Standard

100mm x 100mm

Contrast Ratio


Display Type


Aspect Ratio


Curved Screen


Pixel Density

93 pixels per inch


350 candela per square meter

High Dynamic Range (HDR)


Horizontal Frequency

187 kilohertz

Horizontal Viewing Angle

178 degrees

Model Number


Smart Display


Product Height With Stand

17.8 inches

Product Height Without Stand

12.73 inches

Headphone Jack


Number of HDMI Outputs


Number of DisplayPort Inputs (Total)




Adjustable Stand Height




Built-in USB Hub


Built-In Webcam


Integrated Speaker(s)


TV Tuner




Touch Screen


On-Screen Display Languages

English, French, Canadian, Spanish, Portuguese

Product Width

6.1 inches

Product Depth (With Stand)

7.5 inches

Product Depth Without Stand

3.49 inches

Product Weight

16.3 pounds

Stand Included


Power Consumption

37 watts

Power Saving/Off Mode

0.2 watts



EPEAT Qualified


Additional Accessories Included

Power cable, DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable

Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts

3-year Advanced Exchange Service2 & Premium Panel Exchange

Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor

3-year Advanced Exchange Service2 & Premium Panel Exchange



Photos: Dell – 24″ VA LED FHD Curved Gaming Monitor (HDMI 2.0, Display Port 1.2) – Black

8 reviews for Dell – 24″ VA LED FHD Curved Gaming Monitor (HDMI 2.0, Display Port 1.2) – Black

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  1. TechTux

    I was in the market for a curve display with great refresh rate and quality picture. I really enjoy this monitor and the ease of navigation through the menus using the knob on the back of the panel. Over all the ports are easy to access and connect to peripherals and the menu navigation is a breeze. There are multiple customized settings you can go through to set the picture to the way you prefer.
    Overall I recommend this monitor for anyone who is looking for a curve display.

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  2. Naztynestor

    this monitor that perform very well! I think for the price it offer $200 it offers a curve 165hz monitor that looks good and if you’re in the market for 24” monitor I believe that you’ll be satisfied with Dell S2422HG
    – the monitor offer an smooth 165hz refresh rate as long as your computer could handle all the frames, does is delivery? yeah for sure. having 144hz monitor and jumping to 165hz I didn’t think I would notice anything different, but for my personal experience it’s noticeable.
    – I like how the design is simple doesn’t gives you any fancy edges or red trim to say it’s a gaming monitor. the looks is simple but it feels premium.
    – the monitor offers 2 HDMI in at the back, one Display port and port for your headphones. if you are looking for a new monitor for your latest next gen console, this console will also deliver 120hz for you to use
    – attaching the stand and the legs are very simple, at the back the monitor have a button to easily remove the leg and at the bottom you can unscrew to remove the bottom stand
    – the monitor is 1080p VA panel so the picture quality is vibrant enough compare to any TN panel. i’ve search for any dead pixels and was impressed with the perfect clarity while playing games. also think a 24” monitor is perfect for 1080p settings, Warzone looks smooth even tho it’s only in 1080p.
    – i’ve seen monitor that’s a bit more expensive than this Dell monitor but only 144hz, don’t get me wrong that’s great and all but i’d still pick 165hz instead, plus it’s only $200
    – on the setting of the monitor you’ll find your brightness / contrast settings and Game settings
    – being curve monitor this can either be a good thing to some or a bad thing, I currently have 27” curve monitor, but a 24” curve monitor doesn’t feel like it needs it, being that small for me just doesn’t add the immersion that you would expect for having a curve display. but one thing I know a 24” curve would work for kids, but as an adult 24” curve wasn’t doing it for me, it feels unnecessary on my end.
    – I hated monitor when I can’t turn the screen left or right, but instead I have to turn the whole body just to seat right on my setup. but no no dell.
    as a gamer who enjoy playing games on monitor, I would still highly recommend this one, for the price and what it offers I believe you’ll still get your money’s worth, great job on dell for keeping this monitor simplistic. 2 negative things for me but like I said, buy this monitor I think you will love it.

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  3. explore42

    Getting a monitor that gives you a great FHD panel with a high refresh rate for a reasonable amount of money has just gotten easier. This Dell monitor once I got it fully set up really amazed me. The overall display quality, build, stand flexibility and ease of set up makes this monitor a real winner. Naturally one of Dell’s larger curved monitors will give you a more immersive feel but if you don’t have the space or the money this is a great alternative.
    Features: The display is VA panel which supports FHD 1920 x 1080 with a refresh rate up to 165hz. It has up to a 178 degree viewing angle and a 3000:1 contrast ratio for deep blacks. The response times are 1ms in MPRT mode, 4ms Gray to Gray (GtG) in Super Fast mode and 8ms GtG in Fast mode. There are two HDMI ports, a Display Port and a Headphone/audio out jack. The monitor has the typical Dell stand which gives you total control over the display height and angle. I think this is more important with a curved screen than a flat screen. To get the full immersive feel you need to have the monitor at eye level so that your eyes are aligned with the middle of the screen. Since this is a 24” monitor I set mine up so that I was sitting about 1.2 ft away for playing games, that is the minimum recommended distance for a 16 x 9, 24” FHD display. When doing anything else I would move back to about 24 inches from the screen. If you sit close your games are going to become far more intensive. The display has a very thin side bezel so all the control buttons are on the right rear of the panel. There is one main joy stick menu button and four function buttons. These are the buttons you need to access the set-up menu but more importantly you use them for selecting input source, short cuts and game presets. So when choosing where to put the monitor its important to make sure you can get your hand around the right side of the display. The other option is load Dell’s Display Manager (DDM) app for windows and control everything via the app.
    Setup: After I put the monitor together on its stand and cabled it I went through the basic set up items. My gaming laptop can do up to 144 hz at FHD so I configured Windows for 1080 at 144hz and set the monitor’s response time settings to MPRT – note that MPRT only works with 144hz and 165hz refresh rates. Next I checked out the monitors performance using the Eizo monitor test and TestUFO. The panel was perfect with no pixel issues and the colors and gray scales were uniform across the panel. Playing with the TestUFO I was able to see how much the 144 hz refresh improved over a standard 60hz rate. I repeated this same process with my desktop which support FHD 1080 at the 165hz refresh rate. Again the monitor looked and performed great. There are five preset game settings and 3 customizable presets as well. The preconfigured presets are Standard, FSP First-Person Shooter, MOBA Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, RPG Role-Playing Games and Sports. These are definitely something you are going to want to play around with and if you don’t like them you can create up to three more presets to meet your taste.

    Bottom Line: What I really like about this monitor is that the colors are vivid and blacks are reasonably black. Some of my games seemed to run better under MPRT and others seemed to look better using the Super Fast response time. I’m not sure how much of this was personal preference vs measurable performance but I played with the settings until I found what I liked. I would recommend making sure your game’s refresh rate is set correctly because I found several of mine defaulted to 60 fps and I had to manually change it. I also found that because it’s a curved monitor the in-game camera angles can change the immersive feel. Viewing the game from inside the car was much more immersive than having the camera show a bird’s eye view from behind. You need to try the various options because what worked on a flat screen may not give you the maximum benefit of this curved monitor. Lastly because this is a VA monitor its good for general use as well. Getting used to the curved screen while doing spreadsheets and documents does take a little getting used to but once you do it becomes a non-issue.

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  4. Hmirza

    The Dell 24 Inch LED Curved Gaming Monitor is a true beauty in every sense. The monitor not only looks amazing with its curvature, but will also amaze you its with display. It provides excellent colors and blacks and performed well in every aspect for myself. The monitor is very easy to setup out of the box with no tools required. With one simple screw on the bottom, you are ready to go and get your gaming on. so lets go over some of the PROS and CONS of the Dell LED Curved Gaming Monitor.
    165Hz Refresh Rate
    Light Weight – Compared to my other gaming monitor same height
    Easy Installation
    Excellent Colors / Darks
    That Curvature
    Multiple Gaming Presets
    1080 FHD – For the Price
    All in all, keeping the price point in mind this is an amazing monitor. You will not be disappointed.

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  5. J0A0A7

    For entry-level curved gaming monitor, Dell has done a superb job of offering excellent performance with solid hardware. Backed by a solid 3-year warranty program. There’s plenty of features that make it an enticing purchase.
    1080p FHD Resolution
    164hz refresh rate
    8 Bit panel
    VA Panel
    16:9 Aspect Ratio
    X2 HDMI 2.0 Ports and x1 Display Port
    Audio Headphone Port
    AMD Freesync
    3 Year Advanced Exchange Service and Premium Panel Exchange
    Even at 1080p, the image quality was sharp with bright colors. When it came to fast-paced games like CS Go, Overwatch, Fortnite, and Call of Duty Warzone gameplay was silky smooth with my RTX 3070 gaming laptop. I did not experience any ghosting shadows. Dell does offer some overdrive options from fast, super-fast mode (4ms) and MPRT mode (1ms).
    Moving throughout the menu is simple with the clickable joystick button behind the monitor. There are also 3 shortcut buttons that can be set to specific settings like brightness/contrast, color mode, or a preset.
    There’s plenty of customization options for example you can adjust the brightness, contrast, and color temperature. There’s a couple of preset modes for specific games like FPS, MOBA/RTS, RPG, and Sports. You also have 3 custom preset modes you can save to customized to your liking for specific games. If you’re having issues with dark scenes you can adjust the dark stabilizer setting to improve the dark scenes. You also have a default mode, comfort view in addition to cool, warm, and custom color options. The aspect ratio can be changed and the input color format mode from RGB to YUV420. Some of these settings can be adjusted via the Dell Display Manager.
    Game enhanced modes included are Timer, frame rate display, and display alignment.
    Overall I must say I’m impressed with what Dell has managed to offer at this price point. If you’re a gamer on a budget I highly recommend you check out the Dell 24 inch gaming monitor.
    “Reviewers in this invitation-only program are provided products for the purpose of writing honest, unbiased reviews.”

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  6. FrozynHeart

    I’m going to preface this review by saying I’m still not convinced that the whole “curved monitor” thing isn’t just some sort of gimmick. I know it’s useful on ultrawide monitors, but this is definitely not ultrawide.
    That being said, I have to say that this is a really lovely monitor. Having multiple HDMI ports in addition to a DisplayPort is extremely useful. I can have my work PC, gaming PC, and even a console all hooked up at the same place without taking up extra space for more monitors, and the Dell Display Manager software includes some hotkeys to automatically adjust monitor settings (such as which input device should be used) without fiddling around on the back of the thing. Additionally, it’s aesthetically pleasing – the curve certainly looks cool, and the thin bezel is just nice to have in general.
    Unfortunately, I couldn’t test the AMD FreeSync functionality as that seems to be restricted to AMD graphics cards. If it’s not, it really wasn’t clear how to make it work with an nVidia card. Despite this, the monitor worked really well for gaming. Whether I played Destiny 2, Factorio, Genshin Impact, or even the Outriders beta; they all were clear and easy to see without any screen tearing or lag that I’ve seen on some older monitors. When playing older games, it did seem a tad washed-out, however, and the color doesn’t tolerate much variance in the viewing angle.
    As far as the curve goes, it was a little odd. It wasn’t hard to view, and it didn’t make my gaming experience any worse. It wasn’t unpleasant in any way. I’m just not convinced that it made it any *better*. It looks… fancy, I guess, but it’s not really what I’d call a must-have and I’m not sure that this monitor is in any way better than an otherwise identical non-curved monitor.
    All in all, it’s a pretty good monitor. I’d recommend it… but mostly as a fashion accessory.

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  7. Djbino

    This monitor is really good for gaming and the curved screen is super cool

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  8. NAMO

    Key Features
    165Hz Refresh Rate
    1920 x 1080 Full HD Resolution
    AMD FreeSync Compatible
    2 HDMI 2.0 Inputs
    1 Full-Size DisplayPort 1.2 Input
    1ms MPRT (Moving Picture Response Time)
    The monitor comes well packaged and protected. Anyone with a Dell monitor will instantly recognize the steps necessary to get it attached to the stand and set-up for use. This is the same mounting solution Dell has used for years (even my 2012 model Dell UltraSharps use the same mounting system). If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Dell even made the assembly a tool-free, issue-free affair. Excellent!
    As notated above the monitor includes what I would consider the basic assortment of available connections. But, it should be just enough to satisfy a vast majority of consumers. There are 3 input connections, 2 HDMI 2.0 inputs, and 1 full-size DisplayPort 1.2 input. Note, there are no analog video inputs. Next to those inputs, is the monitor’s sole output, a 3.5mm headphone jack. There is not a lot of extras built-in, but at this price point, the selections are sufficient, and I think does the job at covering the bases for what the average consumer would need in a quality 1080p monitor.
    There are 4 buttons, and a joystick multi-selector on the back of the monitor to adjust the settings and parameters of the monitor. I found the buttons a little clunky and somewhat hard to decipher when initially setting it up. It became more familiar after a few adjustments, but still clunky to me. Thankfully, Dell has developed its excellent: Dell Display Manager Application. A small download allows the user to control and adjust the functions of the monitor with simple clicks of the mouse. The program enables a 2-way communication with the monitor, and it works great!!! You no longer must reach behind the monitor and guess at which button does what. It is a well-executed and implemented program. Dell should be commended on its functionality.
    I was all set to hate on this monitor after getting it connected and turned on for the first time. I am an IPS panel snob and when the screen turned on and I could see the hot spots from the edge lit LED’s I had made my mind up that this was going to be an average monitor at best. I was right. The monitor was OK, it had decent color and imaging. I used it for a few hours and it served its purpose well enough. Text was clear. I was able to write up a couple of long overdue Word documents. Web browsing was equally fair. The monitor had a decent picture and didn’t do anything necessarily wrong, but I wasn’t wow’d in any way. So, I decided to hook up my colorimeter and do a calibration now that the new monitor had several hours of break in.
    My initial indifference was immediately removed after calibration. The monitor looked vibrant, and colors were much more accurate. The shortcomings and my lack of enthusiasm were gone. The monitor really did have a great image in it after all. I posted pictures of the results of the calibration. This monitor returned a near perfect image and an almost equally perfect D65 color. WOW!!!! This is something that my expensive UltraSharps aren’t able to achieve, nor can my HP Omen gaming monitor. This is one of the most accurate monitors I’ve used to date.
    There are only two potential negatives that I can think of:
    1. The monitor is only compatible with AMD FreeSync. So, owners of gaming rigs containing nVidia graphics cards will not be able to take advantage of the screen matching refresh rate that nVidia uses (GSync).
    2. I’m not sure that a 24” monitor is really wide enough to need to be curved. I will admit that it could just be that I am not totally comfortable with the curved monitor yet, but I just don’t know if there is any really real benefit of the curve at this screen size. Both my Dell UltraSharps are 24” and neither one is curved and I don’t see a need.
    I am incredibly pleased with the performance of this monitor. It has an accurate color reproduction, that covers 99% of the available sRGB color spectrum and a near instantaneous response time, rivaling even the best IPS panels. Text in spreadsheets and documents are clear and images are authentic and natural looking. Games played smoothly with no perceivable lag or stuttering. Even fast paced games like Call of Duty and Forza played cleanly and smoothly with no perceivable lag or tearing.
    While I was fully prepared to give this monitor a mediocre rating after first turning it on, it has completely won me over. I give this a full 5 star rating for its crisp, clear text and extremely accurate color reproduction that rivals or exceeds much more expensive IPS monitors.

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    Dell – 24″ VA LED FHD Curved Gaming Monitor (HDMI 2.0, Display Port 1.2) – Black
    Dell – 24″ VA LED FHD Curved Gaming Monitor (HDMI 2.0, Display Port 1.2) – Black
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