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Shark – Shark® Rotator® Lift-Away® DuoClean® Pro with Self-Cleaning Brushroll Upright Vacuum – Sage Green


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Specification: Shark – Shark® Rotator® Lift-Away® DuoClean® Pro with Self-Cleaning Brushroll Upright Vacuum – Sage Green



Attachments Included

Crevice tool, upholstery tool, hard floor/carpet brush, Power Pet brush

Vacuum Type

Upright vacuums

Bin Capacity

0.22 gallons

Product Weight

17.7 pounds

Brush Roll Shut-Off




Compatible Floor Type

All floors


10 amperes



Cord Length

30 feet

Filter Type

HEPA media

Multi Surface


Washable Filter


Cleaning Path Width

12 inches



Product Name

Shark® Rotator® Lift-Away® DuoClean® Pro with Self-Cleaning Brushroll Upright Vacuum

Model Number



Rotator DuoClean


Sage Green

Color Category


Product Height

45.7 inches

Product Length

12.1 inches

Product Width

12.2 inches

Adjustable Suction





120 volts

Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts

5 years

Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor

5 years



Photos: Shark – Shark® Rotator® Lift-Away® DuoClean® Pro with Self-Cleaning Brushroll Upright Vacuum – Sage Green

8 reviews for Shark – Shark® Rotator® Lift-Away® DuoClean® Pro with Self-Cleaning Brushroll Upright Vacuum – Sage Green

4.5 out of 5
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  1. APFLORES413

    I’ve owned multiple Shark vacuums in the past, having purchased one last year. The main problem I kept on the encountering was sucking items on hard wood floors and trying to get hard to reach places. I vacuum every evening in a 2 story Townhome that is 1200 sq feet, hard wood floor downstairs and carpet on the top. I have a runner and a 6×8 rug under my dining table. So, I was I was very happy and excited with the Rotator Duo Clean because it amazingly effective. After only 3 days working with it here are my thoughts:
    -Size: this is a good sized bag less vacuum compared to my other Sharks. But it is not heavy whatsoever and it glides really well. Packaging was misleading but again, it maneuvers really well.
    -Swivel: the swivel joint at the bottom allows the brushes to move in angels that were typically difficult to reach (I.e under the bathroom sinks or under the dining table). I am very grateful that I do not need to unlatch the hose in order to get those hard to reach places.
    -Duo Brushes. Back to back brushes allow for easy sucking. My previous experiences with vacuuming hard wood floors, pieces of debris would shoot backwards and sometimes hit my shins/ the Duo Brushes are able to suck up all debris and things on the floor effectively. The HEPA filter and dual brushes get nearly everything in my carpet and on the floor. I was surprised to see what was in my canister after one use! (And I vacuum nearly every night).
    -Head Light: finally a set of lights that allow me to vacuum without turning on the lights. Even with my room lights on, the dual head lights are bright enough to allow me to see directly in front of the Shark to about 2 feet. Great improvement to my vacuuming experience.
    -Nozzle/Handle design: towards the grip, the handle can separate. For me, this gives me greater mobility and ease to hold that you can add the attachments next to the handle grip. The Lift Away allows you to carry the canister for hard to vacuum areas such as stairs. Now that the grip is where you can vacuum which makes vacuuming these areas less difficult and near easy now.
    -Buttons: on the top of the Dust Canister are 4 buttons: Power, Hard Floor/Carpet, Lift Away, and Wand Release. It seems very 80’s tech look but really effective and ideally placed. It feels rugged and easy to see when I’m vacuuming.
    -Attachment placements: I like it when attachments can be connected directly onto the device. You I’ve the upholstery tool, Pet Power Brush, and narrow nozzle. Unfortunately this model only allows 2 attachments to be placed, and you have to keep the Pet Power brush to the side.
    -Vent: the venting on this is really strong and blows from the front. It continued to blow away papers on my fridge and loose paperwork on my coffee table.
    Overall, this is an amazing device. It sucks up so well and allows me to disconnect the canister and vacuum difficult areas that were in the past, hard to do. This is the vacuum that I’ve been waiting for.

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  2. sdmarsh

    I’ve been using the Shark – Rotator DuoClean ZU782 vacuum cleaner now for roughly two weeks. It’s replacing an 18 year old Hoover upright vacuum cleaner that uses bags. The Shark is my first bag-less vacuum and it will take awhile for me to get use to emptying the canister after each vacuum.
    While my old Hoover seems to still do a very good job, it is getting up in years. I have tile and carpet in my house and the Shark works great on both. I vacuumed one bedroom with the Hoover, then I immediately did the same room with the Shark. While the Hoover did great, the Shark did get a bit more “stuff” out of the carpet which is a plus.
    The amount of suction on the Shark is controlled by a small sliding lever in the handle. Slide it one way, and less suction. Slide it the other to get maximum suction. There is no way to change the height of the rollers like there is on my Hoover which I don’t care for.
    But the set height does seem to do a good job on both my tile floors and carpet. Oh, and the two rollers are each 9 1/2 inches wide. I have not noticed any hairs “trapped” in the rollers, so it appears that the active hair removal does it’s job of keeping the rollers hair free..
    The Shark came with three tools. A small roller brush attachment that you could use to vacuum your furniture. The rollers turn from the suction through the hose. The roller on this device is about 3 3/4 inches wide which is not great, but the smaller size lets you get into smaller areas. Then you have just a small flat device which could come in handy getting up dust from a windowsill perhaps. And the you have a crevice device so you’ll be able to get dirt from along base boards or where your wall meets the ceiling id you spot a bug or spiderweb.
    Unfortunately, there is only two places on the Shark to store them. So, you’ll have to leave one in the closet where you store the vacuum. On the factory box, it says you can purchase additional tool for the Shark – Rotator DuoClean ZU782, but as of this writing, they don’t have any accessories for this particular vacuum which is a shame as I wanted to get the attachment that has soft bristles. Hopefully the website will additional tools soon.
    I measured the power cord at 30 1/2 feet, so you’ll have plenty of electrical cord length to vacuum just about any room or stairs when you remove the canister from the base unit. The Shark also come with a 5 year warranty.
    I would highly recommend this vacuum cleaner. I’m giving it 4 out of 5 stars though. The reason is that as of this writing, there are not any additional tool to purchase on their website even though there are 8 tools shown in the owners guide. I would love to buy at least 3 of the additional tools, but we’ll have to wait and see if they will become available. And the other thing is there are only 2 places on the unit to hold 2 of the 3 tools that came with the vacuum cleaner.

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  3. Balboa3

    So, I hate vacuuming, I think the vast majority can say that, but this Shark has made it much less of a chore (see what I did there).
    First off, it is very light and relatively quiet for a vacuum. Now, to put this a bit into context I am coming from a bag less Dirt Devil that is easily over 5 years old. This Shark is light, and very easy to maneuver around corners, under furniture and tight spots. It’s extremely easy to change from using the base, to using the wand for things up high or in corners, to carrying the entire canister minus the base roller around to get tough spots. Again, the fact that it is light really helps in its mobility.
    So as soon as we got this all assembled I vacuumed our living room. We had just vacuumed this room with the before mentioned Dirt Devil a few days before. The amount of junk the Shark was able to pickup was insane. You would have thought that I hadn’t vacuumed in months. I then went through out the house and vacuumed the bed rooms and hall. Again, just wow! So much stuff that his little guy was able to pull up off the carpet. I was able to get all of the vacuuming completed in record time. I did clean out the container half way through, but I think it would have been fine had I waited until the end.
    I would 100% recommend this vacuum to anyone looking to upgrade their cleaning equipment. Even, if your old reliable is still chugging away, I think this guy will pay for itself with just the amount of time you’re gonna save by being able to complete sooner. It’s lightweight, versatile, nimble, and strong. Only thing more you could ask from this would be if it did everything for you, but I think we are still away from The Jetsons, Rosie type of cleaning robots. Btw, I can’t believe I just went on and on about a vacuum for this long, I guess this is what being an adult looks like. Yikes.

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  4. BarbM

    I recommend Shark to everyone. I love their vacuums.
    This is not my first Shark, but it is my favorite Shark.
    When it comes to cleaning my carpet and floors Shark sucks, in the best possible way.
    My other Shark is a Rotator Lift Away Pro also, but it does not have the Duo Clean, self-cleaning brushroll or light. And these extras are so NICE.
    I do not have pets in the home, but both humans living here have long hair (past our shoulders) and having to cut the hair off the brushroll after vacuuming is an annoyance I can do without and now I can. I have never before vacuumed without having some hair wrapped around the brushroll until now. There was none.
    The ease of assembling the Shark should be mentioned. It comes in many pieces but it’s not hard to see how they should be put together. If any doubt the included instructions are pictured to help. The audible clicks let you know when it’s properly connected. I had it together in a few minutes and ready to go.
    The buttons are easy to push and see and the adjustable suction for area rugs is always handy.
    The rotator action makes getting into tight spaces a breeze that you just can’t get with an ordinary vacuum and the light is bright enough to see in dark areas and under tables and is something I’ve missed.
    The vacuum is top-heavy, slightly more so than my other Shark but to get this much power I suppose that’s the trade-off. The lift-away canister makes cleaning stairs and above-floor areas such as blinds, over doors and walls much easier.
    The smaller roller is great for reaching under beds and tight spots that the larger one can’t get to and the crevice and dust brush are included as well.
    The cord is long enough that in my average-sized home, I can plug into an outlet approx. halfway and reach from one end to the other without having to change outlets.
    You just can’t go wrong with this Shark in my opinion. I’m a very happy customer.

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  5. MigDigital

    In the first impression after unpacking and aseembling, the Shark Rotator DuoClean ZU782 Bagless Upright Vacuum looks great and and well armed utility to tackle home cleaning.
    Assembling it is straightforward. Not big issues.
    Used for carpet and hard floor cleaning, and does the job for what is needed. However Its suction power is not that different compared to other vacuum power.
    Based on the usage, its purpose is limited to use in open space, where doesn’t have to vacuum under chairs or tables or spaces between furnitures or alikes with limited space. This is due to its design and bulky style which is similar to rest other brands in the same category. However during the use, it moves very nicely and feels work being done as one imagine.
    Upon starting it, its noise is not annoying engine noise with high pitch. Vacuuming slides smoothly due to its heavy weight as move forward.
    What didn’t help much was using the accessories with wand pod to vacuum unreachable spaces. This is due to wand pod was either short or not able to stretch further. Then the dust cup is not big as it look in the first impression.
    Three things very well done are the edge of the nozzle that has attached rubber that in the case of touching wall, it protect the nozzle or the wall/funiture with ever, or micro bouncing effect it creates. Without it directly crack either part. Hence this is good.
    Second thing noticed is the quality of the brrushroll, It is sturdy and better material that appears to last longer. This is because in other brand like Dyson, the brush hair get wear out or removed from brush roll requiring to replace after certain number of usage.
    Third is the lighting allows to view where is pointing.
    In bottom line, its practicality is limited only to open space and heavy to maneuver. Not recommendable where have to vacuum different spaces for big to small as will have limitation or hassle taking longer time to complete the task. And for the price point lags practicality here the average rating.
    In the attached photos showing curving during vacuuming, brush quality, dust cup size, control of max/min
    Not recommended for the price point.

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  6. Bodine7311

    Wow didnt realize what we were missing with the latest tech. Upgraded from a dyson animal bought in 08. This thing is amazing and I actually enjoy vacuuming. It is great on carpet and hardwood and the attachments and ability to take the canister with you off the base make it easy to clean absolutely anything. You will love this vacuum. And the no hair wrap is great! Use on carpet and it will ensure no hair wrap.

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  7. TimothyTrimble

    Unboxing and Assembling
    Unboxing of the Shark was very easy. All the components were nicely wrapped. The Owner’s Guide and the Quick Start Guide were easily available at the top of the box and the graphics on the Quick Start Guide made it easy to quickly assemble the unit, even though there was no recommended sequence for assembling the components. Each component easily snapped into place. (The Owner’s Guide does show the sequence.) Disassembling the unit is just as simple, via the clearly marked release buttons.

    Controls and Usage
    All of the controls are clearly marked and intuitive. The only difficulty I had was knowing which end of the hose to use for the attachments. I got it right on the 2nd try. Switching from carpet to floors is a simple single button within easy reach, which glows a bright green when in carpet mode. A bright light on the brush head provides a good view of the surface. The wheels at the back of the brush head provide for easy turning into corners and edges.
    Throw Rug
    My first target of attack was a weaved throw rug in the living room. It looked clean before I started, but I was amazed at how much debris and cat hair was pulled into the canister.
    Bedroom carpet was next, which has a slight shag texture. Again, while the carpet appeared to be clean, a lot of dirt was pulled into the canister. With the amount of suction, the weight of the device, and the pull of the brush roll – the forward movement is easy but the pull takes a little more effort.
    Wood and Tile Floor
    Vacuuming of the wood and tile floors was a breeze. While the pull of the vacuum could be felt, it did not have the resistance felt with the carpet. Cleaning to the edge of the floor was good.
    Cleaning of the Shark Duo-Clean vacuum with the Zero-M self-cleaning brush roll is a breeze. Especially when dealing with pet hair. The canister easily lifts off of the device and the top and bottom lids open for emptying the contents into the trash. If there is clinging debris, it can be assisted by hand from the large openings. A foam dust filter under the bottom of the canister is accessible after lifting off the canister. Cleaning of the primary brush roll and soft roller is where this device really shines. A top access lid can be removed for accessing the primary brush roll and the soft roller can be completely removed for cleaning. My only gripe is that the sides of the primary roll can not be accessed which might be an issue if hair binds up. However, thus far, hair on the roll has easily been removed via the top lid only further use will determine if there is a need for removing hair from the sides of the roll.
    – Easy to assemble and take apart.
    – Very easy to dump the dirt and clean.
    – Powerful suction.
    – Good edge suction.
    – Powerful head light.
    – Easy to turn into corners.
    – Works well with pet hair.
    – Soft roller is removable for cleaning.
    – Primary brush roll is easily accessible for cleaning.
    – It would have been nice if the Quick Start Guide showed the sequence of assembly. However, the sequence is in the Owner’s Guide.
    – The Guides did not indicate how to connect the attachments to the hose.
    – Due to weight and power, it does take a little more effort to pull across carpet.
    – The primary brush roll, while accessible, can not be removed for cleaning.
    The Shark Lift-Away Upright Vacuum with duo-clean and Zero-M is a powerful home vacuum with a professional feel. The ease of cleaning, even with tough pet hair environments, makes this an easy choice. The weight and power requires a bit of muscle for use, but it is well worth the effort for clean floors.

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  8. CraigB

    Cleans carpet and hard floors well
    Powerful brush roller
    Air filters are washable
    Dust bin is surprising large
    Dust bin is very easy to empty
    Suction is adjustable
    Powerhead is lower profile to fit under most furniture
    Self-cleaning brush roll really stays clean and free of hair
    LED headlights are surprisingly handy
    HEPA filters have shown to work well in independent tests
    Vacuum section separates to allow cleaning in smaller spaces
    Heavy for the size
    All the separate buttons are confusing
    No bristle tool included
    Plastic feels flimsy in places
    Holders for tools on vacuum are tight but don’t hold tools well
    Putting wand back is clumsy
    Small wheels that support brush roll section feel flimsy
    The Share Rotator Lift-Away DuoClean Pro has looks to match the name. The design, although not as bold as previous designs, still looks very complicated. There are no less than 12 buttons and levers to access different modes and features. While some brands have endeavored to simplify the design and make a sleek looking vacuum, Shark has seemingly taken the approach that people enjoy buttons and levers and the “As Seen on TV” look. This isn’t to say that a vacuum must be a work of art, but more that Shark’s design certainly focuses first on features. The vacuum section detaches so that you can carry it separately using just the vacuum wand. The roller base has two rollers, one a material almost like a duster and the other a traditional brush bar but with the bristles spaced further apart. The back has two sturdy feeling wheels, but the front includes two tiny rubberized wheels that seem very fragile and are unchanged from the style that users complained fell apart from previous models. Only time will tell if this latest version lasts. Included are a smaller brush assembly, crevice tool, and hard surface nozzle. Strangely, the vacuum only has onboard storage for two of the three tools. The design and placement seem an afterthought as they click in hard but fall out easily with one even protruding out and getting in the way of the cord wrap. The main vacuum area has a HEPA filter, foam filter, and large particle screen. The manual states no service interval for the filters but rather instructs you to wash them. If they hold up over time this can be a great costs savings.
    Usage and Performance
    Initially understanding what buttons and levers to push and switch can get confusing. Probably the most commonly forgotten button would be the button that turns the rollers from carpet to hard floor and wand. Fortunately, regardless of if you forget to turn on or off, the most you would be left would might be a less than clean surface. Over time, the options become easier to remember and might even prove somewhat handy. In regular vacuuming, the brush roller section is short enough to get under most areas. Your main limitation would be that you can only go as deep as the waste bin allows, as this motor requires it to be attached to use the brush rollers. To use the power roller independently would require the powered lift-away versions. The rollers have at first what sounds like a gimmick in what is called Zero-M but in the end is probably the most standout feature. If you have kids with long hair or pets, Zero-M is your savior. Even with two dogs that shed heavily, a wife with long hair that sheds, and a kid that also has long hair the Zero-M technology meant not once were the rollers covered in hair that needed to be cut off. Even with most waste bins full of mainly hair, the rollers have always stayed clean. Suction is very good and can be adjusted via a little, adjustable leak, sliding door near the handle. It’s a simple and effective idea to change suction power. In most cases though, suction works just find on maximum with the rollers effectively keep the carpet in place while extracting dust and dirt. At first glance you might wonder why in the world do you need lights on the front of a vacuum. Is it for vacuuming in the dark? After using it for a time you will realize it is in fact stranger that more vacuums don’t already have. First, regardless of how well lit a room there are always dark spots and this helps you see the dust bunnies you missed. Even more helpful is on hard floors. Those lights shine at just the right angle where you can easily see if any dust is left after you are done. The over design is very maneuverable and easily tilts around corners with easy which is great for most. Even though the design is mostly plastic, so as a word of caution for those with weak wrist you may wish to check the weight first. For the ones who tried to use the vacuum but had weaker wrists the weight meant a simple turn caused the vacuum to turn to a side and stay there. They didn’t have the strength to straighten it because of how the weight is distributed.
    Attachments can be used by detaching the handle with or without the tube and pressing on the desired attachment. Although the design works, it seems refinement of design was last on the list as the attachments look like they have a soft rubber press fit. In reality, it’s a hard piece of plastic tubing you jamb into another. It doesn’t grab much or go very deep. There is no attachment clip so a little caution is advised when cleaning behind things. You might accidentally bump off the attachment and have to fish it out. Beyond that, they do their job as well as anything other vacuum with little fuss as you would expect. That said, a brush tip on the crevice tool would have been nice. After having lights on the brush roller, you will find yourself wishing a light was on the wand as well, but to get that you have to upgrade to the powered lift-away or Apex series. If you have areas where you need to lift the vacuum and want to use the wand, such as the stairs, the lift-away function can be very handy. If you don’t have stairs you likely won’t find many uses for that feature and find rolling the unit area more convenient.
    If your brush roller overheats, there is a warning light to let you know you need to take a break and let cool but with the Zero-M it’s doubtful those situations would come often. The clear dust bin means it’s easy to tell when it’s full and emptying is very easy. Of course, an open dust bin is nothing new but what is nice is the base of the dust bin has not ledges to catch dust as you dump it out. Just press the latch and let the bottom open and everything falls out easily. This might sound strange, but a surprising number of canister vacuums like to include an awkward ledge on where you empty causing a handy place for things to catch on their way out.
    After all of this information about how the Rotator Lift-Away is a bit complicated and unrefined it all comes down to one big question. Does it work? The answer is absolutely. Once you get used to the complexities, you will find this rarely requires a second pass on hard floors and does a good job of getting most junk out of your carpet with hair being its specialty. Emptying the waste bin is hardly a chore so you can finish fast with little fuss once you get used to it. Regardless of if it was small bits or big pieces it always seemed to be picked up. With the rollers being direct drive, you get a clean path with no missed strip in the middle of your carpet stripes.
    Final Thoughts
    The real question is what are your priorities in vacuum. If you want a filter free vacuum with a highly refined operation, this one isn’t for you. If complexity is less of a concern and you value good performance on carpets and hard floors, prefer HEPA filtration, and most importantly are tired of cleaning brush rollers of hair you should give this one look.

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    Shark – Shark® Rotator® Lift-Away® DuoClean® Pro with Self-Cleaning Brushroll Upright Vacuum – Sage Green
    Shark – Shark® Rotator® Lift-Away® DuoClean® Pro with Self-Cleaning Brushroll Upright Vacuum – Sage Green

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