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Swann – Enforcer™ 8-Channel, 4-Camera Indoor/Outdoor Wired 1080p 1TB DVR Home Security Camera System – White


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The expandable Swann 8 channel 1080p Enforcer™ system is armed with the latest in home security, such as red & blue flashing lights, Night2Day™ color night vision, TrueDetect™ heat & motion detection, Google & Alexa compatibility, and much more.

Specification: Swann – Enforcer™ 8-Channel, 4-Camera Indoor/Outdoor Wired 1080p 1TB DVR Home Security Camera System – White

Camera Resolution

1920 x 1080



Night Vision


Number Of Cameras Included


Camera Power Source

Hard wired

Works With

Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

Number Of Channels


Storage Type

DVR, Cloud

Indoor Or Outdoor Use

Indoor, Outdoor

Minimum Operating Temperature

-22 degrees fahrenheit

Maximum Operating Temperature

122 degrees fahrenheit

Product Name

Enforcer™ 8-Channel, 4-Camera Indoor/Outdoor Wired 1080p 1TB DVR Home Security Camera System



Model Number


Field Of View

90 degrees

Night Vision Distance

98 feet

Color Category


Day/Night Mode


Image Sensor Type


Camera Compatibility

Swann Cameras

Camera Connectivity


Streaming Video



Motion sensor, Temperature sensor

Camera Color Display


Camera(s) Included


DVR Included


Cable(s) Included


Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts

1 year

Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor

1 year



Photos: Swann – Enforcer™ 8-Channel, 4-Camera Indoor/Outdoor Wired 1080p 1TB DVR Home Security Camera System – White

8 reviews for Swann – Enforcer™ 8-Channel, 4-Camera Indoor/Outdoor Wired 1080p 1TB DVR Home Security Camera System – White

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  1. PhillipB

    I have had BnC type of units for almost 10 years now. I started with 480 then 720 then 1080 now 4k all BnC.
    Installation can be tough because you need to install cables. Thank goodness I already have upgraded BnC in my open garage ceiling so I just needed to plug and play this system. If you are going to run this in your house and you have either crawl or attic space and don’t know how to run the cables just hire someone. It can be a pain and take several days or weeks to run. Also before you start to run the cable put everything on your dining room table and setup all the cameras and NVR prior to doing anything physical. You don’t want to run cable to find out your cable is bad and then your are screwed. NVR was already up to date with firmware so did not have to waste time with that. Mobile app was easy. Scanned QR code and I was all set.
    Performance. Lag is noticeable from mobile app to cameras. It’s about 20 seconds. Motion detect is nice. Light alert is ok. Flashing lights get someone’s attention but this system does it have an audible alarm.
    Night vision is decent for 1080 resolution. Color night vision is good. Infrared night vision is decent. Day vision is good. Field of vision is also good too although I wished it was a bit wider both horizontal and vertical.
    App was simple to use. Straight forward. Easy playback. Easy to turn on lights. Motion detect easy to review.
    The cameras themselves are ok. Plastic and simple to adjust with typical 3 screws.
    This is my I think now my 5th system. Swann has always been had good budget system. This would be a good one if you are looking for a budget entry level system.
    Swann has always been a solid choice.
    Alexa and Google assistant I could not get to work. I have had problems with all of the DVR/NVR systems to work with these platforms because Google and Alexa are just a pain to setup.
    Anyway don’t hesitate to buy this system. This is a must for security cameras.
    Also not monthly payments for storage and access.

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  2. LongRX7

    The Swann – Enforcer™ 8-Channel, 4-Camera Indoor/Outdoor Wired 1080p 1TB DVR Home Security Camera System is quite a package. Everything is included except the HDMI capable TV/Display/Monitor. During the unpack, literally everything needed was included, even the HDMI cable. I like the fact that many security stickers were included. As with any wired security system, you do have to run the wires from the control box to the cameras, but it really isn’t too difficult, considering the cameras are high mount locations that don’t require multiple fishing wires down the wall.
    It comes with 4 HD cameras and capability to add an additional 4 cameras. The included terabyte hard drive will provide plenty of recordings and the default setting to auto overwrite when full, makes it a seamless security system. Cameras record in color even under low light conditions. My previous security system camera goes to black and white under low light conditions. A power supply is also included that auto turns on a flood when low light is detected. That is nice feature, however, I wonder how long of a life span the LED’s have? For instance, the LED’s would be on constantly if the camera was used in a dark storeroom.
    Setup was a breeze with the wizard guiding and prompting you along the process. Just like installing any drivers or apps on a computer. Download the Swann Security app and easily connect by scanning the QRC code on the controller.
    The Swann – Enforcer™ 8-Channel, 4-Camera Indoor/Outdoor Wired 1080p 1TB DVR Home Security Camera System combo actually complements each other very well, and setup and use was super easy, super quick. Haven’t had any issues viewing the cameras through the Swann Security app. The siren and flashing light features are a nice touch to an already nice security system. Don’t let installation scare you. Running wires in the attic or across ceiling panels aren’t that bad. unless you have a low roof line!
    I definitely recommend this for ease of setup and use!

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  3. Linksys

    Wires,wires and more wires, this is a wired system but one important thing to know is the hard drive has to be hard wired to your router as it doesn’t have WiFi. Having it hardwired though will generally give you a stronger connection and less latency on the video feed. The setup process is fairly straightforward though there is a decent amount of steps you have to do to get everything up and running.
    Video quality for the cameras are about what you would expect from 1080p during the day. The video quality at night is decent to good but it all depends on the lighting. If you have the cameras placed where there is sufficient lighting the video quality is good. If there is not sufficient lighting the video quality will not be good until you turn the spotlight on. The one thing missing for the cameras is the ability to add zones for motion detecting. This can be a big deal if the cameras are placed in areas with a lot of activity as you may get notifications for stuff you don’t want. The app allows you to turn off the notifications, but this is all you can do with the notifications. Though the app has limited functionality, the functionality it does have is very good. The app gives you the ability to connect to your cameras remotely and is definitely a plus for Swann as its proven stable and reliable.
    The big factor in me recommending the system is how you plan to use it. If you need a system to make out little details (especially @ night) like the details of a car, person or needing to read a license plate number when zooming in, I don’t think you’ll be happy. If you just need a cheap system to monitor and know when someone or something is there, I think you’ll be happy.

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  4. hitsuyoo

    I was intimidated by all of the wires that come in the box, mainly because I’m wireless kinda person, but I have to say, it wasnt that difficult to put together and install. If you’re feeling weary about doing it yourself, there’s a Swann Install Card in the box. For an extra fee, they will send out a tech to come install your unit and cameras for you. But honestly, it wasn’t that difficult. Heck! I did it in a couple hours. They supply you with 4 extremely long cables to for your 4 cameras, a power adapter for the cameras and one for the DVR. you’ll get an HDMI cable, an ethernet cord and a mouse for setup purposes. I wish they would’ve allowed me to use a keyboard for the setup as well, considering it has an extra USB port up front. Sadly, they want you click everything with the mouse. I did have to drill a couple holes in my walls for a cleaner look. ( there’s a lot of cable. I’m just saying.) There’s no contract to sign up for( One of my favorite parts.) and the DVR is 1TB, so you should have more than enough space to catch everything that moves. Because yes, they are motion sensitive. And for the sense of security, there’s an app that you a use for IOSor Andriod, to look in on your things whenever you feel the desire. Considering how crazy things are getting right now, I think it would be a no brainer to get security cameras. I have to recommend this setup. At roughly $250 USD, this is a great deal. Go get you one.

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  5. DJSmooth

    The Swann Enforcer surveillance system is a good mix of hardware and features. It’s probably one of the simpler systems to setup as the wizard practically holds your hand the entire time. There isn’t any setting configuration along the way that the average computer user would need to look up a tutorial or online definition for an internet protocol. It’s all provided in a simple to understand, easy to follow guide. That goes for both DVR and mobile app. Installation will probably be the biggest obstacle for the average user. With that said, my only complaint in this area is that the cables are a little too short for outdoor use unless you live in a tiny home. It’s pretty well detailed in the product description however, so I wont take any stars for that. Configuring your notification preferences is a simple task. Simply select your detection areas from the grid, mask whatever you don’t want the camera to see, and toggle a few boxes for the type of monitoring/notification you want from your system. I will point out that while going through this process I realized the software was pulled from a different system. There’s a field for “siren” while the enforcer does not actually offer that. The siren check box activates the strobing red/blue light setting. Picture quality, even for a 1080p system, is fantastic. The low light color mode blows my older system out of the water. At night, my street facing camera activates IR, but if a car sits on the street, it gives it enough light to enter color mode.

    Perhaps the biggest issue with this system. The heat activated motion detection feels more like smoke and mirrors. Activate the feature, walk in front of the camera and watch it respond. Next drive or wait for someone to drive in front and watch it respond. Same thing with animals, dogs, cats, and I’d suspect anything within that size

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  6. MGoose

    This system replaced an older non-HD camera system at my aunt’s house and was a huge upgrade (her first words were: “is that my house, it is so clear”). It is a great affordable option – videos are sharp, push motion alerts via app, easy setup, and the lights built into the cameras work well.
    – Complete kit includes everything you need for a smaller house.
    – HDMI connection to TV.
    – DVR is compact, quiet, and has a clean design.
    – 1080p image is sharp and clear.
    – Swann Security app works well and was easy to connect. Motion alerts are received quickly and seeing a live view of your cameras takes only a few seconds. It also allows you to trigger both the bright white and red/blue lights remotely.
    – Adjustable motion zones and schedules for recording, alerts and lights.
    – Red/Blue lights on each camera work great to draw attention to the system (when needed) – I have this set so that they only come on when I trigger them from the app (I didn’t want my guest thinking I was calling the police on them).
    – Bright white light works both to get your attention and to illuminate dark areas (allowing limited color viewing at night).
    – Cameras use standard BNC/power cables (I was able to reuse the cables from my existing system).
    – Heat detection really helps to reduce false motion triggers (like the wind blowing the leaves of my aunt’s plants on her porch).
    Things to Consider
    – Requires running wires to each camera and a LAN cable (Cat 5/6) to directly connect to your network router. Depending on the size of your house the included video cables (BNC) may not be long enough especially if you plan on having your cameras on multiple levels.
    – The Swann app cannot be used to adjust settings like schedules or motion zones. You have to set these at the DVR. The DVR interface works well and is fine once you get the hang of it but is not as user friendly as it could be. Tip – Once you have changed a setting you have to hit apply, before moving on to another menu tab (I had already set 2 motions zones perfectly before I figured out it was not saving them!).

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  7. TechReviews

    If you’re a parent or guardian of young children, or feel comfort and peace of mind knowing the home and family are protected, adding a surveillance systems should be high on your list, particularly as affordable as these units have become.
    This Swan Enforcer 4-camera (expandable to 8) uses older gen 1080p cameras (as opposed to costlier 4k ones) to connect via interlocking BNC connectors to the DVR / NVR, with a dongle adapter for power from the shared power supply.
    Basic connection setup was an absolute breeze, no manual needed, wires fit together only one way — foolproof. However once setup and in use the color imbalances between various cameras in the same room on the same subject were quite different. A trip into the menu to adjust Hue resolved some of that (colors of guitar pillow depicted), though there is no fish-eye distortion correction so things look taller and more curved than IRL.
    I’d probably have rated this much higher if the software was written this century. Honestly feels like a trip to the 90s, with an odd user interface, options that aren’t valid for this unit (ahem, Siren) and no Bluetooth for Admin setup, instead forced to use the thankfully included mini mouse, clicking OSD virtual keyboard. The app unfortunately won’t progress through setup without allowing a lot more access to my system than comfortable with — notifications i get it, access to Photos to store video, a nice thought though i was unable to continue without granting full access.
    I also encountered difficulty getting it to work with Google and Alexi, though that’s not a big loss as my family is on the Apple ecosystem.
    + well packaged
    + complete system (all you need)
    + expandable allows addition of (4) 4k cams
    + light and siren enable (off by def)
    + customizations and configurable options
    + reasonable and affordable
    -no audio record capability
    -camera colors are poor (Hue adjust helps some)
    -1080p quality far below 4k cameras
    -decades old dated software interface
    -cameras feel lightweight cheaply made
    -mouse setup admin user is cumbersome
    -no fisheye lens correction (distortions)
    With this being my first budget oriented surveillance system i admit I’m spoiled by 4k (different vendor) using PoE (power over Ethernet). Despite that being a single cable solution this Swann combo bnc, power line jacketed together is much easier to setup.
    The Swann 8-ch 4-cam NVR really got a lot going for it. As a basic low-cost, no brainer done in an hour setup, I’d recommend it as a buy.
    However the dated software, clunky UI, and lack of 4k cameras masks its usefulness if you’re planning a system to last you to 2025, in which case i would sadly recommend to look at more robust 4k offerings.

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  8. ETP1

    Upfront this is a quality system!
    However, no WIFI other than the app on your cell phone for functionality. Noticed some systems had a plug in USB WIFI antenna. Not sure if this unit is compatible.
    Initial setup was straight forward and was up and running with OEM settings.
    The phone app worked for all functions and was reliable and easy to use.
    Detailed manual on all the menu settings and functionality.
    USB sticks have no instructions other than insert it. Evidently you can save specific files after the fact to a USB stick.
    It would be nice if you could set it to record to the USB stick and swap out sticks every 30-45 days. This may be an option but no information on if this is even possible.
    Auto notify disabled for good reason! You don’t want every lizard sending you an email.
    As far as tweaking the system to send certain wanted pictures, no information was available at this time. I did look at older manuals and you can gleam information from those and do your setup.
    Bottom line is this wired system is always your best bet for access to stored videos locally, offline, and visible on your computer.
    I am not a fan of all your security stuff on a server some where in space.
    And now to find a victim to drag cables through my attic.

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    Swann – Enforcer™ 8-Channel, 4-Camera Indoor/Outdoor Wired 1080p 1TB DVR Home Security Camera System – White
    Swann – Enforcer™ 8-Channel, 4-Camera Indoor/Outdoor Wired 1080p 1TB DVR Home Security Camera System – White
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