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Ninja – Ninja® DT201 Foodi™ 10-in-1 XL Pro Air Fry Oven, Dehydrate, Reheat – Stainless Steel


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Specification: Ninja – Ninja® DT201 Foodi™ 10-in-1 XL Pro Air Fry Oven, Dehydrate, Reheat – Stainless Steel

Convection Cooking



Air fry, Roast, Dehydrate, Reheat, Bake

Non-Stick Interior


Integrated Timer


Product Name

Ninja® DT201 Foodi™ 10-in-1 XL Pro Air Fry Oven, Dehydrate, Reheat



Additional Accessories Included

2 Sheet Pans, 2 Wire Racks, Air Fry Basket, Roast Tray, Crumb Tray, 15-recipe guide

Model Number


Vendor Collection

Ninja Foodi


Stainless Steel

Color Category


Product Width

20.22 inches

Product Weight

33.63 pounds

Product Length

17.09 inches

Product Height

13.34 inches



See-Through Design


Removable Drip Tray


Rotisserie Included


Number Of Rack Slots



120 volts


1800 watts

Manufacturer's Warranty - Parts


Manufacturer's Warranty - Labor




Photos: Ninja – Ninja® DT201 Foodi™ 10-in-1 XL Pro Air Fry Oven, Dehydrate, Reheat – Stainless Steel

8 reviews for Ninja – Ninja® DT201 Foodi™ 10-in-1 XL Pro Air Fry Oven, Dehydrate, Reheat – Stainless Steel

4.8 out of 5
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  1. BestBuyConsumer

    This thing is awesome. I haven’t used my oven since I got it. It does EVERYTHING. It’s my favorite kitchen thing I’ve ever had. I absolutely love it and use it all the time.

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  2. hbok

    I love everything about this. I love that I don’t have to stop mid air fry and turn the food. This thing works and looks great! You can cook a lot in it at one time. Highly recommend. A+++++ It’s a little complicated compared to my older air fryer/toaster oven but you figure it out and adjust easily. Plus they give you a chart with recommended cooking temps, times, & which tray number (there are 4).

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  3. Charlie

    The best small appliance we had bought. Easy to maneuver, the oven is great and big enough to make a chicken and lasagna. The air fryer is great they are crisp.

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  4. RobinSS1

    I bought myself this toaster of it as a birthday gift for me it replaced an air fryer and a smaller toaster oven and I can use it just like my regular oven so I don’t have to bend over. The thing I like the most is the company ninja customer support usually gets back to me within one to two business days and you can contact them through Facebook messaging I love that I think you can also tweet. I’ve got the 10 and 1 function Ninja Pro XL oven and I love it do trial and error Cooks things perfectly it’s not as loud and the fact that I don’t have to heat up a full oven or run to Electric appliances at the same time save me money and I love that. The Representatives at Best Buy we’re all very helpful to me and I guess that’s one of the reasons why I will continue to shop there you guys acknowledge a person when they’re there and you’re more than helpful to point us in the right direction to find exactly what we need

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  5. Yan88

    In Baking function, temperature not accurate.
    In air fry, have to use long time to air fry foods.
    Oven is not easy to clean, even though I use tough grease cleaners.
    I don’t recommend it.

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  6. HappyCook

    Great oven. I don’t even use my conventional oven anymore. Things get done quick, preheat takes less than a minute. Only criticism is the paint for the icon on the power and start/stop button wore off after about 2 days from only regular use.

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  7. pauldar

    The manufacturers of conventional ovens better take notice. Large, countertop, multi-functional ovens, like the Ninja Foodi XL Pro Air Oven, featuring healthier cooking technology, are here to stay. I have a high end Frigidaire Gallery Series Range I purchased from Best Buy several years ago. It is a free-standing convection range with double ovens and numerous features. It is great to cook for large family get togethers because of its 6 cubic foot capacity and all the various food dishes I can cook at one time. However, that only happens once a year. And, after using the Ninja® Foodi™ 10-in-1 XL Pro Countertop Oven I am beginning to think my existing range will eventually go by the way of the rotary-dial-telephone. Oh My!
    I was excited to have the opportunity to furnish an honest review of the Ninja® Foodi™ 10-in-1 XL Pro Countertop Oven in exchange for the actual product because I was ignorant about healthier cooking with Air Frying. This Ninja Foodi boasted that its convection power was up to ten times more powerful and effective over conventional ovens (like mine) for speedier, more tender, and crispy results. And, after cooking some of the recepies in the included 15 Recepie Booklet I am super-impressed (see pics)!
    So, I weighed the advantages of this Ninja Foodi compared to my high-end, conventional range with two ovens:
    * TASTE – At the end of the day this is what drives any cooking process. Sumptuous and delicious meats and veggies were cooked faster in the Ninja Foodi, which allowed the meats, especially, to retain their mouth-watering juices in less cooking time compared to my conventional oven (see chicken & roast pics). The longer meats are cooking in the oven, the dryer they get – Ninja Foodi wins this hands down. Veggies are crispier and crunchy when cooked properly in my Ninja Foodi (see attached pics). Again, my conventional ovens dry them out more, which makes it difficult to make a fair comparison. The quality of cooked foods using my Ninja is so much more tastier and healthier for me and my family, too. Yoohoo!
    * CONVENIENCE & TIME SAVING – Since I have to heat and cook in my six cubic foot oven it takes much longer to have my dishes ready. However, this Ninja Foodi is just over a cubic foot, and two trays of food can easily be cooked quickly and more evenly with the same amount of preparation saving me valuable time. WooHoo! The Ninja folks state that this XL Pro Oven is ten times more powerful in convection cooking then my conventional ovens. WoW! I can cook a five pound pot roast in the Ninja Foodi in approximately an hour, over cooking for three and a half hours in my conventional oven. I am convinced this is a superior way to cook my meals, and, when finished the tender, juicy meat melts in my mouth (see pot roast pic). What’s not to like?
    * USER FRIENDLY LED CONTROLS – My conventional range ovens have Touch Controls, but do not indicate the placement levels of the oven racks for various cooking and baking functions. It is more ‘Trial & Error’. However, the Ninja Foodi has bright, intuitive, LED, Touch Controls, which feature and indicate the four separate cooking levels to optimize each of the ten cooking functions. How cool is that? The control settings revert back to the last settings I used. I can stop the cooking process any time to check my food, and the time and temperature settings will pick up where they were stopped. There are four separate Convection Fan settings (Maximum, High, Medium, and Low), which automatically match the food function I choose. There is also an Oven Light Button, which comes ON automatically when unit is ‘Started’. The LED timer counts down from the cooking function I so choose. What is amazing about the engineering of this Ninja is that the number of heating elements and air flow velocity is designed to absolutely match the cooking function I select. Outstanding!
    * BUILD & DESIGN – This Ninja Countertop XL Pro Air Oven is constructed of durable, polished, Stainless Steel. The front door swings down to open, and is made of shatter proof tempered glass for safety. All of the LED, intuitive Touch Controls are in the front of the pull-down handle for convenience and simplicity. Heat dissipation vents are at the top of both sides and at the back of this unit. Factory advises one inch, minimum clearance from these heat vents to work effectively. This unit features a three-foot heavy electrical cord for safety, and weighs 33.3 pounds. Extension cords are not recommended. On my countertop this Ninja uses a compact footprint (product dimensions 17.09″ L x 20.22″ W x 13.34″ H). It is smaller then my Microwave and fits easily and neatly under my top cabinets. It looks classy on my countertop, and I will be using it every day. Love It!

    * ENERGY SAVINGS – My larger conventional oven consumes 4,000 watts of electrical power. This Ninja Foodi XL Pro Oven consumes 1,800 watts. Considering my Ninja cooks approximately three times faster then my conventional ovens, I am saving money. Yippee! However, one word of caution. This Ninja countertop oven does require a separate, and, or dedicated circuit because of its ampacity at 120V. It cannot share power with another Kitchen appliance at the same time.
    * TEN COOKING FUNCTIONS – The Ninja Foodi XL Pro Oven features ten cooking functions as against either of my conventional ovens, which can only bake, broil, and cook with a convection fan that has to power a six cubic foot oven space. The Ten Cooking Functions: Air Fry, Whole Roast, Air Roast, Bake, Dehydrate, Pizza, Broil, Toast, Bagel, and Reheat. One of my favorite settings is actually, Reheat. It allows me to quickly reheat left-overs using both the top and bottom heating elements. My microwave only heats the top of my left-overs, and it seems that my re-heated foods do not stay hot for very long. Please refer back to the Owners Guide for more detailed information and illustrations concerning each of the ten cooking functions. It is not a difficult ‘Learning-Curve’. These intuitive controls also allow me to individualize my time and temperature settings at any time during the cooking processes.
    – Use cooking oils made for high heat and a high smoke point for general cooking.
    – For roasting meats, and, or vegetables simultaneously – Press Level 2 Button.
    – For easier cleanup – Use Parchment Paper or Aluminum Foil in bottom sheet pan. Aluminum Foil works best.
    – The Air-Fry Basket can be sprayed or lightly brushed with cooking oil for nonstick cleanup.
    – Never leave unit unattended while cooking.
    – Oven Door is made of tempered glass for safety. But, avoid scratching or nicking.
    – Oven Door and Oven Surfaces are HOT. Use protective gloves, and, or mits.
    – Provide adequate air ventilation (one inch) all around when placing on countertop.
    – Factory recommends Hand-Washing of all racks, pans, air basket, and roast tray for longevity.
    – One Year Limited Warranty.
    * CARE & MAINTENANCE – For every day use wipe down the interior and glass door with just a damp sponge. If stains persist wipe down unit’s interior with luke, warm, soapy water . The exterior SS finish and Control Panel in Door Handle can be cleaned with a non-abrasive, damp sponge or cloth. A deep cleaning regimen is outlined in the Owner’s Guide.
    * INCLUDED ACCESSORIES – Air Fry Basket (SS), Non-Stick Coated Roast Tray, Crumb Tray, Two Wire Racks (SS), and Two Non-Stick Sheet Pans. Hand Washing is recommended of these accessories to prolong their useful life. There are extra Ninja accessories available at the Ninja Product Website. I ordered another Air Fry Basket to expand my Air Frying capabilities. Also included in this package is a detailed and informative Owner’s Guide, an insert for Rack Usage, and Two-Level Cooking, Tips & Tricks, and a 15 Recipie Book with charts for generalized cooking of meats and veggies.
    * HEALTHIER COOKING – So, I have found out that Air Frying, Air Roasting, and Whole Roasting is not only quicker, tastier, and juicier, but also healthier too. YooPeDoo! Eliminating 75% of cooking oils and fats does not take away from any flavor. However, it does cut down on approximately 70% of unneeded calories. Amazing! After using this Ninja Foodi XL Pro Oven, daily, for almost two weeks I feel confident this is HEALTHIER COOKING, and, the new wave of the future. After cooking various meats and vegetables using the Air Fry, Whole Roast, Air Roast, etc.- I am not going back to my conventional ovens. . . .
    I highly recommend this Ninja Countertop XL Pro Air Oven. It is the ‘Vanguard’ of future ovens. Ten desirable functions over my expensive, three-function, conventional ovens – No Brainer. It is quick, saving me time and money, but more importantly my foods are tastier, juicer, and healthier too.

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  8. brinasay7

    This thing does it all! From baking a cake to making beef jerky this machine has so many different cooking options! It’s a slightly bigger machine than I had originally thought but it is PERFECT nonetheless. I am able to cook meats on the bottom rack and veggies above for dinner and everything comes out great! This oven is used in place of our oven for the time being (our landlord needs to replace the existing stove top oven). So whether using it as a supplemental cooking method or your main appliance, this thing is awesome!!!! The one thing I will say is that the power symbol and pause symbols both rubbed off not too long after purchasing it so if that could be adjusted, that would be the only con to it for me.

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    Ninja – Ninja® DT201 Foodi™ 10-in-1 XL Pro Air Fry Oven, Dehydrate, Reheat – Stainless Steel
    Ninja – Ninja® DT201 Foodi™ 10-in-1 XL Pro Air Fry Oven, Dehydrate, Reheat – Stainless Steel
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