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LIFX – Color, E26 Edison Screw- 2 Pack


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Specification: LIFX – Color, E26 Edison Screw- 2 Pack



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Color, E26 Edison Screw- 2 Pack



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8 reviews for LIFX – Color, E26 Edison Screw- 2 Pack

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  1. RockChic64

    I’ve tried out a few different smart lightbulbs – These LIFX are definitely cool! I’m on ios (apple) and they integrate with Apple HomeKit. You can add additional bulbs (or other devices) anywhere your network reaches.
    The app lets you completely control vast color ranges, brightness, effects, animations & more. You can name each room/area/device (lamps etc). Set up and save scenes which can include whole house/area or separate rooms/devices. It’s so customizable the only limitation is your imagination.
    You can set this to work with Alexa and Siri and with HomeKit etc. I have different scenes for relaxing w/music or podcasts, bedtime chill, dance party wildness, romantic dinner ambiance (flickering candlelight FX) even movies with the lights reacting to the audio. Your entire home inside & out can be run through this app/homekit.
    Different people can use the Lifx app, but not at the same time. If 2 people try to control them at once it froze the app, but restart it & was fine. Was better going through HomeKit as each person has their own configuration.
    Lights can also be switched off manually, but don’t forget to switch them back on in the morning to be at ur fingertips for next use. I like walking upstairs (lit up) then tapping the downstairs scene/room/lamps off from upstairs.
    I’m not sure where the amount of devices caps out as I’m only adding bit by bit. I know u can add more through HomeKit. Experiment with the experience! You won’t be disappointed and the possibilities are WOW! Go online and see the uber easy tutorials and videos of the awesome ways people have used this innovative technology.
    Bottom line – try these and create a whole new plethora of atmospheres in your home or business. They’re easy to use, especially if you spend a little time to get familiar with the way it all works. You’ll be glad you gave em a shot, but they’re only as “Smart” as the user – so be patient and put in an hour to learn the ins & out. Or… pop em in & experiment!

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  2. Shaan18

    They were really easy to set up. Literally just put the bulb in and follow the prompts on the app. The colors are great and they can be really bright. My girlfriend loves them. Really easy to change colors to change the setting in our apartment. Will be purchasing more for our bedroom.

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  3. J03lb0b

    Love these lights. Truer, deeper hues than most others I’ve tried. With HomeKit as well as Apple Watch integration it’s pretty cool… (ʷʰᵉⁿ ⁱᵗ ʷᵒʳᵏˢ).

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  4. Board1

    These bulbs work just fine with my HomePod mini. My only complaint is with the setup instructions for the lights. This is a two pack. The manufacturer provides two scan codes, one specifically for each light, but doesn’t mention that the codes must match the light you are installing. It was only through my persistence that I finally figured it out. Each light has a very faint S/N number on it that matches one of the scan codes. If the light and scan code don’t match the setup process fails.

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  5. John

    These bulbs are quite good. Once they were set up, they were relatively easy to use and had a nice range of brightness, color, and utility. The LIFX app is not super user-friendly. I had to really poke and prod to find what I needed to find.
    The main problem was getting them set up. For some reason I couldn’t just use the LIFX app -I also had to add the lights to the apple “home” app. There was no way around it as far as I could tell. Setting the first light up took 5 minutes. Setting the second light up took about 25 minutes. It failed twice, and I thought I was just banging my head against he wall, but it worked the third time for some reason.
    These are good lights, and might be worth the money if you don’t want to pay for a bigger name.

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  6. Grim

    I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with LIFX products, easy to use and set up and they last forever. Wow your guests with a fully decked out smart light space.

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  7. Jdub

    The LIFX – Color E26 Edison wifi bulbs demonstrate a significant improvement from their predecessor in various ways. Unlike its predecessor, the E26 comes in a compact form; whereas the original was bulky. The lines of the E26 are also sleeker and more attractive to place in line of sight areas of the home. Connectivity of the E26 is stable and reliable. Most importantly, the E26 is easier to add to the existing wifi ecosystem, compare to the first generation LIFX bulbs. In summation, the E26 provides ease of installation and attractive body lines for installation in any IOT setup.

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  8. HappyCustomer

    Best lights ive ever had. Worth the price. Colors are accurate and pretty bright. They connect via wi fi. I use my cellphone and tablet hot spot to connect them and they work fine. Ive had purchased other brands that cost less but colors are not as accurate nor bright. Definitively worth the investment.

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    LIFX – Color, E26 Edison Screw- 2 Pack
    LIFX – Color, E26 Edison Screw- 2 Pack

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