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Philips Norelco Shaver Series 300, Wet or Dry S3134/84 – Modern Steel Metallic


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Specification: Philips Norelco Shaver Series 300, Wet or Dry S3134/84 – Modern Steel Metallic



Adjustable Settings


Pop-Up Trimmer


Shaver Style


WetDry Usage




Travel Lock


Maximum Runtime

60 minutes

Battery Charge Time

1 hours

Product Name

Philips Norelco Shaver Series 300, Wet or Dry S3134/84


Philips Norelco

Model Number



Modern Steel Metallic

Color Category


Integrated Lights


Digital Display


Cleaning System Included


Water Resistant


Travel Pouch


Number Of Blades


Protective Cap


Power Source


Battery Type


Batteries Included


Number of Batteries Required


Replacement Head Compatibility

Philips Norelco Shaving Heads for Shaver Series 3000

Product Height

9.21 inches

Product Length

6.299 inches

Product Weight

0.54 pounds

Product Width

2.83 inches

Manufacturers Warranty - Parts

24 Months

Manufacturers Warranty - Labor

24 Months



Photos: Philips Norelco Shaver Series 300, Wet or Dry S3134/84 – Modern Steel Metallic

8 reviews for Philips Norelco Shaver Series 300, Wet or Dry S3134/84 – Modern Steel Metallic

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  1. sollyp

    As most people looking into this shaver can relate to, I have really sensitive skin. Most electric shavers in my price range don’t do too good of a job and still leaves my skin irritated. Using a razer gets me the close shave that I want leaves me bleeding and red for the day and I have even had in-grown hairs which is NOT ideal. I think this strikes the happy medium.
    Philips always sets the standard for me when it comes to shavers. This model is one of the more affordable lines that they have. The design is noticeably more flatter than their expensive models. I have found that the different shapes are better for the different contours of your face, so I honestly think it will come down to personal preference. I really like the design of this Norelco. It is light and the rubber helps make it feel good in the hand.
    I have found this shaver to be a fairly decent performer. You will not get as close of a shave with a more expensive shaver or a razer, but you also will not get as much burns. Other things that I noticed was that it did not do as well with longer, flatter hairs. I did have to touch up with a razer. If you are into a more fixed routine and shorter hairs, then this shaver will be great. Honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of wet shaves with shavers. However, this performed much better than my expectations. I just loved that cleaning the shaver was so easy because of the waterproof feature.
    The battery life was great. I estimate that I got about 90ish minutes of actual shave time.
    One thing to note about electric shavers is that you have to keep using them so your skin can adapt to it. So I would give it a few weeks before abandoning it altogether. All in all, a good and affordable shaver that I would recommend to anyone with sensitive skin.

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  2. Tony

    I figured I would try this out because I want something convenient and economical. In-grown hairs drive me crazy and this shaver is supposed to help. They say it takes about three weeks to see the effects of using the new shaver. So far, I feel like it is improving a lot of my facial hair, but some stragglers are being stubborn and don’t want to change (at least yet). Each day, the shaver does an amazing job on the majority of my hair. However, it does not seem to be able to lift up hairs laying completely flat against my skin. No matter how many times I go over them and no matter what angle, those hairs get missed. I have to go back and touch up with a regular razor, which gets them without a problem. The hope is after a few more weeks of “training” the stubborn hairs, the beard as a whole will grow in the appropriate direction for the shaver.
    For longer hair like sideburn touch ups, there is a pop-up trimmer ready to keep them looking good in between haircuts. Having a straight trimmer for them is so much easier than using a razor or scissors.
    The shaver itself is simple to use. The battery lasts one hour and takes one hour to charge. I have not needed to charge it yet because shaving with it is fast. Cleanup is simple! One push of a button flips the blades up for easy rinsing and drying. The fact that this is suitable for wet or dry is huge for me! I prefer a wet shave and, even if someone likes a dry shave, it just makes life easier knowing this thing can get wet.
    Overall, I am happy with this shaver. It is the first electric shaver I have had in about twenty years, and they have come a long way. Waterproofing and much better batteries make this so much more convenient than what I used to have.

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  3. MarkusMN

    I have owned several brands throughout my lifetime and Norelco has always been my favorite. The floating heads and non-abrasive shave leaves my face smooth and feeling great after each shave. This razor is no exception.
    I think that Norelco has improved the flexibility with this model as it seems to float and contour better to my face than others in the past. The blades are comfortable, yet they get close enough to feel like a straight edge razor.
    I was apprehensive to try this with gel, but it worked as advertised. If you prefer a wet shave, this will work great for you. I don’t see the need for the gel or shaving cream, as this is already smooth and will not dry out your skin. There is extra cleanup needed if you use gel or shaving cream, but it rinses quickly and easily with warm water.
    This will charge enough after just five minutes to give you a quick shave and will charge completely in a very short period of time to give you close to an hour without running out of battery power.
    The pop up trimmer works great for sideburns and trimming my beard.
    This is another quality product from Norelco and I highly recommend it. I have a fairly delicate face and this doesn’t bother it in the least.

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  4. OmieOne

    This is a great shaver overall I love it. Its a nice wet/dry shaver that works, but the part that I love the most is the fact that is have a large catch for the shavings, so for me I’m not emptying it out twice a shave. Just once at the end. Also means more room to keep the hair getting stuck in the blades making maintenance easier. Holds a nice charge. Overall its a comfortable electric shaver that gives a good shave, but finally has plenty of space to store the shaved hair meaning you can finish shaving faster and I absolutely love it.

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  5. JimC

    The Philips Norelco S3134 wet/dry shaver is the latest entry by Philips in a new generation of consumer personal care products. It incorporates a number of important advancements in shaving technology designed to provide an ideal balance of close shaves and sensitive skin care at a very reasonable cost.
    Norelco shavers are manufactured by Philips North America (the tradename Norelco comes from North American Philips electrical Company.) which is a unit of Koninklijke Philips N.V. , a $20 billion Dutch electronics, lighting and medical products company founded in 1891. Among its best-known consumer products are Norelco grooming devices, Sonicare oral health products, Magnavox & Philips audio and video products, Philips kitchen appliances and personal healthcare.
    Here is a summary of the key features:
    • Model: Philips Norelco S3134/84
    • 27 self-sharpening Comfort Cut blades designed to minimize tugging and the need for multiple passes, gently cut hair just above skin level
    • Five-direction flexible heads pivot, flex and float to follow facial contours without the need for pressure, minimizing stress on skin
    • Shaves dry or wet, using water, soap, shaving foam or gel
    • Waterproof, may be used in shower
    • Fully washable, one touch to flip open shaver head for easy cleaning
    • Pop-up precision trimmer for mustache, sideburns, eyebrows
    • Up to 105 minutes of cordless shaving time, lithium ion battery is fully charged in 68 minutes
    • 15 volt, 5.4 watt/360 mA charger
    • Shaver Dimensions: 6.2 inch height, 2.4 inch depth, 2.3 inch width; Weight: 7 ounces
    • 45 day trial/refund period, two year warranty on parts and labor,
    I have used Norelco and other premium quality electric shavers for many years so I know what to expect and demand. I own two other Norelco shavers, a two year old S7940 and a twelve year old 9160 XL. Both of these were the top-of-the-line model when purchased and have given me flawless service. See my photo comparisons of these three shavers.
    Norelco currently offers two core designs in its shavers. The more expensive 5000/7000/9000 series are slimmer and have a “mushroom” head which sit above the body of the shaver and thus have more flexibility to conform to your face. The other design is seen in the more basic and economical 1000/2000/3000 series which have a flatter head design.
    Like all Norelco shavers the S3134 is elegantly styled and very ergonomic. It is a nice combination of steel blue and black. It is lightweight, but feels substantial in your hand. There is rubberized grip material where your index finger and thumb would grasp the shaver and your remaining three fingers cradle the sides of the shaver’s body. It is a bit longer than my 9160 Norelco and a bit lighter. Compared to the 7940 it is wider and slightly heavier. On the front of the shaver is the power button and a single LCD icon which lights when charging or to indicate (in orange) that the battery life is low.
    The reason I added this shaver to my collection is that I have the feeling that my trusty 9160 is nearing retirement age. I like having two shavers available and the flatter head shape of the 9160 and the 3134 work well with parts of my face, while the “mushroom” shape of the 7940 head is best for other parts of my face.
    One significant difference between the three Norelco shavers I own is the number of blades in the three rotary heads. See my photos which show the cutting heads and blades of the three shavers. The oldest model (9160) has three rings of blades (12 in the outer ring, 6 in the middle ring and 3 in the inner ring.) That is a total of 21 blades in each head (63 total.) The S7940 shaver has a double ring of blades (15 in the outer ring and 9 in the inner ring.) That is a total of 24 blades in each head (72 total.) The S3134 shaver has only 9 blades in each head (27 total.)
    What is the effect of more vs. fewer blades? The advantage of more blades is a faster and closer shave. However, the chance of developing an ingrown hair is greater with the 7940 model since its 72 total blades cut very closely compared to the 27 more widely spaced blades of the 3134 model. If you have a tendency to develop razor bumps on your skin you may find that the 3134 is a better choice.
    The battery life on this shaver is actually much greater than the 50 minutes claimed by Norelco. I tested it by running it continuously from a fully-charged state and it lasted 121 minutes! Now it should be noted that this was not actual shaving time, so I estimate that actual shaving time would be about 100+ minutes. Recharge time from a fully-discharged state was 68 minutes.
    Other notes about the charging system: The orange low-charge warning light activated with 5.5 minutes of running time remaining. A five minute quick charge gave 9.5 minutes of shaving time. The shaver cannot be run while the charging cable is attached (this is to prevent electric hazards.)
    The plastic head cover fits snugly and will give your shaver adequate protection when traveling. Note that no travel pouch is included (the Best Buy overview of what’s included is incorrect.)
    So how well does it work? Very well! The shaving function is effective and very comfortable. It is quiet (no loud buzz like some electric shavers) and it removed every trace of my stubble with absolutely no irritation to my skin. The “5D” flex and pivot motion really works well to reach every part of your face. The pop-out trimmer is effective (although not as good as the separate trimmer head provided on the 5000/7000/9000 Norelco shavers.)
    I used the shaver in both dry and wet modes and it worked flawlessly. Cleaning is very simple – just pop open the head and rinse it under warm water. If you are converting from a manual (blade) razor you will really appreciate the luxury of continuing to use your favorite shaving cream when you use this great device.
    I am accustomed to very good shavers and the S3134 certainly meets my high standards. Is it the best shaver you can buy from Norelco? No – if your budget can accommodate the higher cost of a 7000 series Norelco shaver (about twice the cost of the S3134) – you should invest in that model.
    But if razor bumps are a problem you have experienced or you just wish to economize, the Norelco S3134 wet/dry shaver is an excellent choice and I give it a full five stars.

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  6. elzeus

    The Philips Norelco Shaver Series 300 was a joy to use after coming from a straight edge electric shaver. The other shaver would present issues when getting around the corners of my face and around my chin but that is not the case with the Philips as the contoured movement of the shaving heads makes it super simple to tend to the edges of your face. It’s also very easy to clean and has a replaceable blade that you can get from Philips directly when it’s time for a new blade. There is a pop out straight edge shaver that makes it convenient to line up parts of your hair and the included charger was easy to use as well. I really appreciate the water proof design around the shaving head as I did not feel like I had to baby the shaver and I was left to focus on the shave. Overall I’m very happy with the Philips Norelco Shaver Series 300 and would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a great shave whether it is a dry or wet shave!

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  7. EvilChaderCheez

    If you are like me and occasionally get in-grown hairs from shaving, I suggest you try the Philips Norelco Shaver Series 3000 wet / dry shaver.
    For some reason, I used to regularly experience in-grown hairs in one particular area on my jawline, but after using this Norelco Series 3000 shaver for a while, I have noticed that my skin is much less irritated and I no longer have any problem areas. This is probably due to the 5D pivot heads which is a very intuitive design.
    I have always been more of a quick morning dry shaver but I must say that a nice wet shave every once in a while is really nice and you can do both with this particular shaver which is great!
    Overall, I am very impressed with the Philips Norelco Shaver Series 3000 wet / dry shaver and I highly recommend it!

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  8. Prat

    I have use electric shavers before and this is one of the smooth and quiet ones. There are days when I do not feel like shaving, but want to have a close shave look. The shaver itself is light and the rubber grip is very comforable when holding. It takes about an hour to charge and provides upto an hour of usage. You can do a 5 minute charge for a quick shave. There are 27 self-sharpening blades (9 in each head) for clean shaving. The best part is you can use it wet or dry. The shaver head has 5D pivot design that conforms to your neck and face. The included pouch is an added bonus and comes in handy for storage and travel. If you are in the market for an everyday shaver at a I definitely recommend this ergonomic budget shaver.

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    Philips Norelco Shaver Series 300, Wet or Dry S3134/84 – Modern Steel Metallic
    Philips Norelco Shaver Series 300, Wet or Dry S3134/84 – Modern Steel Metallic
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