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Dyson – V8 Animal Cord-Free Stick Vacuum – Iron


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Specification: Dyson – V8 Animal Cord-Free Stick Vacuum – Iron



Carpet Height Adjustments


Vacuum Type

Stick vacuums

Bin Capacity

0.15 gallons

Product Weight

5.6 pounds



Compatible Floor Type

All floors


22.8 amperes

Crevice Tool


Cleaning Path Width

9.84 inches

Filter Type




Multi Surface


Washable Filter


Battery Charge Time

300 minutes

Attachments Included

Docking station, Combination tool, crevice tool, mini motorized tool, soft dusting brush

Maximum Runtime

40 minutes



Product Name

V8 Animal Cord-Free Stick Vacuum

Product Length

8.8 inches

Product Width

9.8 inches

Additional Accessories Included

Docking station, Combination tool, crevice tool, mini motorized tool, soft dusting brush

Model Number






Color Category


Product Height

49 inches



Assembly Required


Adjustable Suction





22.8 volts

Full Indicator


Number Of Speed Settings


Manufacturers Warranty - Parts

Not Available

Manufacturers Warranty - Labor

2 years



Photos: Dyson – V8 Animal Cord-Free Stick Vacuum – Iron

8 reviews for Dyson – V8 Animal Cord-Free Stick Vacuum – Iron

4.5 out of 5
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  1. FrankM4A1

    When you turn on *MAX power it actually rips right through space time and creates an inter-dimensional rift to really get deep in that carpet. The *Normal mode works well on hard wood floors. Very portable.

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  2. Erin

    I felt like a fool ordering a $$$ vacuum but I have an all black german shepherd and a cream carpeted staircase… in Texas heat. Before I had to do 3 passes with a furminator brush and then lug my heavy vacuum. Now I just need this and a bag.
    All the attachments have turned me from a vacuum hater to some kind of housebug. I grab this for everything! I’m 6ft and baseboards have been my arch nemesis. The long pole attachment makes it a breeze. I can get all the drive-by fur from my dog off of the couches in a quick breeze, and if i spill glitter, it’s no longer all over my house. I even used it to clean up some sawdust I tracked in from the garage.
    Max suction is VERY powerful and lasts a bit longer than expected. When I say very powerful, it tried to suck up my pens from about 3 inches away when I tested it on some crumbs on my desk.
    The only “downside” is the canister is small, but considering that it’s cordless and you’re carrying the entire weight, it’s fine to carry a little shopping bag to empty the dust every few minutes on a heavily soiled carpet. (Daily cleaning can be done in one go)
    As for how it handled the dog hair? Please see photos 🙂

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  3. Cooper

    It was for my wife, and she absolutely love this vacuum.

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  4. TonyMSP

    This Dyson hand vac lives up to its reputation. Not only does it do a great job in picking up messes, it looks great doing it too! There are easily a dozen other choices of hand vacs in all price ranges but this one fills the small niche market of wanting both form and function.

    Assembly was straight forward and I had it on the charger within minutes of opening the box. The manual does state that it comes pre-charged to about 20% but recommends plugging it in immediately for 5 hours to fully charge the battery. It comes with an assortment of attachments that each has a very distinct purpose and adds value to the already high price tag of the vacuum. It does come with a fancy wall mount but limited to a nearby outlet for the charging cord to reach. I haven’t found that “perfect” spot to mount it yet as I don’t want it to be a “statement piece” in the living room.

    My interest in the hand vac is linked to the 2 dogs and 1 cat I have in the house. Our dogs have their spots on the couch and can get pretty furry in less than a few days. The chore of lugging a large vacuum out and unwinding the long cord is enough to discourage a daily cleaning of the couch. This is where the Dyson V8 shines. Its light, less than 6 pounds, and fully charged when you need it. Its more convenient to use the hand vac for small tasks than using the large full sized vacuum. I have attached 2 photos that shows the versatility of the hand vac. It has 2 suction settings that you can use to match the job. Most of the time, the lower setting is enough to do the task. The low setting got us about 40 mins of continuous use and the high setting got us a little over 7 minutes. This may not sound like much but this hand vac is meant to fill in the in-between use of your full sized vacuum.

    The first picture is what the dog fur looks like when we don’t vacuum it for a few days. It didn’t take long for the V8 to tackle the job on the low setting. It took the crevice and small spinning brush to do the job. With a push of a button, changing the tools was a breeze. My full sized vacuum would have done the job but way less convenient.

    The second picture shows the effectiveness of the hand brush attachment. Brushing the cat usually gets me another cat’s worth of fur on the ground. The cat’s fur is so fine that its easily matted into the carpet. The suction of the Dyson and the small brush head attachment did a great job in picking up the fine cat fur and only with one sweep too.

    Emptying the canister is as easy as pulling a lever. It does come with a washable filter that’s easy to rinse out in the sink.
    I highly recommend the Dyson V8 for homes with animals or small children. The convenience of having a small vacuum without unwinding a power cord will most likely increase my vacuuming rate per week. It might be one of the most expensive hand vacs in the market but know that you’re not only paying for its great function, you are also getting a nice looking hand vac that’s not an eyesore that you have to hide in the closet either.
    I hope my review helped!

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  5. bryanhill

    If you are responsible for vacuuming your dwelling, you know the steps are the hardest thing in the household to clean. We have three flights of them, and they are all carpet. I have always lugged my full size Dyson up and down at times my shoulders would struggle to maneuver the weekly task. I do love my original Dyson, even at it’s old age of eleven years. I was excited to get the opportunity to test this unit out for a review. I have always had my eye on these models, but had a hard time parting with the cost of them. They seem to be a bit pricey, but…once you get one in your hands and experience the thoughtful design, and true (no gimmick) 40 minute, fade free suction, you realize that Dyson had their stuff together. It’s so lightweight and easy to use. From it’s wall hanging charger base, that also holds two of the included attachments. I love the fact that it has two 100% powered beater bars. It revitalizes the nap of the pile in the carpet much more then I anticipated. It also has the turbo switch that of course will reduce the 40 minute runtime, but gives you a noticeable boost in suction. I am glad this unit has the battery indicator built into it, giving you a quick idea of how much more charge there is left, before you need to refuel at it’s charger base. This unit is also ultra quiet. One feature I miss from other vacuums I’ve tested, is LED headlights, but I understand Dyson’s reasoning. I would rather the power be isolated to suction, giving me more runtime, so I can do all my steps in one charge cycle.
    I give this unit and undeniable 5 out of 5 stars.
    I would suggest this to a friend!!!

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    There’s little scratches and dirt on the surfaces right after I received pkg also pkg was dirty and delayed. I will not use bestbuy delivery service.

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  7. scovartwo

    This Dyson V8 Animal cordless vacuum has quite a few good things about it, and some not so good things.
    This Dyson vacuum is light weight, it has impressively powerful suction on the Max power setting, and the Min power setting is sufficient for most light weight vacuuming tasks.
    The hepa filter on this vacuum is really easy to remove and clean.
    The crevice tool and combination tool are well designed and functional, and the mini motorized tool is especially impressive. The mini motorized brush bar spins and loosens dirt and dust, which results in a better than average cleaning result on household items such as recliners and mattresses, and even blankets.
    The larger motorized floor cleaning tool, which is technically called the direct-drive cleaner head, is really nice and cleans hard wood flooring as well as carpeting.
    The soft dusting brush is a pretty good design, I would like it better if it was made with bristles that were straight, instead of having angled bristles.
    The first time I turned on this Dyson V8 Animal cordless vacuum, I was not expecting it to have such a quiet and unique sound.
    This version of Dyson’s cordless vacuum does have improved battery chemistry, the box specifically refers to it as a Nickel Cobalt Aluminum battery. I did some online research and found out that this is a newer type of lithium rechargeable battery, not sure why the box makes no mention of lithium, which would kind of cause a customer to assume it was not a lithium based battery, but it is.
    The power adapter that charges the battery, is unique and has a round flexible power cord.
    The great build quality of this cordless vacuum is what’s expected from a Dyson product.
    The filter located at the top of the cyclones, is not my favorite type of filter, it is possible to rinse it clean and the filter is reusable afterwards, but it has a rigid center plastic structure, and it has the filter’s fabric surrounding the plastic structure, which makes it so that you can’t squeeze out any accumulated dust during the rinsing process. I prefer the round type of foam filters, which can be squeezed during the rinsing process.
    This Dyson V8 Animal cordless vacuum kit would be much improved if the battery were designed similar to a power tool battery found on drills, so that the battery could be removed and instantly replaced with a spare battery. As it is, the battery on this Dyson V8 Animal cordless vacuum, needs to be charged for 5 hours, before a completely charged battery can be used again.
    I charge my Dyson V8 Animal cordless vacuum without the supplied wall hanging bracket, and when I first plugged the power adapter in for charging, I noticed that when the round plug is plugged in all the way, it looks as if it is not plugged in enough, which caused me to try to press harder not knowing it was already plugged in all the way. (One of the attached images shows a close up view of the round power adapter when it is plugged in all the way, showing that it does not look like it is)
    On this specific Dyson V8 Animal cordless vacuum, Dyson designed it so that the red lever which lifts the cyclone assembly, also opens the dust bin cover to release the dust, and the process is kind of challenging, even after having practiced quite a bit.
    If the red pull lever which raises the cyclone assembly and opens the dust bin cover, was made out of aluminum instead of plastic, that would be much improved, as it is, the red pull lever kind of feels like it might break off in the process of pulling upwards.
    Any customer spending $499 on a cordless vacuum, would prefer not to have to be worried about breaking a plastic pulling lever when emptying the dust bin.
    After I received this Dyson V8 Animal cordless, I visited the Dyson website and I ordered the Dyson quick release extension hose that fits this vacuum. When the Dyson extension hose arrived, I was not expecting to find that the extension hose is really quite short. The actual extension hose section which collapses and extends, is not even 2.75 inches in length when collapsed. The extension hose does extend to well over 1 foot in length, but still that is not very long of an extension hose.
    The extension hose does make a few of the accessories much easier to use when vacuuming surfaces, as the hose extends and the tool can be swung from left to right, instead of moving the whole vacuum from left to right.
    I am giving this Dyson V8 Animal cordless vaccum two ratings.
    I am rating this Dyson product at 4 out of 5 stars, based upon overall build quality and functionality.
    I am rating this Dyson product at 3.5 out of 5 stars, based upon the difficulty in emptying the dust bin and the plastic pulling lever.
    I would suggest this Dyson cordless vacuum to any friend that could afford it.
    This Dyson V8 Animal cordless is a really nice vacuum kit, which I use on a daily basis.

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  8. gadgetguy11

    The Dyson V8 Animal Cord-free Vacuum wields higher suction power than some plug-in upright vacuums: 115AW (Air Watts, the measurement of suction power). I own 4) of the Dyson previous top handheld model, the V6 Absolute (100AW) & 3) Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal+Allergy upright vacuums (180AW). I picked up a V8 Animal to replace one of the older V6 Absolute vacuums (we are a multi-cat household & have a very messy bird).
    1- The V8 Animal has a larger 0.14 gallon Dust / Dirt Bin than the 0.11 gallon bin on the V6 – a very welcome improvement!
    2- The V8 is much quieter & has a “mellow” sound, compared with the older noisy / “raspy” sounding V6 (the V6 sound didn’t bother me until I heard the V8 – WOW!! The sound is reduced approximately 50%).
    3- The V8 trigger is a new soft touch design – it is easier & is super smooth – light years ahead of the V6 trigger.
    4- The release button on the V8 tools is an amazing soft push with a positive click, now located on the tool end; on V6 & earlier models, the silver release buttons were very stiff & difficult to lock in positively. They were on the vacuum end (opposite of the V8). So tools are NOT interchangeable between the V8 & the V6 or older model.
    5- The V8 beater bar is MUCH more powerful than the V6! The nameplate on the pick-up tool specifies a 50 Watt Beater Bar Motor vs. a 20 Watt Beater Bar Motor on the beater bar on the V6!
    6- Dumping the bin is radically different on the V8, too. Simply lift the red finger pull on top of the machine & the entire bin raises & the bottom opens up! You never touch the dirt. The older V6 required you to touch the dirt bin. Great sanitary improvement. Dyson calls it a “hygienic dirt ejector”.
    7- The V8 has 3) blue LED’s that indicate battery & charging status, unlike the single LED on the V6.
    8- Despite the slightly heavier 5.75 pound weight over the 5 pound V6, both vacuums feel perfectly balanced & comfortable handling at any angle.
    9- The V8 includes a greatly improved battery & provides a 40 minute run time. This is a tremendous advantage over the 20 minute runtime of the V6! This longer battery life is even more amazing, considering the even more powerful motor: V8 motor runs at 425 Watts, compared to the V6, which runs at 350 Watts.
    10- The wall mounting bracket is necessarily slightly wider to accommodate the slightly larger V8, compared with the smaller V6. Thankfully, the mounting centers for the 2) holes remains 5″ OC, co I simply unscrewed the V6 wall bracket & screwed the new V8 wall mounting bracket into the same holes in my wall.
    So, what could Dyson change to make the V8 even better? That is a tough question.
    Only one suggestion: Make the fixed battery pack removable so you could purchase & keep a spare battery pack charged. You could charge each pack, one at a time in the vacuum handle, or Dyson could add a snap-in compartment on the wall bracket that would allow charging both the V8 & the spare battery pack simultaneously… This may sound extreme, considering the V8 features a 40 minute run time, but I operate it on Maximum all of the time. Using motorized power heads, expect 7-8 minutes of operation in Maximum mode.
    If you have any hard floors, such as hardwood / ceramic time / vinyl, you will be better served buying the Dyson V8 Absolute, as it also includes the soft roller head designed for hard surfaces. Both V8’s include the powerful beater bar tool for carpeting, a Mini Motorized Tool – handy for stairs. Both include a dusting brush – great for computer keyboards & a narrow crevice tool. Dyson sells the optional soft roller head for $111.99 – I just ordered one to add to my V8 Animal. It is not listed yet – you have to order it through chat.
    Dyson continues to perfect an already excellent product! Owning 4) impressive V6 vacuums, I did not see how they could improve that design… until now.
    The V8 changes are not just evolutionary – they are REVOLUTIONARY!! 2X battery life, more suction, more motor power, more beater bar power, soft trigger, softer & more positive tool release buttons, battery / charge indicator, with half the noise! The Dyson V8 is the Undisputed Handheld Vacuum CHAMPION!

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    Dyson – V8 Animal Cord-Free Stick Vacuum – Iron
    Dyson – V8 Animal Cord-Free Stick Vacuum – Iron
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