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Purina DentaLife Adult Large Breed Adult Dental Dog Chew Treats


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  • (1) 21-count pouch – Purina DentaLife Large Breed Dog Dental Chews; ActivFresh Daily Oral Care Large Chews
  • Made with a proprietary active-ingredient blend of honey and all-natural spirulina
  • Active ingredients scientifically tested to attack bad breath at its source
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • 9 distinct ridges keep him engaged

Specification: Purina DentaLife Adult Large Breed Adult Dental Dog Chew Treats

Package Dimensions

13.39 x 9.41 x 3.46 inches, 1.61 Pounds

Item model number


Date First Available

November 29, 2018


Nestlé Purina PetCare Company

Country of Origin


Photos: Purina DentaLife Adult Large Breed Adult Dental Dog Chew Treats

11 reviews for Purina DentaLife Adult Large Breed Adult Dental Dog Chew Treats

3.6 out of 5
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  1. Patricia Bradley

    Excellent product, all three dogs have clean teeth. Vet very pleased at last check up.

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  2. Graham

    Received two packs of 12 sticks for over £80 plus import charges.
    Recently bought 180 sticks (15 packs of 12) for £65 and they arrived much quicker

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  3. Layton P.

    My 5 year old Dachshund gets a couple of pieces of these dental chews daily. I buy the ones for large dogs and they are about 6 inches long and an inch around. Lay one on your counter top and hit it in thirds with a big knife, then break it in thirds. I’m lucky enough to have a dog that likes baby carrots too.
    Her doctor says that if you can get a dog to eat baby carrots it’ll deep their breath and teeth cleaner and it’s true.
    I started her out on them as soon as she was weaned and she expects one each day.
    These chews don’t have a scent and are not at all gummy. They are not meant to be dog candy bars and they actually keep their teeth clean down to the gums because of the way the thing is engineered.
    When you see your pup chewing real hard with its side teeth, that’s where the work needs to take place.
    Lift your dogs lips and inspect their teeth near the gum line regularly.

    This product arrived a day early and cannot always be found at the stores. You can take his word for it or not but my vet also said Milkbone like products were less than useless and were just empty calories for your pets.

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  4. PerrysMD

    My large dog loves these and they work well. Beware of ordering through this particular listing as I ordered 5 packs of 2 and only received 5 total instead of 10. I see I’m not the only one who had this problem. Looks like it may have been a error keying in the pricing but it must have been listed incorrectly for quite awhile judging by the dates of the other comments. Since the price was much lower than I could get two packs for near home, I wasn’t overly surprised that it turned out to be an error but I then paid more than if I had purchased elsewhere, instead of less.

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  5. CPA-Inactive (“Uneducated“) & YUGE Trump Supporter

    There are a few treats that make our almost 2-year old lab drool as soon as he spots them. He does not drool with these. But, for some reason, he does go a little bonkers, running around in circles until he arrives at his crate for his “night-night snack”. Maybe he adores them partially because it is a routine he can count on daily. They definitely don’t smell delicious like some dog snacks do (as in meat-flavored smell, peanut butter, etc.). They actually remind me of coral.
    We have been told by two vets that his teeth are in great shape and we are not brushing his teeth (he lets me in his mouth, allows me to deep clean his ears, etc., but I have failed at brushing his teeth). They only last him a few minutes, but about twice as long as the other dental treats we have tried. He hasn’t gotten as excited about the other brands either.

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  6. Emma Steve

    I just found out about these 2 preservatives that can cause cancer!! The reason I looked closer into the ingredients is my Vizsla mix was having terrible smelling gas!!! So I stopped them for a couple of days and no gas. So I stared giving them to him again same thing happened. Also he started having the quivers at first I thought he was just cold due to his very short hair, but now I think it maybe these chews. So I will take them away again to see what happens. I don’t think I will ever give them to him again mainly because of these 2 preservatives BHA & BHT!!! Otherwise he is a very healthy dog!

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  7. Iris Young

    I bought this because I thought it was a bargain 18 sticks per bag as shown in the picture truth is when received only 12 were in each bag I felt I had been duped and I was last time I will be buying these will stick to my regular supplier at least they are honest

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  8. RescuePup

    My dogs loved the daily treats but my research on the ingredients had me to stop my subscription altogether.

    There are glycerin (biofuel driven with residual methanol), mono and dicalcium phosphate, along with the 4 preservatives, while “generally recognized as safe”, can cause various side effects such as itchy skin, dermatitis, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and lung & kidney issues. The controversial BHA and BHT have been identified as possible carcinogens that can cause cancer in animals and are banned in some countries. These toxic ingredients may not be so harmful in occasional treats, but certainly cannot be safe with daily dosing.

    I feel ashamed that it took me a while to do my research but I’m glad that it stopped me from slowly poisoning my dogs that could be very harmful with cumulative daily exposure. Purina definitely knows how to make very tasty pet products, but I wish the product could be safer with more natural ingredients. I’ll be on the lookout for the company to eventually produce products free of harmful ingredients, and I’d gladly pay more for my beloved pooches.

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  9. Suzanne Halter

    My dog absolutely LOVES these treats! And they have made a noticeable difference in her teeth. She freaks out if I try to come near her with a toothbrush, and even finger brushes are difficult to get her to sit through. So her teeth had a brownish ring towards the bottom – very concerning. So after one bag of these, I noticed there was not nearly as much brown as there used to be. I have given her these for about 4 months now, and there is no brown at the bottom of her teeth! She is 7 years old, and her teeth are actually starting to get a little brighter with these treats. Also, she can’t wait to get these! As soon as I get the bag out, she dances around, then takes it out of my hand and RUNS to go eat it! Highly recommend these.

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  10. Tony

    Good value and product

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  11. Happy Buyer

    Good sized treats

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    Purina DentaLife Adult Large Breed Adult Dental Dog Chew Treats
    Purina DentaLife Adult Large Breed Adult Dental Dog Chew Treats
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