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Samsung – Jet™ 75 Complete Cordless Stick Vacuum with Long-Lasting Battery – ChroMetal with Teal Silver Filter


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Specification: Samsung – Jet™ 75 Complete Cordless Stick Vacuum with Long-Lasting Battery – ChroMetal with Teal Silver Filter





Washable Filter


Multi Surface




Filter Type


Wet And Dry Usage



200 watts

Attachments Included

Mini Motorized Tool, Long-Reach Crevice Tool, Combination Tool, Soft Brush

Carpet Height Adjustments


Compatible Floor Type

Carpet, Hardwoods, Tile



Brush Roll Shut-Off


Product Weight

6.17 pounds

Bin Capacity

0.8 gallons

Vacuum Type

Stick vacuums

Cleaning Path Width

8.5 inches



Product Width

9 7/8 inches

Manufacturers Warranty - Labor

1 year

Manufacturers Warranty - Parts

1 year


21.9 volts



Adjustable Suction


Nozzle Width

8.5 inches

Product Length

8 1/2 inches

Product Name

Jet™ 75 Complete Cordless Stick Vacuum with Long-Lasting Battery

Product Height

44 3/4 inches

Color Category



ChroMetal with Teal Silver Filter

Model Number


Additional Accessories Included

Long-Reach Crevice Tool, Combination Tool

Assembly Required




Photos: Samsung – Jet™ 75 Complete Cordless Stick Vacuum with Long-Lasting Battery – ChroMetal with Teal Silver Filter

8 reviews for Samsung – Jet™ 75 Complete Cordless Stick Vacuum with Long-Lasting Battery – ChroMetal with Teal Silver Filter

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  1. BradleyFl

    Samsung – Jet™ 75 Complete Cordless Stick Vacuum – ChroMetal with Teal Silver Filter
    The Samsung Jet vacuum has plenty of very nice attachments. 2 different full size beater brush heads, 1 for normal use and 1 for hardwood flooring. It also comes with a furniture size beater brush that is made in the style of a pet hair beater brush, in that it doesn’t have brushes, it has rubber sweeps. All beater brushes can be mounted on the vacuum itself or on the long, 26” extension tube. It has a crevasse tool that is really thought out because it is extendable. You can actually extend it from a reach of 8-1/2” to 15”, I’ve never seen this before. It comes with a small wand tool that also has a built in brush that can be used or stored in place. The last added feature is an adjustable attachment for the smaller tools. It can be locked in straight in which it adds 5-1/2” in reach. It can also be locked in at 30 degrees, 60 degrees, 90 degrees, and 120 degrees, and 150 degrees. Note that the only tools that can be attached to the adjustable tube are the crevasse tool and the small wand. The adjustable tool extension will not accept any of the beater brushes or the long tube.
    It comes with a wall mount that will recharge the attached battery. It will also recharge a battery by itself, but you can not do both. Either the battery attached to the vacuum or a single extra battery (not included). The wall mount also works to hold some, but not all of the attachments.
    There is no time remaining counter but there are 3 battery lights on each side that gives you indication of how much charge you have remaining. On a single change I have vacuumed my house 2 times over and not gotten even close to being dead. The on/off and speeds (3) are controlled by a thumb push button, easy to reach and use. The vacuum creates 1 in Hg on low, 1.5 in Hg on medium and 7 in HG on high. The high setting is about equal to a normal inexpensive corded vacuum. Keep in mind that the beater brushes have NO air release valves in them. If you try to vacuum a tight carpet on high, the beater brush will stick to the carpet making it almost impossible to move. Because of this small oversight, most vacuuming will be done on medium. The beater brushes also lack the cutout for edge cleaning as well.
    I have 3 real complaints, the first one may be just my hand.
    1st. The handle is made for 3 fingers below a separator and then 1 more on top. This is the same as other brands. The 3 finger area is uncomfortable and leaves a mark on my fingers.
    2nd. As you can see in the pictures, it does not do well with fine dust. It clogs up really fast and needs to be cleaned with compressed air. It does absolutely fine with normal vacuuming.
    3rd. The container seems to be very thin plastic. If you drop this it will most likely crack and you’ll be using a vacuum with duck tape on it. Overall, all plastic parts seem to be thin.

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  2. explore42

    Samsung’s Jet 75 Cordless Stick Vacuum is a versatile and portable cordless vacuum. The battery life using the vacuum with an Action roller is about 20 minutes on MID and only 9 on Max. While the suction is no match for a corded vacuum it does an ok job picking up dust and debris on hard wood floors. Due to the short battery life on Max the vacuum is only good for quick pick-ups on carpeting. The vacuum only weighs 6 pounds but those pounds are fully supported by your hand grip. Some may find the Dustbin and filtering components difficult to to clean and use. (see photo)
    Pros: Versatile, easy to maneuver, well designed and solidly built, HEPA filtering, vacuum recharges in the wall mount and can also charge just the battery, Mid level suction is good enough for most jobs
    Cons: Short battery life on Max, Less convenient dustbin assembly, small rollers on the power brushes, no carpet height adjustment, cannot turn off rotating brush in the Action heads,
    Set up: The vacuum comes with a rather thick manual and it covers the basics like showing the various components, installing the wall mount, attaching the parts and maintaining the vacuum. All the components have a solid quick connect feature and are easily separated when needed. Samsung did a nice job designing these so that they are easy to use and solid in their build. You basically connect whatever components are needed to the main vacuum assembly and you are ready to go. The battery can be charged either in the vacuum or outside of the vacuum using the same charger assembly provided. This is helpful because if you pick up a second battery one can be charging in the charger while the other is being used in the vacuum.
    Operation: The vacuum has a small indicator display that shows the status of the vacuum as well as any error warning. If you press the Power button the display will show the suction level the vacuum is in. By pressing the plus or minus button you can switch vacuum levels from Min to Mid to Max. The battery has LEDs on the side to indicate the battery charge level. Most of the time we run the vacuum for our hard wood floor on Mid and the battery last about 20 minutes. The vacuum comes with three powered attachments; the Turbo Action Brush, the Soft Action Brush and the Mini Action Brush. Using any of these three brushes will lessen your vacuum time because they have spinning brushes to agitate the surface. The action heads have very small rollers which makes these heads less agile on carpeting and mixed surfaces (see photo). The action heads cannot be adjusted for carpet height nor can the rotating brush be turned off. All three action heads do have a simple unlock that allows the brush assembly to be removed from its housing for easy cleaning. The vacuum has a 5 layer HEPA filtration system so it does a good job in capturing the dirt and exhausting clean air. There are three filters in the vacuum so emptying the dustbin and the overall maintenance becomes a little more complicated. The dustbin has to be unsnapped and slid off the rails of the vacuum head, then the inner filtering system has to be twisted and removed from the dustbin so you can empty the dustbin. While not overly complicated it is certainly more problematic both in removing and reinserting the dustbin. There is not a simple trap door on the dustbin to empty it like some vacuums have. The vacuum exhaust vents are high on the vacuum, near the handle. (see photo) If you are doing any type of overhead vacuuming be prepared to get a strong breeze in your face.

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  3. SirGalahad

    The reasons why I got this guy are the following. 1. It is a wireless vacuum that weighs 6 lbs. and lasts for 60 minutes with good sucking power. 2. The dust filter traps 99.999% of dust and dirt and those filters are washable which means you don’t have to buy new filters for it. The instructions go through the proper process to ensure you don’t damage them that you should look at beforehand. 3. It’s like a little transformer and comes with multiple attachments which include a hardwood tile brush (for use on hardwood), tile and carpeting brush (for use on carpet), mini motorized tool brush (to suck up pet hair or similar on the couch, bed, etc), combination tool (window frames, tabletops, upholstery, fans), and long-reach crevice tool (in-between hard to reach places). 4. There is a bunch of other cool tech that makes this thing work like a dream. Seriously you can tell that the engineers spent a bunch of time refining little parts so everything is very intuitive, comfortable, sleek, and easy to use. I feel like I’m using a futuristic vacuum. So, let’s jump into more of the nitty gritty.
    The entire device is very lightweight as most of it is made from plastic. The handle itself is very comfortable and kind of molds to your hand. The display on the device is minimal but straightforward. It reports if there is a malfunction or error with your vacuum in red on the very top otherwise it is black, and you can’t tell there is a light there. Then you have four settings. Max for maximum suction, mid for medium suction, min for minimum suction, and wet if you buy the separately sold attachment which automatically switches when you place it on the vacuum. To navigate these modes, you have three buttons. A power on/off, a go down button, and a go up button. Attachments are super easy to attach or detach as they all go on the same exact way with reinforcement pieces going on the backside that you can verify are attached by hearing a click. To remove you simply press the lever that is at that junction and they come off. It does come with a wall mount/charger that you can attach to the wall, along with two attachments, and can hang the vacuum from to store and charge at the same time so it’s always ready for you. The entire device feels incredibly well put together and premium.
    So, it sounds fantastic right? But how does it perform? When I am in the process of vacuuming it is nice due to the weight but at the same time the base almost feels too light (which isn’t really a thing right?!) where I feel like I am lifting the roller off the ground preventing it from having the maximum sucking power. But that’s a ME problem and not a product problem. I found that I did have to roll over certain areas a few times for it to grab everything, but it would grab everything. Once again that could be because I’m trying to send it to the moon on accident, but I also think it’s due to the cordless nature. But for a cordless vacuum the sucking power is great. I have another top of the line corded vacuum from another popular brand that does better at suction power, but it is at least twice as heavy and far more cumbersome and comparing this to that is not a fair comparison. As there are certain trades you make when going cordless and one of those is slightly reduce suction power. But as I mentioned it is still great on this device. This would be perfect for spot cleaning, specific room cleaning, apartment cleaning, and perhaps a small home cleaning. If you have a medium/large house you may need to buy an additional battery. But if you are wanting to deep clean large carpeted areas I’d go with one that plugs into the wall to get that extra suction power.
    This thing is awesome between it being cordless, weighing 6 lbs., lasting for 60 minutes, wall charging/docking mount, washable dust filters, multiple attachments, ease of use, comfort, and performance I have nothing negative to say about the product except for that eye watering price.

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  4. Grouticus

    Samsung’s latest Jet 75cordless stick vacuum hits the mark on most downfalls of other vacuums in the saturated market. First off, I was aesthetically pleased with the look of the vacuum which, for most, is the last thing you might care about in a stick vacuum unless you have it mounted out in the open; we stashed ours on a wall in the laundry room. Out of the box, it was very easy to set up without much reliance on the instruction manual other than inquiring as to how long it would need to charge before the first use and how to clean and maintain it to maximize performance. I love the mount on the wall charging station versus a stand charge station because, for me, it takes up less space and is much sturdier. The wall mount also has clip in storage for a couple attachments.
    After set up and initial charge, which did take a few hours, I immediately noticed how balanced and lightweight it was in comparison to the other stick vacuums I have had in the past. Removing the clear cannister to empty the trash was a little bit tricky at first because I was used to other brands but, after reading the instructions to ensure I didn’t break anything, it was quite simple. I could also tell after the first use that it is also very well made and durable. One of the things I like most about the controls is that it is a push button format so you don’t have to pull a trigger to keep it running like other vacuums. The default suction setting on the device is the middle setting so you can toggle down or up which to me makes perfect since and is usually enough power to get most jobs done with the exception of perhaps lightweight, small rugs and dense carpet. The vacuum is quite powerful on the high setting and even at the high setting it is not as loud as the other stick vacuums I have used. We are able to use the vacuum throughout our 3500 square foot house without needing to charge or replace the battery and toggling effortlessly between all three settings depending on the floor type.
    The Jet 75 comes with several attachments including one for tight spaces and one with a brush on the end which works great for our vehicles and boats to get the crumbs out. My favorite feature and attachment of the Jet 75 is the hard floor cleaning attachment which is unlike anything I have ever seen or used as I’ve always been used to the spinning brush attachments. The hard floor attachment is a dense brush type fabric, think similar to a soft paint roller, that works wonders on our waterproof laminate flooring which is throughout our entire house; it literally leaves nothing behind. I also love that they included two types of spinning brush attachments so you can switch to use on area rugs, carpet, etc. You can also buy an optional dual spinning wet floor mop style cleaner attachment and back up batteries that are easy to change out, similar to a power tool, if you have a need for a longer running vacuum or in the event you need to replace it eventually. Overall, this has been my favorite vacuum to use for all our needs compared to the ones we have used in the past and would recommend it to anyone in the market for a powerful cordless stick vacuum with optional equipment.

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  5. NAMO

    3 Power Levels
    Diagnostic Indicators
    99.999% Filtration
    Outstanding Battery Runtime
    Long story short, the Samsung Jet 75 is an excellent stick vacuum with an impressive runtime of up to 60 minutes.
    The Jet 75 includes a good number of accessories. I have stick vacuums from Samsung’s primary competitor and this vacuum includes more options than a similarly priced competitor’s model. Included with the kit are: Mini Motorized Tool, Crevice Tool, Brush Tool, Turbo Floor Tool, Soft Motorized Floor Tool, Flexible Extension Hose, and a Wall Mount. All the accessories have a nice, premium feel and are easily interchanged, that latch and click solidly into place.
    At 6 pounds, the vacuum can be used for extended periods of time without feeling overly heavy or burdensome at the end of sweeping. One of the best features of the vacuum and its attachments are that the turbo brush heads can rotate up to 180 degrees. This easily allows the brush head to go under furniture for easy cleaning. A VERY NICE FEATURE. The vacuum has an on/off button that controls the cleaning modes and power of the unit. Low, Medium, High, and Wet. It must be noted that the Jet 75 does not include the accessories to utilize the Wet cleaning mode of the vacuum, as Samsung claims, per their website, this accessory is only available on the Jet 90.
    I had never given it any thought about not having a trigger to turn the vacuum on and off. This is the first vacuum without a trigger. I must admit, now that I don’t have a trigger for control, I like it better than I thought. The ability to change the power level with just a button click and not having to hold down the trigger is a welcome change. I don’t think I would want to go back.
    Samsung claims up to 60 minutes of runtime out of a fully charged battery (recharging can take up to 3.5 hours). While I originally thought that was just a marketing claim, I can say that goal is not out of reach. A majority of my home is hardwood. I can vacuum all my hardwood and tile floors, using the Medium power setting and the soft, motorized turbo brush and still have 2 out of 3 bars remaining on the battery. I have more than enough power left to vacuum the remaining carpeted rooms with the Turbo Motorized Brush without needing to charge between. Very Impressive. This is something I cannot get anywhere close to with my current competitor’s stick vacuum.
    While I have no issues using the vacuum, taller members of my family seem to feel the vacuum could be a little longer / taller. Family members over 6 feet seem to think they need to bend over more than competitor’s products to keep the brush heads in the proper contact with the floor. However, those of us not more 6 feet tall, don’t seem to have any of those issues. So, to be fair to Samsung, it could just be a user issue.
    While I really like the soft, motorized brush head for my hardwoods and tile floors, I feel that it has some issues sucking up debris on the backward sweeping stroke. Using the soft brush head on the medium power setting, the motorized tool seems to do a better job at removing dirt and debris from the hardwoods on the forward cleaning stroke than when pulling it back toward me while sweeping. Again, to be fair, this could possibly be remedied by using the High-power setting. But that would prevent me from being able to clean an entire story on a single charge. I must point out, that this tool has ZERO issues getting that dirt and debris on the forward stroke. So, I believe it to be a function of rotation of the roller and the way it covers my hand scraped hardwoods.
    I like this vacuum. It is considerably quieter than its competitor and delivers an impressive amount of runtime off a single charge. The vacuum does good job on hardwood, tile, and even carpet. The Motorized Turbo Brush will pick the carpet’s nap back up just a good as my full-size electric vacuum. Based on the included accessories, the multiple power levels that increase usable time, and good overall build quality, I have no issues recommending this over Samsung’s competitors.

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  6. Dan0Sterling

    Vacuuming with a light weight, battery-powered Samsung jet 75 stick vacuum is almost joyful. I’d gotten it for the convenience and for cleaning stairs. Surprisingly, I now expect it to be my main vacuum around the house.
    The unit comes with multiple power heads designed for either hard floors or carpets. While the turbo brush can be used on hardwood floors, and has a tendency to push pieces of dirt around. The roller brush by comparison sweeps them into the suction while keeping itself relatively clean. This unit does not come with a floor washing attachment. The stick will support it as a separate add-on purchased from Samsung.
    Battery powered vacuums are an inherent compromise between suction power and time of use. Samsung gives users that choice by allowing multiple different power levels. On the medium level, which turns on by default, the battery will last 20 to 30 minutes. On high level, the battery winds down in as little as 15 minutes. In both cases, you’ll have to wait four hours for it to recharge. An extra battery is available from Samsung’s web site, but it will set you back ~$150. Given that similar capacity Li-ion batteries for power tools run between $30 – $70, this seems excessive. I’d worry a little bit about long term viability as batteries tend to lose their capacity over time. I have to take off a star based on the price at this time and the impact on long term value.
    Medium power is used by default and is sufficient to “sweep” hard surfaces. I used it to pick up small and midsized particles on wood, tile, and linoleum. We have two cats who tend to eat sloppily. They also track their little a little further from the box than I’d prefer. Using the roller brush on medium power was exactly what was needed to keep the space around their food dish and around their litter boxes clean.
    High power was needed to give a deeper cleaning on rugs. On high power, the vacuum picked up as well as my corded stick vacuum was working. I could move faster around the room as I didn’t have to worry about where the cord was. I could also clean stairs quickly and easily. While the charge doesn’t last long, it was long enough to get through 2 rooms and stairs or 3 rooms and the hall. Otherwise, there’s ways to make it work. I did have a slight issue with long hair getting wrapped around the roller. However, that is standard with most vacuums. High power was needed to get all hair from the stick into the dirt chamber.
    If you can get past the high price, you will not be disappointed.

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  7. Matt

    This vacuum is great. I’ve only used it 3 times so far but its performed quite well. I was able to vacuum my heavily carpeted 1000 sq.ft apt without any issues or the battery dying. Its definitely not going to replace a powerful corded vacuum but it still does well for being a cordless. Its lightweight and an absolute breeze to maneuver. The only issue I dislike is emptying the dust bin is a fairly clumsy process compared to the competition like Dyson or LG. Its also so quiet you could vacuum at night…if you really wanted to.

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  8. Timothy

    After a few weeks of searching for a new vacuum to help keep the house tidy with a cordless product as my outlets are baby proofed, I decided on the Samsung Jet 75. I really like the look and quality of this vacuum, but the final decision making factor was the ability to get the Clean Station to work in conjunction with the vacuum . The Clean Station add-on allows you to empty the canister into a bag without dust a debris flying all over the place. Why not just get a bag vacuum? Well I actually enjoy watching the dust and debris flying around the clear canister, there is something satisfying about that. The combination of the Jet 75 and Clean Station ($199) achieves the advantages of a bag vacuum, while allowing you to see what you are actually picking up.
    The vacuum is relatively light and powerful, especially on max and includes a variety of attachments including the hardwood floor brush which doesn’t snowplow larger items like cheerios. Having a toddler made this feature a necessity. The attachment made for carpet and hardwood floors will snow plow so I mainly use the larger more exposed roller as my main attachment.
    The battery does drain quickly on max mode lasting somewhere near 9 minutes or so depending on which attachment you are using, so I did order an extra battery which costs $149. In the medium and low modes the battery will last much longer.
    I watched several videos of other vacuums and one thing about the competition’s model I didn’t like was how cumbersome it was to change speed settings, you would have to hold down the speed adjustment for 4 seconds, however on the Samsung Jet 75 model, it’s simple to change speeds just one button push up or down which helps when you need extra power to clean up a tricky area and then switch back easily to a lower power mode to conserve battery life.
    I do wish this vacuum had a light on the attachments, but that wasn’t a deal breaker for me, and through research I knew about that in advance. Also the price is up there, but it was on sale for $399 which is $100 off the normal price, which Best Buy honored for me even when the price dropped after I made the purchase.
    I would highly recommend this vacuum for hardwood floors, quick pick ups and dusting (Around the baseboards it does a fantastic job). It does work on carpet and rugs as well, but that wasn’t the main reason I purchased this.

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    Samsung – Jet™ 75 Complete Cordless Stick Vacuum with Long-Lasting Battery – ChroMetal with Teal Silver Filter
    Samsung – Jet™ 75 Complete Cordless Stick Vacuum with Long-Lasting Battery – ChroMetal with Teal Silver Filter

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