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Vivere C8SPCT-34 Hammock, Blue Lagoon


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  • Includes a Vivere double 100% cotton bed hammock with superior long lasting polyester end strings and 8′ solid pine stand
  • Ideal for your patio, deck or balcony
  • Easily adjustable hammock hooks allow you to decide how low or high you want to lay
  • Accommodates two adults, 450-pound capacity
  • Made with fsc-certified lumber

Specification: Vivere C8SPCT-34 Hammock, Blue Lagoon

Product Dimensions

102 x 47 x 41 inches

Item Weight

45.2 pounds



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13 reviews for Vivere C8SPCT-34 Hammock, Blue Lagoon

3.2 out of 5
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  1. Keisa S

    I’m having a very hard time getting a spot or even some time by myself in my new hammock. Every time I turn around someone else from my family is in there. I feel horrible to chase them out of it when they look so peaceful and contented. I need a second one. Just for me. Even the birds are taking over my hammock in the backyard. For crying out loud! I liked the wooden finish of the base. It’s classy and strong. This item would fit perfectly in any environment. An office, inside your house. Outside your house. At the cottage. Just great. Even though the base is sturdy I can still pull it along if I need to shift out of the sun. Many reviews said the assembly would be tedious. But surprisingly for us it was very easy to assemble. We can even switch the legs over to have it rock when we take it inside. It’s a very good buy and a lovely conversation piece when we have visitors. I love it so much. If only I could get inside it before everybody else.

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  2. aw

    In sum: way too expensive for the quality of the product. The fabric hammock itself is nice. But I couls buy it for $50 seperately. The wooden stand is made of NONpressuretreated wood that is not fully properly kiln dried and subject to splitting, cracking and well.. just not good. The bolts are not stainless steel.. for the price I would have expected steel bolts.

    I bought this late winter to use on our covered deck this summer. We had it on the deck for just over three months. It was subjected to humidity in the air and occasional rain splash. We enjoyed using the hammock, it is very comfortable and it looks nice but the quality just isnt there . It really cant and shouldnt be used as outdoor furniture, and its way too large to lug inside and out because it does not fit through a normal door frame. Bolts rusted, see pics. Next year will be worse. Parts of the wood on the base are severely cracked. Hopefully we will get two summers out of it.

    Takes about an hour to put together and take apart, with one person, using the cheap manual tools supplied. It would be much faster using a power tool, obviously. All in all, I recommend you skip this hammock. Just buy a metal stand, its much cheaper and will last way longer. Ive been stuck without work, so having spent the money on this to enjoy during the summer is even more of a hit; thought I bought something nice for us but feel like I wasted my money.

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  3. PrimeLover

    I love it! It’s elegant enough for indoor use, which is how I chose to use it. It was also very easy to put together, and I hardly have the patience to put any furniture together anymore. Highly recommended.

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  4. Sina Eizad

    This is an amazing hammock! Very comfortable and it fits me and my girlfriend very comfortably. Perfect for cuddling and taking a nap under the sun. It feels very sturdy and well built. Also visually it looks great.

    At our parties it always gets a lot of attention.

    The packaging was very compact. And when assembled it does not take more space than it really needs to. So in comparison it is shorter than some of the other hammocks you see, but it fits me perfectly. I’m 6′ 1″.

    I also really like the fact that it does not make any sounds when you lay on it or swing.

    Definitely recommend

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  5. Shannon ❤️ Chloè

    I bought this lovely hammock for my daughter. The box was in great condition when it arrived. We carefully unboxed it only to find that there was a piece of wood chip off one of the footings & it posses a potential danger for splintering. There is a dramatic difference in the color where the chip is located so it’s quite noticeable. Also, one of the screws provided for assembly broke off & there is no possible way to tighten the screw for safety/stability. Really sad bc I saved up for this gift & was so excited to surprise her with it as she had been wanting one for several years. In addition to the broken screw head & chipped wood on a foot on the base we cannot disassemble it in order to return it/ship & swap it & there is no way to contact the company via Amazon to resolve these problems. So very disappointed.

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  6. Emily Sorensen

    This hammock is beautiful and appears well constructed. I was surprised at how sturdy it was for the design, I wouldnt feel comfortable swinging in it at all, but I had no reservations about laying in it and relying on it not to break and dump me on the ground. I was able to assemble it by myself, it would have been quicker with two people, but definitely not necessary. Putting it together was a bit of trial and error, as the instructions do give you the basics, but none of the detail to put it together properly the first time. My advice is to pay attention to the details and think about the rest of the build before setting anything in place in order to avoid doing it over because a part should have been flipped the other direction. Overall, I am very satisfied with the product thus far – the asthetics are charming, it is sturdy enough for my purposes, and its very comfortable.

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  7. Amazon Customer

    Great paper instructions and I also watched the video on YouTube which was super helpful. Took about 15 minutes to put together. Both the hammock and stand seem to be good quality. My only complaint is that if you want a hammock that swings – this is not the one. The way the ropes pull over the ends of the frame prevent a swinging motion. Other than that, I love it.

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  8. GG

    I have had my hammock for 1 month and the wood is cracking everywhere! I imagine it was going to show signs of wear and tear within a year or two but after a month, I’m outraged and horrified to have basically wasted over $200. At this stage i’m waiting for the frame to completely crack and when it happens I hope nobody will get hurt … I hope the company will contact me to replace the item ASAP, as I hope I just got the badly treated wooden frame.

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  9. Lildear

    I put this together by myself…no small feet since I am 5’1. The hammock itself stretches a bit so I moved it to a lower notch. Love to snuggle with my pup and rock while listening to headphones. It’s also great for kid sleepovers….oh did I mention I put it up inside my house? I use a sleeping bag sheet and camping pillows with a throw. Very nice for the price! Yes, I did put the feet on upside down so that I could rock it back and forth with my feet against the hearth 🙂

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  10. Sean Rys

    Pros: Well-designed product. We bought this for indoor use and the curved lines of the wood makes it an attractive centerpiece. The compact design does not take up as much space as other hammock stands I’ve seen for sale. The wood feels robust and sturdy. Unlike other reviewers, I found it easy to assemble (once I had all the parts). The company has very responsive Customer Service and quickly sent out necessary replacement parts.

    Cons: The package I received was missing multiple parts, including one of the main Y-shaped pieces at the top. The bottom support beams that I received were mistakenly countersunk on the bottom, making it necessary to purchase a new set of bolts and nuts from my local Home Depot to get the correct fit. An easy enough fix, but more time and money spent. As for the hammock itself, I can’t imagine it holding up over time. The fabric body is thin and the support ropes appear very cheap. Given the friction points caused by the unique design of this stand, I would have liked to see more thought given to the materials of the hammock.

    Conclusion: I recommend the hammock stand itself. I love the design and affordable price of the product. YMMV with respect to the out-of-the-box ease of assembly. If you are brand new to hammocks, the one that comes with this stand may suit your needs just fine. However, if you’ve owned well-made hammocks at other times in your life, you may be disappointed with the quality here. Personally, I plan to replace the hammock I received with one of the others I already own.

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    While I didn’t find this to be very easy to build, mostly because I didn’t find the instructions very clear on the details, which DO matter I still think this is a great value. Looks nice, sturdy, for the price I’m very happy. Could I have bought a better one? Yes. Would I have had to spend disproportionally more? Yes.

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  12. Asha Thykootathil

    I have not given any stars on any of the cruteria because : One of the 2 anchor hooks that the fabric hangs on belongs to anonther piece of furniture. I have to go looking for a matching hook to be able to sling the fabric on before I can say anything about it. SO DISSAPOINTED !!! The fact that this is assembled at home + the $$$ price tag, the least I expect for a purchase liki this to have ALL the RIGHT parts included. I am not going to elaborate on the THICK STICKY RESIN spashed randomly on the wooden parts of the hammock.

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  13. Amazon Customer

    The end on one of the WOODEN PILLAR holding the net came CRACKED.

    It doesn’t look that big, but at 170 pounds, the part is cracking so much I can’t put my full weight on the hamac. The mark is also growing everytime I sit on it, so it’s not a superficial break.

    Will try to exchange. Seller should obviously check the woodden parts before shipping. Details to follow.

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    Vivere C8SPCT-34 Hammock, Blue Lagoon
    Vivere C8SPCT-34 Hammock, Blue Lagoon
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