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Cuisinart Citrus Juicer with Carafe


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Last updated on March 26, 2024 12:40 am Details
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  • 24-oz. Easy-Pour Glass Carafe with lid
  • Adjustable reamer with 3 pulp control settings—low, medium, high
  • Auto-reversing, universal juicer cone for more efficient juicing
  • Cover activates Final-Spin feature and protects against dust in storage
  • Final-Spin feature extracts more juice from pulp

Specification: Cuisinart Citrus Juicer with Carafe

Product Dimensions

6.89 x 8.19 x 12.32 inches

Item Weight

4.51 pounds



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Date First Available

February 5, 2020

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13 reviews for Cuisinart Citrus Juicer with Carafe

3.5 out of 5
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  1. Aunt Jeanie

    I decided to purchase this after watching the video even though it wasn’t in stock for a couple weeks. What sold me was the reverse feature and the carafe even though it was more expensive that the other Cuisinart juicer. Extracts the maximum amount of juice, is easy to clean, some pulp does get lodged in the slots but a quick brush takes care of that. You do have to apply some pressure on the fruit and press straight down. It will stop if you press to much to the side but it didn’t seem to harm the unit and the user. I just don’t have the hand strength anymore to use those hand squeeze things for any major juicing and I have 3 of them in different sizes. It worked well on lemons and oranges but haven’t used on limes yet. Makes some noise as you would expect but is not excessive. I am perfectly satisfied with it to do what I need it to do. I doubt you would want to use it for any really big juicing jobs, but should be adequate for home use. I would recommend.

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  2. Ed

    That’s it two lemons then just stopped working also saw black pieces of plastic in glass bowl
    Stay away!!!

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  3. maria mayerstein

    Me encanta, soy fan de cuisinart, la jarra que te puedes llevar a la mesa me derrite. Fuera de eso no hay nada extraordinario en comparación con un cualquier juguera eléctrica desde mi punto de vista. Si te gusta cómprala, pero el precio no obedece a que haga algo en especial!

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  4. Huguette

    Fonctionne parfaitement. Le plastique de la partie rotative retient un peu trop de pulpe et devient plus difficile à nettoyer. Mais dans l’ensemble le rapport qualité prix est bon.

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  5. Gavin M.

    I love Cuisinart products but this item is a big disappointment in that it feels very flimsy. It does juice but it is slow and when you press the orange down there is a discernible drop in the revolutions and the cone wobbles as it turns with a why, why, sound. I didn’t think it would last. Cuisinart used to have a juicer/reamer that fit on their blenders and it was great. Fast, solid and dependable for years. I returned this one to Amazon.

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  6. Annie Fultz

    The parts rattled when in operation. The glass container didn’t properly fit.

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  7. Rolly

    Because of this, I make fresh orange juice all the time. It doesn’t get out all the pulp as I would have loved to which adds an extra step for me but it looks & functions great!

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  8. Amazon Customer

    This juicer has been great. It is easy to use. With other juicers I have owned there was a messy problem with drips. The carafe eliminates any drip problems. I am able to fill the carafe without emptying the strainer basket. The close of switch completely stops drips while I empty the carafe. My 6 and 8 year old grandchildren were able to independently quickly juice a ½ gal of orange juice without making a mess. Best juicer I have ever owned. It is not supper fast but the fast juicers I have owned have been much messier. For home use this is the best.

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  9. Irene

    Es pequeño pero funcional, no tiene mucha finalidad pero para las cantidades que hago y lo ocupo no necesito más. Fácil de limpiar, el colador permite regular la filtración de pulpa. Exprime muy muy bien, no queda nada de juguito en la fruta 😁. Muy recomendado para uso personal

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  10. Nataly

    Facil de usar, excelente exprimidor extrae todo el zumo de las naranjas. Excelente diseño.
    Cuisinart es una marca muy elegante y de excelente calidad. También tengo los cuchillos de la marca y me fascinan.

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  11. TheFresh1

    I really like this thing, but I was cleaning the glass carafe and the top part of the glass just broke off because I put too much pressure on it. I wouldn’t mind much if I could buy another for relatively cheap, but I can’t seem to find any that are the same. I still will likely end up buying another because it is a very convenient machine, but I just wish I didn’t have to buy the whole thing again to replace the glass carafe.

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  12. kHouser

    In reality, making orange juice can be a sticky mess. My husband and I used to own a very small citrus grove. We sold oranges, grapefruit, limes, and lemons. We were always making juice for ourselves and others, so there was always a juicer in our house of one form or another. Burned out one or two as well. For us it’s about the shape of the cone and the design of the ridges. We no longer own the grove or a juicer, so when our neighbor gave us a whole lot of oranges, I found this one based on the brand. Most of my small appliances are Cuisinart–maybe just my mixer is a MixMaster.
    This juicer made well over a gallon and a half of juice without a hiccup. I dumped the strainer three times because I dialed back the pulp content. For these particular oranges, it took about 12 to fill the glass pitcher up to the metal band. I transferred the juice into a bigger pitcher to store in the refrigerator. A bag of oranges from the store would easily fit in the glass pitcher stored in the refrigerator until next time.
    The cone does a great job of scraping the juice out without destroying the peel and making the juice bitter. The holes in the strainer are small enough regardless of the setting–no seeds will get in your juice. You also won’t get any of the skins from the segments. Just the tasty part of the pulp.
    If you rinse the parts off right away, clean up is super easy. No small crevices or hiding places for orange pieces or cracks the juice can settle and make sticky. The on/off drip catcher is a plus for when you’re ready to remove the pitcher. It helps avoid a sticky mess on the platform. It has a small footprint and matches the rest of my black and stainless appliances, so I keep it out on the counter, but it’s not tall so it will easily fit in a cabinet.
    The only negative so far is the clear plastic cap wouldn’t stay on the top because the plastic tray was slightly out of round from the packaging/shipping experience. However, now that it’s been out of the box for a little while it fits and stays on fine.

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  13. howard cee

    This product is about the same as its earlier version but for the “centrifuge” function which serves little purpose. The other major difference is that the juice flows down into a carafe instead of having to be poured from a collection container. But now there are more parts that need to be cleaned after use, which requires more time and effort.

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    Cuisinart Citrus Juicer with Carafe
    Cuisinart Citrus Juicer with Carafe
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