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Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide , Blue/Green


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  • 5-foot long slide sized especially for young kids
  • Gentle slope and easy-to-climb steps
  • Wide base and locking support arm provide extra stability
  • Set-up is quick and easy. Made in USA
  • Maximum number of kids on slide: 1. Maximum weight limit: up to 50 Pounds
  • Assembly Required – Yes

Specification: Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide , Blue/Green

Product Dimensions

38 x 38 x 66 inches

Item Weight

25.6 pounds

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Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses. For APO/FPO shipments, please check with the manufacturer regarding warranty and support issues.

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Release date

January 11, 2013


MGA Entertainment

Photos: Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide , Blue/Green

9 reviews for Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide , Blue/Green

3.7 out of 5
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  1. Michelle Wightman

    (2-4-2016) To Little Tikes Corp & Customers:
    My wonderful 2 1/2year old LOVES SLIDES, we spent majority of last summer; I’m talking about 6-8hour days, 3-4 days a week; at the best community park here in SE Fort Wayne Indiana. My Nycelina would spend about 10% of her valuable time weating and snacking, 5% resting her little body by my side (including poddy breaks), and 85% of her time on the multiple variety of slides available…once she discovered playground slides it was all over with … Indoors, she would place pillows or use her mattress to slang from the couch to the floor… And she would do her best sliding down on her makeshift slide… Since Christmas I have been searching for a toddler slide that could be indoors or outdoors…from step 2 to alpine ridge, American plastic as well as YOURS TRULY: Little Tikes. I knew adventually I would “bite the bullet” and pay the outrageous price of 50$-200$ on a slide for my Nycelina. However I was not expecting to do it so soon! When I saw my daughter sliding her cinnioman toast crunch cereal pieces down slides on the back of the box …I knew the time to purchase was now. However, $100.00 or more is hard for anyone in the lower middle class, single motherville, to spend on a single slide, I mean the 9-5 job barely covers buying a luxury is “priceless” to us….

    WITH THAT SAID!!!! FELLOW PURCHASERS…THIS SLIDE IS WORTH EVERY DIME SPENT AND THEN SOME! The plastic is durable and so far has been able to endure the wrath of an energetic toddler PLUS her three ROUGH HOUSING BOY COUSINS! The slide itself was not difficult to put together once I read the directions (and had a man to help me; little me couldn’t hack it)…and I truly believe if my daughter could sleep on it she would! Non stop fun for my daughter, her stuffed animals and her cousins..OKAY I ADMIT IT, MYSELF INCLUDED.. (Product weigh limit is 75lbs; I am a little less than 120lbs)… I had to make sure it was safe, other involved energetic mommies will understand ;)…
    The SLIDES SLOPE is wonderful for an indoor/outdoor piece …. My daughter is 32 inches in length and I would not suggest paying for a smaller slide for a toddlers first slide in general… TODDLERS GROW SO FAST..SO WHY SPEND AROUND $60+tax/shipping for a FIRST TODDLER SLIDE YOU WILL PROBABLY HAVE TO REPLACE IN A YEAR DUE TO YOUR CHILD OUTGROWING IT? That was my first thought when I looked at the smaller version of the slide … Now that it’s all said and done with, I am glad I rationalize this in my mind and bought what I consider to be the wiser choice of the toddler slides now that is all said and done with…… She would not have as much fun sliding down a slide that was less than a foot to the ground once she sat on it… The bigger slide offers my daughter so much more joy and thrills not to mention the slide offers my toddler room to grow and still enjoy the slide for months and months to come …. COMPLETELY WORTH THE EXTRA 30-40$…

    Little Tikes was the brand that I went with because of the durable plastic that their product is made of. And most of all, the fact that it is not an Overwhelming Big and Bulky product for the indoors!…. It actually fits quite nice in our small/moderate home without looking tacky. I RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT FOR CUSTOMERS WITH 1-3 YOUNGER CHILDREN… Please Note that between my sister and myself, we buy multiple brands and multiple toys for our children to have at home and at the grandparents homes…combine us and you have an entire toys r us for our total of 4 children…ages 2, 2 1/2, 4, and 6.. One girl (my baby) and her three boys!! Both genders LOVE THIS SLIDE AND HAVE HOURS AND HOURS OF FUN… BOTH SUPERVISED AND MODERATE SUPERVISION (not hovering)….

    This toddler slide has Wide Steps and Easy Grip Plastic to stop themselves from going to fast if they wish as well as the ability to be climbing up the steps to the platform to sit on with ease…This Specific Little Tikes Product Absolutely Exceeded My Expectations…. LASTLY TO AMAZON.COM, Thank you so much for FREE SHIPPING, FAST SERVICES AND DELIVERY!! Your company is always wonderful though 🙂

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  2. stardust1809

    Bought this for my 4-year-old after he outgrew the smaller version of this. I set it up by myself with the help of a YouTube video. It wasn’t easy but it was doable. Alas, he doesn’t play with it as much as I thought he would. It’s sturdy enough for me to go down it (also super painful, do not recommend).

    I’m sure the slide will be used more if he had someone else to play with on it.

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  3. Dani

    I don’t often write reviews but I felt like I had to write one on this slide. I’m going to start off by saying that my kids LOVE this slide. We live where it’s cold and it’s easily the best parent sanity saver for parents of littles in the winter. I was actually impressed with the height. I always thought those small first toddler slides were kind of useless but this thing is fun.

    However the assembly was ridiculous. I have assembled cozy coupes, metal swing sets, kidkraft kitchens, you name it. I have never seen so many assembly problems in a 12 step assembly process. Apparently some are defective. Mine was/is defective. Slamming the stairs into base required a mallet, our couch, multiple threats to call little tikes, and a jumping 3 and a half year old. But it worked and my kids immediately went to town as soon as i was done putting it together.

    Truthfully I wouldn’t recommend this slide to someone who isn’t able to handle assembly issues or do returns. I’m not the only one who has gotten a defective slide so it’s kind of a roulette if you will get one or not. Step 2 also makes a large slide that is ready out of the box and I wish I would have just spent the extra $20 and gone that way. The kids would still have had a slide and I would have saved my self a serious headache.

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  4. BDS

    Assembly by myself was fairly easy, except for one aggravating step, which was getting the ladder to fit snug in the base. Once assembled, the slide is very sturdy.

    Most important Pros:
    –The steps are easy for a toddler to climb, thanks to the built-in handrail/extended sides. My son has never fallen while climbing up, even though he’s always in a rush to get back up those steps.
    –Perfect size for a 2-3 year old. Big enough to feel adventurous, yet small enough to feel comfortable that even if he did misstep and fall off, he wouldn’t be too bad off when landing.

    –????, no cons I can think of, which is a rarity for me…
    –However, I will note as a WARNING to others, that yesterday when leaning down to pick up a football that rolled under the slide, I noticed a wasp’s nest tucked up underneath the 2nd step from the top, by where the arm hooks to the steps (picture included). It’s a perfect place for the wasps, but thankfully an easy place to spray. My 2-year old had been playing on the slide minutes earlier, thankfully temps were just cool enough to keep the wasps lethargic.
    (That’s the reason I am posting this review. Hopefully someone will read this and check and find a nest under their steps, and if it prevents one toddler from being stung, then it was worth my time!!)

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  5. James

    Unfortunately I was unable to initially assemble due to the blue portion of the slide not having pre-drilled holes for the small pegs and having misaligned holes for the larger pegs. I was able to drill a hole for the small pegs where the support arm attaches but not unable to drill holes for the large pegs without some sort of template. For your child’s safety it is critical the holes for the large pegs be precisely located!

    You are probably thinking why would you drill into a kids plastic slide? Firstly because I can and have the right tools and many years of assembly experience. Secondly the holes for the small pegs had dimples in the plastic where the holes were supposed to be so it was eazy peazy for me to line up and drill the hole. Thirdly, we are talking a large slide in a massive box which is not exactly convenient to put a stamp on and return to sender.

    Would I recommend others manipulate the toy? Not really! If your drill bit is to large or you misalign your holes you could damage the toy even further and risk any warranty or potential refund or worse yet you could make it unsafe for your child to use. Call Little Tikes Customer Service if the holes are not drilled or do not line up.

    *Update* I did reach out to Little Tikes Customer Service with photos and a description of the problem and they have taken care of it accordingly.

    Also note that assembly can be tricky as well. You would think 4 plastic pieces would simply fit together but attaching the base to the bottom of the steps was not real easy and took some grunting and groaning before finally connecting.

    After all the product and assembly issues were addressed the grandkids now have a great little slide!

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  6. Mark

    Alright, so a lot of people claim this is impossible to assemble. Although I wouldn’t say attaching the stairs to the base was an easy task, it’s a lot less complicated if you read the damn directions.

    Angle the stairs on to the base, line it up, stand it upright, and step on it to push it in. After that, slam it into the ground to set it into place. There’s literally a diagram of a woman doing just that. People are just dumb.

    Although that part was kind of annoying, it wasn’t nearly as annoying as the fact it was missing some of the hardware. It’s supposed to come with 4 pins. 2 to attach the slide to the stairs, and 2 to attach the arm piece.

    Both of these sets of pins are very important. The slide won’t stand without them. For god knows what reason, mine only came with 2 pins. That’s total BS and inexcusable, and the reason for the low review.

    Now, because I’m not worthless and didn’t want my 2 year old to not be able to enjoy her birthday gift, I went to Home Depot and bought 2 1/4 inch bolts 5.5 inches in length. Problem solved.

    Overall, it’s an awesome slide for my 2 year old to enjoy, but the quality control from Little Tykes was inexcusably bad

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  7. Michelle

    Perfect exactly what I was looking for for almost a year they’ve been sold out so I’m glad I got this one!

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  8. Taylor

    Hubby and I put together in less than 10mins. I need need his strength to get the base into place. Very solid. Arrived in great condition and id highly recommend! Using indoors until the spring. No heat needed as others mentioned in their reviews, simple to slide the metal holders into place and away we play!

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  9. Marko Stavric

    While my kid is enjoying it, I’m not sure I can recommend it to others. I read some reviews that it was easy to put together. I had the opposite experience. The base took a lot of effort to click in, but the worst was there were no pre-drilled holes, even though the instructions clearly show them in the drawings. I used a drill to put in holes for the large pins, but it was difficult to get them perfectly lined up for the large pins. I don’t know if this is a common defect. If the item wasn’t so large and if it didn’t take so much effort to put together, it likely would have been on its way back as a return. If you are going to buy it, check for pre-drilled holes before you start putting it together and made the decision at that time.

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    Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide , Blue/Green
    Little Tikes Easy Store Large Slide , Blue/Green
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