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KitchenAid – Cordless 7 Speed Hand Mixer – Passion Red


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Photos: KitchenAid – Cordless 7 Speed Hand Mixer – Passion Red

8 reviews for KitchenAid – Cordless 7 Speed Hand Mixer – Passion Red

4.9 out of 5
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  1. SimpleLiving

    This hand mixer is exceptional! I’m not a big fan of cord/wireless technology, as it is sometimes difficult to handle or understand. This device, however, was so easy to use! I put it to charge, and it took about 2 hours for it to charge fully. After hand-washing the accessories, the mixer was ready to use. It is very powerful, and the battery lasts long! The box says it can make up to 200 cookies on a full charge! The Speed Controller slides smoothly, which makes changing the speed easy.
    On the other hand, ejecting the beaters did require some force. The machine is not so heavy, considering the battery it carries. However, mixing for a long time will get tiresome. I like how the mixer is not excessively noisy and how it stands on its own, making it easy to store and move. Overall, I am really satisfied with this mixer! I’m excited to continue using it to make frostings, cookies, cakes, and whipped coffee!

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  2. Danno

    This KitchenAid mixer is super clean, sleek and modern looking. It has a great feel and the battery charge is impressive. Out of the box, it doesn’t take long to charge and it claims you can make 200 cookies on a single charge! I’m not near that amount, but I have used over 10 times and so far the charge has been consistent and strong.
    It’s a cordless mixer meaning it’s battery operated (duh!). This makes it super convenient to take it to any part of my kitchen knowing I’m not limited by where my plugs are. I’m able to designate a consistent mixing area and stick with it. No more back and forth between stations and plugs. I can set multiple mixing bowls out knowing I just pick up the device and can mix anywhere.
    The mixing blades are dishwasher safe and sturdy. They’re small enough so hand washing isn’t a hassle, but it’s nice to know the dishwasher won’t ruin them either. The mixer itself is lightweight and feels great in my hand. It’s very easy and smooth to transition between the settings (faster or slower) by flick of the thumb. The faster vibrating settings so far haven’t hurt my hand or been too fast that it’s felt like I’ll lose the grip. The button to release the mixing wands is large enough that you can easily see it, yet not get in the way.
    Great Charge
    Sturdy Feel in hand
    Mixer release button
    Smooth transition between settings
    Creates silky brownie mix!!
    Quick mixer
    Cons:Like any mixer, tough to mix everything.
    I absolutely love this device. I’ve already used it over 10 times and find excuses to use it more in my kitchen. I’ve made anything from brownies, cookies and fudge. I’ve used it mostly for brownies (since coronavirus) and it makes the most super silky chocolate mix ever. I’ve been able to create the fluffiest brownies and chewiest cookies using this. Sure it’s my recipe, but also the device. The cordless factor is huge. Such a win!
    The one drawback is that I have to really position it to mix every part of the batter in my bowl. I’m not removing a star for this because after using it several times, I’ve been able to angle the mixer to fully get everything. I highly highly recommend this product.

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  3. RedScorpion

    The KitchenAid Wireless 7-Speed Hand Mixer is a gold standard for hand mixers. I should disclose that I received the mixer for purposes of producing an unbiased review. The following are my real thoughts after using the mixer over the last few days.

    The mixer has a great feel to it. Compared to a wired hand mixer we had been using before, this wireless mixer feels about the same. The addition of a battery did not increase the weight enough for me to notice.
    Having seven speeds is a boost over many hand mixers. Whether you are whipping eggs or stirring thicker mixes, the range of speeds is a great benefit. In addition, KitchenAid have added a Soft Start feature to keep ingredients from spattering.

    My favorite feature is just the ability to easily stand the mixer up after I am done mixing. The ability to stand the mixer also makes it easier for storage.
    I cannot understate how nice it is to not have a cord get in the way while using the mixer. Being cords free is truly a freeing experience in the kitchen as I no longer worry about my proximity to an outlet.

    I noticed no discernable power drop by having the device on a battery as opposed to using a power cord. It worked as well or better than our older hand mixer. KitchenAid claims the mixer will make up to 200 cookies or 4 batches. I cannot say how true those statements are, but I know that after making two batches of lemon cookies, our mixer still had plenty of battery left. My wife and I charged the device when we first got it and after we were done baking. Both times it was fully charged in less than an hour.
    However, it is important to note that you cannot charge and use the mixer at the same time. If you plug in the power adapter, there is a physical block that will prevent you from turning on the mixer at all.
    The quick release button for the blades is easy to use. The blades wash easily in the dishwasher.
    The KitchenAid Wireless 7-Speed Hand Mixer is easy to recommend for personal use or as a gift. It works great.

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  4. KBoer

    I had a 9 speed Pro KA hand mixer, but for various accessibility reasons decided to give the cordless option a try. While the 9 speeds were nice, the cordless feature along with slow start has won me over and I’ll never go back. I am a fairly serious cook and have no issues with power and/or battery life. Definitely a game changer.

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  5. mmartinezq21

    Great product. The best is that you don’t need the cable is very easy and helpful. If you don’t need a big one this size is perfect for your cakes.

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  6. Curly6509

    I was excited to try this new KitchenAid mixer. My other hand mixer is a good name brand model. I’ve been happy with it. My biggest issue with my other mixer is the cord. The cord is forever getting tangled up and catching on things and knocking them over.
    Out of the box this Kitchenaid seems to be a nice unit. It isn’t too heavy and the weight seems to be evenly distributed. I charged it fully and we made 2 batches of banana bread and 2 batches of chocolate chip cookies. The battery indicator still shows green. The mixer cannot be used while it is plugged in. It came with a standard set of beaters. There are no whisk beaters.
    Being cordless is such a great feature. Nothing got knocked over. I was able to move from one work area to another without having to unplug and replug the unit.The mixing was smooth and it didn’t bog down on the batters. The problem was that on high speed this mixer was on par with medium speed on my old mixer. I kept trying to turn it up. It did mix the batters well. The weight felt very even in my hand and comfortable to hold.
    Overall, I like this mixer and would recommend it if you were doing regular mixing. If I was going to be doing a marathon baking session, mix something heavier, or whipping, I’d use my KitchenAid stand mixer. For the cost of this mixer, I’d like to see it have faster speeds.

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  7. Kelly

    Amazing color and super lightweight. Easy to assemble and remove blades. Doesn’t slash when you need to raise the blades to mix in ingredients.

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  8. msumulong

    Hand mixers have been around for decades. So what does KitchenAid have to offer for consumers? Well this new hand mixer from KitchenAid is cordless which is a rarity in hand mixers. Quite often cables get in the way of preparing food and though it may a simplistic concept, it is a very nice convenience in preparing food.
    I am not into baking (more into bbq actually), so I asked my wife to put this cordless mixer to the test and also get her inputs. Quite obviously the absence of a cord makes baking a convenience. But what we really liked about this mixer is that it has a very slight delay when going full throttle even at its lowest setting. Why is this so? It is an annoyance for anybody baking that eggs and batter splatter once the mixer is used. Even if you use a corded mixer at its lowest setting, splatter often occurs.
    Another thing that impressed us is the power. Though you may not be impressed with the power at the mixer’s lower settings (though in some cases you need lower settings), once you put the settings on the higher levels, it can really compete with corded mixers. The mixer has seven settings so you can choose or fine tune the level of mixing of the mixer.
    Ok so it’s strong but what about battery life? KitchenAid boasts that this mixer can do around 200 cookies and that’s a lot. We really haven’t baked 200 cookies but we have already made four cakes and several omelets and the battery is still strong. Moreso, the mixer has a slim profile which is smaller than most corded mixers which makes storage a lot easier.
    Only time will tell if the battery will last. But in the meantime, our family is enjoying the convenience of this mixer and will definitely recommend this to others.

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    KitchenAid – Cordless 7 Speed Hand Mixer – Passion Red
    KitchenAid – Cordless 7 Speed Hand Mixer – Passion Red

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