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BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Dryer


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13 reviews for BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Dryer

3.5 out of 5
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  1. Amazon Customer

    I really do love this dryer. I first used it at the Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Once mine at home died, I went searching for this one. Of course Amazon was the first place I looked. It is sooo much quieter than my previous one and does a really nice job. I have a lot of hair and my hair still feels super soft when I’m finished. I pretty much use it daily.

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  2. NYC Girl

    Product worked great for six-months. Then the product would not turn on anymore. It has a 24-month warranty, however, you cannot contact anyone to actually return the item and use the warranty for repair. Amazon provides a link, but the link is a French website that does not have an English feature. However, even on the website after using Google Translate, there is no warranty section. If you don’t mind paying $100 for a new hair dryer every 6-months, go ahead. Otherwise, save your money and buy a product that lasts a few years.

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    Our hairdryer has always been the $30-50 variety you pick up at your local pharmacy. We decided to try this to see just what difference there are. Short conclusion, at double the cost of a drugstore model it’s not twice as good. But we don’t expect it to be, that’s never how it works. For double the price, it’s about 25% better than a drugstore model. Your hair does feel better, although it varies between those in our household. So that’s an average. And it looks better sitting there when guests use your washroom so bonus points for that. If you use a hairdryer daily, over time it’s definitely worth it.

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  4. TahoeRachel

    I have had SO MANY hair dryers over the years, and this is BY FAR my favorite. If you’re looking for a professional grade, lightweight hair dryer that dries hair super fast, I highly suggest trying this out! As others have said, it cut down my dry time by half from other cheaper dryers I’ve used (I have medium thick, curly hair that I straighten most often). With it’s light weight, my arm doesn’t get so tired like it does with other dryers. I bought this item back in 2012, using it multiple times per week, and it’s still going strong. I bring this everywhere with me, as can’t stand to be without it, it works so well. I don’t use the attachment, so I can’t speak to other’s reviews mentioning it falls off. I do, however, use this with a universal diffuser for when I wear my hair curly, and it fits perfectly.

    Update: Thought I’d mention that it’s now Feb 2018 and this blow dryer is still going strong!! Wow!!!

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  5. Freedom420

    Pros –
    – Long cord
    – Great power
    – The dual settings High/Low are separate from Hot/Warm.
    Cons –
    – Air vent cover comes off semi-frequently.
    – The position of the on-off switch is a ‘rocker’ switch and not in a good location. I would often hit the Off button in the midst of blow drying my hair.
    – Does not work overseas (no 220 switch for conversion)
    – Price – When I purchased this in December 2015, the price was $51.95; When I looked at it this December 2016 I was surprised to see the price had nearly doubled at $99.95, just 12 months later
    – So powerful that it leaves your hair frizzy

    I did not use this recently while on a 3 week vacation and instead was using one that would work in a foreign country and realized that this dryer was actually frying my hair. I have since quit using this product.

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  6. Abgrsk

    I bought this after staying at the Mirage in Vegas. I owned a babyliss years ago but eventually needed to be replaced. I replaced it with a chi and when we went to Vegas I left it behind at home. I’ve had my chi for 8 years but after using this blow dryer I couldn’t go back to my chi. This made my hair so silky, soft and shiny. I went home back to my chi and it was crap! I was just out with my mom today and she asked what I didn’t differently with my hair. Saying it looked so healthy and shiny. I told her about the blow dryer and she was impressed. I love this and would highly recommend it. The low setting is also perfect for drying my twin 3 year olds hair. Doesn’t get overly hot on that setting.

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  7. Amazon Customer

    So, I read the reviews on this product before deciding to purchase it. I always pay close attention to the low ratings because I want to see if there is a common thread among dissatisfied customers. Quite a few buyers said it quit working within a short time period and others said it had a weird smell. I read A LOT of great reviews (even from sites other than Amazon), though, so I decided to take a chance on an item that seemed like a potential risk. Bad decision on my part! As far as the odor goes, yes, an odor was noticeable when I used it but I attributed that to a new product and it wasn’t so offensive that I couldn’t use the hair dryer. The BIG problem was the product longevity. It worked LESS THAN 60 DAYS (and I didn’t even use it daily). Unfortunately, the return policy was only good for 30 days. I am very disappointed in this product. I would advise against purchasing this hair dryer.

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  8. Amazon Customer

    I’m really not sure what makes this better than a $40 hair dryer but it does the job. The cord is long enough which is great – I’ve had an issue in the past with cords that are too short. Standard settings work great. Not too loud. Dries my hair the same as any other.

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  9. msrei

    I’ve owned dryers from both ends of the spectrum, $10 drugstore and $300 ‘professional’ grade types. I recently got a great deal on a T3 Featherweight 2, and I liked it, BUT. It was really big, the concentrator nozzle spun without holding its place, and I just didn’t think the results justified the price, even with the deal. This one caught my eye – after having used it a week, I have to say I like it, and the results on my straight, Asian hair is on par with the T3. While I certainly wouldn’t pay the $99 retail price on this, I think this is a good solid dryer for this price, a few steps above from the dryers you see at the $25-$40 range. It is fairly quiet, lightweight, smaller sized, dries efficiently, and does seem to consistently deliver the results you’d expect from a tourmaline ionic dryer – shine, low frizz, sealed ends. Wish the concentrator nozzle was the same pretty white, but at least it does not spin around. Minus one star for the mismatched nozzle, and no storage bag – at this price point and MSRP, I expect a few more bells and whistles.

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  10. D. Smith

    This replaces a very expensive hair dryer that my wife purchased. It was going and she was gone on a trip so I bought this one after doing a little research on ‘best of’ lists. This appeared on more than one list and the price point was good so I thought why not?

    It is solid, well built, light and the cord is unnecessarily long but I am sure some will appreciate it. I don’t. It is so long you could almost skip rope with it if you were so inclined.

    It is very powerful and on the hot setting, I think it would compete with the sun. The warm setting is best for me.

    My wife says it is OK – I think she was hoping I would buy the $500 Dyson (which surprisingly gets very mediocre reviews). For me it is perfect and while she doesn’t admit it I think it is better than OK for my wife.

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  11. Stevie

    I really like the pearl white color of this blow dryer. I’ve had this hair dryer for a couple months but I only ever partially dry my hair. (I have thick, wavy hair that looks better air dried) if I was doing a full blow out I would find this dryer to be too heavy but because my drying sessions are short, I enjoy the weight of this model. If you’re looking at this model against other BaBylissPRO’s I think this is the best value!

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  12. K

    Lightweight and easy on my hair. I purchased mine in 2012 and am just now replacing it, after five years of 2-3x a week use. My hair is not too thick, with a slight wave, and it’s been so much healthier looking after I started using this dryer. (My hair stylist even commented on it!) May not be all you need if you have a lot of thick hair to work through, but it’s been a perfect solution for me.

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  13. Tiphanie Harkins

    After about a year and a half of only 1-2 times a week use, the handle started getting super hot while I was drying my hair and would spark when switching from hot to warm temp. My stylist said that the dryer was getting too hot and burned my ends! No wonder my hair has been breaking so much lately. This dryer did reduce my drying time, but there was certainly a cost to that. I don’t believe I would buy this dryer again.

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    BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Dryer
    BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 5000 Dryer
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